Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Johnson ~ Judy

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Johnson. Joseph (Martha House, Penn.)-parents English- m. late in life-ch.-1. Samuel (Sarah Harper) m. 1800-O. 2. Jehu (Mary Greiner,-S-F. 3. Margaret (Oliver McCoy) m. 1797. 4. James (Mary A. Fisher, of Dr. Jacob Fisher of Germany)-b. 1781, d. 1845.
    Line of Jehu: 1. Samuel (Elizabeth A. Dice). 2. Jacob -S-Fla. 3. Elizabeth (John Bean, Hdy) m. 1821,-Petersburg. 4. Margaret (Henry Hille). 5. Catharine (Frederick Moomau). 6. Felicia G. (Jacob F. Johnson) b. Dec. 21. 1814, d. Nov. 15, 1856.
    Br. of Samuel: 1. John D. (Isabel Mantz, Fred'k City, Md.) b. 1833. d. 1891-physician. 2. Jehu H. (Phoebe Simmons) Ind. 3. George W.-Mo. 4. Jacob G.-S. 5. Edmund S.-S. 6. James W. (Elizabeth Raines). 7. Isaac C. (Hannah C. Jones). 8. Mary C. (George W. Keys, Alexandria) *
    Ch. of John D.-1. Florence-dy. 2. Charles-dy. 3. Samuel B. (Catharine Snively, Penn.)-physician and druggist -Fln.
    C. of Samuel B.-Edmund S., Catharine K., Cornelia.
    Ch. of James W.-l. Homer (Rph)* 2. Claude-Rph.
    Ch. of Isaac C. 1. Mary (Rev. J. A. Rood, Nova Scotia)-Md. 2. boy (dy). 3. girl (dy).
    Line of James: 1. Jacob F. (Felicia G. Johnson, Clarissa Maupin, Rkm., m. 1859) b. July 24, 1809, d. Sept. 7, 1887. 2. Martha H. (John Cunningham, Hdy)-Mo. 3. William B. (Margaret Kee)-Mo. 4. Susan E. (Cyrus Hopkins). 5. Margaret M. (Herbert Dyer)-W. 6. George F. (Sarah Snodgrass, Hdy)-Tex. 7. Caroline M. (Josiah Wright, England) -Mo. 8. Jehu B. (Ann Cardwell. Mo.)* 9. Mary A. H. (Andrew J. Rankin, Aug.)-b. 1830-Tex.
    Br. of Jacob F. 1. Jane-dy. 2. James W. (Mary H. Jones)-b. Oct. 26, 1838, d. Dec-1908. 3. Jehu B.-S.-k. 4. Susan E. (Oscar Dyer, George Hobb, Mo.)* 5. John S.- dy. 6. Howard H. (Susan Burns, Hdy., Elizabeth E. Neale, Keyser)-b. 1846. 8. Samaria C-dy. 9. Henry C-dy. By 2nd m.-10. Tyre E. H. (Frederick Moomau). 11. Charles M. (____ Johnson)-Mo. 12. Delius 0. (Louise Latta, Cal.)* 13. Patrick H. 14. Lynn (dy). 15. Arthur W. (Effie Terry, Mo.)*
    Ch. of James W. Mary H. (Rev. William C. Hagan, Va.)*
    Joseph, the pioneer, exchanged his large estate on the Susquehanna for Continental scrip. This act proved his loyalty to his country, but was doubtless the cause of much financial loss. In Pendleton he was a citizen of distinction and of public service. James, his son, made a prospecting tour into what was then the Northwest Territory, but returned and was a large and well-to-do landowner. He was a justice, a legislator, and in 1829, a member of the Constitutional Convention. Jacob F. was of unusual ability, and was characterized by integrity, thrift, decision of character, and firmness of purpose. As justice, legislator, and surveyor, he was in his day the best known citizen of the county, and transacted more business for his neighbors than any other professional man. In 1860 he was worth about $15,000, and owned two well stocked farms. But the close of the war found him in severely straightened circumstances. Having invested in his capacity of fiduciary the money of a ward in Confederate scrip, the courts compelled him to make good the loss. He had a good common school education, and saw to it that his children did not lack for proper instruction. He sent his two sightless sons to an institution for the blind, and employed a governess for the children at home.
    The careers of the blind brothers, James W., and Howard H., afford interesting examples of success under very unfavorable conditions. Both were blind from their birth. The elder was taught at home to read from books in raised letters. At the age of 10 he was sent to the institution for the blind at Staunton, and remained there 7 years. His father had decided that he should be a teacher, and at 17 he began his career by teaching a successful summer school on the South Fork. He remained to the end a teacher of common schools, often supplementing the public term with a subscription term. From 1878 to 1894 he was an institute instructor. He was painstaking and thorough in his methods, and at the time of his decease he was doubtless the senior public school teacher in West Virginia, excepting only A. B. Phipps of Mercer County.
Howard H. had the advantage of a more thorough preparation. He studied at Staunton till 1861, and the school then closing, he studied with his brother and at New Market. In 1865 he joined his brother in conducting a classical school at Franklin. After the war he resumed his studies at Staunton, and in 1867 entered regularly upon an educational career. In 1869 he canvassed West Virginia in behalf of a state school for the blind, speaking often from the platform, and with so much success that his application to the Legislature in 1870 received favorable consideration. The institution at Romney is the result of his efforts, and as a teacher he has now been identified with it almost 40 years. Prof. Johnson is a man of broad scholarship. In 1877 he received the degree of Master of Arts from the Polytechnic Institute of New Market. He has five children: Leila B., William T., Howard H., and by last marriage, Lucie N. and George N.
Note. The wife of Dr. Jacob Fisher was a Burns, and was related to Robert Burns, the poet.

