Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Hammer ~ Huffman

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Hammer. George, Balsor, Henry, and Jacob were brothers and came in 1761 to the Byrd's mill bottom.   George remained there, building a loopholed house. Balsor moved about 1777 to Cave P. O., and his log house is yet standing. Henry went to Tenn., and Jacob to another part of Va.
    Family of George: (____ Snider,-Susannah Miller) d. April, 1801-ch.-1. Jacob-given land in Aug. 2. Susannah. 3. Elizabeth by 2nd m. -4. George (Elizabeth Coplinger)-b. Feb. 10. 1781, d. April 16, 1856. 5. Henry (Phoebe Coplinger) -b. Feb. 9, 1793, d. Dec. 12. 1827.
    Line of George: 1. Eli (Delilah Conrad)-b. 1805. 2. Susannah (Abraham Kile)-b. Oct. 18, 1807. 3. Elizabeth (James Ruddle)-b. 1809, d. 1859. 4. Phoebe (Michael Lough). 5. Catharine (Samson Conrad, Joel Siple). 6. George (Mary Harper)-b. Aug. 4, 1816-homestead. 7. Abel-dy. 8. Jacob H. (Timnah Conrad-b. Feb. 21, 1821, d. Feb. 9, 1898. Mary A. (James W. Byrd)-b. 1823.
    Br. of Eli: 1. Sarah C. (Reuben D. Dahmer)-b. 1831. 2. Denisa (Charles J. Blewitt). 3. Mahala (Henry Roberson). 4. Phoebe (Miles Dahmer). 5. George W.-S. 6. Mary A. dy. 7. Elias C. (Mattie Hedrick, Mollie Bowers) 8. Isaac T. (Arbana Conrad)-b. 1848. 9. Virginia F. (John M. Ruddle). 10. Abel (Lavina Hedrick). 11-14. infs. (dy.) Ch. of Isaac T.-Mollie (William Bowers), Bessie, Curtis, Frederic, Walter, Lester.
    Ch. of Abel,-Jesse, Olive.
    Br. of George: 1. Sarah J. (Peter Wimer)-b. 1837. 2. Catharine C. (Ambrose Meadows, Andrew Colaw, Hid.)* 3. William H. H. (O)* 4. Leonard H. (Sarah T. Harper)-C. D. 5. George W. (Hannah C. Rymer, Ursula T. Hammer)-b. 1844. 6. Benjamin S. (Mary E. Harper). 7. Mary M.-dy. 8. Isaac C. (Margaret Snider)-0. 9. Phoebe A. (Jacob Hammer). 10. boy (dy). 11. Hannah E. (David Mallow). 12. John C. (Mary M. Mouser. O)* 13. Ida L. (J. Dice Cowger, Charles A. Hedrick)-b. 1861.
    Ch. of Leonard H.-Luther (Esther Waybright), John, Sarah (Harper Hinkle), Barbara (Harry Simmons), Margaret, (Frederick Nelson), Mary. Eva.
    Ch. of George W. 1. Ora (Howard L. Dahmer). 2. May dy. 3. Lloyd (Blanche Byrd). Ira (Kate Homan)-Tex. 5. Ruth (Calvin D. Ruddle.) 6. Edith C. (Clete Phares).
    Ch. of Benjamin S. 1. Clarence (Alberta Dickenson). 2. Forest. 3. Tressie (Martin V. Stutler, out)-Washington, D. C. 4. Hurley C. (Nellie Fisher).
    Line of Henry: 1. John C. (Matilda Bolton, Sarah Rexroad. Margaret Bible). 2. Adam (Melinda Wagoner)-Ia. 3. Christina (William Lough)-b. 1819, d. 1855.
    Branch of John C: 1. Deniza (Harry Harold). 2. Sarah A. (Jacob Wagoner), others (dy).
    Family of Balsor: (Elizabeth Simmons):-1. Leonard-S. 2. George (Elizabeth Daggy, Hld)-homestead. 3. Elizabeth (Isaac Friend)-m. 1812. 4. Marv (Michael Hively. 5. Frances (Loftus Pullen, Hld)*-m. 1819. 6. Sarah (Martin Moyers)-m. 1804. 7. Kate (Mathias Wolf)-m. 1811-0. 8; Margaret (Adam G. Miller)-Hld. 9. Susan (____ Rexroad).
    Line of George: 1. Elizabeth (Solomon Rexroad). 2. Mary (____ Mauzy). 3. Susan (____ Mauzy). 4. Jacob (Phoebe Moyers).-Ritchie. 5. Henry (Catharine Simmons)-Lewis. 6. Balsor (Mary Simmons)-homestead. 7. John (Elizabeth Simmons)-b. 1825. 8. George (Susan Mauzy) twin to John -Lewis. 9. Adam D. (Sidney Moyers)-b. 1827.-Lewis. 10. Samuel (Catharine Moyers)-Hld.
    Branch of Balsor:-1. Susan F. (Jacob Mallow)-b. 1847. 2. George D. (Valeria F. Sinnett)-homestead. 3. Rachel E. (Austin Moyers).
    Ch. of George D.-1. Mary J. (Hld)-Poca. 2. Phoebe (Howard Rexroad). 3. Martha (Kennie Simmons)-twin to Phoebe. 4. Henry D. (Rachel E. Simmons). 5. Elizabeth F. (Kennie Judy).
    C. of Henry D.-Mattie E., Leta B., Irvin L. Jessie O., Clarence L.
    Note: Ch. of Ambrose Meadows:-1. Ambrose (____ Bell). 2. Mary (David Collom). 3. Phoebe (John W. Byrd).

Harman. (A). Isaac (____ Christina Hinkle, Harper)- d. 1830*.-ch.-1. Reuben (Christina Miller)-Mo., late-b. 1798. 2. Joshua (Annis Dice? Harper, Susannah Dice)-m. 1817. 3. Solomon (Elizabeth Harman)-b. 1807- out. 4. Jonas (Barbara Harper)-m. 1806. 5. Isaac (Polly Harman)-b. 1813. 6. Rachel (Leonard Day). 7. Christina (Samuel Harman) m. 1825. 8. Phoebe (Michael Mouse).
    Line of Reuben: 1. Jonas-Mo. 2. Lydia (____ Mallow). 3. Martha (Philip D. Harper). 4. Rebecca (George Mallow). 5. girl (Calvin Wimer). H. girl (Cain Phares). 7. girl (Laban Eye). 8. Noah-Mo. 9. Thomas (Phobe ____, ____ ____)-b. 1821. 10. Rachel N. (____ Eye)- W. 11. Reuben.
    Branch of Thomas: 1. Lucinda (Reuben F. Helmick)-b. 1841. 2. Lydia-S. 3. Henry (Barbara J. Harper). 4. Cyrus (Annis? Harman, Jennie Nash Lawrence)-b. 1845. 5. Adam {Eve Bible). 6. Reuben-d. 7. Abraham (Caroline McDonald). 8. Isaac (Mahala Harman). 9. Elizabeth-S. By 2nd. m. 10. Mary E. (William W. Mallow. 11. Almeda J. (____ Miller). 12. Hannah K. (John A. Morral). 13. Martha s. (Joseph Bergdall, Grant)*. 14. George (Mary Hinkle). 15. John R. (Lizzie Hinkle). 16. Titus. 17. Annie (Wilmer Stonestreet, Grant)*. 18. Kenny (Ettie Mallow) -Okla. 19. Myrtie (Harman Bell). 20. Zernie (Hoy Kisamore). 21. Omer (Missouri Harman). 22. Delia.
    Line of Joshua: 1. Joel (Jane Harman)-1814. Phoebe (Michael Mouse). By 2nd. m.-3. John (Hannah Miller) b. 1826. 4. Eli (Hannah Harper)-b. 1831. 5. George (Mary Smith, Susan Smith)-Grant. 6. Isaac-S. 7. Catharine (Jacob Harper)-b. 1835. 8. Mary C. (Joshua Mouse). 9. Helena (Samson Day).
    Branch of Joel: 1. Ann E. (Cyrus Harman)-b. 1845. 2. Phoebe (David Sites). 3. Mahala (Isaac Harman).
    Branch of John: 1. Mary (George Teter). 2. Cynthia (Henry Harper). 3. Rebecca (Philip H. Harper). 4. John (Zernie Dove). 5. Solon (Amanda Nelson, Teter Mauzy). 6. Samuel (Martha Lantz)-Grant.
    Branch of Eli: 1. Kenny (____ Kisamore)- Kas. 2. George (____ Huffman).
    Line of Jonas: l. Mary E.-b. 1836. 2. Reuben R. 3. Emily S. 4. Christian S. 5. James B. 6. Michael A. 7. Hannah C-b. 1849.
    Unp.-1. Noah (Magdalena Mallow)-b. 1798, d. 1863. ?. Job (Mary Harman)-Mo. 3. Joel (Jane Harman)-b. 1814.
     Branch of Noah: 1. Sarah-dy. 2. Moab (Elizabeth Lough). 3. Paul (Hannah Borrer). 4. Enos (Margaret L. Burgoyne)-b 1833. 5. Henry (Mary Kessner)-k. 6. Reuben (Cynthia Custard). 7 Phoebe (Solomon Ratliff).
    Ch. of Moab: 1. Siloam (Rebecca Mallow)-Tucker. 2. Noah (Sarah Nash)-Rph. 3. Cyrom (Sarah Smith)-Davis. 4. Samuel (Ellen Judy, Grant)-Davis. 5. Hannah (Isaac Judy. Grant)* 6. Mary (George Yoakum, Grant)*
    Ch. of Paul: 1. Samuel W. (Ann Harman). 2. William W. (Adaline D. Lough). 3. Jemima (Nicholas Shreve). 4. Boy (dy).
    Ch. of Henry: 1 Isaac (Sarah C. Miller). 2. Sarah A. (Abel R. Ratliff). 3-4. infs (dy).
    Ch. of Reuben: 1. David, Kas. 2. Mahlon (Ellen Harper). 3. Lucy (Morgan McQuain (-Upshur).
    Line of Isaac: 1. Simeon (Margaret Teter)-b. 1835- Kas. 2. Elijah (Phoebe J. Harper). 3. Joshua (Sarah Teter). 4. Enos (Martha Shirk)-b. 1841. Jacob (Phoebe J. Kimble). 5. Phoebe (George W. Ritchie). 6. Elizabeth (Benjamin Day). 7. Joel-dy.
    Branch of Elijah: 1. Ulysses S. (Arietta Teter). 2. Mary (Minor Hedrick)-Tkr. 3. Cecil. 4. Luther. 5. Bertha (Walter Harman). 6. Elon-dy.
    Branch of Joshua: 1. Frances (Frank Wilson, Va.)- Rph. 2. Jane A. (____ Currence, Rph).*
    Branch of Jacob: 1. Ida G.-teacher. 2. Julia M. (William D. Fitzpatrick, Scotland)-Victoria, B. C. 3. Delia. 4. J. Vernon (Zella Bland). 5. Walter L. (May Mohler, Kevser).* 6. Alvah G.
    (B). George (Jane Redmond)-b. 1776, d. 1851-Hid. Ch.-1. Andrew (____ ____)-0. 2. Samuel (Christina Harman)-b. 1801. 3. Elizabeth (Solomon Harman). 4. Nancy (Job Harman). 5. Polly (Isaac Harman)-b. 1809, d. 1858. 6. Jane (Joel Harman).
    Line of Samuel: 1. William (dy). 2. David H. (Cynthia J. Hedrick. Joanna Huffman). 3. John H. (____ ____) Mineral. 4. Amos (Lucinda Hedrick). 5. Amby k. 1864. 6. Isaac (Sarah Hinkle)-1826. 7. Naomi (George Largent, Hamp.)-Ill. 8. Martha (Adam Mouse). 9. Rebecca (Jacob Largent, Hamp.).* 10. Malinda (Robert Vance). 11. Sarah A. (John K. Nelson).
    Branch of David H. 1. Charles G. 2. Mary A. (George K. Judy). 3. John W.-attorney, Parsons. By 2nd m.-4. Carrie-(dy). 5. Carrie (out)-Monongah. 6. Minnie (out) -Monongah. 7. Martha (out)-Pa. 8. Linnie (out).-Elkins. 9. May-Monongah. 10. Casper-d. 11. David M. 12. Percy. 13. Jesse.
    Other Unp.-1 David- (Barbara) on N. F., 1771. 2. John-1754. 3. Frederick (Elizabeth Ruleman) m. 1800.

