Pendletonians in Military Service Between 1775 and 1861

The number of Pendleton pioneers who served in the Continental army during the Revolution, or in the militia service, was undoubtedly very considerable, but our present knowledge in the matter is exceedingly incomplete. No record of the number appears to have been preserved, even in the archives of Augusta and Rockingham. The following men are known to have been in the American service.

Stratton, Seraiah, Captain
Bargerhoff, Nicholas
Bible, George
Hamilton, Garvin
Huffman, Henry
Keister, James
Lawrence, William
Davis, Robert, Major
Mallow, Henry
McQuain, Alexander
Rexroad, Zachariah
Rexroad, Henry
Teter Philip
Vance, John

In 1840, the following Revolutionary pensioners were living in this county. Their ages are also given:

Charles Borrer, 83,
Thomas Deverick, Sr., 78
Michael Eagle, 79
Michael Hoover, 88
Thomas Kinkead, 76
William Lawrence, 73
Edward Morton, 76
Zachariah Rexroad, Jr., 79
George Rymer, Sr., 90
Eli B. Wilson, 84

In 1794 an army of 15,000 men, under the command of Governor Henry Lee of Virginia, was sent to put down the Whiskey Insurrection in Pennsylvania. Pendleton furnished at least one company, and it was commanded by Captain James Patterson. It was ordered that the names of the company be put on record, and this was probably done but the list is not known to be in existence. During the war of 1812, Captain Jesse Hinkle led a company of Pendleton troops to Norfolk. The following are the only names of Pendleton men in that war of whom we have any knowledge:

Bolton, Jacob
Keister, Frederick
Calhoun, William
Lamb, Michael
Hevener, George
McQuain, Duncan
Hinkle, Jesse
Captain. Nelson, Benham
Hoover Ines
Vandeventer, George

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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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