Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer Families ~ Bennett ~ Byrd

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Bennett. Joseph (____ ____) ch.-1. Joseph (Hannah Sleason)-d. 1810* John (Catharine ____)-d. 1832.* 3. William (Lydia ____). 4. Robert. S. James. 6. Henry.
    Family of Joseph: 1. William (Rebecca McCauley)-b. 1775.-Lewis, 1797. 2. Jacob (Rachel ____)-Ind. 3. John (____ ____)-n. Cincinnati. 4. Mary E. (Thomas Bennett) m.. 1796. 5. Sarah (Thomas McCartney)-m. 1796, 6. Phoebe. 7. Hannah (Daniel Hacker) -m. 1806. 8, Elijah (Barbara Bible)-b. 1795.
    Line of Elijah:-1. Hannah (John Bennett). 2. George (Catharine Cassell) b. 1832, k. 3. Elizabeth (Aaron Bennett). 4. Henry (Mary Nelson). 5. Barbara (Adonijah Lambert). 6. Sarah (George Burns). 7. Jane (Hdy)-W. Va. 8. Phoebe (Morgan Raines). 9. Susan (Moses Bennett). 10. Mary (Salem Ketterman).
    Br. of George: 1. Junius (Tkr)*. 2. Marcellus (Virginia Nelson, Margaret Lambert)-Hunting Ground. 3. Martin D. (Susan Bland)-U. D. 4. America (James Calhoun). 5. Mary J. (Peter Zickafoose). 6. Sarah C. (Isaac Kile).
Br. of Henry:-1. Elijah (Louisa Teter)-Okla. 2. girl ____ ____).
    Family of John:-1. William (Barbara?____). 2. Thomas (Eve Bennett)-m. 1796. 3. Elizabeth (Richard Johnson) m. 1807.
    Line of William (5): 1. Rebecca (Thomas Peninger). 2. Nancy-Lewis. 3. Margaret (____ Raines). 4. John (Sarah Raines)-b. 1784. 5. Polly (Richard Pennington), (W Joseph (Phoebe Cunningham)-b. 1775, m. 1799-d. 1851. 7. Jacob (Rachel).
    Line of Joseph (1): 1. Susannah (George Vandeventer) -b. 1795, 2. James (Rebecca Wimer)-b. 1801, d. 1884- Eli Bennett's. 3. William (Eva Hedrick)-b. 1804-Big Run, 4. Agnes (James Warner)-m. 1824. 5. Jacob (Kate Thompson)-W. Va. 6. Catharine (Joseph Montony)-m. 1827, 7. Isaac (Mary Sponaugle)-Lewis. 8. Joseph (____ Lamb)-Rph. 9. Moses (Susan Bennett)-b. 1819-Big Run mill, 10. Aaron (Elizabeth Bennett)-Philip Sponaugle's. 11. Henry (Naomi ____)-W. Va. 12. John (Hannah Bennett)- Big Run. 13. Martin (Sidney Arbogast)-b. 1823- -homestead. 14. Amanda M. (Laban Cunningham).
    Br. of James: 1. Mahala (George Lambert), 2. Catharine (George A. Phares), 3. Rebecca (John W, Cunningham) -Rph. 4. Eli (Mary Simmons)-b. 1835. 5. James B. (Mary Hinkle). 6. William C. (Catharine Phares). 7. Josiah (Catharine Bennett). 8. Sylvanus (Ellen Judy). 9. Adam (Ursula Phares, Cora B. Lambert).
    Ch. of Eli:-George A. (Martha Cunningham), Lafayette, Henry, Clay, Kenny.
    Ch. of James B.-1. Albert-d. 2. Lorenzo D. (Annie Phares). 3. Samuel (Julia Nelson)-Okla. 4. Lee (Delia Hinkle). 5. Robert (Ostella Pennington). 6. Annie (Leonard Harper). 7. Ida (John C. Smith). 8. Serinda (William Johnson).