Harold. (A.). The father of Michael, was an official of high position in Denmark, was assassinated in a church. About 1750, the widow took the boy to America, he then being about five years old and richly clothed. He settled in Maryland, moving late in life to East Dry Run, below Rexroad P. O. Ch.-Andrew (Barbara Rexroad)-b. 1778, m. 1806, d. 1857.
     Line of Andrew: 1. Daniel (Elizabeth Bowers). 2. John (Sarah Rexroad). 3. Benjamin (W.)-Mo. 4. Solomon (Sarah Waybright)-Fla. 5. George (Mary A. Wimer) - Ritchie. 6. Andrew (Barbara Waybright)-Reed's Creek. 7. Nellie- (dy).
    Br. of Daniel: 1. Miles (Catharine Waybright-merchant -Hld. 2. Elias (Martha Rexroad)-homestead. 3. Sarah J. (Albert T. Newcomb, Va.)
    Ch. of Elias: Frances (Solomon Ketterman), Mayberry D. (Jennie Wimer).
    Br. of Andrew: 1. Louisa A. (Jacob Dove)-b. 1844. 2. Mary J. (Noah Hedrick)-b. 1845. 3. Solomon (Ruhama Hedrick). 4. Amby (Annis Teter)-W. 5. William W.-S. -W. 6. Sarah E. (Solomon Lantz). 7. Delia (____ Lantz) Horton.
    (B). John (____ ____), a tithables in 1790 and living 3 miles below S. G. appears to have had these ch.-1. Christian (Elizabeth Cook)-m. 1799. 2. John (Margaret Crummett)-m. 1792. 3. Michael (Polly Richards)-m. 1793.
    Peter (Catharine Snider, m. 1826) was a son of Christian. Others of the second generation appear to be these:-1. George (Sarah Hoover)-homestead. 2. Jacob-b. 1808. 3. Elizabeth (George Wilfong) m. 1819.
    Br. of George: 1. Philip M.-S. 2. Laban (Amanda Simmons) b. 1828. 3. Daniel (Sarah Hoover)-Hld. 4. John T. (Margaret J. McCoy)-b. Aug. 19, 1831, d. Nov. 21, 1904. 5. Barbara M. 6. Sebastian-S.
    Ch. of Laban: 1. Wesley. 2. Jacob. 3. Harvey. 4. Lucy (Robert Gragg). 5 Barbara (Charles Byers). 6. Sarah (James Wilfong). 7. Elizabeth (Charles Hartman).
  Ch. of John T. 1. Floyd (Rkm)-Ill. 2. Harry (Mary Hammer). 3. George (Lucy Leach)-Thorn. 4. Walter. 5. Martha (John Mallow). 6. Robert (Florence Imen)- Byrd's mill. 7. Jennie (Marshall Bowers).
    Unp. 1. Solomon (Sarah ____)-b. 1821. Ch.-Eliza (Rev. McNeal), Ann R. (Jacob Moyers)-b. 1847. James A. (Jennie Wills), Mattie (Hid)* 2. John- (Sarah ____)- b. 1813. d. 1904. 3. Daniel (Elizabeth ____)-b. 1812, d. 1892*
    Ch. Elias (b. 1836). Sarah. 4. Miles (Catharine A. ____ ( b. 1830. 5. Noah (Mary A. -) Ch.-Rachel A. (b. 1844), -b. 1800. 7. Michael (Catharine ____)-m. 1805.
    Early in the history of the county the surname was spelled Harholt. Aaron and Robert Harrald, settled on the Shenandoah River in 1750, may have been related to one of the two Harold families of this county. There is no known relationship between the latter.