Johnston. John, the father of Mortimer, came from the north of Ireland when a boy, settled at Doe Hill, and married Mary Wilfong.
    Mortimer (Catharine A. Will, Caroline Pennington)-b. 1816, d. 1885*.-lived at Fin. and C'ville-lost a leg in Wilderness battle-constable and notary-ch.-1. John H.-dy. 2. James W. (Sarah C. Phares)-b. 1840, d. 1897-n. C'ville. 3. Washington M. 4. Norval L. (Hannah Arbogast)-Rph. By 2nd m.-5. Markwood S. (Sarah E. Bennett. Janet Bennett) b. 1848-Hendricks. 6. Samson R. (Ellen Thomson). 7. S. Yancey (Mo.)*. 8. Catharine E.-Rph. 9. Mary E.- Rph. 10. Alice C. (Solomon Bennett)-O. 11. Lucy L. Rph. 12. Charity C.
    Br. of James W. l. Mary M. (Sylvester G. Judy). 2. Cora A. (John W. Hetzel, Rkm)-Rph. 3. William W. (Selinda 0. Bennett)-n. C'ville. 4. Tallahassee (Martin Judy) -Poca. 5. Opie A. (Ratie Lambert). 6. Robert B. (Eva Cook)-Ind.
    Ch. of William W. Robert J., Dessie A., Ida J., Margie M., Evenlyn, John W.
    Ch. of Opie A. George, Grace.

Jordan. John (Annie Jordan)-b. 1770*. d. 1851*-ch.- 1. William (Susannah Lewis) b. 1804. 2. Harvey (S. V.) -Hld. 3. Thomas (Bath)*. 4. John (Hld) -Lewis?. 5. James ( )-Lewis?. 6. Andrew (Hld)*- Lewis?. 7. Samson (Hld)*-Lewis?. 8. Elizabeth (____ Murphy). 9. Jane? (____ Wilson). 10. Rachel (Jesse Lambert). 11. others?.
    Line of William: 1. Andrew J. (S. V.)-O. 2. Samson M. (Margaret Nelson, Phoebe Parsons, Tkr)-b. Feb. 8. 1831. 3. Melissa A. 4. Sarah L. (William Harper). 5. Eliza A. (William Rexroad, Willis Thompson).
    Br. of Samson M: L Eliza A. (Nim Fezzell)-O. 2. Margaret (Barney Davis)-O. 3. Alice (Bert King)-O. 4. Nola (Otie Ross)-O. 5. Mary (Eugene Hedrick, Claude Wyatt)-Rph. 6. Charles (O).-Minn. 7. Edward J. (O.) -Boston. 8. William L. (Elizabeth Davis)-O. Andrew (Lettie ____)-d. 1818-brother to John-ch. - William, John, Andrew, Elizabeth, Isabel, Lettie.