    Ch. of Josiah: Charles (Susan Dean Arbogast), Adam J., Annie S. (Peter Bennett), Rebecca (Jacob Arbogast, Noah Lamb). Susan (Esau Arbogast), Elizabeth (Baylon Arbogast, Abel Waybright), Lura (Walter Moyers). By 2nd m.-Anna (Thomas Moyers), Julia.
    Ch. of Sylvanus:-Patrick (Margaret Mullenax)-Poca. 2. Susan P. (William J. Mullenax). 3. Cora A. (Jesse F. Lambert). 4. Lottie (Solomon K. Mullenax).
    Ch. of Adam:-Jacob F. (Flora Bennett, Maud Wimer), Adam H., Christina (Adam Harper), Philip E. (Margaret L. Lambert), Ellis D., Charles (Susan Rymer), William J. (Zula Wimer), Don. By 2nd m.-Isa D., Rhoda.
    Br. of William:-Nancy, George (____ ____), John.
    Br. of Moses:-Elijah (Hannah Arbogast), Joseph (k.), George (Jane Arbogast), Adam (Martha Bennett), John (Mary Vint), Moses (dy), Reuben D. (Emma Vint), Catharine (Josiah Bennett), Elizabeth (Jesse Vint).
    Ch. of Elijah: Almeda (Jackson Bennett), Asa (Amy Bennett), Harman (Mattie Bennett), Achan (dy).
    Ch. of George:-Amy (Asa Bennett), Frank (Attie Lantz), Robert (Matie Arbogast), girl (Mack Kile).
    Ch. of Adam: Martin (____ Arbogast), Lottie (Samuel Hedrick), Lathe (____ Arbogast), Pinkney, Hayes, Loler, Sarah, John, girl (Luther Nelson).
    Ch. of John: Moses, George (Beattie Sponaugle), Lee (____ Bennett), Osceola? (____ Vandeventer), Okey, Daley, Mary E. (Lafayette Lambert), Deane (Norman Sponaugle), girl.
    Ch. of Reuben: Isaac (Elizabeth Arbogast), Preston, girl (Charles Lambert), girl (Lee Bennett), Esther (Joseph Vint), 5 others.
    Br. of Aaron: Martin (Jane Snider, Rph), Sarah J., Sidney (Job Huffman), Frank (____ Teter), Amos (____Teter), Christina (____Teter). Elizabeth (____ ____).
    Br. of John: Elizabeth B. (Nimrod Dove), Daniel (Sarah A. Arbogast), Agnes (Salem Teter), Phoebe J. (George Cunningham), Jackson (Almeda Bennett), Amby (d.), Nimrod (____ Mullenax).
    Line of Martin: Taylor (Agnes Arbogast), Lemuel J. (Mary J. Mallenax), Alfred (d.), Minor (Rebecca Arbogast), Frank (Margaret Eye), Martha E. (Adam Bennett), Catharine (W. Scott Calhoun), Danie (James Mullenax), Millie (James Mullenax.)
    Unp. 1. Joseph (Mary____)-Harrison, 1804*. 2. James (Rebecca ____)-b. 1801. d. 1884-son of one John. 3. Job (Hannah____). 4. William (Anna____)-1790.
    As will be seen the original Bennett connection was quite large, but drifted westward with the exception of two branches. Those marked "unp." appear to be of the children of Robert. James and Henry. An interesting sketch of the emigrated Bennetts will be found in Part HL. The first Joseph appears to have been the immigrant from Britain, and there is a tradition that he reached Virginia by way of New Jersey. The present numerous connection in this county is chiefly in C. D., especially around the first settlement at Big Run.