Harper. In 1749 Matthew was constable on the Bullpasture. In 1760 he was living on Christian Cr., and the next year he sold a place in Beverly Manor. In 1767 he made a five days trip to the South Branch to settle the estate of Michael. The belongings of the latter amounted only to $12.54, and Matthew's charge for himself and horse was $2.92. A neighbor to Michael was Paul Hans. In 1752 the two men were bound in the sum of 20 pounds ($66.67) each, each person giving one surety. In 1756 Hans bought of James Trimble the Christopher Sumwalt place on the Blackthorn, but sold it 12 years later and disappears from our sight. The wife of Matthew was Margaret and that of Paul Hans was Elizabeth. In 1769 Adam entered land between East Dry Run and the Crabbottom, and in 1772 Nicholas made an entry on the South Branch a little below the present county line. Adam is said to have come from the river Rhine in 1750, but could have been only a boy at that time. He served in the Indian war and in 1758 was wounded at Upper Tract. The indications are that Matthew, Michael and Hans were brothers, and that Adam and Nicholas were sons of Michael. Still other Harpers were Jacob and Philip. The former purchased land below Franklin in 1761, and was a neighbor to the Hammers, Coplingers, and Conrads. Our first mention of Philip is in the same year. He seems to have been first around Upper Tract, but soon located on the North Fork on the Joshua Day place. He was exempted from poll tax in 1788. Jacob was a soldier in the Indian war. He was naturalized in 1765, and Philip in 1774. These two were probably brothers, and the Eve C., who married Matthew Dice, was almost certainly a sister to Philip. It is possible that Jacob and Philip were elder brothers to Adam and Nicholas. At all events there is little doubt of a relationship between all the Harpers who came as pioneers to the Valley of Virginia. The loopholed houses of Philip and Adam are yet stand mg. The latter when built was next to the last dwelling on the South Branch.
     We have entered into this discussion of the early Harpers because of the very early arrival of the four pioneers, the large number of the connection at the present time, and the exceptional difficulty of tracing the lines of descent.
    (A) Jacob (____ ____). We are unable to designate his children with certainty, but they appear to have been some or all of the following:-1. John. 2. William ( ) 3. Philip (Susan Armentrout). 4. Barbara (James Chrisman) m. 1791. 5. Mary (James McClure) m. 1804. 6. Jacob (Barbara Wise) m. 1806.
    (B) Philip (____ ____) d. 1798*-ch.-1. Jacob (____ ____)-k. in felling a tree another had lodged against. 2. Philip ( ). 3. Adam (Barbara Conrad)-m. 1794. 4. girls?
Jacob was a great hunter and trapper. He and his sons made powder in "Germany," peddling the same 50 cents a pound.
    Line of Jacob: 1. Adam (Susannah Fultz)-Tkr. 2. Moses (Abigail Hinkle, Phoebe Conrad). 3. Sarah (George Teter) b. 1784. 4. Barbara (Jonas Hartman) m. 1806. 5. Mary (Abraham Hinkle) b. 1784? 6. Melissa. 7. Henry (Elizabeth Mouse) Rph-b. 1778, d. 1850. 8. Christina (Jacob Haigler). 9. Nicholas (Sarah Hinkle, Susan Skidmore) b. 1789. 10. Leah (Esau Hinkle)-m. 1819. 11. Leonard (Phoebe Hinkle) b. Nov. 6, 1797, d. May 17, 1870.
    Br. of Moses: 1. Aaron (Hannah Hedrick)-b. Nov 7, 1818. 2. Mahala (Preston Wilson, Ireland)-Ia. 3. Caroline. 4. Moses-b. 1825-S. 5. Margaret-S. 6-8. Infs. (dy). By 2nd m. 9. Susan P. (Noah Harper) b. 1833. 10. Jacob C. (Susan McDonald) b. 1834. 11. Sophia (William E. Hedrick). 12. Malinda (Adam Carr). 13. Annis. 14. Isom (Elizabeth Helmick) Ill. 15. Abraham d. 19. 16. Mary C.
    Ch. of Aaron E. 1. John W. (Barbara J. Bennett)-b. 1838. 2. Mary (Ind.) 3. Nancy (____ Couch, out)-Chicago. 4. Jonas-k. 5. Huldah (out)-Ind. 6. Martha (out)-Chicago. 7. Noah-Ia.
    C. of John W. Joseph M. (Annie Sites), Harness (Martha Huffman)-Rph., Elizabeth (A___ Y. Lambert)-Rph.
    Cc. of Joseph M. Delmar (Rosa Huffman), Rella, Nola, Burrell.
    Br. of Nicholas. 1. Elias-dy. 2. Sylvanus (Ruth Harper) of Adam-b. 1812, d, 1896- homestead. 3. Malvina A. S. (Jacob Teter) m. 1838. By 2nd m.-4. Amby (Elizabeth McClure) -b. 1821-homestead. 5. Eliakum (Cal.)* 6. Susan P.
    Ch. of Sylvanus. 1. Nicholas M. (Christina Lawrence) --b. 1841-homestead-miller. 2. Sylvanus W. (Elizabeth Phares, Ind.)* 3. Adam H. (____ Lantz)-Hendricks. 4- 10. Infs. (dy).
    C. of Nicholas M. Carson (Carrie Starks, out), Adam H. (Cora Judy), Ambrose A., Wilber, Webster (dy), Emma (Walter Coplinger, Grant),* Kate C, Charles, Sylvanus.
    Ch. of Amby. 1. Eliakum (____ Daniels)-Tkr. 2. Mary (Grant)* 3. Nicholas A.-unkn. 4. Alice (Va.)* 5. Charles (____ Daniels)-Tkr.
    Br. of Leonard. 1. Mary (George Hammer)-b. 1818. 2. Isaac (Sidney Wimer)-k 3. Margaret (George W. Rymer). 3. Sarah (William Trimble)-b. 1823, d. 1857. 4. Hannah H. (John Trimble)-b. 1824, d. 1905. 5. Jacob (Catharine McClure-k. 6. Phoebe J. (Samuel Sullenbarger). 7. Leonard-dy. 8 Catharine (James Trimble)-b. 1836.
    Ch. of Isaac. 1. Leonard (Annie Bennett). 2. Henry (Annie R. Cook). 3. Jacob (Mary Phares)-Rkm. 4. Isaac (Eliza Mullenax). 5 Almeda (Patrick H. Phares). 6. Mary (Eli A. Lambert). 7. Adam (Christina Bennett).
    C. of Henry. Charles. John, Grace.
    C. of Isaac. Kenny, Sarah.
    Ch. of Jacob. 1. Phoebe C (Francis M. Priest)-b. 1840, d. 1899. 2. Barbara E. (Samuel B. Arbogast). 3. Sarah T. (Leonard Harper).
    Ch. of Leonard. Boyd, Owen (Osa Nelson), Glenn, Mary.
    C. of Owen. Nellie.
    Line of Philip. 1. Adam (Mary Vance)-b. 1772. d. 1845 -Isaac Harman's. 2. Peter (____ ____)-C. A. Hedrick's out. 3. Catharine. 4. Sarah (Samuel Johnson) m. 1800. 5. Elias (Phoebe Dice)-b. 1792. 6. others.
    Br. of Elias. L Mary A. (Enoch Bland). 2. Philip D. (Martha Harman) b. 1814. 3. Simeon (Mary A. Roberson). 4. John D. (Phoebe H. Dice)-b. 1818. 5. Phoebe (Adam Phares). 6 Eve M. (Samson Sites). 7. Elizabeth (Job Miller). 8. Sarah J. (Noah Sites)-b. 1835.
    Ch. of Philip D. 1. John D. (Susannah Eye, Ellen Simmons) Rph. 2. Phoebe J. (Simeon W. Harper). 3. Reuben W. (Martha Thompson). 4. Elizabeth V. (Martin V. Lantz). 5. Catharine-dy. 6. Amby W. (Ellen Judy). 7. Pleasant M. (Catharine Mallow)-Hdy. 8. Mary S. (Joseph F. Kisamore). 9. Philip H. (Rebecca R. Harman).
    C. of John D. 1. Elizabeth J. (Christian Solomon)-b. 1842. 2. Dewitt C-k. 3. Mary E. (Benjamin S. Hammer) b. 1845. 4. Frances (Clay Byrd). 5. Carrie-W. 6. George W. (W.)* 7. Howard (Mary V. Mullenax)-W. 8. John (dy).
    C. of Philip H. Texie (James A. Kimble), Jason D., Mason P., Laura E.
    Ch. of Simeon. 1. John A. (Susan Hammer) b. 1844. 2. William P. (Martha Armentrout)-b. 1845. 3. Rebecca J. (Henry Harman). 4. Henry F. (Cynthia Harman). 5. Sarah C. (Solomon Harman). 6. Susan P. (William R. Kimble). 7. Simeon (Alice Bland). 8. Eve (Wellington F. Kimble).
    C. of John A. Cora A. (Alvin Dove), Lora C. (James Kessner), Retta J. (Frederick Warner).
    C. of William P.  Alvin (Mary Carr).
    C. of Henry F. Lenora, Evaline (Blaine Harper), Bertha (Clarence Harman), Iva, Russell H., Warren E.
    C. of Simeon. Rosa, Lon.
    Line of Adam. 1. Eli (Phoebe Davis)-b. 1805? 2. Levi (Sarah Wees)-b. 1807? d. 1865. 3. Joshua (Catharine Conrad). 4. Adam (Eliza Mullenax)-k. 5. Elizabeth (Alexander Wees). 6. Sidney (Amos Wees). 7. Jesse-dy.
    Br. of Eli. 1. Adam (____ Wood)-b. 1835-111. 2. James D. (Rebecca Hevener) 3. John (____ Tingler)-Ill. 4. Phoebe J. (Jethro Davis). 5. Frances (James Adamson). 6. infs. (dy).
    Ch. of James D. William (____ Dolly), George (Texie Mauzy), Kenny (____ Kisamore), Arnold (Malinda Hedrick), Ellis (Dorothy Harper)-Va.
    Br. of Levi. 1. Mary (Joshua Teter) 2. Rebecca (John D. Payne)-b. 1835. 3. Eve (Alfred George). 4. Simeon W. (Phoebe J. Harper). 5. Emily (John Davis). 6. Timnah (Laban Teter). 7. Jacob M. (Martha A. Hedrick?) 8. George F.-dy.
    Ch. of Simeon W. P. Miles, George B. (Edna Payne), John D., Ida B.
    Ch. of Jacob M.-Eliakum (Rph),* William C, Charles, Walter, Lucy, Mary (Lloyd Teter), Delpha.
    Br. of Joshua. Noah (b. 1831-Ia.), Christina (Martin Judy), Miles, Margaret, Asenath J., Elizabeth, Amos (Ill.), Elias (Mo.)
    (C) Adam (Christina ____)-b. 1741,* d. 1820-ch.-1. Susannah (Charles Briggs)-m. 1792-O. 2. Catharine (Joseph Briggs)-m. 1794-O. 3. Nicholas (Elizabeth Harper). 4. Jacob (Margaret Harman)-O. 5. Mary (Henry Simmons). 6. girl (Adam Mouse). 7. Christina (Jacob Judy). 8. Sarah (Philip Wimer). 9. Philip (Susannah Fultz)-b. 1778, d. 1860. 10. Daniel (Rosanna Wise)-m. 1803.
    Line of Jacob. 1. Jesse (Phoebe Haigler). By 2nd m. - 2. George (Delia Simpson Custard)-O. 3. Susan (Henry Cowger). 4. Michael (Clara Bland)-O. 5. Phoebe-S.
    Br. of Jesse W. 1. Isaiah-b. 1828, d. 1852-S. 2. Jacob (Catharine Harman, Elizabeth Mouse). 3. William (Ellen Hinkle)-Ia. 4. Mary A. (Job Sites). 5. Hannah (Eli Harman, Jonas Kisamore). 6. Peter (Christina Mouse)-O. 7. Martin (Catharine Mouse) -n. M. S. 8. Evan C. S. 9. Elijah C. (Margaret Hedrick)-Ill. 10. James T.-K. 11. Phoebe J. (John Carr).
    Line of Philip. 1. Mary (Jonas Miller). 2. Elizabeth (Michael Mallow). 3. Samuel. 4. Bible? 5. Solomon (Margaret Teter)-b. 1798, m. 1818. 6. Sarah (Cain Morral). 7. Hannah (____ Vanmeter).
     Br. of Solomon.-Elijah (b. 1828), Mahala, Josiah, Samuel, Mary, Enoch.
    (D) Nicholas (Elizabeth Peninger)-d. 1818.-ch.-1. Barbara (William Michael, Bath)*-m. 1793. 2. Henry (Elizabeth Mouse)-m. 1799-Poca. 3. Anne E. (Peter Lightner, Hld)*-m. 1796. 4. Catharine (Conrad Rexroad, Hld)*-b. 1780. 5. Peter (Susannah Simmons)-Mingo Flats, Rph. 6. Elizabeth (Nicholas Harper). 7. Susannah (Adam Lightner, Hid)-m. 1798. 8. Mary (Henry Swadley). 9. Sarah (Henry Hevener)-Monroe? 10. George (Margaret Wimer)-b. 1799, m. 1820, d. 1868*-homestead.
    Line of George. 1. Nicholas (Margaret Rexroad)-m. 1812-Geo. W. Harper's. 2 Elizabeth A. (Martin Moyers)- b. 1832. 3. Lavina A. (Emanuel Simmons). 4. Susan (William Hevener). 5. Peter (Sarah J. Sponaugle)-m. - Dry Run. 6. Solomon (Anne Waybright)-b. 1829. 7. George (Elizabeth J. Arbogast)-b. 1841.
    Br. of Nicholas. 1. John C.-k. 2. George W. (Anna E. Whitecotton). 3. Amby S. (Anna C. Mullenax). 4. Phoebe M. (Charles Bennett, Conn.)* 5. Susan J. (Thomas Hill, Penn.)*
    Ch. of George W. Dock A. (Margaret Lambert), Margaret A., boy (dy).
    Ch. of Amby S. Nicholas E. (Myrtie Marshall, Hid), Lou (Claud Lantz), Mary (James Moyers), Orion (Abbe True, Hid), May (Walter Moyers) , Alice, Roy, Charles, Otto.
    Br. of Peter. 1. Margaret C. (Edward Moyers)-b. 1846. 2. Henry H. (Sarah E. Propst)-b. 1849. 3. George-dy. 4. Susan (Philip Sponaugle). 5. Andrew (Mary Fitzwater). 6. Sarah E. (Tillman E. Propst). 7. Phoebe J. (John A. Moyers). 8. Anderson-dy. 10. Elizabeth (Isaac Rexroad). 11. Emma E. (Ashby C. Moyers). 12. Samuel (Flora A. Wees). 13. William A. (Cammie Wees). 14. Carrie-dy.
    Ch. of Henry H. Edward H. (Alice Lambert), Alice (____ Beveridge, Hid),* Ella (____ Armstrong, Hid),* Maud (____ Varner), Frank (Emma Rexroad), William (Sarah Propst), Isaac (____ Pitsenbarger).
    Ch. of Andrew. Walter L., Delia (Charles Anderson, O.),* Sarah E. (Dowell Knapp, Tkr),* Ollie, John C, Effie J., Emma A., Kenny A., Carrie, Esther A., William P., Lura.
    Ch. of Samuel. William M., Charles T., Daisy N., Mary I., Russell S.
    Ch. of William A. Ethel, Maud, Dillon, Ava. Br. of Solomon:-1. Jennie (George M. Vint). 2. Lucy (Amasa S. Nestor, Tkr) * 3. James A. (Hid) -Aug. 4. Solomon E. (____ Gragg)-Hid.
    Br. of George: 1. Geneva (Rkm)*. 2. William M. (Sarah Tingler, Elizabeth J. Chew, Hid). 3. Howard (Lizzie Moyers)-k. by gun exploded by burning building)-Kas. 4. Mattie (Frank Allen, Poca.)-Rph. 5. Ida.
    Unp. L Solomon (Margaret Teter)-b. 1798. 2. Eve (Jacob Miller) -m. 1820. 3. William-b. 1829. 4. Sarah (Cain Knicely)-m. 1825. 5. (Catharine ____).
    Br. of 5: 1. Jessie-la. 2. Adam-froze to death, 1846. 3. Philip (Sarah Hinkle). 4. Phoebe (Isaac Nelson)-Ia. 5. Elizabeth (Tobias Raines). 6. Susan (Samuel K. Nelson). 7. Sarah (Adam Keller). 8. Mary (Adam Judy). 9. Rachel (Wellington Holland)-Poca.
     At the present time the Harper connection is most numerous throughout the length of the North Fork valley, where it is represented by the progeny of both Adam and Philip, especially the former. The Nicholas group is numerous around its original seat on the upper South Branch. The Jacob group has apparently disappeared from Pendleton.
    Nicholas, grandson of Philip, built a mill where his grandson, Nicholas M. still follows the milling business. He was very ingenious, and after observing a chaff-piler at work in the Valley of Virginia, he built an entirely efficient and serviceable threshing machine, and it was the first one in use on the North Fork.
    Adam (Catharine ____) purchased land on the N. F. 1773. He may have had the name Adam Philip.

