Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Martin ~ Murphy

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Martin. Adam (Susan E. Rexroad Mallow)-m. 1865-ch. -1. Anderson A. (Florence R. Kelso, Hamp.)-editor and photographer-Fin. 2. William L. (Julianna Propst-S. G. D. 3. Perry C. (Mary M. Siple)-B. D. 4. Parthena M. 5. Robert P. (Ivy Ruddle)-Harrisonburg.
    Ch. of Anderson M. Dana C, Gladys C., H. Wilda, Eula A. William L. has 1 child and Perry C. has 6.
Adam had a brother Anderson who married West and settled in California.

Masters. Richard (Isabella ____)-ch.-Campbell (Elizabeth Hille)-b. Nov. 2, 1783, d. July 29, 1858.
    Br. of Campbell: 1. Mary. 2. Henry H. (Catharine Dice)-b. Aug. 19, 1815, d. Jan. 9. 1892. 3. George W. (Evelyn Holliday)-b. 1817. 4. Isabel (John Rogers) d. 1819. d. 1879. 5. Charles H. (Eleanora Miller) b. 1821. d. 1848. 6. James (Isabella Masters), 7 Andrew (Sarah Jones). 8. Robert C. (Margaret Jones). 9. John F.-S. 10. Elizabeth C-S. 11. William E.-b. 1833, d. 1906-S.
    Ch. of Henry H.; 1. Mary E.-d. 20. 2. Hannah C. (Thomas W. Bowman) b. Nov. 26. 1847, d. May 30, 1909. 3. Henry C. (Mattie Jones, Ky) b. 1850-Dallas, Tex.-c. -Catharine. Charles, John, Dorothy, Richard, George, Gertrude, Mary, Martha, Henry. 4. Alice (James B. Vaughan) b. 1854, d. 1887-Va. 5. John D. (Jessie Miles, Hdy)- Sherman. Tex.-c.-Ruth H., John M., Jessie.
    The Masters were English merchants at Liverpool. They traded with their own ships to the East Indies, but losing vessels the family divided, a part coming to New York. Richard, of the American branch, moved to Lewisburg, W. Va., but lost his land because of a prior claim. He died in Warren Co., Kentucky. His wife was Isabella, daughter of Lord Campbell of Scotland. Andrew McClellan of Penn., uncle to Gen. George B. McClellan, married Hannah, sister to Campbell Masters. Henry H. Masters was born poor, studied in the old field schools, and learned the trade of carpenter. Having a strong intellect and will power, he became a very successful lawyer. As a delegate to the Secession Convention of 1861 he opposed secession despite entreaty and threat, but acquiesced in the will of the majority. He fed many soldiers at his home in Franklin, and after the return of peace he bent his energies to allay the bitterness of the war feeling and to reinvest the Southern people with citizenship. He resumed the practice of law and under a special act he was almost unanimously chosen judge of the county court in 1879. He presided over this body until the court was abolished by a constitutional amendment. Having amassed a competency, he retired from active life. He was a great reader, a great lover of poetry, and having a retentive memory, was able to quote numerous poems. In statecraft his model was Clay, in the military art, Bonaparte; in the field of poetry, Byron.