Bible. Philip (____ ____) probably related to Adam, who settled on Dry River, Rkm, in 1773- ch?-. 1. George (Ann E. ____)-d. 1839* 2. Mary (Adam Coplinger)-m. 1810.
    Line of George: 1. Henry-S.-b. 1789, d. 1859. 2. John (Mary E. Skidmore)-b. May 31, 1791, d. Aug. 9. 1875. 3. Adam-W. Va. 4. Jacob-out. 5. Barbara (Elijah Bennett). 6. Elizabeth (William Rexroad). 7. George (Margaret Currence). 8. William (Jane? ____)-la. 9. Philip (Sarah____) b. June 7. 1810, d. Aug 1, 1858-Seneca. 10. Mary E. (Jesse Hinkle). 11. Samuel (Elizabeth Greenawalt?)-b. 1815. 12. Susannah (____ Patton).
    Br. of John-1. James (Susannah Miller)-b. Oct .6, 1815. 2. George (Phoebe Smith). 3. Henry (dy). 4. Elizabeth (Morgan Smith). 5. Rachel (Laban Conrad)-b. Nov. 1, 1819, d. Feb. 19, 1891 6. Mary A. (Miles Bland).
    Ch. of James-1. Polly A. (James Morral). 2. John A. 3. Phoebe J. (Adam Kisamore). 4. Jacob S. (Annie Armentrout) d. 39. 5. Eva E. (Samuel Harman-Adam Harman). 6. Hannah (Elijah Cooper. Rph)* 7. Benjamin F. (Martha E. Phares). 8. Rachel C. (Valentine Cooper, Rph)* 9. Henry H. (Sarah E. Phares)-Grant. 10. James W. (Ida Morral). 11-12. twins (dy).
    C. of Jacob S.-l. Clara (out)-Tkr. 2. Lottie (Rph)* 3. Jacob (dy). 4. Winebert. 5. Osa.
    C. of Benjamin F.-boy (dy), Cora, Wilber (Nannie Mallow), Arley, Hardy, Emma (Isom Ketterman), Laura, Jason, Walter, Frank, Elizabeth, Frederick.
    C. of James W.-Annie J., Effie M., Homer F., Otis S., A. Dayton, James G., Frederick M., Oscar, Zola, Melvin.
    Ch. of George:-1. Mary J. (Washington Thompson) 2. Lenora E. (Samuel Hedrick) 8. Elizabeth (William J. Smith. 4. girl (dy).
    Br. of George-1. John A. (Callie Zickafoose)-out 2. Ellen (John Pennington). 3. Phoebe J. (Timothy Simmons).
    Br. of Philip-1. George W. b. 1833. 2. Sarah E. (out). 8. Martha J. (William Rexroad)-b. 1836, d. 1873. 4. Henry J.-S-d. in Rocky Mts. 5, Adam W.-k. 6. Mary M. (John Hammer)-b. 1841 u. 7. Deborah C. (Hezekiah Simmons). 8. James W. (Isabella Nelson). 9. Miles P.-S.
    Ch. of James W.-1. Miles-d 2. James (Almeda Simmons) 3. Job (W. Va.)* 4. Joseph (out)*-k. in mill, Davis. 5. Flick (Matilda Halterman)-D. 6. (Peter Phares). 7. Charles (____ Clayton)-W. Va.
    The Bibles of Pdn are now almost exclusively in Timber Ridge and below M S. The original homestead was the Isaac Simmons farm on Reed's Cr.

