Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Eckard ~ Eye

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Eckard. Philip, the pioneer, appears to have had these children: 1. Abraham, d. 1817. 2. Philip (Sophia Fleisher), m. 1799, d. 1820.* 3. Henry, k. by accident, 1818. 4. Polly (Jacob Moyers, Jr.) 5. Elizabeth (George Varner)-b. 1778, m. 1798.
    Family of Philip, Jr. lived at Jacob Eckart's, 3 miles above S. G. 1. Abraham (Sarah Fend) b. 1791. 2. John (Catharine Propst)-b. 1793. d. 1853-Rnd. 3. Philip (Barbara Propst)-0.
Family of Henry. 1. Elizabeth (Jacob Mitchell) -b. 1812, d. 1878.
    Line of Abraham of Philip: 1. Lucinda-S-b. 1822. 2. Valentine (Christina Summers)-b. 1823-homestead. 3. Absalom (Sarah J. Lamb) - b. 1825-homestead. 4. Barbara (John Simmons). 5. Polly (Samuel Snider)-b. 1807. 6. Henry (Upshur).* 7. Abraham (Leean Hoover)-Ritchie. 8. Elizabeth A. (High.)* 9. Samuel-dy.
    Branch of Absalom: 1. Job (Ruhama Gwinn, Hid.)-b. 1845. 2. Martha J. (Rolandes Propst)-b. 1846. 3 Jemima (Swope Hull, Hid.)-Okla. 4. Lucinda (Job Simmons). 5. Noah W. (Phoebe J. Simmons)-teacher. 6. Amanda (Eli C. Bodkin, Hid.) 7. Jacob (Jane Smith, Hid.)-homestead. 8. Isaac (Mollie Will, Hid.)-twin to Jacob. 9. Barbara (William P. Simmons). 10. James P. (Barbara Wagoner, Hid*). 11. Abraham (Vesta Simmons, Eliza Rexroad, Hid.)*
    Ch. of Noah W. Arthur (Louie L. Smith), teacher, Lottie F., Claudius, Noah W., Janie P., Gratia A., Sarah E. (dy), Ephraim P., Amanda M., Minnie S., Jesse H., Mary M., Isaac F., Elsie F.
    Ch. of Jacob: Rankin (dy), Sarah C. (Erias Huffman), Arthur M., Lucinda, Charles, Elizabeth A., Gertrude (dy), Jacob H. James P., George W.
    Ch. of Isaac: William A. (Neely Smith), Lillie S., Job, Elizabeth O.
Note: John of Philip, Jr., had Frances and George; Valentine of Absalom had Christina and Mahala.
    Michael-perhaps really the pioneer, and father of Philip (1),-is mentioned as administrator to Mark Miller in 1757 and as surety to Peter Vaneman.
    The present Eckards live on So. Fk. above S. G.
    Unp. 1. Philip (Susannah)-b. 1786; ch.-Mary, Levi, Susannah. 2. Philip (Elizabeth)-b. 1815.-ch. Jacob, William, Catharine.

Evick. (A). Francis (Margaret ____)-d. 1799-founder of Franklin- ch-1. Francis (Sarah C. Gower, k. by fail on stairway)- Franklin. 2. Thomas (Catharine ____)-m. 1805. 3. James (Margaret ____)-m. 1805.
    (B). George (Eve ____)-d.-1800-Straight Cr.-ch. -1. John (Mary ____)-b. 1780*-Highland Co., O. 2. Adam (Sophia Engleton, b. 1782)-d. 1835*-gunsmith-Fin. 3. Christian (Sarah ____). 4. George-d. 1814. 5. Sarah (Henry Wanstaff). 6. Barbara (John Cool)-m. 1796. 7. Catharine (Sebastian Baker)-m. 1797.
    Line of Adam: 1. Polly-S-b. 1802. 2. William (Elizabeth Barclay)-b. 1803. d. 1886. 3. Eliza (____ McNeal). 4. Margaret (James Smith)-m. 1825. 5. Hannah (____ Sullenbarger). 6. Sarah A.-dy. 7. Catharine (____ Burgoyne, Raines). 8. Elizabeth (____ Bradshaw)-W. 9. Julia (Henry Allison). 10. Melinda (Henry Allison-2nd w.) 11. Irene S. (____ Jones). 12. John (Sophia Ruleman)-m. 1827. 13. Samuel-S-b. 1810.
