Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer Families ~ Adamson ~ Ayers

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Adamson. William (Eliza D. Long, Rph, b. 1825)- b Mar. 15, 1799, d. Sept. 23 1886- native of Guilford, County Down, Ireland-moved 1869 to farm 2 miles below Ft. S.- ch- 1. John W. (Mary Alt) -b. 1847, d. 1875. 2. Joseph E. D. 3. Mary S. (Andrew J. Trumbo) 4. James L. (Sarah A. Cowger)-homestead. 5. William S.-S-Rph, 6. George W. (Eliza Cowger)-merchant-Elkins. 7. Samuel L. - dy. 8. Emma J.-homestead. 9. Hannah E.-dy.
    Br. of James L.-Lena M., Minnie E. (dy), Jasper H.
Joseph W. (Julia B. Skidmore)-younger half-brother to William-M. S. ch.- 1. James W. (____ Harper). 2. Edward (Hannah Kisamore) 3. Albert. 4. John R. (Mary Ratchford Waybright) -P. M., Onego. 5. May (Tkr)'

    Br. of James: Hettie, Peachie, Grace, Charles, others.
    Br. of John R.: Nellie, Rosa, Fred, Vernon, Glenn, inf.

Alt. Jacob (Mary Goodnight)-b. 1797, m. 1827-ch.- 1. Michael (Martha Johnson) b. 1832. 2. Isaac (Rebecca Johnson). 3. Christina (Henry Hedrick). 4, Asher (Margaret Hedrick, Mahala McUlty). 5. Letitia (John Hedrick). 6. Hannah (George W. Borrer, Grant)
    Branch of Michael: 1. Jacob F. (Catharine Kimble, Grant) 2. William R. (Ada Rexroad). 3. George W. (Lucinda Kimble). 4. Isaac S. (Christina Kimble, Grant). 5. Mary E. (George A. Kimble). 6. Rebecca (Joseph A. Kimble). 7.-9, Esther, Rosa, Delia,-dy.
    Ch. of Jacob F.-Benjamin F., George E., Walter G., Osie, Minnie M., Zura, Mary.
    Ch. of William R.-Cora, Emma, Sarah, Oliver, Enoch.
    Branch of Isaac:-1. Charles A. (Ida Shreve). 2. John R. (Alice Judy, Susan Lough)-Rph. 3. Zachariah F. (Mary Kimble). 4. Isaac S. (Minnie Kimble)-Grant. 5. Clarence (Bertha Ward). 6. Susan (Noah Kimble). 7. Jennie-dy. 8. Savannah (Wesley Kimble). 9. Ann L. (Jacob Kimble). 10. Mahala A. (Noah Kimble). 11. Sarah (Martin Conrad). 12. Grace (Keyser). 13. Minnie-dy.

    Branch of Acher:--1. Susan. 2. Asa-Grant. 3. Rebecca.
    William (Amanda Judy)-b. 1810-brother to Jacob-ch. -Daniel, Jacob, Martha, John C, Enoch R., Benjamin F. All in Grant except Jacob (Rebecca McUlty). In this county the Alts have remained near the point of first settlement.