Black. Daniel (Hannah E. Smith)-came from Carrolton, 0. 1846.*-physician-n. Kline-ch.-l. William H.-dy 2. Mary J. (Amby Ward)-b. 1850. D. - 3. Edward E. (Minnie Caddis, Grant)-U. D. 4. Frank S. (Macie E. Dunkle) -M. R. D. 5. Nancy 6. Belle (Charles A. Hedrick) -D. 7. John-dy 8. Aaron L. (Dora George)-la. 9. Ada - dy.
    Ch. of Edward E.-Ira D., Hendron W., Ola C, Dewitt, Claude S., Jessie B., Haven.
    Ch. of Frank S. John F., Henry C. (d), Eve E., Stella H., Charles v., Walter W., Lizzie C, Felicia J., Edward, Howard D. (dy)

Bland. Thomas (Margaret ____, Rachel Shoulders, m. 1797)-d. 1826-ch.-l. Henry (Margaret Weirich, Mary Dolly)-b. April 25, 1770, d. Mar. 27, 1853-homestead. 2, Job (Lewis)*. 3. Elizabeth (Jesse Davis)-m. 1827. 4. George-dy. By 2nd m.-5, Job (Lewis)* 6. Enoch (Annie Teter, Marv A. Harper-homestead). 7. Rachel (Johnson Teter)-b. 1820. d. 1873.
    Line of Henry:-1. John-0. 2. Thomas-0. 3. Solomon (Abigail Phares) -0. 4. Silas-0. 5. Eli (Anne Haigler). b. 1797, m. 1824-Riverton. 6. Sidney (Philip Teter). 7. Mollie (Solomon Teter). 8. Isabel (Davie Flinn). 9. Henry -missionary with Bishop Taylor-Cal. 10. William-Kas. 11-12. infs (dy). By 2nd m-13. George W. (Margaret Barnet)- b. 1818, d. 1889*.-Seneca. 14. Henry J. (Rkm)- preacher-Cal. 15. Zane-preacher and physician-Md. 16, Duane-d. 17. Jesse-S. 18. Annis-d. 30. 20. Phoebe (Zebulon Warner). 21. Lucinda-S, 22. Stewart (Virginia Harper)-b. 1839. 23. Asa P. (Ellen Kitchen, Grant, Kas.)-b. 1832. 24. James H. (111.)-preacher-0.
    Br. of Eli: 1. Miles H. (Mary A. Bible)-b. 1828-0. 2. William (Mary Teter)-b. 1829 homestead. 3. Amos (Mary Hevener)-0. 4. Lucinda (John W. Dolly). 5. Washington (Jennie Whitecotton)-0. 6. John W.-D. 7. Mary (Andrew J. Simpson). 8. Perry-k. 9. James (111.)* 10. Franklin (Agnes Clayton)-111.
    Ch. of William: 1. Harriet (John Biby)-Okla. 2. Clara (Michael Harper). 3. Almeda (Kenny Judy). 4. Strite- Cal. 5. Austen-Illinois.
    Br. of Enoch: 1. Johnson (Sarah Lawrence).-b. 1829 - homestead. 2. Jane (Jesse Waybright). 3. John C. (Mary Caton)-b. 1835. 4. Caroline (Elijah Harper, Henry Cunningham)- Rph. 5. Pleasant D. (Mary Calhoun). 6. Isaac (Susan Warner). 7. Phoebe (A. Lough). 8. Elizabeth (William Nelson). 9. Ellen (John Warner). By 2nd m.- 10. Mary (Ambrose Smith). 11. Enoch (Mattie Caton).
    Unp. 1. Jacob-1800. 2. William-1780. 3. Margaret (James Davis) -m. 1818. 4. Susannah (George Raines)- m. 1820.

Blewitt. Samuel (Evelyn Hopper, Shen.-b. 1805, d. 1853) son of an English immigrant-came from Md. May 3, 1844 tailor-b. 1804, d. 1873-ch.-1. Charles J. (Deniza Hammer)- b. Aug 7, 1831-P. M. at Ruddle. 2. Berkley P.-D. 3. George W.-d. 4. Samuel L. -d. 5 Amanda-dy. 6. James A. (Sarah Thompson)-b. 1848.
    Ch. of Charles J.-1. Phoebe J.-dy. 2. George R.-dy. 3. Laura D. 4. Charles H. 5. Delilah C. (Hendron Dahmer). 6. Arbelia E. (Otto F. Cunningham)-Va.
    Ch. of James A. 1. Henry. 2. Pendleton (____ Lantz). 3. Grace. 4. Rachel. Others, dy.