Mallow. Michael (Mary ____)-1773- ch.-1. Adam (Sarah ____)-0. 2. George (Rebecca ____). 3. Thomas -d. 1801*. 4. Michael-b. 1755*. 5. girl-dy. 6. Henry (Magdalena ____)-b. 1799, d. 1834.
    Family of Adam: 1. Margaret (Jacob Carr)-m. 1796. 2. Eve (William Dice)-b. Jan. 6, 1777, d. May 4, 1862.
    Family of George: Barbara (Peter Daggy)-m. 1787.
    Family of Henry: 1. George (Catharine Bush)-b. Oct. 1, 1781, d. July 5, 1853. 2. Margaret (Paul Kessner)-b. 1783, d. 1873. 3. Sarah C. (Conrad Lough)-m. 1809. 4. Catharine (Joseph Ketterman, Grant*). 5. Anna M.-S. 6. Leonard (Elizabeth Hedrick)-m. 1819. 7. Michael (Elizabeth Harper)-b. 1794, d. 1870*. 8. Henry (Susannah Bergdall)- b. 1796.
    Line of George: 1. Reuben (Lydia Harman)-b. 1808. 2. Amos (Phoebe Mouse)-b. 1810-W. 8. Michael (Mary Wise)-b 1814. 4. George (Rebecca Harman)-b. 1816. 5. Sarah (Adam Dice)-b. 1819. 6. Daniel (Josephine Trumbo) -b. 1826, k. 1864.
    Br. of Reuben: 1. Simeon (Annie Mallow)-b. 1836, d. 1889. 2. Abraham B. (Rebecca E. Dice)-b. 1843. d. 1906*.
    Ch. of Simeon: l. Isaac S. (Mary F. Dove). 2. William W. (Mary C. Harman). 3. Henry C. (Margaret Dolly). 4. Michael C.-d. 5. Mary C. (Isaac Kisamore). 6. Lydia V. (Josiah Dolly). 7. Sarah J. (Isaiah Sites)-d. 20.
    C. of Isaac S.- Gertrude V. ( Mauzy), Retta, boy (dy), girl (dy).
    C. of William W.-Harman H. (teacher), Nannie (Wilber Bible), Ernie, Mary.
    C. of Henry C.; 1 Zella (Simeon Mallow), Zadie, Bertie (Elijah F. Nelson). Alvin. Harr. Roviva M.
    Ch. of Abraham: 1. Sarah C. (James Payne). 2. Ulysses G. (Ida Dolly). 3. Tryphena A. (Robert Nelson). 4. Jane (Isaac Mallow). 5. John S. (Ida Mallow). 6. Etta (Kenny Harman)-Okla. 7. Rolla (Delpha Morral).
    Br. of Michael: l. Mahala (Solon Hinkle). 2. Anna (Simeon H. Mallow). 3. Cena (Isaac Judy). 4. Rebecca (Silon Harman). 5. Sarah. 6. Mary J. (Simeon H. Mallow). 7. Ruhama (Noah Dolly). 8. Catharine (Job Nelson). 9. Abraham (Catharine Judy, Phoebe Waybright). 10. William H. (Sarah Riggleman). 11. Benjamin F. (Rosanna Nelson).
    Br. of George: 1. Isaac. 2. George W. (Sarah Reed). 3. Daniel B. (Rebecca Lough). 4. Rebecca J. (Isaac Miller). 5. Martha A. (William Phares). 6. Catharine (Pleasant M. Harper).
    Line of Leonard: 1. Adam (Mrs. Magdalena Rohrbaugh, Grant) b. 1820. 2. Amy (George Hahn, Rkm). 3. Henry (____ Trumbo Mallow) b. 1823. 4. John (Eliza Rexroad). 5. Margaret (Solomon Rexroad)-b 1826. 6. Magdalena - d. 7. Jacob (Susan L. Hammer) b. 1829. 8. Barbara (Benjamin Kessner) b. 1831. 9. Eve (Michael Hinkle, Grant)* 10. Phoebe (Reuben Lough) b. 1836. 11. Joel -dv. 12. Elizabeth (Jeremiah Lough).
    Br. of Adam:-Phoebe, Lavina C. (William C. Ward).
    Br. of John:-Leonard (d), George (d), Elizabeth (d), Mary A. (____ Dahmer)-Mont, Melancthon (Jennie Dunkle), Jacob M. (Jennie Judy), Jeremiah C. (Annie Hammer).
    Line of Michael: 1. Eve C. (George Greenawalt) b. 1815. d. 1898. 2. Noah (Elizabeth Judy) b. 1825-Mo. 3. Philip (Hannah Carr-b. 1828. 4. Susannah (Isaac Alt). 5. Samuel (Mrs. Phoebe Bible) b. 1834. 6 Moses (Jane Dean)-b. 1835, d. 7. Christina (Noah Hinkle) b. 1839.
    Br. of Philip: David (Hannah Hammer). Susan E. (d), Louisa C, Ann R., Mary A. (William W. Hevener), John A. (Mattie M. Harold), Charles (Maud E. Kee).
    Br. of Isaac: Ann R. (Henry M. Cook), A. Manasseh (Neelie Lough), Mary E. (Ulysses S. G. Kile), others (dy). Br. of Moses:-George W., Samuel J. (Edna Thacker), Evan P., Preston H. (d). Martha E. (d), Myrtle S., William E.
    Line of Henry: 1. Paul (Elizabeth Custard) b. 1832, k. 1864. 2 Hiram. 3. Hannah (Laban Eye)-b. 1836. 4. Inf. (dv). 5. George H. (____ Dyer)-Va.
    Br. of Paul:-L William. 2. Infs. (dy).
    Unp. 1. Emma (John Greenawalt) -b. 1823, d. 1898.
    At the time of the attack on the Upper Tract settlement, Michael, the pioneer, was absent from home and thus escaped injury. The wife and two children were captured. One of the latter, an infant girl, was placed by the Indians on a rock in Greenawalt gap and the mother told not to look behind her on penalty of being scalped. She never saw the child again. The other was a boy, who was restored some years later and identified by the father only by a mark on his thumb. The mother was also restored. Michael was a prominent man among the early settlers and a well-to do farmer. The items enumerated in the sale of his property cover five columns. Michael, Jr. was bound to John Bright to learn the tanning trade in 1777 and was to have 10 pounds on coming of age. Henry was willed lands in Ohio and left his lands near Upper Tract to his son George, who, however, settled on Timber Ridge in the North Fork valley. His posterity remain chiefly in this locality, the other branches of the Mallow family remaining on Mallow's and Poage's runs. Reuben, son of George, was a teacher, using both English and German in his instruction.

