Churches and Ministers in Pendleton County

The first church edifice of the Lutherans was a round-log structure standing a few yards southeast of the present church, which lies on the left bank of the South Fork, two miles above Brandywine. Prior to the recollection of people now living, the original building was succeeded by one of hewed logs, and this in turn by the present frame building. The first resident pastor was the Rev. Peter Michler (Mitchell), who died June 23, 1812, and was buried in the churchyard. He lived a half-mile south in the vacant house within the great bend of the river. Mitchell was followed by J. B. Reimenschneider, who served more than 20 years. After brief pastorates by H. Wetzel and Daniel and Jacob Sherer, George Schmucker came in 1841. He was followed in 1876 by Arthur A. Hahn, the present pastor.

The United Brethren Church first appeared on the North Fork. In first gained foothold on the South Branch about 1850, and at Upper Tract, where a congregation gathered at the old log Methodist church which once stood just above the burial ground to the east of the pike and on the lane leading to the residence of C. N.

Pastors of Presbyterian Church at Franklin

R. H. Fleming
John A. Preston
L. H. Paul
W. C. Hagan
J. Spencer Smith
Ivanhoe Robertson
S. S. Oliver

Pastors of Upper Tract Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church: (Baltimore Conference)

James H. Howard, 1873-6
Edwards. Fort, 1876-7
L. D. Herron, 1877-80
J. R. Perdew, 1880-1
J. H. Jones, 1881-2

Virginia Conference

James W. Howard, 1882-5
Howard Wade, 1885-6
L. S. Huffman, 1886-8
G. S. Weiford, 1888-91

West Virginia Conference

G. P. Hanna, 1891-3
S. L. Gilmer, 1893-5
C. M. M. Fultz, 1896-8
E. W. Feltner, 1898-9
W. A. Sharp, 1899-1904
W. S. Brown, 1904
J. D. Dickey, 1904-7
P. W. Schrader, 1907

After some years a portion of the work was made into the Circleville circuit.

Church of the Brethren (Dunkard) 6
Disciples (Christian) 2
Latter Day Saints (Mormon) 1
Lutheran 7
Mennonite 2
Methodist (M. E.) 4
Methodist (M. E. C. S.) 5
Presbyterian 3
Methodist Episcopal and United Brethren 2
Methodist Episcopal and Methodist Epis. South 1
Union 1
United Brethren and Church of the Brethren 1

The persons in the following list were ministers in this county in the years indicated. Where the name of the denomination is not given, they were so far as known of the Methodist Episcopal and United Brethren churches.

Ferdinand Lair 1800
Moses Hinkle, Lutheran 1801
Valentine Bowers 1802
John Bennett 1807
George Guthrie, Baptist 1808
Otho Wade 1809
Samuel Montgomery 1810
Gerard Morgan 1813
Robert Bolton 1814
Ezra Grover 1817
S. P. V. Gillespie 1817
Jesse Hinkle 1818
John Watson 1819
Daniel Sherer 1819
Robert Boyd 1820
James Watts 1820
W. N. Scott 1822
Nathan Euritt 1823

In our next list are names of Preachers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1824-32, with the year of appointment.

Richard Armstrong 1824
Samuel Bryson 1824
Harvey Sawyers 1825
William Huston 1826
P. D. Lipscomb 1826
Nathaniel Pendleton 1827
Samuel Ellis 1828
W. N. Scott 1828
W. S. Kepler 1829
Robert Carter 1829
B. F. Tallman (P.E.) 1829
James Reed 1830
Alexander Foreman 1830
R. Slavin 1831
John P. Daggy 1831
N. P. Cunningham 1832
S. Zickafoose 1832

The present list is of Preachers on Franklin Circuit regularly appointed by bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

1833, E. R. Veitch and J. W. Cullom.
1834, E. R. Veitch and J. M. Anderson.
1835, James Green and John Lynn.
1836, Francis Mills and John Lynn.
1837, Francis Mills and Thomas J. Dwyerly.
1838, Stephen Smith and Wesley Rosh.
1839, Stephen Smith and Thomas H. Monroe.
1840, James Clark and Thomas J. Harden.
1840, James Clark and Thomas J. Harden.
1842, T. H. Bucey and J. L. Gilbert and T. Brey.
1843, T. H. Bucey and W. Taylor and A. Bland.
1844, Nathaniel Fisk and Lemuel Waters.
1945, Nathaniel Fisk and Henry Huffman.
1846, John W. Osborn and Joseph W. Hedges.
1847, John W. Osburn and John Dosh.
1848, W. H. Laney and James W. Wolf.
1849, James Clark and W. C. Steel.
1850, James Clark and M. L. Hawley.
1851, John Start and J. M. Lemon.
1852, John Start and J. W. Ewan.
1853, W. Champion and P. S. E. Sixes.
1854, P. P. Wirgman and Joseph H. Temple.
1855, John W. Kelly and Harrison McNemar.
1856, John W. Kelly and W. Thomas.
1857, Robert Smith and S. H. Cummings and S. B. Dolly.
1858, Robert Smith and J. F. Bean.
1859, James Beatty and Samuel Waugh.
1860, James Beatty and S. F. Butt.
1861-4, Samuel H. Griffith, L. W. Haslip, and S. B. Dolly.
1865, Joseph Crickenbarger.
1866, Thomas Briley and L. W. Haslip.
1867, S. H. Griffith and Milton Taylor assisted by Stephen Smith.

In 1868 the Baltimore Conference separated, there being henceforward one such conference in the Methodist Episcopal Church and one in the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

The following names are the Preachers on the Franklin Circuit since the division.

1868, S. H. Griffith and W. H. Mason assisted by Stephen Smith
1869, Thomas Hildebrand and O. C. Bell
1872, S. R. Snapp 1875, J. C. Sedwick and W. E. Wolf
1878, Leonidas Butt and _____ Blackston.
1880, Leonidas Butt and _____ Porterfield
1882, Luke Markwood
1883, W. E. Wolf
1884, C. E. Simmons
1886, F. T. Griffith
1888, S. S. Tory
1890, J. F. Baggs
1891, S. Townsend
1894, W. M. Waters
1898, J. H. Schooley
1902, J. H. Dills
1903, J. Alexander Rood
1904, W. N. Wagner
1908, H. L. Myerly

Presiding Elders of Franklin Circuit

1858-62, Eldredge R. Veitch
1886-90, S. G. Ferguson
1862-6, James Thomas
1870-4, S. Griffith
1874-8, J. C. Dice
1878-82, P. H. Whisner
1882-6, Rumsey Smithson
1890-4, G. T. Tyler
1894-8, G. H. Zimmerman
1898-1902, B. F. Ball
1902-6, G. T. Williams
1886-90, W. G. Hammond.
1906-10, W. E. Wolf

West Virginia AHGP

Source: History of Pendleton County West Virginia, By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia, Published by the author, 1910.


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