Highland Families of Pendleton County, West Virginia

About one-half of Highland county was a part of Pendleton prior to 1847. In this chapter we present some account of the pioneer families of that portion, including branches which have continued to be identified with Pendleton. Abbreviations used on page.

Arbogast. Michael (Mary )—German—came to C — B, 1772—d. 1812—ch?—1. John (Hannah ____)—d. 1821. 2. Joseph—d. 1820. 3. Adam (Margaret ). 4. David (Elizabeth ). 5. Peter.
    Line of John:—John, Jonathan, Joseph (Sarah Ketterman, m. 1820), Moses (Elizabeth Zickafoose, m. 1819), Adam, Rachel, Rebecca (Mathias Waybright)—b. 1791, d. 1879, Mary.
    Br. of Joseph:—1. Elemuel, George (b. 1832), Cain (Mary A. Teter), Elial, Sylvanus (Jemima Bennett), Isaac, Hannah (Elijah Bennett), Mary (S), Jacob, Sarah A., Susan, Sidney (Martin Bennett).
    Ch. of Cain:—1. Isaac N. (Sarah A. Waybright), Poca. 2. Ellen (Isaac Waybright), Lucinda (James Vandeventer), Susan (Alvah Waybright), Esau ( ), Jacob Ch.
    Line of Sylvanus:—Lee (Rachel Simmons)—Tkr, Abbe (d), Susan (dy), Christina (Charles Mauzy, Hid),* Naomi (dy), Howard (Florence Nelson), Ida (dy), Phoebe (Albert Lamb), Janetta (Harry Crigler), Nannie A., Paul (Christina Bennett).
    Line of Adam:—1. Susannah (John Lumford?)—m. 1804. 2. others?
    Unp.—1. Henry (Elizabeth ____)—ch.—Levi, George, Benjamin, Henry, Andrew, Nellie, Rebecca, Mary, Phoebe, Sophia, Nancy, Elizabeth, Catharine. 2. Eleanor (Jonas Lantz, m. 1810). 3. Samuel (Susan )—ch.—Lucinda (b. 1838), Isaac, Martin, Angeline, William. 4. Michael (Mary A. ____)—ch.—Francis (b. 1848), Emily C.

Armstrong. James and Robert settled 1 mile below Doe Hill in 1759. Ch. of ? 1. John (Agnes Erwin)—d. 1821*. 2. William (Elizabeth Erwin)—d. 1814. 3. Amos— 1799. 4. others?
    Line of John:— 1. Thomas— Upshur. 2. Samuel (Mary Taylor). 3. James (Elizabeth Hiner)—m. 1819— Ind. 4. Mary (John Bodkin). 5. Nancy (John Knicely)—m. 1827. 6. Jared (Martha Wilson)—m. 1820. 7. Jane (Samuel Wilson) —b. 1787, d. 1857. 8. Margaret (George Crummett).
    Br. of Samuel:—Eli (____ ____), others?
    Ch. of Eli:—1. J. Riley (Hannah Simmons)—S. G. D.—12 ch. 2. Wesley (Gertrude Propst)—B-T—1 ch.
    Line of William: — John (Mary Wilson)—Lewis, Jared (Martha Wilson)—homestead, William (Eleanor Wilson) — homestead, James (Maria Hiner)— Ind., Jane (Samuel Wilson, m. 1819), Elizabeth (John Douglas), George (Christina Propst).

Beath. Joseph (____ ____)—d. 1801. Benson. George (____ ____)—Anglen's Run, Cowpasture, 1770.—ch.?—1. William R. B-T. , 1826. 2. Mary (Henry Swadley)—m. 1800*.

Bird. John (____ ____) — ch. ?—1. Valentine (Eleanor Johnson)—m. 1800. 2. Jacob (Elizabeth Yeager)—m. 1816. 3. John (Margaret Dahmer)—m. 182L 4. Andrew H.—1829. Line of John?—Adam, William, Frederick, John, David. Line of Jacob:—John, Jacob.

