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A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Calhoun. This family came from the north of Ireland in 1733, and soon thereafter moved to Augusta, where in 1750, James was captain of a troop of horse. William is mentioned in 1752. In the same year Patrick was living on New River. He went on to South Carolina, and John C. Calhoun the famous statesman, was his son. The Calhouns of Pendleton are believed to spring from William.
    John (Elizabeth ____, Mary Schrader, m. 1838)-b. 1765, d. 1850-ch.-1. Mary (Henry Judy)-m. 1810. 2. William (Elizabeth Mallett, Sarah Zickafoose)-b. June 2, 1793, d. Feb. 2, 1873.-homestead. 3. John (Naomi Williams) b. 1796, d. 1854.-homestead. 4. Lavina (Jacob Syron, Hid)-m. 1829. 5. Susannah (Solomon Hinkle)-b. 1803, d. 1827.
    Line of William: 1. Eli (Elizabeth Mullenax, m. 1834- Elizabeth Helmick)-b. Dec. 11, 1815. 2. Aaron (Catharine Lambert)-b. 1816, m. 1835, d. 1890. 3. Mahala (Enoch Teter) b. 1818, m. 1836. 4. Emily (John Mick)-m. 1814. 5. Susannah (Absalom H. Nelson)-b. 1822, m. 1840. 6. Elizabeth (Job Lambert)-b. 1824, m. 1845. 7. Virginia (William Rymer). 8. William J. (Upshur)* 9. Martha-dy. 10. Jacob (Evelyn West)-Mo. By 2nd m.-11. John C. (Belinda Lough). 12. Margaret (Philip Wimer). 13. Lavina N.-d.
    Br. of Eli: 1. Phoebe (Solomon Hinkle)-b. 1855. 2. Ephraim (Ann R. Simmons)-d. in marine service. 3. Ann (George W. Lambert). 4. Allen (Mary K. Vandeventer) - Poca. 5. Susan (Albinus Lambert). 6. Jackson (____ Bowers), Tex, 7. Martha-Tex. James (America Bennett). By 2nd m.-9. Wilson-Rph. 10. Rymer (Ann Judy). 11. Rebecca-Hid. m. 1857.
    Br. of Aaron: 1. Martha (Miles Tingler)-b. 1836. 2. Winefred (Edward Mullenax)-m. 1856. 3. Elizabeth S. (George Wimer, m. 1858. Henry Mullenax, m. 1865). 4. Sarah C. (William Mullenax)-m. 1859. 5. F. Marion (Phoebe C. Harper)-b. 1842. 6. William-dy. 7. John W. O. (Elizabeth Rymer) -Hid. 8. Mary J. (Pleasant D. Bland). 9. Aaron F. (Jennie Hinkle)-b. 1849. 10. Marietta-dy. 11. Winfield S. (Catharine Bennett)-b. 1852.
     Ch. of F. Marion: 1. Harrison M. (Virginia C. Mullenax, Hid.)-m. 1889. 2. Etta (George R. Lambert). 3. Gilbert (Margaret Rexroad). 4. D. Clinton (Christina Mullenax).
    C. of Harrison M: Camden H. Alfred R. Edwin M., M. Lillian, Judith (dy), P. Evelyn, Elizabeth E., Harlan M. C. of Gilbert:-Hazel (dy), Russell, Tressie.
    C. of D. Clinton: Bardie (dy.), Charles, Creston M., Archibald.
    Ch. of Aaron F. Tennyson (d. 14), Annabel (Flick Cunningham), W. Carlton, Virgil M., Brooks F., Rudolph D., Hobart H.
    Ch. of Winfield S. 1. William C. (Emma S. Graham.) 2. Martin D. (R. A. Graham). 3. Dora (dy.) 4. Winnie B. (George W. Lough)-Va. 5. Carroll F. 6. Ethel-dy. 7. Kate (John Hartman) d. 8. Ruby W.-dy. 9. Frederick C. (Mollie Helmick)-Horton. 10. Summers F. 11. Ernest C. 12. Orion F.
    Br. of John C: 1. Margaret (Amos Judy). 2. Sarah (Endres Hartman).
    Line of John: 1. Amos S. 2, Catharine (Noah Lambert). 3. Martha (John W. Lambert). 4. Mary (Joseph Smith, W. Va.)-m. 1854. 5. John W.-S. 6. Sidney (Reuben George, Grant)*-m. 1842.
     H. Mayberry Calhoun began teaching in the common schools of his native county at the age of sixteen and continued in this work sixteen terms. In 1895 he became County Superintendent, being the first incumbent to hold the office four years. In 1898 he began the practice of law at the county seat, and still follows the profession. He has served a term as Prosecuting Attorney.

