Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Kee ~ Kuykendall

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Kee. Aaron (Catharine Beath) m 1799-ch.-1. John (Lewis)* 2. James B. (Sarah A. McCoy) b. 1803, d. 1878. 3. Joseph (Ill.)* 4 Margaret. 5. girl-d.
    Br. of James B. 1. Margaret (William Johnson). 2. Catharine (William Hiner). 3. Jefferson M. (Louisa Pierson, Mo.)* 4. James W. (Mary C. Arbogast. Hid)*
    Ch. of James W. Maud M. (Charles Mallow). Margaret J. (William Kiser), Sarah, William A., John M., Mary, James B. (dy).
    Aaron was a merchant at Franklin. In 1813 he was in partnership with Charles McCreary and James Boggs. James, a single brother, came with him from Ireland and spent his last years with John Boggs.

Keplinger. Jesse (____ ____, Phoebe Dunkle)-ch.- 1. Frank (Martha Hartman). 2. Laban (Sarah Whetsell). 3. Joseph-Rph. 4. David-W. 5. Lee. 6. Barbara (Rkm). By 2nd m.-7. William-Rkm. 8. John (____ Barter)-Hdy. 9. Jackson.

Kessner. John (Margaret Mallow?)-ch?- 1. Solomon (Christina ____)-b. 1785. 2. John (Eve Wise)-m. 1813. 3. George (Laverna ____)-b. 1789. 4. Philip (Marv ____) -b. 1795. 5. Daniel (Sarah ____)-b. 1805. 6. Samuel (Catharine ____)-b. 1806. 7. Noah (Rebecca ____)-b. 1817.
    Line of Solomon: 1. Job-b. 1826-S. 2. Mary-S. 3. Harvey (Sarah Halterman. Nancy Rexroad). 4. Hannah R. (Hezekiah Borrer)-b. 1833. 5. Solon- on-out. 6. Daniel (____ Shreve?)-Grant. 7. Margaret-out. 8. Isaac.
    Line of George:-1. Noah (Rebecca Stump, Hannah Kessner). 2 Didama (Michael Stump). 3. George P.-b. 1839. k.
    Line of Philip: 1. Simeon (Elizabeth Stump)-b. 1837 - Grant. 2. Hannah (Wesley Yankey). 3. Catharine (Michael Ratchford, Grant)* 4. Reuben (Elizabeth Simpson). 5. Rebecca (Hugh Ratchford, Grant). 6. Mary (John West fall)- Grant. 7. Michael-d. 8. Philip (Dianna Siever)-Rkm.
    Line of Daniel:-1. Sophia (Johnathan Kessner)-b. 1835 -Hdy. 2. Elizabeth (George Hinkle). 3. Anne (Jefferson Westfall). 4. Anne (Andrew J. Whetsell). 5. Margaret (Jacob Crider)-W. 6. Jacob (Letitia Borrer, Catharine Riggleman)- b. 1843.
    Line of Samuel: 1. Benjamin H. (Barbara Mallow, Catharine Simmons)-b. 1828. 2. Jonathan (Sophia Kessner) 3. Sarah. 4 Elizabeth A. 5. Ruhama. 6. Samuel-b. 1839.
    Line of Noah: L Christopher C.-b. 1839-k. 2. Alfred -k. 3. VanBuren (Sarah Hedrick)-b. 1844. 4. Didama (Isaac Riggleman). 5. Rebecca (Noah Greenawalt). By 2nd m.-6. America. 7. Jane (Emanuel Kessner). 8. Cora.
    Unp. 1. Adam (____ ____ , Hannah Fultz). 2. Ambrose -b. 1817. 3. Margaret (Edward Robinson) -m. 1799. 4. Benjamin (Elizabeth Hill) m. 1795. 5. Paul ( ) 6. John ( ).
    Ch. of Adam: 1. Margaret (____ Shaver). By 2nd m-2. George (Lavina Trumbo). 3. Paul (Margaret Mallow)-b. 1789. d. 1878. 4. Andrew-d. 5. Philip (Mary Hevener)-d. 3888. 6. Solomon (Christina Peterson). 7. Benjamin (Elizabeth Coffman)-Ind. 8. Daniel (Sarah Ketterman). 9. Samuel (Catharine Bargarhoff). 10. Elizabeth (Michael Coffman)- Ind. 11. Mary (John Miller.)
    C. of Paul: Margaret (George Lough), Catharine (Jacob Miller), Mollie (Zebulon Hedrick).
    C. of John: Absalom (Letitia Blizzard), Susan (Henry Riggleman), Mary (Henry Harman), Hannah (Gideon Bergdall).