    Br. of John: 1. Loran D.-b. 1828-W.
    Br. of William: 1. William C. (Mary Simmons)-b. 1847, d. 1899. 2. Louisa (Martin Keister) b. 1849. 3. James (Eliza Skidmore Dyer)-b. 1851. d. 1904. 4. Pleasant (Florence Lough)-saddler-Fin. 5. Dice (Sarah Few, Rkm, Mary Few, Rkm, Mary B. Bennett, Barbour)-McDowell. 6. Margaret (John E. Mantz. Md). 7. Etta-dy. 8. Mack -Preston Co.)*. 9. Charles (Margaret Blizzard) -n. Fin. 10. Oscar-dy. 11. Nora (William Wilfong). 12. Jennie (John E. Mantz-2nd w.)
    Ch. of James. Frank, Grover.
    Ch. of Pleasant. Olin (Delpha, Bennett, Rph)-Monterey, Keifer, Ada, Estelle.
    Ch. of Charles. Nannie.
Note: Christian Evick, perhaps father to Francis and George, was administrator to Jacob Zorn in 1756. George, probably brother to Francis, left Franklin, 1784. His children were nearly all minors when he died intestate. The Margaret who died 1796 at the alleged age of 103 was probably the wife of Christian.

Eye. Christopher S. (Catharine ____)-d. Mar. 1797. ch.-l. Christian (Elizabeth Propst)-b. 1775. d. 1860. 2. Jacob (Kate Hoover) m. 1796. 3. Christiana. 4. Frederick (Catharine Stone)-b. 1781, m. 1801, d. 1854. 5. George (Elizabeth Snider)-m. 1803. d. 1811. 6. Elizabeth (Daniel Propst). 7. Rachel (Adam Propst) b. 1789. 8. Mary A. (Conrad Varner) b. 1775? m. 1792. 9. Henry (Mary Propst) m. 1792.
    Line of Christian: 1. Jacob (Sarah Swadley) b. 1798. 2. Henry (Barbara Emick)-m. 1819-W. 3. Reuben (?) -W. 4. William (Letitia Bodkin)-b. 1810, d. 1874. 5. Christian (Tacy Wilson). 6. George-dy, drowned. 7. Elizabeth (George Rexroad) b. 1800. d. 1877. 8. Catharine (Daniel Hoover). 9. Mary (John Gragg). 10. Sarah (Henry Ruleman). 11. Susannah (Jacob Sinnett)-b. 1809, d. 1862. 12. Phoebe (Henry Sinnett).
    Branch of Jacob: 1. Robert (-Propst, -Gutherie Bolton, Julia A. Dice Clayton)-Trout Run. 2. Samuel H. (Va.)* 3. Laban (Hannah Mallow) b. 1829, d. 1909-Oak Flat. 4. Mary E. (John M. Ruddle). 5. Sarah E. (Jesee A. Hartman). 6. Malinda-S-Ia. 7. Lavina J.-dy. 8. Jacob (Timnah Davis)-Mo. 9. Mahulda (Adam Bodkin). 10. William. 11. Josephine-dy. 12. inf.
    Ch. of Laban: 1. Robert H. (Emma Pope)-merchant - Oak Flat-ch -Anna R. 2. Scott-d. 3. Jacob L. (Lucile Thomas, Ia.)-New York City. 4. Sarah J. (Joseph Conrad). 5. Cora F. (Lorenzo D. Conrad). 6. Clara E. (Richard Stoneburner, Shen )* 7. boy (dy).
    Branch of William: 1. John J. (Rkm)* b. 1841. 2. William W. (Susan E. Sinnett). 3. Naomi E.-S. 4. Christian F. (____ Waggy)-Rkm. 5. Benjamin (Barbara Rexroad) b. 1848. 6. Hendron (Louisa McQnain)-Staunton. 7. David (Sarah Puffenbarger). 8. Reuben (Jane Lough, Susan Carver, Hld). 10. Josephine d. 18.