Carr. Jacob appears to have had four sons-1. Jacob (Margaret Mallow)-m. 1796. 2. Thomas. 3. Michael. 4. Philip (Kate Mouse)-m. 1798, d. 1800 when his son was 3 weeks old.
    Line of Philip: Adam (Susannah Trace)-b. 1800-homestead
    Br. of Adam: 1. Isaac (Jemima Judy)-b. 1827, d. 1879- Grant. 2. Elizabeth (John Boggs). 3. Hannah (Philip Mallow.) 4. Rebecca (Samuel Judy). 5. Phoebe (David Harman) -d. 20. 6. Adam (Melinda Harper).-7. Susan (Samson Smith). 8. John (Phoebe J. Harper)-Grant. 9. Michael.
    Ch. of Adam: 1. Charles A.-d. 2. Alice (Moses Kessner). 3. Elizabeth (John S. Roby, Grant) * 4. Carrie (Marcellus M. Beane, Hardy)* 5. George. 6. infs. (dy).

    Ch. of Isaac: William, Wellington S. (Alice Good), Mary, others (dy.)

Cassell. Valentine (____ ____) d. 1804-ch.-1. Christina. 2. Mary. 3. Henry (____ ____)-n. C'ville. 4. Peter (Elizabeth Gragg)-m. 1794. 5. Valentine (Mary Wilfong) sold his place to George Bible, 1811. 6. John. 7. Eve. 8. George, 9. Jacob.
    Line of Henry: Adam (Nancy Hartman)-Ill., Dorothy (Jacob Bolton), Matilda (William Mowrey), Elizabeth A. (Jacob Sites), Martha (Elliott Hartman).
    Unp. 1. Jacob (Elizabeth Nelson). 2. Hannah (J Lambert) b. 1799, d. 1859. 3. Catharine (Solomon Bennett).
    Br. of 1: Allen, R. E. Veach, Stewart (k), Cullom ( Nelson, Barbara J, Miller), Phoebe J. (Wesley Lambert), Mary E. (Emanuel Lambert), Margaret (Esau Nelson), Mary A., Catharine (George Bennett).
    Ch. of Cullom: Loman-Kas., Lillie (William M. Nelson), Kate (Alfred Kile).

Champ. John (____ ____) d. 1804-ch.-L Amelia. 2. Margret E. (John Kuykendall)-m. 1800. 3. Thomas (Sarah Shreve)-b. 1789, m. 1823. -k. at logrolling. 4. John (Sarah E. Borrer)-b. 1792.
    Br. of Thomas: 1. Mary E. (Job Cosner)-out. 2. Levi (Phoebe Helmick). 3. John. 4. William-froze to death on Roaring Plains. 5. Thomas. 6. Amos-S. 7. Sarah-b. 1833. 8. Christina (Esau Hinkle). 10. Susan.
    Br. of John: 1. Nimrod-Barbour. 2. Hiram-Barbour. 3. Martin. 4. Elisha (Elizabeth Carrier)-b. 1826-0. 5.
    Ch. of Cyrus: R. L., Andrew J., Jemima S. (William W. Shirk), Eliza F. (Henry J. Judy), Mary B, (Lucian H. Dolly),
    The Pioneer Champ is stated to be identical with the Sergeant John Champe, the American soldier who came very near kidnapping Benedict Arnold and returning him to the American lines. Washington was very desirous of capturing the traitor and to this end Champe volunteered to enter the camp of the enemy. As a pretended deserter he enlisted in the British army, and when his plans were all but perfected to capture Arnold the command to which he was attached was sent on service at another point. There being no further occasion to remain Champe took the first opportunity to affect his return. Since he would have been shot if taken by the British, Washington sent him to Hampshire County, where he would be quite safe from the enemy. In this region he remained. He was promised a grant of land but never received it and died in poverty. His two sons, both minors, were bound to Henry Hoover to learn the trade of tanning. Cyrus and his sons are the only male members of the connection remaining here.