Black. Samuel (____ ____)—settled on Straight Or., 1762—ch.?—1. Samuel (Mary Parker)—m. 1797. 2. Mary (Jacob Hurhng)—m. 1798. Either Samuel, Sr., or Samuel, Jr. , lived some time at Franklin after 1788.
    Unp. John—k.? 1758. Matthew—d. 1759.

Bodkin. Richard was constable on the Cowpasture in 1749 and Hved on the Bullpasture before 1764. John (Mary ) was on the Bullpasture by 1768.
    Line of John :—William (Elizabeth Bodkin, m. 1793), Mary ( McCandless), Lettice (William? Jordan), Jane, John (b. 1770*).
    Unp. 1. Charles (____ ____) —ch. — Margaret (James Bodkin), Elizabeth (William Bodkin). Hugh - 1790. 3. Rachel (Thomas Douglas). 4. John (Elizabeth Vint)—m. 1798: ch.—Lottie (William Eye). 5. James ( )— ch.—Sarah ( Varner)—m. 1791. 6. James (Mary Mc-Crea)—m. 1806. 7. Margaret (Joseph McCoy)—m. 1796. 8. John (Jane Curry)—m. 1811. 9. Mary (Michael Hoover)—m. 1821.
    Line of 4:—1. William—out. 2. John (Mary Armstrong). 3. Joshua (Barbara Propst—b. 1808—S. G. D. 4. James (Sarah Hoover)—S. G. D. 5. Samuel (Barbara Wilfong). 6. Lottie (William Eye). 7. Elizabeth (Joshua Keister). 8. other sons.
    Br. of James:—1. James (Ruhama Bowers, Dolly McCrea) —d.—High. 2. Alia (Ida M. Simmons). 3. Sebastian (Sarah Crummett). 4. Harvey (Florence Bodkin, Eliza Simmons). 5. William. 6. John. (Lucy McCrea). 7. Elizabeth (Eli Armstrong, High.)*. 8. Susan (William Armstrong, High.)*.
    Br. of Joshua.—1. C. of Alia.—Martin, Carrie V., Cora, Mattie, Howard, others.
    C. of Sebastian.—Saylor (d), George, Kenny E., Berlin, Minnie S. (Henry Simmons), Esther R., Sarah A., Annie.
    C. of Harvey.—Margie, Clement, Harvey C.
    C. of John.—Sidney, Dacey J., others.
    Br. of Joshua:—1. Delilah (Jacob Ruleman)—b. 1837, d. 2. John A. 3. William H. 4. Michael. 5. Mary M. (Joseph Simmons)—b. 1844. 6. Henry B. 7. Nicodemus. 8. Joshua W.

Colaw. John (Sabina Conrad)—b. 1765*—eh.—1. Jacob (____ ____)—b. 1790. 2. others?

Dinwiddle. Robert (____ ____)—head of Jackson's River—1781.

Douglas. John (____ ____)—on Bullpasture, 1773—ch? —1. James (Mary Erwin)—1792. 2. Thomas (Rachel Bodkin).

Duffield. Robert (Isabella ____)—bought of John Bodkin on Newfoundland Cr. 1762—Hved n. John McCoy, 1784. Erwin. James—Bullpasture Mtn, 1783. George Erwin — head of Bullpasture, same time.

Fleisher. Henry (Catharine____)—here in 1767—d. 1821—owned S-B. bottom 2 miles up from line of Pdn.—ch. ? —1. Conrad (Elizabeth ____)—d. 1797. 2. Peter (____ ____). 3. Pulsor. 4. Sophia (Philip Eckard)-m. 1799. 5. Elizabeth (Martin Lipe)—m. 1784. 6. William (Margaret Heckert)—m. 1781.
    Line of Conrad:— Catharine (Henry Sinnett, m. 1806), Elizabeth: these were left infants on the death of their father; Catharine was a ward of Isaac Hinkle.
    Line of Henry?.—Conrad, Henry (Hannah Jones?), Benjamin (Sarah ), George, Andrew (Elizabeth Vandeventer, m. 1825), Elizabeth (Edward Janes?), Barbara (Michael Hammer).

