Pendleton County School Districts of 1846

As established by a County Order of Oct. 8. It was the first recorded division of Pendleton into school districts, and was done in compliance with an Act of Assembly establishing public schools.

Pendleton School Districts

1 - Bullpasture valley.
2 - Cowpasture valley.
3 - South Fork valley to Riser's mill (Sugar Grove).
4 - To wagon road from South Branch to Riser's mill. (This is not very explicit.)
5 - South Fork and Blackthorn from Propst's Gap to Riser's mill and the Bullpasture road.
6 - Franklin and South Fork from Propst's Gap down to the road from the Dice schoolhouse through Conrad's Gap to South Branch.
7 - South Fork and valley from the Dice schoolhouse to the Hardy line.
8 - Section of county between settlements on South Fork and South Branch below road through Conrad's Gap down to Hardy line.
9 - South Branch from Ulrich Conrad's, the Smoke Hole, North and South Mill creeks down to Hardy line.
10 - North Fork and tributaries from Hardy line to Ketterman's Gap.
11 - South Branch from Franklin to Conrad's, Buffalo Hill
Gap, and North Fork from Ketterman's Gap to the Roaring Spring Gap.
12 - North Fork and tributaries from the Roaring Spring Gap to head of said Fork.
13 - South Branch and tributary waters from Franklin to mouth of Stright Creek.
14 - Straight Creek and Crabbottom up to John Rexroad's mill.
15 - Crabbottom from Rexroad's mill up Jackson's river and tributaries to county line.

District Commissioners

1. Peter Hull.
2. Thomas Jones.
3. Benoni Hansel.
4. Josiah Hiner.
5. William McCoy.
6. Harry F. Temple.
7. William H. Dyer.
8. Cyrus Hopkins.
9. Andrew W. Dyer.
10. John Boggs.
11. Jacob F. Johnson.
12. James Boggs.
13. James B. Kee.
14. Emanuel Arbogast.
15. John Bird.

Teachers in 1872

Arbogast, H. W.
Armentrout, Christopher
Baxter, H. Lee
Baxter, Jacob C.
Biby, John W.
Blakemore, E. V.
Blakemore, William C.
Bland, James H.
Boggs, Henrietta
Bond, John S.
Castleman, A. Kate
Cooper, H. C.
Covington, J. H.
Cowger, Manasseh
Cowger, William J.
Dahmer, John G.
Day, Benjamin F.
Dolly, John W.
Dove, Mordecai
Dunkle, John
Dyer, Isaac W.
Fishback, L. C.
Hahn, Arthur A.
Harman, Jacob
Harman, Samuel
Hildebrand, G.
Hiner, William N.
Hiser, Jonathan
Huffman, Robert H.
Judy, Charles N.
King, H. C.
Lambert, E. A.
Masters, John F.
Nelson, Lafayette
Nelson, Solomon K.
Newham, W. T.
Pope, Henry W.
Rexroad, George W.
Roudebush, John
Samuels, E. A.
Samuels. Z. T.
Schmucker, W. M.
Sullenbarger, Jay
Todd, Fillmore
Todd, A. P.
Vint, George M.
Ward, Martha H.
Westmoreland, M. A.
Wheeler, N.
Wood, S. M.

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Source: History of Pendleton County West Virginia, By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia, Published by the author, 1910.


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