Clayton. Jacob (Mary Hartman)-b. 1781, d. 1850*-tanner -ch.-1. John ( ). 2. Mary (Jacob Wealthy)-b. 1808. 3. Jacob (Mary A. Keister, Mary E. Hartman, Julia A. Dice) -b. 1809, d. 1891.
    Br. of John: Henry (b. 1832), Harvey, Clayton, Jesse, Samuel.
    Br. of Jacob: 1. boy (dy.) By 2nd m.-2. Martin H. (Piedmont)* 3. Ruhama J. (Samuel Trumbo). 4. Sarah E. (Jonas Puffenbarger)-Poca. 5. Leonora (William Goodwin, Poca,)* 6. James J. (Rachel Range-Shen.)-Rkm. 7. Adam (dy.) 8. Andrew J.-Poca. 10. Laberta (Henry Miller). By 3rd m.-11. Susan (Isaac Wagner).

Conrad. Jacob came from Canton Berne, Switzerland, in 1750, and settled here 1763. He was a widower when he left Europe. B. 1705, d. Dec. 1, 1775, Ch.-1. Barbara (Charles Hedriek). 2. Elizabeth (George Fisher). 3. Mary. 4. Jacob (Hannah Bogard-Barbara Propst)-b. May 11, 1744, d. Jan. 26, 1829-blacksmith-home.
    Line of Jacob: 1. Sabina (John Colaw)-b. Oct. 25, 1767. 2. Frances (Andrew Kile). 3. Barbara (Adam Harper, Jr.) -b. Mar. 13, 1770. 4. Jacob (Magdalena Hedriek)-b. April 12, 1772, d. 1829-miller-U. D. 5. Benjamin (Barbara Hedrick) Braxton. 6. Mary (George Kile). 7. Peter-Rph. 8. Phoebe (Samuel Kile)-b. June 18, 1776. d. Mar. 10, 1808. 9. Daniel (Margaret Shields)-Braxton, 1806. 10. Annie. 11. John (Sarah Davis)-Braxton. 12. Ulrich (Sarah Currence, Rph.)-Aug. 21, 1786, d. Dec. 10, 1867.
    Br. of Jacob:-1. Adam-b. 1802. 2. Catharine (Joshua Harper). 3. girl (Jesse Vance). 4. girl (John Dice). 5. Magdalena (Isaac Teter)-m. 1825. 6. Phoebe (Moses Harper). 6. Barbara (Jacob Bouse).
    Br. of Ulrich: 1. Samson (Catharine Hammer)-b. Dec, 24, 1809, d. 1852. 2. Deniza (Isaac Davis). 3. Delilah (Eli Hammer). 4. Asenath (John Davis). 5. Laban B. (Rachel Bible)-b. Oct. 15. 1817, d. April 1, 1893. 6. Timnah (Jacob Hammer). 7. Iscah J. (George Payne).
    Ch. of Samson; 1. Lorenzo D. (Adelaide Hess)-b. 1836, d. 3876. 2. Mary A. (William Cowger, Nicholas Bodkin). 3. Jacob H. (Mary E. Gilkeson.)
    C. of Lorenzo D. 1. John W. (Belle Hall) n. Columbus, P. 1. Joseph E. (Jane Eye)-Mo. 3. Lorenzo D. (Clara Eye) -Kas.
    C. of Jacob H. 1. Mary C. (twice m. in Rkm)-Cal. 2. James W. (Mary M. Eye)-c-William H., Ruth E., Paul F., Jasper H. 3. Virginia F. 4. Albert T. (Elizabeth J. Propst).-c-Mary G. (dy), John E. Annie M. James E., Ella G. 5. Sarah E. (dy).
    Ch. of Laban B. 1. John (dy). 2. Samson M. (Phoebe J. Ruddle)-c.-Omer (Eulah Harper), Arthur (dy), Frances, Lynn. 3. Urbana F. (Isaac T. Hammer).
    Samson settled n. Ft. S., where Jas. W. and Albert T. reside. It is said that when Jacob Sr. came to the South Branch, he found on his land a "squaw patch" of about one acre, which formed the nucleus of his cleared land, and that there was also a cabin that he temporarily made use of.