Blizzard. John (Mary C. ____)-D. 1799-may have been the same as the John who was living on Smith Cr. Rkm, in 1761-ch.-1. William (Sarah ____)-0. 1808*. 2. Thomas (Eleanor ____)-0. 1808. 3. Burton (Sarah ____) d. 1839. 4. Elizabeth (John Harrison) 5. Joseph. 6. John (Dellany Davis)-m. 1796. 7. Sarah (Christian Borders) m. 1787. Susannah (Roger Dyer.)
    Line of Burton 1. Burton (Margaret Wimer). 2. Samuel (Margaret Hartman)-teacher, 3. James (Margaret Wagoner)-m. 1809-W. 1840*. William (Sarah ____) W- 5. Frederick (Mary Campbell) m. 1818-W, 6. Kate (George Mumbert)-b. Sept. 1. 1788, d. Nov. 7, 1881. 7. Hannah-S- b. 1796. 8. Ruth (John Mumbert). 9. Sarah-0. 10. Jesse Elizabeth Hartman)-Aug, 7, 1800, d. Nov. 19, 1883.
    Br. of Jesse** 1. John B. (Rebecca Nelson,* Tabitha Lambert) b. Aug. 10, 1821-n. Riverton. 2. Margaret L. - Harper's Ferry. 3. Samuel L. (Margaret Halterman)-Fin. William J. (Phoebe J. Halterman)-Fin. James W. (Hannah Nelson)-Grant. 6. Adam W. (Sarah Nelson) 7. Jacob L. (Hannah E, Dickenson)-F. D. 8. David K. (Sophia Propst,* Jennie Rader)-M. R. D. 10. Mary E. (William Nelson). Morgan V. (Cynthia V. Propst)-Aug.* 12. Jesse C.-dy 13. Hamilton L. (Rebecca Huffman)-b. June 11, 1846.
    C. of John B. 1. Samuel B. (Susan Bennett)-Rnd. 2. Phoebe J. 3. Elizabeth (Samuel Wimer). 4. Jacob L.-dy 5. Amanda E. (Jackson White). 6. David K.-dy.
    C. of William J.-1. Edward-government clerk, Washington, D. C.
    C. of Adam W.-1. Elizabeth-d. 2. Isaac W. (Rosa Bolton) 3. Jacob. 4. Margaret (Robert Propst). 5. James W. 6. John L. 7. Susan F.
    C. of of Jacob L.-1. William W. 2. Margaret L. (Charles Evick). 3. Maud V. (Strite Lough). 4. Granville H. (Sarah J. Dahmer). 5. Mary J. (Thomas E. Bagby, Aug.*). 6. Lillie E. (William L. Hevener). 7. Gertrude M. (Samuel H. Bolton) 8. Lucy C. (Edward H. Rexroad)
    C. of David K.-William and others.
    C. of Hamilton L.-1. Wesley-d. Marshall (Rnd)* 3. Frederick-Rnd.
    Unp. 1. Catharine (Thomas Dickenson)-m. 1795. 2. Catharine (John A. Atwell)-m. 1825. 3. Rachel (James Wilson) m. 1891.
    All the earlier connection but Jesse went west, and he removed to Smith Creek, 1844. Samuel remained awhile at Ft. Seybert and taught. The family possessions in that locality aggregated about 800 acres. The surviving sons of Jesse are the venerable John B. near Riverton and Jacob L. in Propst's Gap.

Boggs. John (Margaret Key)-came with wife from Ireland, b. April 6, 1774, d. Oct. 6, 1858-ch.-1. Nancy-S.- b. 1797, d. 1882. 2 James (Mary W. Dyer)-b. May- 1799, d. Jan. 28, 1862. 3. Aaron (Nancy ____)-b. 1805. 4. Joseph (Catharine Partisel)-Mo., early in life. 5. Isabella (____ Lewis)-Hamp. 6. Catharine (Perry Lawrence, Lewis)* 7. John (Elizabeth Carr)-b. July 4, 1815, d. May 14, 1893.
    Br. of James-1. Louisa D. (David C. Anderson)-b. 1827. 2. Margaret K. (Junius B. Anderson). 3. Sarah A. (Isaac S. Welton, Grant)* 4. Edward W. (Hardy)-Fred'k Co. 5. Charles D. (Minnie Bryan. Rkm). 6. James C. (Delia Wilson) -Marlington. 7. William H. (Carrie McCoy)-b. 1845 -Fin.
    C. of Charles D.-Don, Alexander.
    C. of William H. I. William M. (Beatrice Hiner). 2. Hugh C. (Annie H. Daugherty). 3. Margie-Grant.
    Br. of John 1. Joseph F. (Cynthia Trace)-0. 2. Isaac P. (Rachel Morral), 3. Henrietta (John R. Dolly). 4. Aaron C. (Martha S. Hedrick)-miller-n. M. M. S. 5. Martin K. (Kate Skidmore). 6. William H. (Susan J. Armentrout)-merchant, Fin. 7. John A. (Adina R. Armentrout)-Fin.
    C. of Isaac P. 1. Preston (Gertrude Bowman)-physician -Fin. 2. Byron (Kate McCoy)-bank clerk. 3. Mason (Sarah Priest). 4. Pendleton.
    C. of Aaron C. Maud (John B. Skidmore), Gordon (Elsie Byrd), Wilber, Arthur L., Oscar, Warren, Louie, Frank, Iona, Kate.
    C. of Martin K. Sylvia.
    C. of William H. Nora, Lester.