Keister. Frederick (Hannah Dyer)-b. 1730.* d. after 1814-homestead. John D. Keister's-ch.-1. James ( ) -b. 1756,* d. June 12, 1834. 2-5. girl. 6. Mary (Gabriel Rile) m. 1797. 7. Frederick (Ann E. Propst. m 1791 -Malinda Grim)-b. 1774, d. 1791-homestead. 8. George (Susannah Peck, Mary A. Jordan)-b. Feb 13, 1777, d. July 18, 1854.
    Line of James: 1. James (Susan Swadley)-d. 1849. 2. Ruth (John Hevener) m. 1807. 3. Hannah (George Hoover) 1810. 4. Jane. 2. Mary (Samuel Findley)-out. 6. Elizabeth (Philip H. Heltzel)-Poca.
    Br. of James: 1. Henry (Eliza Allen. Albermarle ____, Elizabeth Custard, Mallow Hoover)-b. Dec. 24. 1838. d. May 22, 1901. 2. Amelia (Jacob Hevener)-b. 1830, d. 1897. 3. Naomi (Samuel Sandy. Rkm)-b. 1832, d. 1897.* 4. Elizabeth (David H. Weaver, Rkm). 5. Asenath-S. 6. Isaac (Mary Kline Byerly)-Aug. 7. James (Elizabeth Good) Rkm.
    Ch. of Henry: 1. Eugene (Christina L. Smith) b. Dec. 27, 1850-carpenter-U. T. 2. Franklin P. (Phoebe J. Simmons). 3. Josephine (Daniel Brenneman. O. 4. Amelia. 5. Susan L. (Samuel Plaugher)-O. 6. James-b. 1858- W. Va. 7. Sarah J. (George Bowers). 8. Isaac (Sarah Roby, Grant)-Tkr. 9. Henry L. (Julia McGraw, Miss.)* 10. Edmund D.-b. 1864-Va. 11. David M.
    C. of Eugene: 1. J. Claude (Clarissa Ward, Harrison) - Oklahoma City. 2. Harry S. 3. Gertrude V.-teacher. 4. Glenn A. 5. Annie V. 6. Luther S. 7. Walter L. 8. Leslie A.
    C. of Franklin P. 1. Henry F. 2. Wilbur F. 3. Frances (Lucian E. Bowers). 4. Carrie (Florence Bowers). 5. Clinton L. (Wash.)* 6. Mary E.
    Line of Frederick: L John (Susan Crummett). 2. Hannah (John Miller). 3. Christina (____ Kampfer, ____ Daggs) -Ind. By 2nd m.-4. Bird D. (Carrie Everly)-d. 1875.
    Line of George: 1. William (Elizabeth Bowman) Ia. 2. George (Sarah Propst) m. 1824-Doddridge. 3. Jacob (Bath)-Mason. 4. John D. (Elizabeth Bodkin)-b. 1815- homestead. 5. Polly A. (Jesse Cowger)-b. 1821. d. 1896. 6. Susan (George Hoover). 7. Margaret (George Dean). 8. Sarah (G'brier).* 9. Elizabeth (Jacob Bowman). 10. Hannah (Silas Hinton. Rkm) m. 1826-Ia. 11. Hester (Jeremiah Jordan, Hid).* 12. Inf. dy. By 2nd m.-13. James K. P. d. 14. Jesse d. 15. Martin (Louisa Evick) b. 1848. 16. Mary A. (Samuel P. Nelson, Hopkins Teter) b. 1849. 17. Benjamin D. 18. Solomon (Sarah Lough) Wash.
    Br. of John D. 1. Andrew J. (Sarah A. Hively, Huldah Armstrong) b. 1840-homestead. 2. Susannah D.-d. 3. Sarah A. E.-d. 4. John D. (Mary S. Trumbo)-b 1840- homestead. 5. William (Elizabeth Simmons, Smith) Rkm. 6. Hannah (Arthur A. Hahn).
    Ch. of Andrew J. -Coca (Joseph Simpson), Harry, Mary (Melvin Guyer). Mattie (Clay Shiflett).
    Ch. of John D. 1. Walter (Lena Weaver)-Huntington. 2. Emma (Jared M. Smith). 3. Bowman (Mattie Nicholson). 4. Myra. 5. Elmer (Mary Hoover, Hid).
    The village of Brandy wine stands on a part of the Keister homestead. Frederick, Jr., was a famous hunter. When he had secured a considerable amount of game in the Shenandoah Mtn. he would build a signal fire on the High Knob, that the smoke might be understood at his home as a signal from him. John D., present representative in State Legislature and energetic farmer, lives on a part of the original tract.