Hartman. (A) Hartman, a resident of Lancaster County and a revolutionary soldier, moved to Harper's Ferry. The following of his children settled here in 1790-95: 1. Henry (Catharine Freshover, Eve Fultz, Elizabeth Wise. m. 1825)-b. Feb 2, 1776, d. Dec. 5. 1846-Enoch Mozer place. 2. James-left when young and never heard from. 3. Murtz (Elizabeth Cook)-Wm. Skile's. 4. John (Marv Hunter) m. 1795. 5. Daniel (Mary Teller). 6.-J. C. Ruddle's. 7. Elizabeth (John G. Dahmer)-m. 1796, d. 1858. 8. Polly (Jacob Clayton, Jacob Bolton)-b. 1787, d. 1883. The other 7 did not come here.
Line of Henry:-1. Kate (John Hurler)-Wis. 2-9. Infs. (dv). By 2nd m. Barbara (Job Mozer)-b. Feb. 2, 1808, d. Dec. 3, 1878.
    Line of Murtz: 1. James (Elizabeth Lambert). 2. Henry (Susannah McMullen)-b. 1806. 3. Mary (Jacob Clayton)- b. 1808, d. 1859. 4. Nancy (Adam Cassell). 5. Sarah (William Guthrie). 6. Susan (Junius Puffenbargrer). 6. William (Barbara Puffenbarger)-b. 1820. 7. Ahio (Nancy Guthrie) -b. 1823-Mo.
    Br. of James: William P. (Catharine Lough)-Smith Cr. 2. Job (Susan Moyers, Mary A. Kline)-b. Mar. 3, 1835. 3. George (Catharine Rexroad). 4. Mary (George H. Simons). 5. Murtz-d.
    Ch. of William P. 1. James W. (Carrie Sponaugle). 2. John (Octavia Sponaugle). 3. Henry A. 4. Charles E.- Seattle. 5. Isaac P. (Lucy Vandeventer). 6. Martha-dy. 7. Margaret (Col.)*. 8. Susan (William H. Judy). 9. Lucy E. (Wilbert Lambert).
    Ch. of Job: 1. Endres (Sarah E. Calhoun)-Horton. 2. Martin N. (Alphia Mullenax)-d. 3. Jasper 0. (Frances Lambert). 4 Job K. (Ida Meaton, Penn.)-Horton. 5. Lura N. (Zebulon Simmons). 6. Phoebe C. (Reuben Vint) -Glady. 7. Melvisa-d. 8. Maud S.-d. 9.-11. boys (dy). By 2nd m.-Bertha D., Albert E., Joseph B., Beulah E., Edna J.
    Ch. of George: 1. James (Josephine Lambert). 2. Isaac (Margaret Lambert). 3. Howard (Mary Dahmer). 4. Eliza (____ ____)-Rkm. 5. Susan (Clay Barclay). 6. Deborah (Arthur H. White, Rph)*. 7. Lucy (Perry White, Rph)*.
    Branch of Henry: 1. Ruhama C. 2. Isaac M. (Martha Day). 3. Phoebe J. (Amos M. Mozer). 4. Deniza. 5. Murtz. 6. Mary G. (Anderson Hartman). 7. Martha (Asbury Graham). 8. James E. (Martha Rader)-Reed's Cr. 9-16. infs. (dy)
    Br. of William: Susannah (b. 1845), Henry, Noah.
    Line of John: 1. Elizabeth (Jessie Blizzard)-b. Dec. 15, 1802, d. Dec. 28, 1888. 2. Eliza (George W. Thompson). 10 others.
    Line of Daniel: 1. Elliott (Martha Cassell)-b. 1813- Grant. 2. Martin (Margaret Day)-Mich. 3. Stewart (Kate Day)-b. 1817-0. 4. John (Esther McQuain)-m. 1819-W. 5. Job (Ann Thompson). 6. Margaret (Basil Middleton). 7. Daniel (Ruth Middleton)-Grant.
    (B). Thomas J. (Margaret H. Nestrick)-b. Dec. 28, 1809, d. Nov. 4. 1894, Deer Run-ch.-1. Jessie A. (Eliza Eye) - b. 1836. 2. Isaac L. 3. Ann E. 4. Sarah D.-dy. 5. Benjamin F. 6. Jane A. (Christian Shoemaker). 7. Samantha K. (William Ruddle). 8. John P.-dy.