Cook. William came from England when 18, lived near Deer Run, died near McCoy's mill. His son William (____ ____)-b. 1795, d. 1880-lived on A. W. Dyer farm as tenant.
    Ch. of William, Jr. 1. Nicholas (Ann Hartman)-b. 1826. 2, Jeremiah (Martha Hartman)-Mo. 3. Mary. 4. James H. (Phoebe E. Fisher). 5. Ann. 6. John. 7. Martha (William Bolton), 8. Elizabeth E. (Henry Shaver). 9. Francis -S-W, 10. Susan R. 11. William F. (Mary ____), Pa.-O.
    Br. of Nicholas. 1. John (Ann R. Vandeventer)-C. D. 2. Jacob-S-Kas. 3. George (Calvin Warner). Isaac (Effie Warner). 5. Mahala B. (Hendron Lambert). 6. Jane (George Judy). 7. Elizabeth? (Perry Phares). 8. Annie (____ Teter)-Rph.
    Ch. of John. l. Sarah (Walter S. Dunkle). 2. Jessie H. -teacher. 3. Hettie B.
    Br. of James H. 1. George (Susan Hiser, Jennie Walker), 2. Henry (Rebecca Mallow) 3. Laban S. (Ida Masters, Linnie Bowers). 4. James (0.)* 5. Mary E. (George Mitchell). 6. Jacob (0.)* 7. Emma J. (William Crigler). 8. Isaac N. (Etta Clayton). 9. Charles E. (Lula Crigler)-0. 10. Margaret (Rev. William Gilmer)-Rkm. Descendants of Nicholas chiefly in C. D.-of James H. chiefly Fin., except Laban S. at U. T.
    Unp. 1. Stephen-1795. 2. Thomas (Margaret ____) 1790- Reed's Cr. 3. Robert (Rachel ____) 1798. 4. John (____ Simmons) -1808. 5. Eve (George Simmons)-m. 1796. 6. Joseph (Elizabeth Peterson)-m. 1827. 7. Elizabeth (Christian Harold)-m. 1799.
    It would thus seem that there have been several distinct families of Cooks and in different portions of the county. One of the migrated Cooks revisited his old home after an absence of 62 years.

Cowger. This family is perhaps descended from Michael Cowger who located 900 acres on the Shenandoah River in 1753. The members of the first family in Pdn. appear to be 1.
    George (Hannah Hawes)-d. 1788. 2. John (Mary E. Propst) m. before 1785. 3. Jacob-S. F., 1782. 4. Michael (Catharine ____). 5. Mary (Abraham Pitsenbarger)-m. 1795.
    Line of George. 1. Hannah, 2. Henry (Elizabeth ____) -b. May 13, 1781, d. 1845*-Eye place below Ft. S. 3. John (Ruth Heffner)-moved from Sweedland to O., 1835*.
    Br. of Henry. 1. Abel (Phoebe Dice)-b. Oct. 31, 1806. 2. Jacob (Sarah Dice)-b. Feb. 9, 1809. 3. George (Elizabeth Jolly)-b. 1812, d. 1891. 4. Jessie (Polly A. Keister)-b. June 13. 1814. 5. Noah (Elizabeth Dice)-0. 6. Job (Aug.) -W. 7. Andrew. 8. Hannah E. (Emanuel Trumbo). 9. Amelia R. (Solomon R. Judy). 10. Asenath (Noah Wanstaff). 11. Sarah 0. (0)*. 12. Rebecca (Michael Bodkin). 13. Elizabeth (0).* 14. Amelia S. (Isaac Miller) b. 1838-W.
    Br. of Abel. 1. Sarah 0. (0)*. 2. Rebecca (Michael Bodkin). 3. Elizabeth (0).* 4. Amelia S. (Isaac Miller)-b. 1838-W.
    Br. of Jacob. 1. William (Mary A. Conrad)-b. 1834. 2. Eve E. (Lewis Wagoner). 3. Catharine M. (William C. Miller). 4. Noah M. (Sarah C. Trumbo, Sarah A. Trumbo). 5. Emanuel. 6. John W.-d. 7. Henry T. (Laura A. Pope). 8. Mary J. (dy).
    Ch. of William. 1. Catharine (Samuel Coffman). 2. Howard-dy. 3. George. 4. Jacob-S. V.
    Ch. of Noah M. 1. James (Rkm)-Keyser. 2. Floyd (Elizabeth Davis. Hardy)-d.-l c. By 2nd m. 3. William. 4. Mary E. 5. Edith M. 6. girl (dy).
    Ch. of Henry T. l. Ella E. 2. Preston. 3. L. Myrtle.
    Br. of George. 1. Henry-b. 1886. 2. Elijah (Susan R. Schlosser, Hdy)-b. 1837. 8. Noah-d. 4. Manasseh (Hdy).* 5. George S. (Hdy).* 6. Pleasant S. (Rkm).* 7. Mary E. (Rkm)*-d.
    Ch. of Elijah: Noah H. (Ira Pope). 2. Grace K.
    Br. of Jessie. 1. Wm. J. (Josephine Dice)-b. 1839-Rkm -3 c. 2. George (Rebecca Wealthy)-Poca. 8. John (Mary Heffner). 4. Henry (____ Harper)-Cal. 5. Susan (George S. Pope). 6. Dorothy (George Hisey). 7. Sarah A. (James L. Adamson). 8. Martha (William Bodkin)-la. 9. Louisa (Hdy)-d. 10. Margaret (Van Dasher)-Hardy. 11. Asenath (P___ S. Cowger)-Rkm. 12. Eliza (George Adamson).
    The present Cowgers are mainly just above and below Ft, S. There was once a John in Thorn valley.