Ketterman. George F. (Mollie Hinkle) b. 1770,* d. 1846* -bought 240 acres of Isaac Hinkle, Wm. Bland place below Riverton-ch.-1. Justus-W. 1835*. 2. Stoeffel-W. 1835*. 3. Solomon (____ Helmick). 4. Jacob (Mary A. Arbogast) b. 1800, d. 1875. 5. Sarah (Joseph Arbogast) m. 1820. 6. Edie (Michael Arbogast). 7. Abbe (Eli Hedrick). 8. Christina (John Turner).
    Line of Jacob: 1. Sabina (Abraham Flinn). 2. Esau (Elsie Way bright). 3. John (____ Full, Hdy; Stump, Hdy; ____ Linthicum)-Ill. 4. Salem (Mary Bennett) b. Dec. 21, 1824. 5. Miles-dy. 6. Nicholas (____ Teter)-W. 7. Joseph-b. 1842, k.
    Br. of Salem: I. Mary J. (W)*. 2. Hannah H. (Michael Hinkle). 3. John (W)-Kas. 4. Marv (James Cunningham). 5. Laura V. (Philip Sponaugle). 6. Pendleton C. (W)*. 7. Robert-W. 8. Frank (Florence Arbogast)-Elkins. (B). Daniel (____ ____)-ch.-L Daniel (Barbara Alt) m. 1825-2. others?.
    Line of Daniel:- 1. Elizabeth A. (____ Waybright, Harvey Simmons) - Hid. 2. Mordecai (Elizabeth Summerfield, Rph)*. 3. William W. (Malvina Hoover)-homestead. 4. Josiah (Sarah A. Hoover, Mary Dolly)-U. B. minister. 5. Cornelius (Elizabeth Davis)-k. 6. Michael-k. 7. Charles -d.
    Br. of William W: I. Daniel-dy. 2. Jane-dy. 3. Mary A. (George Phares). 4. John A. (Rath Dolly). 5. Lucian H. (Ellen Dolly). 6. Ida (Charles McDonald). 7. Isaac- dy. 8 Ira W. (Lucy Martin)-Rhp. 9. Stella (John A. Kisamore). 10. Lottie-dy. 11-12. Infs. (dv). 13. Parlet B. (Laura Kisamore)-Rph. 14. Laura (William Roby, Grant)*. 15. Zernie (Marvin Carr)-Rph.
    Ch. of John C. Gustava, Hendron, Lona, inf. (dy), Clarissa, Grace, Anderson.
    Ch. of Lucian H. Isom (Emma Bible), Bertha, Glossie, Elva, Marchie, Robert.
    Br. of Josiah: Benjamin (d), Ellen (David Nelson), William, George (Sarah Vance), Lydia (____ Lambert), Oliver (Maud Helmick)-Rph.
    George F. and Daniel were brothers, and they had two older brothers in the Revolution. Daniel, Jr. was a U. B. preacher. Lucian H. is an over seer of the poor. The connection is chiefly on Timber Ridge.