Bolton. Jacob (Margaret Hartman)-m. 1807-d. 1859. ch.-1. Samuel (S. V.)-Tenn. 2. Mary (John Swadley). 3. Jacob (Dorothy Cassell). 4. Mahala (James Shaw)-b. 1826. 5. Nancy (William Fisher) -la. 6. Sarah A. (Jacob Cowger)-Ind. 7. John (Mary Cook.) 8. George (Jane Guthrie).
    Br. of Jacob** l. Thomas M. (Del.)* b. 1833. 2. Matilda A. (John Hammer). 3. Samuel H. -d. on way to Illinois. 4. John A. (Lucy Hiner, Mary J. Swadley) b. 1838-homestead. 5. William P. (Jane Simpson, Annie Cook)-d. 6. Sarah A. (Miles Simpson)-b. 1846, d.
    Ch. of John A.-L Huldah F. (John P. Dyer). 2. Isaac E. (Ida Dyer)-County and Circuit Clerk-c.-Erma R., Russell K., Anna M., Allen D., Carroll M., Mary L. By 2nd m. 3. 4. Charles (Baltimore)* 5. Luella.
    Br. of William-1. J. Lee (Catharine Dickenson). 2. Madison (Neb.)* William (O.)* George (out)-Rnd. By 2nd m. 5. Rosa-0.
    Br. of George 1. Josephine (James Elyard)-Rkm. 2. Rosanna D. (George W. Dickenson). 3. Mary J. (Martin Fultz). 4. Rebecca-S. 5. John W. (Sarah Plaugher, Annie Cook, Ada Simmons). 6. Samuel H. (Jane Guthrie, Gertrude Blizzard)-B. D.
    C. of John W. Several.
    C. of Samuel H. Enoch B. (Nannie Evick), Osa (Wesley Eye),-also minors by 2d m.
The connection is chiefly in F. D.

Borrer. (A) Thomas (Eve C.)-exempted 1799-d. 1810*-ch-1. Andrew (Mary Conover). 2. Thomas. 3. Peter. 4. Adam. 5. Abraham. 6. Eve (Daniel Clark)-m. 1795. 7. Catharine. 8. Elizabeth. 9. Mary (John Ratliff)-m. 1812.
    (B). Charles (Wees) d. 1843*-perhaps nephew to Thomas-ch.-l. Sarah E. (John Champ)-b. 1783. 2. Jacob (W. Va.)*-d. at 92. 3. Elizabeth. 4. Jennie-S.-d. 1906. 5. Solomon (Magdalena Wise)-b. 1792, d. May 22, 1875. 6. Martin (Amarilla Dayton)-b. 1798, d. May 5, 1886. 7. John (Sidney Ratliff)-b. 1800. d. 1863. 8. George-Grant. 9. Magdalena (Christian Halterman). 10. Phoebe (____ Rohrbaugh)- Grant.
    Br. of Solomon 1. George W. (Hannah Alt)-Grant. 2. Sampson (dy). 3. Benson (dy). 4. Mary A. (George W. Armentrout)- b. 1816, d. Aug. 17, 1885. 5. Malinda (Daniel Holloway). 6. Elizabeth (Morgan Lewis)-Kas. 7. Virginia (Harvey Custard)-0. 8. Manasseh (Julia A, Borrer)-0. 10. Emily (John Greenawalt). 11. Rebecca (Elias Lough, Solomon Lough). 12. Hannah (Paul Harman). 13. Jemima (Isaac Mallow.
    Ch. of George W. 1. Miles (Didama Stump)-Grant. 2. Charles (Jemima Ours, Nancy R. Kessner)-Ind. 3. Henry W. (Sarah Riggleman, Grant)* 4. Harman (Crites, Grant)-Md. 5. Adam (Artie Harman). 6. Rebecca-S-Ind. 7. Mary E. (George W. Westfall, Grant)*
    Br. of Martin 1. George W. (Sarah A. Miller)-b. 1818, d. 1883. 2. Simon (Mahala Peterson, Mary Judy). 3. Isaac (Sarah Carrier)-Ind. 4. Julia A. (Jacob Riggleman)-0. 5. Eliza (Abraham Landes, Grant)* 6. Charlotte (Samuel Kline). 7. Nimrod-S. 8. Emily M. (Borrer)
    Ch. of George W.
    Ch. of Simon 1. Amanda E. (Amby Ours, Grant, W W. Dean)-Md. 2. Daniel (Louisa Mowrey)-Rph. 3. William (Etta Mowrey). 4. Mary (Amby Ours, Grant)-Davis. 5. Alice (John Smith)-Grant. 6. Mahala E. (0.)* By 2nd m. 7- Ollie F. (____ Wees)-Illinois. 8. inf. (dy).
    Br. of John 1. William (Mary M. Carrier)-b. 1818-Kas. 2. John (Ill.)* 3. Alfred (Ill.)* 4. Hannah (____ Crites)- 111. 5. Elizabeth (____ ____)-W. 6. Catharine (Jacob Armentrout)- Grant. 7. Jesse-d.