Mauzy. Michael (Grace Laird) b. Sept. 4, 1776, d. Jan. 3. 1848.-1. Henry-b. 1808. 2. David (Mary Hammer)-b. 1810-Hid. 3. Margaret-dy. 4. Ruhama. 5. Michael. 6. James L. (Malinda Phares)-b. 1815. 7. Thomas. 8. Joseph (Susan Hammer). 9. Elizabeth-dy. 10. Sarah (Abraham Waybright) b. 1821. 11. Charles. 12. Susan (George Hammer). 13. Richard.
    Br. of David: Minnie (d), Grace, Sarah, George, Michael, David, Charles, Whitfield (dy), Mary (Henry Simmons).
    Br. of James L: 1. Sarah E. (Henry Judy). 2. James C. (Marv J. Judy). 3. Solomon P. (Alice Judy)-Tkr. 4. Jacob (Sarah E. Teter). 5. Michael (Alice Phares, Lela Harper). 6. Grace (Joseph Smith). By 2nd m.-7. Edward (Valeria Moyers). 8. Charles (Maud Kline)-D. 30. 9. Okey L. (Irene Judy). 10. Susan-dy. 11, Lucy (Grant Judy). 12. Nancy (Charles Vandeventer). 13. Boy.
    Richard, Thomas, Charles, and Michael, sons of the pioneer, never resided in Pendleton. The pioneer came late in life from Mount Sidney and bought the Adam Vandeventer place on Smith Creek, but later moved to the Henry Judy place at the Judy bridge. The family has given two sheriffs to Pendleton.

Mick. (A) Sampson (Jane ____)-removed to Tkr ch.-Solomon (Catharine Lambert), John (k. civil war), "Bud" (W. Va.), Phoebe (Aaron Lambert).
    Ch. of Solomon: Lizeddie (Turley Bennett), John K. (Callie Lambert). Pearlie (Kennie Wanless), Ada (Phares May), Virginia, Margaret (Solomon C. Mullenax), others. (B) Mathias (Lavina Vandeventer)-brother to Samson -removed to Tkr.
    Unp. 1. Edmund (Mary Collett) m. 1797. 2. Keziah (George Helmick). 3. Mathias (Lucy Powers) m. 1797. 4. Mathias (Christina R. ____) m. 1792. 5. John (Emily Calhoun) m. 1814.
    Ch. of Edmund: Charles (Sarah Murphy) m. 1821-W.

Miley. Joshua (Sarah White Rexroad, Hid)-ch.-1. John (Phoebe A. Miller)-Miley Gap. 2. Anton S. (Cora Hedrick). 3. Henry. 4. Mary (Isaac Lough). 5. Hannah S. (Solon Miller). 6. Henrietta (John W. Raines). T. Margaret (Simeon Sites). 8. Elisha (____ Sites).