Cox. Warden (Phoebe A. Jefferson)-b. 1823-ch.-1. Emily J. (James W. Iman, Grant). 2. John R. (Mary C. Crites, Grant). 8. Amanda E. (A. Wise, Grant)-Mineral. 4. Isaac S. (Annie Wees, Grant)-Mineral. 5. Mary E. (Simon Judy, Grant). 6. Annie R. (William H. Monteith, Smithfield, Pa.)*
    Unp. 1. Thomas (Margaret ____)-1790. 2. Robert. 3. Jacob (Elizabeth Wise)-m. 1816. 4. Susan-b. 1776. 5. Matthew (Elizabeth Smith)-m. 1824. 6. Elizabeth (Samuel Kimble)-m. 1825.
Br. of Robert: Sarah (John Bargeroff)-m. 1813. This family is close to the Grant line of M. R. D.

Crigler. Christopher C. (Matilda Halterman)-b. Mar. 27, 1829, d. Sept. 17, 1872-blacksmith-ch.-l. Mary J. (John L. Lukens). 2. John A. 8-6. Samuel, Cyrus, Sarah M., Emmaline-dy. 7. Charles (Lucy Puffenbarger)-Davis-d. 8. Henry (Margaret Richards)-drowned. 9. Upton (Rockbridge, Roanoke)* 10. William (Emma J. Cook)-blacksmith- Fin. 11. Wade H.,-Fla.
    Ch. of John A. Florence (Harvey Bowers).
    Ch. of Henry. I. Walter (Va.)* 2. Marv (William Fleming) -Fin. 3. Lula (Charles E. Cook). 4. Mattie. 5. Christina. 6. Boyd. 7. Lucy.
    Ch. of William; Guy, Dick, Mabel, Hazel, Roy. Charles was the first settler in Davis, W. Va., and built the first house there. John A., hotel man, built the present courthouse at Franklin.

Crummett. Christopher (Ann R. E____) d. 1816*- ch.- 1. Frederick (Catharine Snider)-b. 1770*,-d. 1825*-home. 2. Conrad (Susannah Lamb)-m. 1796. S. George (Susannah Simmons?)-m. 1799. 4. Flora (Philip Gragg)-m. 1791 5. Margaret (John Harold)-m. 1792. 6. Catharine. 7. Rebecca. 8. Mary. 9. Rachel (Jacob Propst)-m. 1792.
    Line of Frederick: 1. Jacob (Eleanor Rexroad)-m. 1825  homestead. 2. George (Margaret Armstrong) b. 1787. 3. Henry (Sarah Hiney, Rkm). 4. Daniel (Sarah Mitchell) b. 1802-W. 4. Joseph (Elizabeth Eye)-b. 1799-W, late. 5. Susan (John Keister).
    Br. of Jacob: Jacob (Mahala Simmons)-Ritchie.
    Br. of George: 1. Catharine (James Glass, Rkm)-b. 1818. 2. Mary (George Miller, Rkm)* 3. Nancy (John Todd, Rkm). 4. Elizabeth (Adam Riser).
    Br. of Henry: 1. John Rkm-Hid. 2. Eli (Esther Syron. Hld)-b. Sept. 5, 1827-homestead. 3. Daniel (Mary J. Bodkin). 4. Henry (Amanda Dove)-Bath. 5. Delilah (Daniel Varner)-b. 1825, d. 1878. 6. Sarah A-S. 7. Lydia (Emanuel Wilfong.)
    Ch. of Eli: 1. Jacob (dy). 2. Delilah (Lee Siple, Hld)* 3. Sarah (Sebastian Bodkin). 4-5. Abel, Harrison (dy).
    Ch. of Daniel: 1. Joanna (Hid)* 2. Martha (George Cutshaw, Hld)* 3. Lydia (Harvey Waggy). 4. Elizabeth J. (Geo. Lamb)-Hld. 5. Catharine (Emily Puffenbarger)-Hld. 6. Addison -S-Hld. 7. Daniel P. (Elizabeth Price, Hld)-c- Naomi, Mary, Gayland, Charles, Samuel A.
    Br. of Joseph; 1. Leah (David Simmons)-b. 1830. 2. David-d. 3. Noah (Mary J. Simmons)-b. 1833. 4. Mary. 5. Catharine. 6. Frederick. 7. Elizabeth M. (Ami Schrader). 3. Josiah (Rkm)-Hid.
    Ch. of Noah: 1. William (Martha Armstrong, Hld)* 2. Ruhama (Peter Puffenbarger). 3. Landis. 4. Esther-dy. 5. Hallie (Terry Puffenbarger. Hld)* 6. Martha E., 7. Carrie.
    Br. of Daniel: 1. Susan (Daniel Varner)-b. 1835. 2. Mary. 3. Sarah. 4. Lazarus (Sarah Eckard)-b. 1849-c. - Jesse, Kemmie. Mary, Emory, John F.
    Unp. Elizabeth (George Varner)-m. 1818.
    The connection remains on and near the original homestead.