    Ch. of William W. Amanda J. (Jackson L. Pope), William F. (Mattie Bowers), Lydia J. (Philip Trumbo), Elizabeth C. (L. Wirt Dunkle), Mary M. (James W. Conrad), Henry W., Lottie S. (Wade H. Dunkle), Bertha M. (Walter Hedrick). Edna L.. Wade W.
     Ch. of Christian F. Samuel H. (____ Rexroad)-Hid. 2. Mary A. dy. 3. Mahlon L. dy. 4. Naomi (John Fultz) out. 5. Louisa-out. 6. Phoebe (____ Bodkin) out. 7. George A. (Josephine Sinnett).
    Ch. of Benjamin: Henry A. (Leah M. Bowers), Mary A., (dy), William D. (Julia Lupton, Va.),* Arley T., Dora F.
    Ch. of David: Maud K. Lydia J., William A. Ida S. (George C. Pope), Martha E., Mary J., Benjamin C.
    Ch of Reuben: Naomi L. (____ Todd), Henry O., Minnie E. (Clarence Obaugh), Hattie S., Ivy, Brooks P.
    Line of Frederick: 1. William (Lydia)-b. 1811 2. Elizabeth (Joseph Crummett) b. 1808. 3. John (Barbara Propst) b. 1812. 4. Christian (Anastasia) b. 1813. 5. Mary (Levi Simmons)-W.
    Br. of Christian: Samuel H. (b. 1842), Mary A., Mahlon L. Louisa.
    Unp. 1. Mary (John Miller) m. 1818. 2. John (Elizabeth Moyers) b. 1798, d. 1863*-ch-Elizabeth (b. 1824), Mary A., George, Lucinda, Sarah, William, Mary M., Amanda, Washington, Emanuel, James M. 3. Sarah (Eli Propst m. 1827. 4. Abel (Sarah ____) b. 1816.-ch.- William W. (b. 1841), Margaret A., Columbia J., Virginia. 5. John (Christina ____) ch.-Caroline, Harriet, Lavina. 6. George (Eleanor -) b. 1805-ch.-Laban (b. 1830), Susan E., Eleanor, John M., Reuben. 7. John A.-b. 1835, k.
    Branch of John:  1. Mary M. (Rph.)* 2. Ami (Eunice Currence, Rph)* 3. Levi (Sarah C. Barclay)-b. 1842-Buffalo Hills. 4. Lucinda J. (Poca. (* 5. Hannah E. (Joseph Elyard)-Rph. 6. Amelia (Amos Huffman). 7. Lewis F. -d. 8. Elizabeth (Rph).* 9. Amanda C.
    Ch. of Levi: 1. Daniel T. (Catharine Hinkle)-Poca. 2. Noah W. (Agatha? Bennett) -Rph. 3. Henry C. 4. William C. (____ Teter, Rph)* 5. George H. (Savannah Simmons)-Rph. 6. Isaac N.-dv. 7. Jasper G. 8. David F. (Ellen Moyers)-Rph. 9. Martha J.-dy. 10. Hannah M. (Frank Bennett). IL. Phoebe A. (____ Teter, Rph). 12. Minnie A. 13. Mary C.
    Unp. 1. John (Elizabeth Moyers)-b. 1798, d. 1865.* Ch.-John, (Christina.) Abel, (Sarah), Ch. of John.-Caroline, Harriet, Lavina.
    Ch. of Abel. William W., Margaret A., Columbia J., Virginia. 2. Elizabeth (Reuben Hevener) -m. 1828. 3. Sarah (Eli Propst)-m. 1827. 4. John A. b. 1835, d. 1863. 5. George (Eleanor)-b. 1805-  ch.-Laban (b. 1830), Susan E., Eleanor, John M., Reuben.
    The Eyes are considerably dispersed over the county, particularly in the South Fork and South Branch valleys. Christian (1) lived on the George Eye place near Dahmer P. O. Laban of Jacob was one of the wealthiest farmers of the county.

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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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