Anderson. William (Rachel E. White, Alice W. White Hupp-both of Warm Springs and sisters) b. 1788-ch.- 1. Mary J.-b. Dec. 27, 1819, d. Nov. l, 1872. 2. David C. (Louisa D. Boggs)-b. July 4, 1821, d. Dec. 26, 1891. 3. William H.-b. 1823, d. 1845. 4. Junius B. (Margaret Boggs)-b. Nov. 19, 1824, d. Aug. 15, 1870. 5. Robert A. -d. in Cal 1849. 6. Philip W. (Mary Dyer) -physician- Moorefield. By 2nd m. -7. Samuel P.-b. Mar. 18, 1836, d. June 10, 1904.
    Br. of David C.- l. Franklin (Lucy McCoy). 2. Alice-d. 3. William-dy. 4. Rachel- dy. 5. Louisa B. (Arthur B. Pugh, Hamp.*)-b. 1859, d. 1896.
    Ch. of Franklin:-Frank, Herbert.
    Br. of Junius B. -1. Sarah H. (Eli A. Cunningham). 2. Charles L. (Susan E. Simmons) 3.     William B. (Katharine Dyer). 4. Walter C. (Rkm)-dentist. 5. Alice W. 6. Minnie B. (Culpeper)* 7. Lucy H. (Charles A. Headley, Fredrick)*.
    Ch. of Charles P.-Dewey S., Mary V.
    Ch. of William B.-McClure C, Effie H., William.
    Ch. of Walter C-Junius B.
    William, the pioneer, was the son of John, who with his brother Robert came from Glasgow, Scotland. Robert went to South Carolina, and has descendants in the South. John settled at Woodstock, Va., after living awhile in Pennsylvania. He was a cattle dealer, an occupation that is quite hereditary in his descendants, and he never returned from his last trip to Baltimore with a drove of stock, the supposition being that as he lived when cash was used instead of bank checks he met with foul play. William, left a mere child, became a drummer in the war of 1812. He was a man of scholarship and owned the best library in this county. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1829. The Anderson homestead two miles south of Ft. Seybert, is one of the best farms on the South Fork. Charles P. lives on a portion of it. In general, the later Andersons have been closely identified with the county seat.
    David C. was graduated from Washington College in 1843, and took a post graduate course at the University of Virginia. He was the most highly educated man who was born in Pendleton. He won high honors at both institutions for his high scholarship and his superior linguistic ability. Five languages in addition to an exceptional mastery of his mother tongue were at his control. He read the New Testament in the original and was fond of reading discussions in the higher mathematics in French. He possessed a graceful and elegant literary style, both in prose and poetry. After the completion of his studies at the University he was called to the chair of modern languages at Franklin and Marshall College, Gettysburg, Penn., and filled it very satisfactorily for several years. Prior to the war of 1861 he returned to Franklin, and during that conflict he was superintendent for the Confederacy of extensive woolen manufactures in the Valley of Virginia. During that service he contracted acute rheumatism and from its effects he remained a helpless invalid 23 years. While thus so sadly disabled he gave private instruction in classical studies. It is said that only his modesty stood in the way of the publication by him of writings that would have given him high rank as a litterateur. He was known to his circle of friends for his patience under suffering, the moral purity of his life, and his devotion to the church of his choice, the Presbyterian.
    Franklin is Cashier of the Bank of Franklin and has large interests in cattle. Herbert, clerk in the same bank, took the degree of B. A. from the Washington and Lee University in 1907. William B. is a large landholder and is heavily interested in the cattle business.

Arbaugh. Joseph, representing 2 tithables in 1790, was apparently the father of Michael (Jane Nelson) b. 1796, d. 1866*-Ch. l. William (Eliza J. Nelson) -b. 1834. 2. Isaac (Caroline Nelson). 3. Sarah -S. 4. Jacob (Susan Tingler Kimble)-b. 1843.
    Br. of Jacob-1. William A. (Louisa Lambert). 2. George A. (Lula Pennington). 3. Albert (Huldah Lambert). 4. Edward. 5. Bertha (Elijah Arbogast). 6. Annie. 7. Edith (Wilbert Lambert).
    Br. of Jonathan C. - 1. Isaac (Jennie Thompson). 2. Alonzo ( Warner). 3. Sarah-d. 4. Grover. 5. Jonathan C. (Sidney Porter).
    The Arbaughs are in C. D. There is no family of Isaac in P. Cy.