Hedrick. Charles (Barbara Conrad)-d. 1802-Ch.-1. Jacob-S.-d. 1830.* 2. John (Margaret Kile)-m. 1794-d. 1839. 3. Frederick (Mary E.-d. 1846. 4. Charles (Mary Fisher)-b. 1770, m. 1795, d. 1850. 5. Adam (Catharine Judy)-m. 1801. 6. Henry (Mary ____)-b. 1776. 7. Barbara (Benjamin Conrad)-m. 1794. 8. Magdalena (Jacob Conrad)-m. 1793. By will Henry was given land in Hardy. Frederick had moved to the North Fork before 1802.
    Line of John: 1. Peter. 2. Elizabeth (Leonard Mallow) m. 1819. 3. Adam (Elizabeth Kile)-Buffalo Hills. 4. Christina (Abel Helmick)-b. 1803. 5. Charles (____ Hoover). 6. Justus-W. before 1839. 7. Barbara (Henry Ayers). 8. Eve- S. b. 1811.
    Line of Frederick: 1. Mary (.John Tingler) m. 1809. 2. Elizabeth (Moses Teter) m. 1817. 3. Susan (John Miller) m. 1819. 4. Phoebe (Abel Hinkle) m. 1820. 5. Christian (Elizabeth Day)-b. 1800. 6. Adam (Jezabel Hinkle) b. 1803. 7. Annie (Joshua Wood). 8. Eve (William Bennett). 9. Leonard (Malvina Flinn). 10. Michael (Mary J. Pendleton. Margaret Wimer Nelson) b. 1811, d. 1894. 11. Martin.
    Br. of Adam: 1. Lucinda (William Long)-b. 1828. 2. Ruhama (Jane Davis). 3. Marion (Polly Flinn)-Rph. 4. Isaac R. (Rachel Davis) b. 1838. 5. Mayberry C. (Christina Arbogast). 6. Andrew J. (Rebecca Hedrick) -Rph 7. Adam J. M. 8. Amanda (Ami Raines).
    Br. of Leonard: 1. John-d. 36. 2. Joseph (Martha Barclay)-Rph. 3. Edmund (Mary S. Porter). 4. B. Frank (Christina Raines) Rph. 5. Jane (Martin Raines). 6. Martha (Joseph Nelson). 7. Susan (Isaac Bland). 8. Phoebe C. (____ Judy). 9. Rebecca J. (Edward Thompson).
    Ch. of Edmund: Olie, Sarah (Tillman Hoover), Opie, Lena, Virgil, Percy, Kate.
    Br. of Michael: l. Solomon (Mahala Teter). 2. Martin (Evelyn Nelson) Rph. 3. Jonas (Mary S. Wimer). 4. Adam (Rachel Davis). 5. Michael (Catharine Turner). 6. James (Martha Vandeventer). 7. Reuben (Margaret Waybright). 8. Ellen (Noah Whitecotton). 9. Margaret (Nicholas Davis). 10. Elizabeth (William Jordan). 11. Phoebe (Jacob Lewis)-Rph. By 2nd m.-12. Henry (Susan Davis, Lura Reed).
    Ch. of Solomon: Mary E. (William Vandeventer), Martha E. (Charles Long), George W. (Annie Harper). Rebecca J. (Edward Thompson), Samuel H. (Laura E., Gettie L. (Lloyd Hinkle).
    Ch. of Jonas: Ida (Patrick Raines), Rebecca (Charles Thompson), Francis (Harness Sites), Lafayette (Annie Helmick), David E., Charles. William, Artie, Alpha, Bertha.
    Ch. of Michael; Florence, Jennie (Andrew Hedrick), George (Bertha Simmons)-Rph. Robert (____ Waybright), Mary (Henry Hedrick). William, Thomas.
    Ch. of James: Christina (Charles Vandeventer), Minor, Leonard (____ ____)-Va. Henry (____ ____)-Va., Lura (Amos Pennington). Charles. William, Sarah, Martha, Frank, Eliakum, John. 2 others m.
    Ch. of Reuben. Annie, Phoebe (Dentis Yoakum), Mary, Abel, James. 2 others.
    Line of Charles: 1. Solomon (Martha Armstrong) b. June 6, 1798, d. July 15, 1873. 2. Jonas (Cynthia Kile Davis). 3. Martin (Mattie Holloway)-b. 1803. 4. Elihu (Lucinda Shreve). 5. Zebulon (Melinda Kimble)-b. 1806. 6. Hannah (Aaron Harper). 7. Rebecca (William Shreve.) 8. Elizabeth (____ Hartman.) 9. Lucinda (Absalom Long). 10. Dorothy? (____ Lewis)-W. 11. Philip (Nancy Shreve) Ind.
    Br. of Solomon: 1. Cynthia J. (David Harmer) b. 1841, d. 1869* 2. Louisa B. (William Powers, Amos Harman, William Powers). 3. Mary A. (Peter McDonald). 4. William E. (Sophia Harper) b. 1845-n. Macksville. 5. Nancy M. (George W. Powers). 6. Solomon H. (Elizabeth Judy). 7. Martha S. (Aaron Boggs). 8. Charles A. (Annie Judy, Belle Black. Ida Hammer) n. Macksville. 9. Robert E. reared-(Martha E. Gilkeson).
    Ch. of William E. 1. Delzina A. (Peter Hinkle)-Tkr. 2. Solomon C (Marv Good). 3. Carrie L. (Arthur Armentrout, Hld)* 4. W. Scott (Lura Harman)-Rph. 5. Floyd A. (Matie Nelson). 6. Howard (Clarissa Corder. Tkr., Rena Harman)-merchant-Tkr. 7. Melinda (Arnold Harper).
    Ch. of Solomon H. Nellie, Isom, Berl, and Earl-the latter twins.
    Ch. of Charles A. 1. Olie L., 2. Kate (____ Beane, Hardy)* 3. Ella (____ Boyd)-Washington D. C. By 2nd m.-Gertrude. By 3rd.-Glenn.
    Ch. of Robert E. Mary G., Robert H., Margaret, Rebecca, Annie.
    Br. of Martin: 1. Clark (Rebecca Hedrick). 2. Andrew (Rebecca Armentrout). 3. Charles L. (Amanda J. Hedrick). 4. Jemima (W.)*
    Ch. of Charles L.-1. Cynthia A. (George Judy)-Keyser. 2. Blanche C. (Edward Powers, Hardy)* 3. Martha S.-dy. 4. Zebulon S.-d. 24. 5. Samuel L. (Rose Sharley, Va.)- Davis. 6. Phoebe J. (Henry Pone). 7. Sarah C. (William Birch, Cumberland)* 8. Marv M. (Charles Shobe, Grant)* 9. Charles E. (Phoebe Yoakum). 10. Verner P.
    Ch. of Clark: Cora (Anton S. Miley).
    Br. of Elihu: L James (Rph)* 2. Polly A. (Rph) * 3. Rebecca (Clark Hedrick). 4. Armeda (Jacob Harper). 5. Catharine (Rph)* 6. Jonas (-d.)
    Br. of Zebulon: 1. Amanda J. (Charles L. Hedrick). 2. Mary (James Kimble). 3. Hannah C.-dy.
    Line of Adam: 1. Zebulon-S-b. 1805. 2, Jesse (Sarah Wimer)-b. 1809. 3. Sarah-S. 4. Barbara (Samuel Hedrick). 5. Reuben (Eleanor Pennington)-b. 1812, d. 1894. 6. Martin (Martha Pennington). 7. Daniel (Mary Roberson Lambert)-b. 1819. 8. Samuel-S.
    Br. of Jesse: l. Albert W. (Mary Hedrick). 2. Harrison (Frances Wimer). 3. Frances (Elias Hammer.)
    Br. of Reuben: Lenora, William P. (Christina Smith), James (Lucy Smith), Christina C. (David W. Hedrick). Sylvester (d.). Minor (Laura Dahmer), Susan, George W. (murdered in civil war at 14.)
    Ch. of William P. 1. Harry (Laura Simmons)-Rph. 2. James F. (Oakland). 3. Taylor (____ Stump). 4. Mark drowned. 5. Okey. 6. Ernest. 7. Edward. 8. Isaac.
    Ch. of James: Ada (Samuel Smith), Margaret (Elmer Lambert), Maud, Minnie, John (Frances Hedrick), William, Russell.
    Ch. of Minor: Mary A., William, Kate, Isa.
    Br. of Daniel: 1. Noah (Mary Harold). 2. Mary J. (Calvin Wimer). 3. Jenina (Isaac Davis). 4. Lavina (Abel Hammer) twin to Jenina. By 2nd m.-5. Isaac (Hannah Harter). 6. Garnett. 7. Roy.
    Line of Henry: 1. Frances (Samuel Dean). 2. William (Barbara Waldron)-b. 1798. 3. George-out. 4. Samuel (Barbara Hedrick, Hannah Lough). 5. Henry (, Jane Lamb). 6. Susan (Felix Hinkle). 7. Barbara (Nathan Hinkle). 8. Peter-S-b. 1812. 9. Zebulon (Magdalena Kessner?). 10. Jacob.
    Br. of John: 1. Louisa (Joel Hiser). 2. Mary A. (Daniel H. Acrey, Joseph Ryman). 3. Elizabeth (Aaron Sites). 4. Adam (Melinda Kline)-W.
    Unp. 1. Elizabeth-b. 1812, d. 1878. 2. Eli (Abigail) b. 1799. 3. Rebecca (James Bennett-b. 1807. 4. Lewis (Hannah ____). 5. Elizabeth (b. 1812, d. 1878.)

Helmick. Philip (____ ____)-ch?-1. Jacob (Sarah Teter)-m. 1794, d. I860.* 2. Adam (Sarah? Teter)-m. 1805, d. 1845.* 3. Abraham? (Barbara Miller). 4. Philip (Sarah Williams)-b. 1795. 5. Uriah (Phoebe J. Helmick) -b. 1800.
    Line of Adam: Nathaniel. Abel, Cornelius, Moses, Anne, Elizabeth, Elihu. Adam lived in the Harman hills. His sons went West about 1850, and it is said they became well to do.
    Line of Abraham: Margaret (b. 1828), Cain (b. 1833).
    Line of Philip: 1. Solomon (____ Johnson)-Cal. 2. Joshua (Kuykendall)-Md. 3. Philip. 4. William (Elizabeth Thompson)-Fin. 5. Mary-b. 1834. 6. Miranda J. 7. John (Elizabeth Smith Smith)-b. 1819-Upshur. 8. Sarah E. 9. Jacob.
    Line of Uriah: Sarah, Mary E. (b. 1848).
    Unp. 1. Anthony (Abigail Prine?)-b. 1794?-ch.-Sarah, Jesse, Sarah A., Dorcas, Phoebe J., John G. (out), Noah C. (Mary Lough)-Rph, Cornelius, (Leah-). C. of Cornelius: -Martha (b. 1837), Jason, Simeon, Isaac, James B., John C. 2. Enos (Martha Cunningham, Wilfong)-b. 1825- nephew to Anthony-ch.-Zebedee (dy), Absalom (Upshur)*, Delilah (Upshur)*, Susan (Joseph White), Benoni, Benjamin F. (Lucinda Harman), Enoch B. (Mary C. Lough), Aaron (____ Taylor) -0. By 2nd m.-Columbus (____ Taylor) -Keyser, Matthew (____ ____ )-Rph.
    Ch. of Enos. 1. Mary (Jacob Full). 2. Margaret (____ Howell)-b. 1828. 3. Mathias (Mary Lantz, Wilfong). 4. Cain-S-b. 1833. 5. John (Susan ____).
    C. of Mathias. 1. George E. (Phoebe Summerfield)-b. 1853. 2. John W. (Phoebe J. Waybright). 3. Elizabeth (Philip M. Helmick)-all three in Tkr.
    Ch. of Benjamin F. William R. (Susan E. Helmick), Rebecca J. (George A. Kimble), Thomas S., Thaddeus (Rosetta Helmick), Mary E. (Frederick C. Calhoun), Martha E., Sheridan C.
    Ch. of Enoch B. Susan C. (William R. Helmick). George E. (Thirsa E. Guthrie, Md.), Rosetta (Thaddeus Helmick), Lemuel M. (Agatha Grifford, Grant), 2 girls (dy).
    Other Unp. 1. Abraham (Barbara Miller). 2. Mahala -b. 1835. 3. Washington (Regamia Moyers). Lydia (William Burns). 4. Jeremiah (Sarah Eagle)-m. 1825.

