Muster Rolls of Michael Mallow's Company of Scouts

Muster Roll (Dec. 31, 1864-Mar. 31, 1865) of Captain Michael Mallow's Company of Pendleton Scouts. Date of enrollment and muster, July 1, 1864. Final discharge, Mar. 31, 1865. Place of enrollment. Brushy Run. Period of enlistment, one year.

Mallow, Michael Captain
Hiser, Jonathan Lieutenant
Shreve, Daniel G. 1st Sergeant
Cook, N. L. 2d Sergeant
Mallow, A. W.3d Sergeant
Kessner, Van B. 4th Sergeant
Lough, Daniel 1st Corporal
Mallow, Moses 2d Corporal
Borrer, Simon 3d Corporal
Kessner, Jacob 4th Corporal
Hedrick, George B. 5th Corporal
Self, William 6th Corporal
Ayers, Isaiah Private
Crider, Jacob
Dean, Hiram
Greenawalt, Noah
Harman, Moab
Harman, Paul
Hedrick, Henry C.
Judy, Isaac
Kessner, John H.
Kessner, William
Ketterman, Jesse
Kimble, Abraham
Kimble, Adam
Kimble, Alfred
Kimble, David
Kimble, Henry
Kimble, John S.
Kimble, Nicodemus
Kimble, William W.
Lough, George
Lough, Josiah P.
Lough, Reuben M.
Mallow, Isaac
Mallow, Jacob
Mallow, Noah
Mallow, Samuel
Mallow, William H.
Ratliff, Solomon Y.
Riggleman, John
Shreve, Benjamin
Shreve, Charles W.
Shreve, Clark
Shreve, Wesley
Simmons, Jonas
Vanmeter, Daniel
Vanmeter, Henry
Whetsell, Andrew J

In addition to the Pendletonians in the two companies above named there were others in the companies of Capt. John A. Snider and Capt. John S. Bond. The former company was mainly of Randolph men and the latter mainly of citizens of what is now Grant. Not having been furnished the muster rolls of these companies we are unable to give an exact list of the Pendletonians enrolled in them. The following are some of the names: (k - killed)

Captain John A. Snider
Captain John S. Bond
Alt, Jacob
Arbogast, George
Bennett, Daniel
Bennett, EHjah
Halterman, Joseph
Harman, Eli—k.
Harman, Joshua—k.
Harper, John W.
Harper, Jonas—k.
Harper, Perry—k.
Harper, Evan—k.
Helmick, Mathias
Helmick, Abraham
Helmick. William
Helmick, Pleasant
Mick, Sampson
Mick, John—executed
Propst, Morgan
Rexroad, George M.
Teter, William—k.
Teter, Isaac
Tingler, Enos
Waybright, Columbus

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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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