Armentrout. (A) Daniel H. (Susannah Hinkle) b. 1799, d. 1862-n. U. T. below bridge-ch. 1. Jacob (Catharine ___) b. 1823-O. 2. Amanda J. (Christina Bowers) -b. 1824. 3. Elizabeth A. (Martin Haigler). 4. Eliza (Isaac N. Graham). 5. John W. (____ ____)-d. 23 -W. 6. Rebecca (W)*. 7. Mahala (James H. Graham). 8. Margaret E. (Ia).* 9. Jesse C. (Sarah J. Kile, Emma J. Clayton)-b. 1840. Jason C-Ia. 11. David A. (Ia.)*. 12-13. Twin girls (dy). 14. Martha -dy.
    Br. of Jesse C. -1. Clara (Benjamin Turner) -Grant. 2. Mary S. (Henry C. Oakum, Grant) *. 3. Margaret (William Bowers). 4. Florence V. (Harness Kile). 5. Jessie J. (Luke Raines)-Rph. 6. Ida (Jetson Carr, Tkr).* T. Nannie (Reuben P, Blair, Poca).* 8. Lucy (Blaine Hyer, Rph).* Hiram (Amanda ____ ____)-b. 1811-cousin to Daniel H.-n. M. S.-eh.- 1. John W. (Martha Dolly) -Rph. 2. Christopher (____ Mullenax)-Rph. 3. Aaron (- Miller)-Rph. 4. Mary C. (-Harper, 111)* 5. Martha E. (W P. Harper) 6. Isaac (Grant)-homestead. 7. Anne (Jacob Bible) 8. Susan J. (William H. Boggs). 9. Adina R. (John A. Boggs) 10. Nevada.
    (B) George W. (Mary Borrer)-lived in Grant-k. in haymow, 1858*-family came to M. R. D. 1862*-ch-1. Rebecca (Andrew Hedrick) 2. James W. (Cena E. Miller) 3. Samuel (Nancy Miller). 4. Isaac-Ind. 5. George-Wash. 6. John. 7. Melinda (William Reel, Grant). 8. Nancy (Philip Nelson).
    Jacob (Catharine Borrer)-bro. to George W.- ch.-1. Noah W. (____ Shreve)-Grant. 2. Sarah E. (____Kessner) -b. 1838. 3. Ann R. 4. Agnes H. 5. John A. 6. Eliza T. 7. James (Grant)*.
    Unp. 1. Michael (Elizabeth ____)-1788. 2. c-( Eve C. Peterson) 3. Aaron-b. 1802.
    The pioneer Armentrout settled near Petersburg in Grant and owned a 3 mile strip of land.

Ayers. Joseph, native of England, came to Md. probably before 1775, and died there in middle age. The widow left a son and daughter in Md. and came to M. R. Dist. with the two other children, John and Margaret. The descendants of John live near Branch and Brushy Run P. O.'s.
    Ch. of Joseph: 1 John (Elizabeth Fall)-m. 1811. 2. Martha (William Maloney)-Crow's Ridge- ch. l son (dy), 1 dau.
    Line of John: 1. Henry (Barbara Hedrick). 2. Elijah- S-Grant. 3. William H. H. (Elizabeth Judy) 4. John (Eve Mumbert, Naomi George) 5. Benjamin. 6. Isaiah (Mary Vanmeter). 7. Hannah (John Shreve). 8. Susan (Aaron Shirk). 9. Margaret (Henry Lawrence).
    Branch of Henry: 1. Elizabeth (Kennison Hill), out. 2. Margaret- d.
    Branch of William H, H.-1. Andrew (Sarah E. George). 2. John M. (Nancy Shreve). 3. William-S-k by lightning at 34. 4. Semilda (James E. Shreve). 5. Ann R.-dy.
    Ch. of John M. -William R. (Jennie Borrer), John ifdy), Henry (out) , * Rebecca (Jesse Borrer, Grant) * Delia (Wilbert Landes), Andrew J., Harness H., Jeremiah S., Ola W., Cora, Carrie

    Branch of John:-1. Reuben (Margaret Judy) 2. Ann (Perry Riggleman). 3. Margaret (Hiram Alt). 4. Clara - dy.
    Branch of Isaiah:-1. Elizabeth. 2. John. 3. Lucinda (Henry Landes, Grant) * 4. Amby.


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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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