Kile. 1. Valentine (____ ____)-bought 230 acres of James Trimble in 1761-d. 1766-executors, George Kile, George Hammer,-appraisers, Michael Mallow, Jonas Friend. George Dice, Jacob Harper-family went to O. 2. Gabriel, (Rebecca ____)-was living on county farm place before 1766. 3. George (Hannah Bogart?)-here, 1761- d. 1794. 4. Jacob (Margaret ____)-d. 1810. The foregoing were brothers with the possible exception of Valentine. They were neighbors and came from Rockingham.
    Line of Gabriel: 1. Catharine (Richard Wilson) m. 1792. 2. Andrew (Frances ____)-m. 1794. 3. Gabriel (Mary Keister)-m. 1797. 4. Joseph (Sophia Fisher) m. 1799. 5. Henry (Susannah Colaw) m. 1805. 6. Jacob (Barbara Colaw) m. 1810.
    Line of George: 1. George (Mary Conrad) b. 1775*. 2. Jacob (Margaret ____) b. 1777* 3. John. 4. Catharine (Nicholas Hahn) m. 1797. 5. Barbara (Jacob Fisher) m. 1796. 6. Mary. 7. Hannah.
    Br. of George: 1. Absalom (Marv Currence, Rph) b. June 12, 1797. 2. Elizabeth (Adam Hedrick) b. 1800. 3. Abraham (Mary Swadley, Susannah Hammer) b. May 6, 1802, H. Feb. 18, 1854. 4. Zebulon (Mary Hevener) b. July 27, 1804. d. Feb. 18, 1854. 5. George b. 1806-S. 6. John- S-b. 1812.
    Ch. of Absalom: 1. Jonathan C. (Ellen Rexroad Bowers, N. O-Rph. 2. George H. (Rebecca Haigler) b. 1885- Kas. 3. Sarah J. (Jesse C. Armentrout) b. 1836-Rph. 4. William -S-O. 5. John R.-S-b. 1840. 6. Andrew A. (Rebecca Bowers)-Tkr. 7. Nancy C. (David Judy, Ill.)* 8. Mary M. (Adam Kimble) b. 1847.
    Ch. of Abraham: 1. George W. (Nancy G. Graham). 2. Abel L. (Delilah Smith)-Aug. 3. John W. (Sarah Payne) -Aug. 4. Infs. (dy).
    C. of George W. Isaac W. (Hannah Kimble). 2. James (Hannah Snider)-O. 3. Abraham N. (Jemima Kimble, Ida Day, Grant)* 4. William (O.)* 5. Jacob (Sarah Kimble). 6. Ulysses S. G. (Mary E. Mallow). 7. Andrew J.-Rkm. 8 Mary S. (John W. Kimble). 9. Susan R.-dy.
    Ch. of Zebulon: 1. Isaac T. (Henrietta Schmucker) b. 1838-surveyor. 2. Mary E. (George T. Wilson, Aug.)*. 3. Margaret C. (William S. Dyer). 4. Sarah S. (William J. Hopkins, Frank Fisher, Braxton). 5. Barbara D. (William H. Judy). 6. Denisa A. J. (Charles N. Judy). 7. Eliza E. (Harmon Hiner).
    C. of Isaac T. 1. George Z. (dy). 2. John N. (dy). 3. David W.-physician-Louisville. Ky-D. 4. Estella L. (J M. Sites).
    Line of Jacob:-Henry, Mary (William? Miller), Jacob (Catharine ____), George, Ulrich.
    Unp. Absalom (Mary ____)-b. 1788. 2. Samuel (Phoebe Conrad)-m. 1797. 3. Martin-1779. 4. Samuel (Nancy ____)-b. 1772, d. 1834.
    Line of Samuel: Barbara (____ Graham), Adam. Kimble. Alfred (____ ____)-son of Adam of Grant Co. -k.-ch.-1. Alfred (Phoebe Shirk). 2. Abraham (Eve Full). 3. William W. (Frances McDonald). 4. Nicholas (Susan Shreve)-W. 5. Adam-d. 6. Malinda (Zebulon Hedrick). 7. Elizabeth (Henry Jud}). 8. Pamela (Jesse Stump)-0.
    Br. of Alfred: Hannah R. (Henry C. Hedrick), Gabriel O. (Martha Lantz), Noah (Mahala Alt), William W. (Savannah B. Alt), Jacob (Laura Bowers), Hadie J. (John Shreve), Jemima (Abraham Kile), Virginia, India B., Sarah (Jacob Kile).
    Br. of Abraham: Jason (Annie Alt), Salem (Minnie Alt), Mahala, Amanda (Isaac Graham).
    Br. of William W.-John (Mary S. Kile), Arthur (____ Hedrick), Edward, boy (dy).
    Ump. 1. George (Mary Miller) m. 1802. 2. Sarah (Elizabeth Cox) m. 1825. 3. Arnold (Mary E. Riggleman)-k.