Brady. Isaac (Leean Hulver)-b. 1815*, d. 1900-ch.-l. Absalom (Amelia Nesselrodt). 2. Levi (Susan Whitecotton). 3. Erasmus (____ Hulver, Lydia Hulver)-n. Manassas, Va. John (0)*. 5. George W. (____ Davis)-Rkm. 6. Elizabeth. 7. Jennie. 8. Mary (Laban Dickenson, Benjamin Pitsenbarger). 9. Julia A. (0.)* 10. Mattie (Michael Propst). 11. Sarah (____ Halterman, Rkm)* 12. Arilla (Robert Mitchell).
    Unp. 1. John-1802. 2. Margaret (Samuel Hoover)-m. 1825.
The connection is in lower B. D.

Burgoyne. Thomas (Mary Burnett b. 1799, Nancy D.) b Sept. 9, 1783, d. May 26, 185&-ch.-1. Washington (Ellen Kitchen). 2. Elizabeth A. (Michael C. Stump). By 2nd m.-3. Margaret L. (Enos Harman)-b. July 16, 1820, d. Feb. 22, 1889. 4. Cyrus H.-S. 5. Martha H. ( ). 6. Isabella G. (Daniel Hiser). 7. Cynthia D. (Riley Higgenbotham)-Kas. 8. Emily J. (Noah Harman). 9. Henry H. (1. West, 2 Catharine Guthrie). 10. James R. (Phoebe J. Hiser) Rph. 11. Amos. 12. Ezra. 12. Thomas N. (dy).

Burns. William (Lydia Helmick)-C. D.-ch.-1. Nicholas-out. 2. George (Sarah Bennett)-b. 1837. 3. Jemima -out. 4. Sophia R.-out.

Byrd. James W. (Mary A. Hammer)-son of Mounts Byrd, English immigrant-b. 1824, d. 1862-millwright- built McCoy and Byrd mills-m. Jan. 4, 1849-d. of fever while detained by military authority-ch.-1. Ruhama D. 2. Clay (Frances Harper)-b 1849. d. 1897-homestead. 3. Kate (Morgan G. Trumbo). 4. John W. (Phoebe Hammer Meadows)-d. May 15, 1905. 5. Adelaide (George W. Davis).
    Br. of Clay 1. Lillian. 2. Luna (Walter Homan, William P. Simmons). 3. Cletus D. (Mamie L. Harman)-Gassoway. 4. Otho (Etta Siple). 5. Blanche (Lloyd Hammer). 6. Arlie. 7. Arbie. 8. Leslie. 9. Richard. 10. Clara (dy).
    Br. of John W. 1. Elsie (Gordon Boggs). 2. Don (Lura Ruddle)-homestead, Ernest R. (Ursula Lough)-Bridgewater, Va.


Pioneer Index | Pendleton County West Virginia

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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