Hevener. (A.) The first name we find is William, appointed road overseer in 1756. He appears to have lived on the original Hevener farm beginning a mile below Brandywine. He is then lost sight of, and may have been one of the killed at Fort Seybert. The next is Nicholas (Elizabeth ____) who died in 1769, his will being attested by Matthew Patton, Robert Davis, and James Stephenson. He owned a wagon and copper tubs. Peter, who settled in the Crabbottom, and represented 3 tithables in 1790 appears to have been a brother, and both were very likely sons of William.
    Ch. of Nicholas: 1. Jacob (____ ____)-d. 1810-above B'wine. 2. Frederick (Rachel ____)-exempted, 1790-d. 1817-homestead. 3. Catharine. 4. girl- Ruth? (John Cowger)-d. 1803.*
    Line of Jacob: 1. Mary (John Propst) m. 1805. 2. Daniel (Jane McQuain, m, 1812. 3. Michael. 4. Peter. 5. Samuel. 6. Nicholas (Mary-Sophie?-Propst)-m. 1795. 7. Adam (Catharine ____) 8. John.
    Br. of Adam: George (Annis ____) b. 1806. 2. Reuben (Elizabeth Eye) m. 1828. 3. Adam. 4. Barbara. 5. Susannah (Abraham Snider)-m. 1827. 6. Mary. 7. Ann.
    Line of Frederick: 1. Jacob (Callie Swadley)-m. 1795, d. 1810.-C-B. 2. William. 3. George (Eve C. Propst)-b. 1784, d. 1872. 3. Catharine (Patrick Sinnett). 4. Elizabeth (Nicholas Swadley). 5. Mary (Mathias Dice). 6. Barbara (George Swadley)-d. 1817.
    Br. of George: 1. Daniel (Julia A. Shaver) b. 1801-M. R. 2. George (Christina Dolly)-U. D. 3. William (Belinda McMullen)-Hardy. 4. Henry (Martha Miller)- O. 5. John (Sarah McMullen)-M. R. D. 6. Jacob (Millie Keister)-b. 1822-M. R. D. 7. Elizabeth (Frederick Hiser). 8. Sarah (Martin Dahmer). 9. Mary A.-S.-h. 1838.
    Ch. of Daniel: 1. George-k. 2. Susannah (John Swadley). 3. Catharine (Wesley Graham). 4. Daniel-k. 5. Jacob 6. John. 7. Mary (Miles Bland). 8. Julia A.-S. 9. Elza (Jacob Harper. 0.)*.
    Ch. of George: l. William (____ Dolly)-2. Adam (Rph)* 3. Mary A. 4.-5. girls.
    Ch. of John: 1. Anderson A. (Mahala M. Lough, Alice Dunkle)-merchant-Deer Run P. 0. 2. James A. (Susan Miller, Virginia Moser). 3. Rebecca A. (William Day). 4. Mary A. (Jacob Swadley)-Tex. 5. Martha R. (John R. Hartman).
    C. of Anderson N. 1. Hannah V. (Joseph Hevener)-Elkins. 2. George B. (Virginia Simmons.) 3. Gertrude. 4. Minnie M. 5. Otta C. 6. Audrey.
    C. of James A. Asper, Vernon, Marvin, Esther, Fannie v. Ada. 2 other girls.
    Ch. of Jacob: 1. James D. (Mary Jordan). 2. William M. (Sarah Greenawalt). 3. girl-dy. 4. Mary C. (Newton Miller).
    Unp. 1. Elizabeth (Adam Hull)-m. 1812. 2. Thomas (Barbara ____)-ch.-Sarah (b. 1805. d. 1878). 3 Frederick (Elizabeth ____)  ch.-Catharine (b. 1799, d. 1853). 4. Lewis-Parkersburg". 5. Elizabeth (Frederick Hiser)-m. 1824. 6. Elizabeth (Henry Hoover)-m. 1800? 7. Amos. 8. Henry (Christina ____)-b. 1815. 9. John of D. b. 1793. 10. Margaret (John Rexroad)-m. 1791.
    (B). Christian (Mary Propst) b. 1801-below S. G.-ch. 1. Zebulon (Bath)*. 2. John (W. Va.)*. 3. Frederick (W. Va.)*-b. 1833. 4. Samuel-S. 5. William H. (Jane Rexroad, Marv Rexroad)-b. 1844-homestead. 6. Elizabeth (Samuel H. Propst). 7. Christina-S. 8. Leah (Joseph Bodkin). 9. Hester A. (Grant)*. 10. Mary F. (David Mitchell).
    Ch. of William H. Lenora (Samuel Propst). Christina M. (Robert A. Propst), Sarah C. (Sylvester Hoover), Jennie (Charles Pitsenbarger), Edward, Cora B. (Terry Pitsenbarger), Mary A., Annie, Bertha.
    (C). Cutlip Heffner (Catharine ____)-voter, 1799-d. 1833- Sweedland-related to the Heveners-ch.-1. John (Ruth Keister)-m. 1807. 2. Cutlip. 3. Susannah. 4. Jemima. 5. Catharine (George Mumbert) -m. 1810. 6. Jacob. 7. Peter. 8. Mary (____ Kessner). 9. Elizabeth (____ Barter).

Hille. John Frederick (Mary Hurdesburk, Md., b. 1769, d. 1839)-b. Jan. 27. 1754 at Brandenburg, Prussia, d. Mar. 28. 1815-ch.-1. Godfrey-b. 1787, d. 1836. 2. George-d. 25. 3. Frederick-dy. 4. Henry (Margaret Johnson)-b. Feb. 16, 1794-Fin. 5. Elizabeth (Campbell Masters)-b. June 19, 1797, d. Oct. 16, 1850. 6. William-d. 37. 7. Nancy. 8. Mary. 9. Frederick-b. Oct. 22, 1810. d. Jan. 12. 1850.

Hiner. John (Magdalena Burner)-b. 1740*, d. 1815-native of near Hamburg, Germany-homestead still in family -farm bisected by Pendleton Highland line-purchased the same in Nov. 1774. Harman and Benjamin were in the Virginia legislature. Heirlooms of the family are a German psalm book, date 1699, and a ready reference book in German belonging to the pioneer.
    Ch. 1. Esther (John Syron, Hld)* 2. Jacob (Sarah McCoy, m. 1799, Johnson?)-d. 1860-65- homestead. 3. Joseph (Jane Armstrong). 4. John (Rachel Hoover)-Ind. 5. Alexander (Harriet Blagg) - Hld. 6. Harmon (Jemima McCoy) b. 1782. d. 1842. m. 1805. 7. Jane -S. 8. Mary (John Blagg, Hld)*. 9. Agnes (Jared Armstrong, Hld)*. 10. Magdalena (Joseph Gamble)-Ind. 11. Elizabeth (James Armstrong)
    Line of Jacob: 1. inf. (dy). 2. Marv A. Bath)*. 3. William (Martha Kee). 4. Jacob (Rachel Todd)-Ia. 5. Theresa- d. By 2nd m, 6. Joseph (Margaret Rexroad). 7. Bailey (Joanna Vint, ____ ____). 8. Samuel (Elizabeth Fleisher). 9. Sarah S. 10. Nancy (Henry Fleisher).
    Br. of Bailey; 1. William M.-Methodist preacher-Ky  b. 1842. 2. Martha J.-dy. 3. Frederick B.-dy.
    Br. of Samuel: 1. Robert K. (Caroline Stone). 2. Nannie -S.-Rkm. 3. Hester (Oliver M. Hiner). 4. Virginia (George Armstrong)-Fauquier. 5. Kate (John Miller) Roanoke. 6. Minnie (John Smith)-Rkm.
    Line of Joseph: 1. Magdalena (Joel Siple). 2. Nancy (Kee Hively). 3. Margaret (Wesley Wilson, Hid)*. 4. Samuel (Christina Michael, Aug.)-Upshur-a grandson, C. E. Hiner, is sheriff of Upshur. 5. Mahala (George Siple). 6. Joseph (Mahilda Armstrong, Hld). 7. William (Elizabeth Sanger. Aug.)-homestead. 8. Amanda?-S.
    Br. of Joseph: 1. James (____ Eddings)-Moorefield. 2. John E. (Cora Wilson. Hld)*. 3. Alice K. (Henry Armstrong, Hld)*. 4. Joseph L. (Dora Hevener)-Hld.
    Br. of George: 1. Sarah-S. 2. Jared A. (Rebecca Judy) -Hld.
    Line of Harmon: 1. Josiah (Lydia Siple, Hannah Rexroad) b. Oct. 12. 1807. d. Jan. 14, 1862-Hld. 2. Benjamin (Mary Sibert, Mary Hansell) b. Aug. 26, 1809. 3 John (Margaret Sibert, Mary J. Gray)-b. 1811, d. 1876. 4. Martha (Samuel C. Eagle, Hld)*. 5. Lueinda (Henry Sibert, Hid)*. 6. William (Katharine Kee)-b. Aug. 28, 1822 d. Oct. 30, 1862. 7. Elizabeth M. (John Bird, Hld)*-d. 1900.
    Br. of Josiah: Lucy, Sarah; by 2nd m.-Mary, Thomas J., Josiah. None married or living in Pendleton. Josiah is professor in Business College of Louisville. Ky.
    Br. of Benjamin: 1. Jemima- S. 2. Margaret (John H. Hansell)-b. 1838. 3. Harmon (Louisa F. Harrison). 4. J. Ridgley-S. 5. John J. (Margaret Jones, Hld)* By 2nd m. - 6. Polly. 7. Helen. 8. Elizabeth. 9. Bertie. 10. Lucy. 11. William.
    Ch. of Harmon: Benjamin H. (Maud McClung). 2. Arthur R. (Elizabeth J. Saunders). 3. Beatrice (William M. Boggs). 4. Marv L. (Dr. W. W. Monroe). 5. Louie E.
    C. of Benjamin H. Ralph M. Helen R.
    C. of Arthur. R. Mabel P., May L., Frank S.
    Br. of John: 1. Mary (John C. Saunders). By 2nd m.- 2. James K. P. (Aug)* 3. Jemima. 4. Amelia. 5. Carrie. 6. Robert (Hid). 7. Lucy. This 2nd family is resident in Aug.
    Br. of William: l. Eskridge (Hld.)-Fauquier-b. 1848. 2. Oliver M. (Hester Hiner)-Fauquier. 3. James M. Aug. - ) twice). 4. Harmon (Ella Kile) Kas. 5. Margaret (William Vint-Hld).
    Benjamin H. Hiner taught in the public schools from 1886 to 1890, and then pursued a law course at the University of Virginia, studying under the veteran practitioner. Professor Minor, and graduating in 1892. He received the nomination to the office of Prosecuting Attorney before his admission to the bar in the following year. This office he held 8 years, or until 1901. In 1908 he was a candidate for Congress, and though defeated he ran 200 votes ahead of his ticket in Pendleton and over 1500 votes in the district. Mr. Hiner is an active attorney and has large exterior interests.