Kisamore. Jesse (Mary Speelman)-b. 1805, d. 1880*- ch.-1. Jacob (Detla Bland)-b. 1831. 2. Isaac (Susan Dolly). 3. John (Margaret Dolly)-b. 1834. 4. Mary A. (Isaac Dolly). 5. Phoebe C. (George W. Dolly). 6. Adam (Phoebe J. Bible) b. 1840. 7. Jonas (H Harper) Harman- Rph. 8. Catharine (Jacob Lewis. Grant). 9. Joab (Mary Harper) out. 10. Johnson S. (Jane Hedrick). 11. Edith (Markwood Hedrick). b. 1851*
    Br. of Jacob: 1. Dorothy (David Huffman). 2. Mary (Elias Sites). 3. Margaret (Miles Vance). 4. Sarah J. (Peter Harper). 5. Hannah-W. 6. Ettie (Kenny Harman). 7. Ursula (Jacob Day)-twin to Ettie. 8. William -d. 22. 9. Oliver G. 10. Hayes (Eve Waybright)-homestead. 11. Zernie (Walter Brill.)
    Br. of Isaac: George W. (Eliza J. Day), Isaiah H. (Mary C. Mallow), John A. (Stella Ketterman), Jesse B. (Laura Turner) , Columbus (Molly Mallow), Albert (Carrie Smith) -Rph., Mary J. (Abel M. Nelson).
    Ch. of George W. Annie (Amby Hedrick), Jason.
    Ch. of Isaiah: Walter A. (Rph)*, Cora A. (Joseph P. Mallow). Zettie C. Frances A., James M. Ora H.,
    Ch. of John: A. Riley E., Gary. Ola, Rosa, Dora.
    Ch. of Jesse B. Vernie, Carrie, Theodore.
    Ch. of Columbus: Austin, girl.
    Br. of John:-Adam (Alice Summerfield), Martin (d), Jacob (Elizabeth Hedrick). Amby (Rph)*, Josiah (Hannah Morral). Christina (Scott Miller).
    Br. of Adam:-Florence (Grant)*, Oscar, Kenny, (Julia Morral).
    Unp. 1. Bernard -d. 1803*. 2 Margaret (Edward Robinson) m. 1799. 3. Mary (John Keller)-m. 1810. Bernard was probably the pioneer and father of Jesse.