Miller. (A) Anthony (____ ____)-d. 1840, at advanced age-ch.-Isaac (Margaret Lair)-went to O. before 1828.
Br. of Isaac: 1. John (Sarah Shirk, Penn.) b. 1806, d. 1839-Ft. S. place. 2-7. Lair, Isaac, Jacob, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine,-went to O.
    Ch. of John: 1. Martha A. (Allen Dyer). 2. Wesley C. (Phoebe A. Wagoner)-Ia., 1857. 3. William C. (Catharine M. Cowger)-b. 1838-homestead.
    C. of William C. 1. Sarah E. 2. John W. (Kate S. Hiner). 3. Jacob C. 4. Edmund T. (Mary Gilkeson)-merchant- Ft. S.
    (B) John (____ ____) d. 1819*-ch.-1. Juliana. 2. Mathias d. 1807. 3. Magdalena. 4. George (Sarah ____) -N-F. 5. John (Elizabeth Lough) m. 1792-homestead. 6. Conrad (____ ____)-out. 7. Mary (Charles Hiser). 8. Eve (____ Huffman). 9. Elizabeth (Nicholas Bargerhoff). 10. Margaret (____ King). 11. Catharine (Henry Wees?) m. 1799?
    Line of George: 1. John G. (Mary A. ____) b. 1787. 2. Samuel-S. 3. George (Mary A. Fisher) b. 1810. 4. Adam G. (Mary Hammer)-Poca.
    Br. of John G. Eve-S-b. 1821, d. 1895.
    Line of John: 1. Adam (Barbara Propst) m. 1820 - Poca. 2. John (Susannah Hedrick).
    Br. of John: 1. Silas (Hannah Ketterman)-Ill. 2. Amos (Eliza Wimer). 3. Job (Eliza Harper). 4. Sarah A. (George Borrer). 5. Hannah-S. 6. Isaac (Millie Cowger, Margaret Rodecap, Rkm)-Ind. 7. Melinda J. (David Mowrey).
    Ch. of Job: Mary J. (Ind.)*, John W. (Ind).* (C) Thomas (____ ____)-Ch?-George (Kate ____)-d. 1829--homestead. 2 others).
    Line of George: 1. Jonas (Mary Harper) b. 1793, m. 1818. 2. Jacob. 3. Thomas. 4. George (Susannah ____). 5. Mary (____ Hinkle). 6. Christina (Samuel Harman). 7. Elizabeth (____ Carr). 8. Phoebe (____ Miller).
    Br. of Jonas: 1. Samuel (Sarah C. Lough, Phoebe Greenawait) homestead. 2. George (Phoebe Lough, Susan Lough). 3. Isaac (Rebecca J. Mallow). 4. Thomas-S. 5. William H.-b. 1821, drowned 1859. 6. Philip-dy. 7. Sarah (Adam Lough). 8. Rebecca (Henry Bergdall, Grant)* 9. Hannah (John A. Harman).
    Ch. of Samuel, by wd. wm.-Emma, Radie.
    Ch. Of George: John W. (Eliza J. George) Tkr. 2 Solon P. (Hannah Miley)-Tkr. 3. Joseph A. (Almeda J. Harman). 4. Phoebe A. (John Miley).
    Unp. 1. John S. (Susannah Hedrick)-b. 1792. 2. Stephen (Rachel ____)-d. 1799-S.-F. 3. Adam G. (Mary Hammer) m. 1819. 4. Abraham (Mary Trader) m. 1802. 5. Abraham (Sarah ____)-b. before 1784. 6. Charles (Elizabeth ____)-b. before 1784. 7. Daniel (Esther Kisamore) m. 1805. 8. F____ (Catharine ____) b. 1770, d. 1859). 9. George (Christina Naigley) m. 1809. 10. Jacob (Susan ____). 11. Jacob (Elizabeth Peterson) m. 1800 b. in Penn. 12. Leonard (Susannah ____) b. before 1784. 13. Margaret (Jacob Varner) m. 1817. 14. Mary (George Kimble) m. 1802. 15. Mary (David Flinn) m. 1796. 16. Michael (Barbara ____)-b. before 1774. 17. (Ann Wood) m. 1797. 18. Peter-on S.-B, 1753. 19. Valentine (Susannah ____)-1789. 20. William (Mary ____) 1796. 21. Mary (Caleb Smith) m. 1795. 22. Thomas-1789-ch.- Mary (Michael Tingler) m. 1792. 23. Christina (Reuben Hammer) b. 1790.
    Line of John S. Amos (Eliza Wimer)-Walnut bottom.
    Br. of Amos: John H. (Roberta C. Clayton), Sarah C. (Isaac Harman), Martha S. (James A. Hevener), Cena A. (James W. Armentrout), Benjamin F. (Amanda J. Hartman), Nancy M. (Samuel G. Armentrout), boy (dy).
    Line of Stephen: George, Absalom.
    Line of Jacob (Susan): Susan (Jane Bible).
    Line of Jacob (Elizabeth): David (Eleanor ____) b. in Penn., 1780, d. 1858.
    The name Miller is one of the few which occurs everywhere. It is not specially common in Pendleton in our time, yet from the early days of settlement has been represented by several distinct and now more or less extinct family groups. It is therefore practically hopeless to attempt a thorough going classification. Doubtless the first Miller to settle in Pendleton was Mark, who died in 1757. His administrator was Peter Vaneman, whose sureties were Jacob Seybert and Michael Eckard. A John who lived opposite the Hoover mill above Brandywine was a deserter from the army of Cornwallis.