Judy. Henry (Barbara ____)-son of Martin, who in 1763 bought land on Mill Cr, a little below the Pendleton line. Henry purchased in 17888, 46 acres of Joseph Bennett. In 1791 he bought 160 acres of Mary Cunningham Ward, widow of Sylvester Ward, paying therefor $1667. Ch.-1. Henry (Elizabeth Teter, m. 1795-Mary Calhoun, m. 1810-Nancy Summers, d. 1847). 2. Martin (Catharine Hinkle)-b. 1778, d. 1853. 3. others?.
    Line of Henry: 1. Nathan-Kanawha Co. 2. Solomon unkn. 3. Sarah (Philip Bible). 4. (Henry Wimer). By 2nd m.-5. Amos (Ursula Summers)-Judy bridge. 6. John (Mary Lambert)-Smith Cr. 7. Elizabeth (____ Givens)- Kanawha Co. 8. Mary A. (Arnold Cunningham). 9. Abigail (William Raines). 10. Malvina (George Lambert).
    Br. of Amos: 1. Rosanna (Allen Colaw, Hid)*. 2. Virginia (John Hinkle). 3. America (Jonas Colaw, Hid)*. 4. Sinclair (Susan Harper). 5. Martin (Missouri Hille)-Cal. 6. Adam (Mollie Hinkle) Harrison. 7. Marcellus-S. 8. Henry (Sarah E. Mauzy). 9. Allen (Amanda White. Nancy Varner)-Hid. 10. Howard (Cal)*. 11-12, infs. (dy).
    Ch. of Sinclair: 1. James S. (Hld)-Staunton. 2. Margaret A. (Hld)-Neb.
    Ch. of Henry: 1. Zadie W. (Lewis Moyers). 2. Kenny (Lizzie Hammer). 3. Lizzie (Charles P. Moyers). 4. Grace A. (Leonard K. Simmons). 5. Henry H. 6. James E. 7. Charles-dy.
    Br. of John: 1. Elizabeth S. (George W. Sponaugle). 2. George A. (Margaret C. Calhoun.) 3. William H. (Rachel L. Lambert, Susan C. Hartman, Maud V. Kline)-Smith Cr. 4. girl-dy. 5. Job D.-dy. 6. Sylvester G. (Molle Johnson, Ettie Bennett) -Ft. S. 7. Mattie L. (Daniel T. Lambert).
    Ch. of George A: Bertha M., Myrtie E., Ella C, Stillman W., George R. Clyde. Oscar V.
    Ch. of William H. Serena P. (Okey J. Mauzy). Winton W. (Beatrice Warner), Charles E. (Ella B. Kline). Emory B. (Ada Moyers)-Mt. Solon. Lura C. (Charles E. Moyers), William A. (Ona Lambert), John S. (Carrie E. Rexroad). By 2nd m.-Iva D. Early T. Omer C, Ethel (dy), Joseph W., Nellie C. By 3rd m.-Mary O., Martin C.
    Ch. of Sylvester G. Viola, Ezra, Mary: by 2nd m.-Dorothy, Boyd, girl, 2 boys (dy).
    Line of Martin: 1. Adam (Mary Hinkle) b. Nov. 12, 1805, d. Feb. 27, 1871-homestead. 2. Sidney (John McClure)-b. 1806. 3. Polly-S.-b. 1807. d. 1833.
    Br. of Adam: 1. Isaac-S. 2. Martin (Christina Harper) -b. 1831 d. 1885-homestead. 3. Mahala M.-d. 27. 4 Susan C. (John Mullenax). 5. Elizabeth A. (William H. H. Ayers). 6. Phoebe J. 7. Adam H. 8. Sidney E. (Sylvanus Bennett, Stewart Raines)-b 1847.
    Ch. of Martin: 1. Adam H. (Rhua Phares, Jenetta Mullenax) Col. 2. Noah H. (Annie Phares)-physician-Rph. 3. Isaac N. (Catharine Hedrick). 4. Mary C. (Noah Phares). 5. Jacob K. (Susan Phares, Almeda Bland). 6. Martha A. (Solomon P. Mauzy). 7. George B. M. (Annie Tingler). 8. Ulysses G. (Lucy Mauzy). 9. Ida P. 10. Charlotta. 11. Carrie-dy. 12. Pitman F. (Pearl Thompson). 13. Osceola -dy.
    (B). Other posterity of the original Judy family has settled or intermarried in Bethel and Mill Run.
    Unp. 1. Isaac (Mary ____). 2 Jacob (Christina ____). -b. 1784*. 3. Mary (Adam Coplinger)-m. 1825. 4. Margaret (George Fall)-m. 1820. 5 Martin (Mary Crow?) m. 1816. 6. Catharine (Adam Hedrick) m. 1801. 7. James -b. 1794. d. 1832. 8. George (Clara )-b. 1793, d. 1875. 9. Amanda (William Alt)-b. 1814, d. 1896. 10. Mahala (Isaac Teter) b, 1819, d. 1882. 11. George of Nicholas (____ ____). 12. George of ? (____ ____). 13. Barbara (Uriah Phares)-m. 1816.
    Br. of Jacob. Sidney. Amanda (William Alt)-b. 1814. d. 1896. 3. Malinda. 4. Mahala (Isaac Teter) -b. 1819, d. 1882. 5. Sarah. 6. Elizabeth. 7. Ellen. 8. Mary.
    Br. of Isaac: Phoebe (____ Judy)-b. 1823, d. 1891.
    Br. of George of Nicholas: John (b. 1836), Nancy, Mary, Elijah, David, Ellen, George.
    Br. of George of ?: 1. Daniel (Phoebe Graham). 2. Manasseh (____ ____). 3. Isaac (Rebecca ____)-b. 1821, d. 1897.
    Ch. of Daniel: Charles N. (Denisa A. J. Kile)-U. T.- ch.-Susan E., John A.. Lela M. (k. lightning at 17), Charles W. Nellie M., Joseph C.
   Ch. of Manasseh: William A. (Annie F. Dyer).-Ft. S. C. of William A.-Lula G.

Pendleton County West Virginia AHGP

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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