    Br. of Andrew:—Solomon (Eliza J. Snider), Susan (Andrew Waybright).
   Ch. of Solomon:—1. John S. (Jennie Gum)—F. D. 2. Orion (Arbela Colaw). 3. Clara (Edward Siever). 4. Ella (William Arbogast). 5. Arbelon—d. 6. Harris C. (Mary M. Hull)—Kas. 7. Susan (Sylvanus Mullenax). 8. Charles T. (Sarah E. Nicholas)—F. D. 9. William E. (Annie M. Nicholas ) —homestead. 10. Paul— d. 11. Austin ( Mary Wagoner, Mary Gum). 12. Finnie.
    Andrew was a Confederate captain. His homestead on the South Branch is at the county boundary, the house being just within the Virginia line.
    Line of Peter:—perhaps bro. to Henry, Sr.—1. John (____ ____)—d. 1801. 2. Peter. 3. Conrad. 4. Pulsor. 5. Elizabeth (Christian Ruleman)—m. 1799. 6. Barbara.

Gall, George—1790. — ch.?— John (Margaret )— Jackson's River.

Gum. John and Isaac in C-B., 1772—ch. of Isaac:—Mary (Jacob Sibert, m. 1798.)
Unp. 1. Jacob (Dorothy )—d. 1820. 2. (Mary Dice, d. 1801)—ch.—3.
Ch. of Jacob:—Adam (Susannah Lantz, m. 1820), Mary (William Fleisher), Nellie, Jacob, Jesse.

Hidy. John and Jacob in C-D., 1812.

Hull. Peter (____ ____) —below C-B. , 1773—same as Colonel Peter Hull?-ch.—1. Henry ( )—Ft. S. 2. Jacob.

Janes. 1. William—Straight Cr. 2. Henry (____ ____) Straight Cr.—d. 1804.

Jones. Unp. 1. Henry—1802. 2. William—1782? 3. Henry (Hannah Hinkle, m. 1821). 4. James (Mary , m. 1808). 5. Elizabeth—minor, 1802. 6. Hannah (Henry Fleisher, m. 1817). 7. Samuel (Margaret Malcomb, m. 1827). 8. Margaret (Benjamin McCoy, m. 1799). 9. Thomas (Mary Euritt) -Fin—moved to Hid, 1814*.
    Br. of Thomas:—Margaret (Thomas J. Hartman), John M. (Phoebe J. Dice)—b. Mar. 24, 1811, d. May 24, 1888—Fin.: also Decatur, Jackson, Henry, Samuel, Mary A.
    Ch. of John M.—Charles P. (Hid), Mary H. (James W. Johnson), Jane A. (John W. Wilson), Hannah C. (Isaac C. Johnson), Thomas 0. (Rkm),* John (Loudon), Margaret (Asbury Smith) —Poca., Sarah.

Lantz. Bernard (____ ____)—B—B, 1774—ch?—1. Joseph (Susannah ____)—d. 1818.* 2. George (Mary ____) —d. 1802. 3. Nicholas (Barbara ____). 4. others?
    Line of Joseph:—Jonas, Benjamin, Joseph (Phoebe Hinkle, m. 1811), Susannah (Conrad Crummett, m. 1796), Mary, Catharine, Barbara.

Leach. John (____ ____)—bought on Bullpasture Mtn of David Bell, 1796—d. 1834—ch.—Robert, John, James (Sarah Skidmore Hyer), Margaret, Letitia, Mary (Richard Kuykendall, m. 1827), Isabella (James Campbell, m. 1807), Eleanor (Thomas Morton, m. 1810), Jane, Dorothy, Elizabeth.

Lewis. George (____ ____)—C-B., 1752—ch. ?—James. John, Robert. Ch. of Robert:—Jane (Peter Hurling, m. 1796).
    Unp. 1. Jonathan (Elizabeth Feede, m. 1803). 2. Nicholas (Cook)—n. Fin.—ch.—Susannah (William Jordan). 3. Eliza (Richard Skidmore, m. 1819). 4. Eleanor—wife of ? —b. 1761. 5. Morgan (Elizabeth )—ch.-Solomon H. (b. 1746) Ann I., George W., Minerva M.