Mitchell. (A) John (Elizabeth ____)-b. 1775, d. 1853 -ch.-1. Ann (Jacob Snider). 2. Mary (David Reed-Va. 3. William (Amelia May)-W. 4. Jesse (Sarah Nesselrodt). 5. Leonard (Mary E. Hartman, Lydia Fitzwater) b. 1818. d. 1897. 6. John (Dorothy Fitzwater) b. 1815, d. 1888.
    Br. of Jesse: 1. Cyrus (Priscilla Shaver, Nesselrodt). 2. Rachel (Silas Hottinger Shaver). 3. Robert (Arilla Brady). 4. Nathan (Frances Nesselrodt, Rebecca Ratliff). 5. Albert (Mary Pope).
    Br. of Leonard: Jennie (George Hoover, Abraham (____Hoover), Jackson, Polly A., Martha (Benjamin Long), Mary (Charles Hartman), Charles, Lucinda, Howard, Lura.
    Br. of John: l. Elizabeth (Philip Riggleman)-Rkm. 2. Abiathar (Susan Plaugher) homestead. 3. Joshua (Aug)* 4. Eliza (James Nesselrodt) 5. Mary R. (William S. Nesselrodt. 6. Jackson (Hannah Mowrey).
    Unp. Ann C. (Balsor Shaver)-b. 1792.
    This family of Mitchells remain around the original settlement.
    (B) Peter (____ ____)-ch.-George (Christina Propst) -b. 1776, d. 1856.
    Line of George: 1. Mary (Christian Puffenbarger). 2. Jacob (Abigail Rexroad, Elizabeth Eckard) b. 1805-n. homestead. 3. George (____ Sheets)-Ind. 4. Leonard (Elizabeth Rexroad) b. 1811, d. 1881-homestead. 5. Sarah (Daniel Crummett). 6. Peter (Sarah Hively, Anne Waggy, Leah Propst) b. 1815-homestead. 7. Susannah (Philip Wimer). 8. Christina (Haigler Eye). 9. Rachel-S. 10. Jonas (Elizabeth Lamb, Amanda Bodkin).
    Br. of Jacob; 1. Benjamin (Hannah M. Swadley, Naomi Simmons)-Mitchell mill. 2. Emanuel (Margaret Armstrong- Hld. 3. George W. (Eliza Snider)-Stony Run. By 2nd m.-4. Abel (Elizabeth Waggy)-Aug. 5. Henry. 6. William-k. 7. Elizabeth A. (James Sinnett). 8. Lavina A. 9. Angeline-dy.
    Ch. of Benjamin: 1. Eliza A.-dy. 2. Mary E. (Jacob A. Mitchell). 3. Jacob F. (Leah Rexroad, Florence Propst). 4. Samuel P. (Jennie F. Hoover). 5. Frank (Ella V. Mitchell, Aug. 6. William M. (Ida M. Propst). 7. Estella (Oliver Sinnett). 8. Martha J. (William H. Puffenbarger-0. 9. Sarah V. By 2nd m.-10. James H.
    C. of Jacob F. Elizabeth, Tyra P., Margaret E., Minnie F. (dy), others (dy): by 2nd m.-Leon L., Ora D., Byron J., Ona S., Edna M.
    C. of Samuel P. boy (dy), Fred G., William F., Myrtie E., Lottie E., Harvey B., Hugh.
    C. of Frank: Eva E., Eulah F., Flora J., Walter.
    C. of William M. Lula M., Benjamin H., Lena M., Sarah v., Ernest L., Mary E., Stella P.
    Ch. of George W. 1. Emanuel (____ Wilfong, Mina Simmons)- homestead. 2. Sarah J. (George Baker). 3. Sylvester (Mary J. Kiser). 4. George F. (Jane Wilson, Hid).
    C. of Emanuel; Eliza M. (Tillman Puffenbarger), Gilbert, Sarah J., Joseph L., Regina (d), Myra, Marvin, Luerma, Camden, others (dy).
    C. of Sylvester; James C. (d.), Lepha A., 6 (dy).
    C. of George F.; Richard F., Eulah M. (dy), H. Blanche.
    Line of Leonard: 1. Laban (Louisa Rexroad). 2. Jacob (Christina Simmons). 3. Samuel (Clara M. Propst). 4. Seneal. 5. Mary. 6. Susannah (John W. Propst).
    Br. of Laban: William A., Lloyd (dy), Jacob H., Richard W., Mary E.
    Br. of Jacob: Claude, Ada E., Pierce E., Nora M.
    Br. of Samuel: Tarry G., Charles B. (dy), Albert, Dora M.
    Line of Peter: 1. David (Mary F. Hevener). 2. Jeremiah (Amanda Eye). 3. Christina (Harrison Pitsenbarger). 4. Lena.
    Br. of David: Sarah J. (Abraham Propst), Louisa A. (Henry L. Sinnett), Philip A. (Christina Mitchell), Tillman H. (d), John L (Mary F. Hoover), Robert P. (Dora G. Eye), Hannah E. N. (John D. Hoover).
    Line of Jonas: 1. George S. (Etta Cook)-M. R. D. 2. Jacob A. (Mary E. Mitchell). 3. William H. (Polly A. Simmons). 4. John F. (Catharine Propst). 5. Jesse C. (Lottie M. Eye)-homestead. 6. Hannah (George Crummett). 7. Louisa (Miles Eye). 8. Martha S. (Washington Hyer). 9. Christina (Philip A. Mitchell).