Hinkle. The first of the family in America was the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel, a "hofprediger." preacher to a royal court, -who came from Frankfort on the Main to Montgomery county, Penn., arriving in 1717. He was killed by a fall from his horse in 1728. His son Justus, or Yost, went to N. C., and thence in 1761 to the North Fork, settling a little above Harper's mill.
    Ch. of Justus (____ ____). 1. Marv (N. C.)* 2. Jacob (Barbara Teter)-Hardy. 3. Rebecca (Paul Teter). 4. Catharine (N. C.)*. 5. Mary A. (George Teter). 6. Magdalena (John Skidmore). 7. Abraham (Mary C. Teter)-d. 1815* 8. Susannah (Philip? Teter). 9. Hannah (____ Johnson). 10. Elizabeth (____ Ruleman). 11. Justus (Christian Teter)-1795. 12. Isaac (Mary Cunningham) m. 1781. Judy gap.
     Family of Jacob: 1, Moses (Margaret ____) 2. Joseph (Jane Eberman)-Hdy. 3. Paul (Elizabeth ____) b. in N. C. 1754, d. 1825-minister. 4. Hannah-burned at Ft. S. 5. others?
    Line of Moses: 1. Jesse (Barbara Moser, Charlotte Hively)-b. July 19, 1780. at U. T., d. Oct. 19, 1821. 2. Solomon (____ ____). 3. Joel 4. Eli. 5. Silas-O., 1816. 6. Mary. 7. Elizabeth. 8. Moses-Loudoun. 9. Samson. 10. Lemuel -Ind? 11. Benjamin-Ind?.
    Br. of Solomon: 1. Samuel G. (____ ____) b. 1810, d. 1863. The late Dr. C. C. Henkle, of New Market, was a grandson. 2. others?
    Br. of Jessie: 1. Susannah (Daniel H. Armentrout) b. April 4, 1804, d. Aug. 13. 1849. 2. Christina (Samuel Harman). 3. Jacob. 4 others?.
    Family of Justus: 1. George. 2. Jacob. 3. Mary (George Ketterman). 4. Elias. 5. Christina. 6. Abraham (Mary Cooper). 7. Mollie. These probably left soon after the death of the father, who lived on the homestead.
    Family of Abraham: 1. Elizabeth. 2. Susannah. 3. Catharine. 4. Justus (Elizabeth Judy). 5. Leonard (Mary Cunningham). 6. Jones (Catharine Cooper). 7. Isaac-S. teacher-b 1781. 8. Michael (Sarah Judy) b. 1774, m. 1796, d. 1852*- "Germany." 9. Phoebe (Joseph Lantz)-m. 1811. 10. Abraham (Mary Harper)-b. 1795-la.
     Line of Michael: 1. Joab (Mary Lawrence)-b. Nov. 27, 1796. 2. Esau (Lelah Harper)-b. Mar. 9. 1798. 3. Abigail (Moses Harper)-b. Oct. 1. 1800. 4. Abel (Phoebe Hedrick) b. 1802. 5. Delilah (Isaac Phares) b. 1805* 6. Jezabel (Adam Hedrick) -b. Sept. 22, 1809, d. 1895. 8. Cain (Sidney Phares)-d. 1895.
    Br. of Joab. 1. Wesley (Melinda Phares). 2. Enos (Susan Phares)-Ind. 3. Boyd (1-Ind.-2.-Catharine Lawrence) -b. 1821. 4. Michael (Elizabeth Lawrence). 5. Ruhama (Solomon Hinkle) b. 1828. 6. Elizabeth (Adam Hinkle) b. 1833. 7. Sarah (Ind)* 8. Lorenzo D. (Mary Teter) b. 1838. 9. William (Sidney Vandeventer)-Ind.
    Ch. of Wesley: 1. Catharine (Robert L. Nelson) b. 1842 -Rph. 2. Mary (James B. Bennett). 3. Margaret (S B. Arbogast). 4. George W.-D. 5. Jacob T. (Elizabeth Phares) b. 1850-Ind. 6. Sarah (John Hinkle)-Ind. 7. Susannah (Ind)*.
    Br. of Esau: 1. Martha E. (William Harper) m. 1855-W. 2. Emma (Jacob E. Phares)-Rkm. 3. Mary (William P. Haigler)-m. 1849-W. 4. Sarah. 5. Michael (Elizabeth Raines, Harriet Ketterman). 6. Abraham (la.)*. 7. Isaac (Sarah Raines)-W. 8. Amby (Anna High, Lizzie Harvey, Anna Schooley).
    Ch. of Michael: 1. Sarah R.-b. 1849. 2. Jacob (Ia.)-Cal. 3. Jane-Kas. 4. Martha (Robert W. Phares). 5. Annie (Dr. W. W. Dear)-Parsons. 6. Jennie (Aaron F. Calhoun). 7. Mary W. (Samuel P. Priest) b. 1848. 8. Carrie (Edmund B. Wimer). 9. Charles (____ ____). By 2nd m.-10. Bruce. 11. Wallace. 12. Margaret (____ Mallow) 13. Abraham 14. Isaac.
    Br. of Abel: 1. Sarah (Philip Harper). 2. Hannah (William Thompson). 3. Mahala (Edward Caton, John Thompson). 4. Phoebe J. (William Sheets) b.-1838-Aug. 5. Elizabeth (James Thompson). 6. Abel P. (Talitha Thompson). 7. Caleb (Elizabeth Vandeventer)-Braxton. 8. Delilah (Eh Harper)-Mo.
    Ch. of Abel P. Mary E. (Miles Thompson), Annie J., Kenny (Alice Nelson).
    Br. of Cain: 1. Solomon P. (Ruhama Hinkle) b. 1832. 2. Michael S. k. 3. Mary (John Dahmer). 4. Jacob P. (Hortensia McDonald)-b. 1846. 5. Adam. 6. Elizabeth (Dr. B. Y. Smith)-Tenn. 7. Sarah (Isaac Harman).
    Ch. of Solomon P.: 1. Sidney-dy. 2. Delia (Lee Bennett). 3. Arissa (Branson McDonald). 4. James (Annie Painter). 5. Lorenzo D. (Elizabeth Sites, Etta Lantz).
    C. of James: Charles (Mary Bennett), Benjamin Y., Delia, Frank.
    C. of Lorenzo D. Cora, Ora. Omer, Ella, Earl, Lena.
    Family of Isaac: 1. Jesse-S.-b. 1783. 2. John (Mary Parsons)-Mo. 3. William (Jane Parsons)-W., 1831. 4. Adam (Sarah Haigler)-out. 5. Solomon (Susannah Calhoun). 6. Catharine (Martin Judy). 7. Phoebe (Leonard Harper)-m. 1816. 8. Mary C. (John Dice). 9. Hannah (Henry Jones)-b. 1790, m. 1821.
    Unp. 1. Christian-b. 1780* 2. Joseph-1797-ch. of Isaac. 3. Isaac (Susannah ____)-same as preceding?. 4. Nicholas H. (Elizabeth Raines). 5. Elizabeth (Levi Trumbo) -m. 1811. 6. Elizabeth (John Wolf) m. 1793. 7. Israel (Amelia ____) -b. 1821. 8. Barbara A. -b. 1781. 9. Jesse (Mary E. Bible) b. 1819. -ch.-Isaac (b. 1839),    George W. (frozen to death in civil war), Mary E., Sarah C. (Adam C. Vandeventer), Phoebe J.
    The several Hinkles near the line of Grant and Hardy are apparently of the family of Jacob. Of the four brothers of Justus, Sr., Jacob settled at U. T. The others settled on the N. F., where they and their children were very extensive landholders. The Hinkle connection has furnished an unusual number of men who have been prominent and successful in the professions and in business life. It was one of the most conspicuous families in Pendleton during the early years of the county.

Hiser. Charles (Mary Miller)-d. 1830*-Ch.-1. Charles (Phoebe Lough)-b. 1798. d. 1858-homestead. 2. Margaret (John Steel). 3. Mary (John Mumbert). 4. Molly (Henry Puffenberger). 5. George (____ Propst) -Nicholas. 6. Adam (____ Warner)-O. 7. Frederick (Elizabeth Hevener- b. October 20, 1802, d. April 15, 1858-n. homestead.
    Line of Charles: 1. Joel (Louisa Hedrick) b. 1826 Neb. 2. Susannah (Josiah Lough). 3. Sarah (Solomon Lough). 4. John (Louisa Payne)-Rkm. 5. Noah (Susan Ritchie, Rkm)* 6. Mary C. (Stephen Rodecap, Rkm)*-b. 1846.
    Br. of Noah: Emma (Charles Siple)-others in Rkm.
    Line of Frederick: 1. Daniel-k. 2. Frederick (Lavina Trumbo)-father's homestead. 3. Jonathan (Ellen Judy, Jane Landes)-Grant. 4. William? (Cook Graham, Isabel Burgoyne). 5. Mary E. (George A. Lough). 6. Sarah C. (William H. Dunkle). 7. Phoebe J. (James Burgoyne). 8. Susan L. (John J. Dunkle).
    Br. of Frederick: 1. Susan E. (George Cook). 2. John W. (Naomi Day). 3-4. Infs. (dy). 5. Martha-S. 6. J. Lee (Hettie Wilson, O.)-Morgantown. 7. George A. (Ida D. Lough)-Morgantown. 8. Elijah C. (Laura S. Burgoyne) - homestead. 9. Josephine M. (Rkm)*.
    Ch. of Elijah C. Charles O., Ella F., Dora T., Leroy. Hively. Michael (Mary M. Propst)-b. 1779-moved to T. A.