Kiser. William (Barbara Wise, Rkm. dau. of Adama Barbara. b. 1793. d. 1858) -son of Jacob (Elizabeth)-b. 1786, d. 1853-ch:-1. David (Marv A. Bowers) b 1814. 2. John (Marv Prost) b. Feb. 18. 1816 d. Dec. 9, 1898. 3. Mary A. (Henry Rexroad) -Hld. 4. Adam (Elizabeth Crummett). 5. Elizabeth (Augusta Rexroad). 6. Sarah (Joseph Rexroad)- Hld. 7. James H. (Harriet Propst)-Neb. 1860*. 8. Susan (Adam Waggy)-b Jan. 19. 1831, d. Feb. 23. 1907. 9. Jacob-dv. 10. Daniel (Philip J. Bowers)-b. 1833. d. 1905.
    Br. of David: 1. William C. (Mary M. Siple)-b. 1838. 2. Edward H. (?)-Aug. 3. John F.-Lutheran preacher-b. 1843. 4. Adam (Urbana Malcomb, Hld)*. 5. Barbara out. 6. Jacob-Aug 7. Marshall (____ Jordan)-Aug. 8. Eliza-out. 9. James (Hld)*.
    Ch. of William C. 1. Ambrose V. (Delia Harman)-Hamp. 2. Martha J.-dy. 3. George L. (Maud Thacker).-Rkm. 4. Mary H. (Andrew J. Dahmer). 5. Bertie M. (Robert J. Lough). 6. Elizabeth C. (Clay Hammer). 7. John M.- merchant. 8. Dora I. (G. Howard Bodkin). 9. Carrie A. 10. William H. (Margaret Kee). 11. Emma F. (Henry Dahmer). 12. Aud S. (Frances Homan).
    Ch. of Adam: David A., George L., Mary, Allie (d), Margaret (____ Malcomb, Hld)*, Rosa, John, Beulah, Elizabeth.
    Line of John: 1. Jacob-dy. 2 Harrison-miller. 3. Daniel (Louisa Stone). 4. Harvey-k. 5. Elizabeth J. (Amos Bowers). 6. Marshall-dy. 7. Thomas W.-drowned. 8. Mary J. (Silvester Mitchell). 7. James P.-merchant.
    Ch. of Daniel: 1. C. Truman (Jennie Rexroad. 2. Frank S. (Margaret Rexroad)-Rkm. 3. Hannah (Thomas L. Manning, Cal.) Rkm. 4. Cora (Henry Bodkin)-Va. 5. Preston. 6. Mattie. 8. Ollie (twin to Mattie). 8. Harry.
    Line of Adam: 1. Martha (William Propst). 2. Nancy (William Hively, Andrew 0. Propst). 3. George. 4. Adam (Louisa Snider). 5. Amanda. 6. Eliza (Mark Propst). 7. Mary (Henry H. Puttenbarger). 8. Laban.
    Line of Daniel: 1.-2. boys-dy. 3. Vista J. (Edward Hoover). 4. Timnah J.-dy. 5. Daniel W. 6. J. William (Vista Lough)-Fin. 7. Regina. 8. George E.-dy.
    Ch. of J. William: William L., Evelyn, Ray P.

Kline. Samuel J. (Rachel Arnold, Hamp.-Charlotte Borrer)- b. 1818, d. 1906-ch.-1. John S. (Jennie Bowman)- out. 2. William D. (Mollie Vest, Hamp.)-Ill. 3. Daniel E.-d. 4. Melissa B. (Adam Hedrick). 5. Lucy N. (William Arnold, Hamp.)-out. 6. Sarah F. (Isaac Leatherman, Hamp.)-out. 7. Nancy-dy. By 2nd m.-8. Mary A. (Job Hartman). 9. Julia E.-Osceola. 10. Maud V. (William H. Judy.) 11. Ella (Zebulon Judy). 12. Edward (Eliza Propst) -C'ville. 13. Otterbein (Caddie Nelson)-Hambleton.

Kuykendall. Washington (Hannah E. Mumbert)-b. 1795*. d. 1865*-ch -1. Rachel R. (Jacob Shaver). 2. Susan L. (George Simon, Hdy)*. 3. Sarah J. (Jacob Hinkle, Hdy*). 4. William L. (Mary Shirk, Rosa Wilson). 5. George W. (Dorathy S. Hinkle. Hdy). 6. Elizabeth C.
    Ch. of William L. Bertha R. (d), William W., George D. C, Gleason A. (d).
    Ch. of George W. Ada E., Oscar L., James E., John H., Edward R., Mollie E. By 2nd m.-Robert L. (dy), Calvin H.
    Unp. L Richard (Mary Leach)-m. 1827. 2. Elizabeth (Michael Westfall)-m. 1825. 3. John (Elizabeth Champ)- m. 1800.

Pendleton County West Virginia AHGP

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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