Cunningham. John, James, William, and (Phoebe ____), pioneers on the North Fork in 1753, were seemingly brothers, and are said to have come from Dublin, Ireland, just before that time. The families of these three we are not able to place, except in the case of James (Margaret ____, who died 1765, leaving Moses, Hugh, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Isaac. Hugh had a son, name unknown. We have mention of James, a son of Jacob, and John, a son of Isaac, and of Jacob and John having a son each. Another son of one of the pioneers was William (Sarah ____).
    James (Agnes ____?)-b. 1741-captured, 1758, and held the Indians seven years, nearly starved and became blind, lived at several places, finally removing to Rph.
    Ch. 1. Delilah-b. 1792. 2. Daniel E. 3. Eglon (Susannah Rexroad)-b. 1804. 4. Zed- Upshur. 5. Arnold (Mary A. Judy)-b. 1813. d. 1874-C'ville.
    Br. of Eglon. 1. Mary (Jacob Clayton -b. 1835). 2. John (____ Hinkle. Lewis)* 3. Alfred (Rkm-Hld). 4. Sidney-dy.
    Br. of Arnold. 1. Elizabeth (Adam D. Warner)-b. 1840. 2. Francis M. 3. Amby (Elizabeth Teter). 4. Eli A. (Sarah Anderson)-Rph.
    Ch. of Amby. 1. Luther (Rph)-drummer. 2. Mattie (George Bannett). 3. Anna C.-d. 4. Flick (Anna B. Calhoun). 5. Edward (Amanda Vandeventer). 6. Charles A. (dy). 7. Mary.
    Unp. 1. Margaret (Levi Coberly)-m. 1795. 2. Phoebe (James Bennett)-m. 1799.
Another family of Cunninghams was reared on N. F. The brothers and sisters were 1. Thomas (Sarah A. Turner). 2. Solomon (Catharine J. Lantz) Ran. 3. Jehu-Braxton. 4. Margaret-Braxton. 5. Patsy (Enos Helmick). 6. Irene (Jessie Davis). 7. Susan (Aaron Turner, George Hughes).
    Ch. of Thomas. L George W. (Sarah Middleton)-b. 1847. 2. Henry V. (Susan E. Raines). 3-4 infs. (dy). 5. Thomas -K. 6. Daniel K.-7. Abraham L. (Pearl Raines).
    Ch. of Solomon. 1. David (Ninnie Warner). 2. James (Mary Ketterman). 3. Levi (Elizabeth Bennett). 4. Abraham L. (Catharine Hinkle). 5. Absalom M. (____ Auvil Tkr)-attorney-Elkins. 6. Benjamin Y. (____ Dove). 7. Solomon (Md)* 8. dau. (Rph). 9. Arthena (J P. Waybright). 10. Delia (Rph)*. 11. Annie (Rph)*.
    Abraham (____ Peterson?) of Hardy was killed in the Indian war. His wife was taken captive.    Mary, their only child, was born during her captivity. She married Isaac Hinkle. A later member of the Cunninghams of Hardy was John (Keziah ____) who lived on the C. N. Judy place near U. T. prior to 1833. Several of that connection have intermarried with Pendleton families.

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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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