Lipe. 1. Martha (Elizabeth Fleisher, m. 1781). 2. Abraham.

Lockridge. Robert (____ ____)—1800.

Malcomb. Joseph ( )—on Bullpasture, 1758.

Morton. Edward (Sarah )—b. 1764*, d. after 1840 —of Penna.—head of Cowpasture—family moved to Stroud's Cr. Webster Co., after 1850.

Naigley. George—head of S-B.— bought of Michael Arbogast, 1773.

Nicholas. George (Barbara )—d. 1780—ch. ?—Francis (Catharine Waybright, m. 1800), Catharine (Josephine Wagoner, m. 1794), William (Susannah Gragg, m. 1819).
     Br. of William:—Addison (Mary A. Hoover)—C. D., William (Margaret Simmons)—C. D., Joshua (Susan ), Melinda A. (Solomon Lambert).
    Ch. of Addison:—Mahnda (b. 1844), Benjamin, Andrew, Harry, Pattie, inf (dy).
    Ch. of William:—John (Louisa Arbogast), Amby, Lucinda, Mary A.
    Ch. of John:-GroverC., Robert, Florney (Hid.)*, Alice, Nellie, George, Walter.

Peck. Garrett (____ ____)—Straight Cr.—1790.

Pullen. Loftus (____ ____)—Cowpasture—1758.

Redmond. Samuel (____ ____)—Bullpasture—1770.

Roby. Aquilla (Catharine )—Jackson's River—d. 1800*.

Sheets. George (____ ____)—ch?—George (Catharine Gragg, m. 1812), Catharine (Henry Mowrey, m. 1796).

Sibert. Ch. of Jacob Seybert :—1. Nicnolas—S. 2. Elizabeth ( Janes). 3. Catharine. 4. Margaret (James Janes). 5. George ( Mance). 6. George (Mary Pickle, m. 1791.
    Br. of George:—Elizabeth (Henry Arbogast), (Jacob Wimer) (Christian Rexroad) Catharine (James Trimble).

    Unp. 1. Philip-d. 1806. 2. George—exempted 1790). 3. Henry (Rachel )—d. 1795. 4. Henry (Sarah Gum, m. 1809). 5. Jacob (Mary Gum, m. 1798). 6. Mary (John Fleisher, m. 1805). 7. James (Ruth Jones, m. 1799).

Slavin. John (____ ____)—Head Jackson's River—d. 1781.

Sitlington. John (____ ____)—Cowpasture, 1774.

Summers, Paul (____ ____)—1779.

Wagoner, Christina (Catharine )—C—B, 1772—d. 1798*—1. Michael. 2? Joseph (Catharine Nicholas). 3? Adam (Catharine ). 4? Catharine (John Hidy, m. 1809). 5? Henry (Barbara Lantz, m. 1816).

Wilson. Samuel (Anna )—head Bullpasture, 1773— ch?—James (Ameha )—d. 1810.
    Line of James:—Elizabeth, Martha (Jacob Armstrong, m. 1820?), Eleanor, William, Ralph, Isaac, James (Rachel Blizzard m. 1819?), George, Samuel (Sarah Morton, m. 1820), Eli, Elizabeth, Martha (Jared Armstrong, m. 1820?), Elias.
    Br. of William:—Louisa (b. 1834), Andrew J. (on N—F), Lucinda (Allen Deverick, Hid) *
    Br. of James:—Henrietta—b. 1844.
    Unp. 1. William—d. 1802. 2. Richard (Mary ). 3. Jesse (Rachel )—1808. 4. Charles—1791. 5. Eli B.— cousin to James. 6. Malcomb—1802. 7. Thomas (Margaret Morton, m. 1819). 8. Joseph — 1790. Priscilla (William Smith, m. 1798). 10. Andrew (Elizabeth )-1806.


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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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