Hively place-ch-1. David (Eunice Puffenberger) - b. 1814, d. 1882. 2. John (Nancy Shank, S. V.). 3. Elizabeth C. (Jacob Probst)-b. 1803, d. 1883. 4. Dorothy (Henry Propst). 5. Sarah (Peter Mitchell).
    Br. of David:-1. William E. (Eliza Waggy, Nancy Kiser) -b. Oct. 2. 1838, d. Mar. 31, 1904. 2. James F. (Rkm)-W. Va. 3. David (____ Rexroad)-W. Va. 4. Tillman A. (Louie Rexroad). 5. Wesley (Ia.)*. 6. Sarah A. (Andrew J. Keister). 7. Margaret (Samuel Bodkin). 8. Catharine (Jacob Propst).
    Ch. of William E.-Wesley (W)*. By 2nd m.-infs. (dy).
    Line of John (Susan ____)-brother to Michael-ch.-1. Amos W.-S-b. 1823-0. 2. Charlotte (Jesse Hinkle)-m. 1818. 3. Kee W. (Nancy )-b. 1811, d. 1853. John was a potter and lived in Hively's gap.

Holloway. Lewis (Hannah ____)-an old man in 1840 Ch -1. Martha M. (Martin Hedrick) b. 1812, d. 1862. 2. John-W. 3. William (____ Knicely). 4. Margaret-S. 5. Daniel (Malinda Borrer).
    Unp.-1. Evelyn (George W. Masters). 2. William (Sidney George). 3. Abraham L. (Hannah George).

Hoover. Sebastian bought 200 acres of Robert Green in 1763, bat was perhaps living here before that time. He was killed in 1780 during the tory disturbances. Postle Hoover was at the same time a neighbor to Robert Davis. They were perhaps brothers, and doubtless related to Michael (Barbara ____) who was living on Linville in Rkm. in 1765. The wife of Sebastian was Susannah ____. Whether the following group were wholly the children of Sebastian, or in part of Postle also, we do not know.
    1. George (Ann M. ____)-b. 1763. d. 1798*. 2. Sebastian (____ ____)-d. 1808. 3. Thomas (Barbara ____)- b. 1758*, d. 1838. 4. Peter (Mary ____, d. 1826) d. 1807. 5. Michael (Susannah ____) -d. 1842*. 6. Catharine (Jacob Eye) m. 1796. 7. Jacob (Susannah Snider) m. 1803? 8. Lawrence (Eve ____)-B-T. 9. Nicholas (Margaret____).
    Line of George: 1. Paul. 2. Jacob (Martha ____) - Rph. 3. Joseph-Harrison. 4. Isaac. 5. George (Hannah Keister?) m. 1810. 6. Susannah (Sebastian Hoover?). 7. Mary. 8. Barbara (John Waggy?)-m.? 1800?.
    Line of Peter: 1. William (Barbara Propst) m. 1806. 2. John-b. 1789. 3. Samuel-b. 1792-Hid.
    Br. of William: 1. William (Susan Brenneman, Custard Mallow). 2. Daniel (Kate Eye, Elizabeth Shank, Rkm). 3. Joel (Delilah Simmons)-Poca. 4. Sarah (Benjamin Rexroad). 5. Susan-S. 6. Lavina (Samuel Propst).
    Ch. of William: 1. Sarah A. (John C. Joseph, Rkm)*. 2. Margaret (Valentine Swadley). 3. Isaac (Margaret Propst)-Rkm. 4. William (Mary J. Rexroad). 5. Edward (Vista Kiser). By 2nd m.-6. Paul (Sarah Simmons). 7. Philbert (Margaret Pope). 8. Neelie (____ Dove). 9. Louie.
    Ch. of Daniel: 1. Phoebe (Martin Dickenson). 2. Susan (____ Brenneman). 3. Cornelius-S. By 2nd m.-4. Martin (Amanda Rexroad). 5. Adam (Ruhama Simmons). 6. John (Catharine Simmons). 7. Robert (Louisa Dever)-out. 8. Jackson (Elizabeth J. Varner). 9. Amanda (Morgan Propst). 10. Polly A. (Jackson W. Propst). 11. Daniel (Elizabeth Propst).
    Line of Michael: 1. Mary. 2. Rachel. 3. John. 4. Sebastian (Mary Jones) m. 1811. 5. George (____ ____, Susan Schrader Snider) b. 1801-Barbour, late. 6. Michael (Mary Bodkin?) m. 1821-out. 7. Thomas (Barbara Simmons) m. 1811-out.
    Br. of George: 1. George (Barbour). 2. William (Leah Snider) b. 1825, d. 1909?. 3. Sarah (George? Propst). 4. Polly (John Bowers). By 2nd m.-5. Reuben-k. 6. Mary A. (Robert Vint). 7. John L. (____ Wimer) Gilmer. 8. Barbara A. (Daniel Propst).
    Ch. of William: 1. William A. (Catharine Shrader)-West Dry Run. 2. Noah (Caroline Gay, Poca.). 3. Samuel (Martha Armstrong, Hid)*. 4. Martin (Poca.)-W. 5. Polly-Dd. 6. Jacob-d. 16.
    C. of William A. Noah (Dorothy Murphy)-D.
    Ch. of Noah: ch-Leah (Levi Gay, Poca.). Patrick (Savilla Kee), Jacob, French, Norval, Elizabeth, Joseph, Max, Florence, James.
    Line of Jacob: 1. Catharine (Jacob Snider)-m. 1805. 2. Eli (Phoebe ____)-b. 1801, d. 1850*.
    Line of Nicholas: 1. Sebastian (Susannah Simmons)-b. 1777, d. 1860-ch.-Elias (Naomi Gragg, Kate Sinnett)-b. 1829. 2. Susannah (Rkm)*.
    Br. of Elias: 1. Daniel-dy. 2. Sarah (Charles Hevener). 3. Josephine (Pleasant Kiser, Jr.)- Neb. 4. James-S. By 2nd m.-5. Laura J. (William Siple). 6. Marshall (Luella Simmons). 7. Howard (Martha F. Eye). 8. Phoebe (William N. Pitsenbarger). 9. Henry H.-dy.
    Ch. of Marshall: Harvey R., Dora J., Mary F.
    Ch. of Howard: Cora, Henry A., Arthur R., Myrtie J., William N., Iva C.
    Unp. 1. Elizabeth (George Sivey) m. 1804. 2. Henry (Elizabeth ____) b. 1782*. 3. Sarah (Zebulon Gragg) m. 1826. 4. J (Nancy ____)-ch.-1. Catharine (John Reed) b. 1818. d. 1898. 5. Mary A. (Philip Wimer) m. 1819. 6. John (Mary Hoover) m. 1821. 7. Thomas (Barbara Simmons) m. 1811. 8. Sebastian (Susannah Colaw) m. 1811. 9. Catharine (Isaac Smith)-m. 1809. 10. Benjamin (Christina ____) b. 1810*. 11. Joel (Matilda ____) b. 1824. 12. Solomon (Catharine ____) b. 1817. Samuel (Margaret Brady)-b. 1805.
  One of the early Hoovers, whose name is forgotten, but was probably Thomas, lived a while on the North Fork. Ch. - 1. John-k. 2. Thomas-old in 1840. 3. Ines (Sarah ____) -b. 1790-ch.-John (b. 1829), Sarah A., Margaret, Lavina, Catharine (John Reed) m. 1818, d. 1898. One girl married George Rexroad, another married another Rexroad. In the war of 1812, Ines was commended by his colonel for his fidelity as a sentinel.

Hopkins. John (Elizabeth Baxter, sister to Dr. Baxter of Lexington)-d. 1842-wealthy farmer-Ch.-1. John (Phoebe Dyer)-m. 1825-Mo. 1842* 2. Thomas (Eunice Cunningham) m. 1819 went to Mo. with John. 3. Lucinda (Daniel Armentrout). 4. Mary-dy. 5. Joseph-dy. 6. George - dy. 7. Cyrus (Susan E. Johnson, Jane Ralston Hopkins) b. Jan 17, 1814-homestead.
    Br. of Cyrus: 1. William (Sarah S. Kile) b. Sept. 6, 1837. 2. Mattie H. (James H. Daugherty). 3. John E. (Frances Harper)-physician. By 2nd m.-Charles D. (Mo)* -b. 1866.
    Ch. of William: 1. Thomas B.-dy. 2. Mary S. (Braxton)* 3. John E. 4. Willie E. (Frank M. Kidd, Braxton)* 
    Ch. of John E.-Sarah, John J., William B., Lester H., others (dy).

Huffman. (A) Christopher (Catharine ____) was here in 1784. In 1796 he bought 110 acres of John Mullenax on west side of So. Br. His sister Elizabeth married Jonathan Teter in 1807.
    Ch. of Christopher: 1. Solomon (____ Bonner, ____ ____)-n. Dolly S. H. 2. George (Mary A. Snider)-b. Dec. 8, 1806, d. June 1, 1894-.M. R. D. 3. Laban ( ).
    Br. of George: 1. Sarah C. (Nicodemus Shreve). 2. Mary E. 3. George E. 4. Joanna (David Harman)-out. 5. Enoch-W. 6. (Noah Simmons.)
    Laban had a son Joseph, who lived at Seneca, and he a son Job. Albert, son of Job, lives near Dolly S. H.
    (B) Bargett (Mary E. ) d. 1803*-Little Fork- ch.-1. Michael (Susannah Summers) m. 1805-Sweedland. 2 Mary (John Warner) m. 1793. 3. William. 4. John. 5. Susannah. 6. Catharine.
    Unp. 1. Leonard-1799. 2. John-d. 1826.

Pendleton County West Virginia AHGP

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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