Moats. Jacob (Elizabeth ____)-exempt, 1789*-ch.-1. Jacob. 2. George (Eve Stone) m. 1792. 3. Adam. 4. John (Elizabeth Pitsenbarger)-O. before 1825. 5. Michael (Elizabeth ____). 6. Barbara. 7. Elizabeth (John Wamsley)- Barbour.
    Line of George: Christina (John Shrader) m. 1812. 2. Peter (Rachel Gragg)-m. 1814.

Montony. Joseph (Catharine Bennett)-ch.-1. Mary J. (William Slaton, Poca.) 2. Phoebe (Josiah Ralston, Hid)* 3. Charity A.-dy. 4. Margaret (George Bible, John S. Currence. Rph)*. 5. Joseph V. (Jane Murphy)-O. 6. Theodore G. (Edith J. Nelson)-Tkr. 7. Robert W. (Mary M. Vandeventer) b. 1842. 8. Melvina B. (Luke Settles, Rph)*. 9. Emily C. (George A. Smith)-Rph. 10. Noah (Malinda Smith). 11. Mary E.-dy.
    Br. of Robert W. l. A___ M.; (Nettie A. Roby)-Whitmer. 2. Decatur (Gettice Harper)-physician-Harman. 3. Jacob (Ella M. Lambert)-Harman. 4. Lora C. (W A. Summerfield)-Harman. 5. W. Scott (Jennie Harper)-Harman. 6. Texie J. (T N. Shreve)-Gassaway-D.
    Joseph had a sister Mary (Samson Pennington, m. 1828). They were the only children of Albert, who came from France and settled in Loudoun. The widow came to Randolph with a subsequent husband.

Moomau. Frederick (Catharine Johnson-b. April 1, 1796. d. July 5, 1845-Fin-ch.-l. John B. (Hannah H. Dice)-b. May 1, 1821, d. June 24, 1864. 2. Mary J. (William McCoy)-b. 1823. 3. Caroline H. (John W. Gilmore) Tex. 4. Jacob G.-b. 1827, d. 1861. 5. George W. (Kate Baker, Grant)* 6. Catharine J.-d. 7. Samuel J. (W.)* b. 1834-Cal. 8. James P. (Nancy J. Arbogast) b. 1837- physician-Poca.
Br. of John B.; 1. Dice (Keyser)* wagonmaker-b. 1849, d. 1907. 2. William B. (Aug.)*-b. 1850, d. 1896. 3. Scott (W.)-Kas. 4. Mollie (Milton Swink, Rockbridge)* 5. Catharine. 6. Elizabeth (L. A. Orndorff, Shen.)* 7. Points-dy. 8. Frederick (Ettie Johnson)-physician - Fin. 9. John H. (Elizabeth Pendleton, Albemarle)*-druggist- Charlottesville.
    Ch. of Frederick: Glenn, Lynn.
    John B. Moomau completed the military and law courses of the Virginia Military Institute, graduating in 1845. He organized a company for the Confederate service and became its captain. In 1863 he was prosecuting attorney. For greater security in the troublous times of war, the family went temporarily to Staunton, where his wife died in 1864, and he at almost the same time in Charlottesville. The county court of Pendleton gave this tribute to Captain Moomau. "An able, efficient, and patriotic officer, a high minded and chivalrous gentleman, and an agreeable, fair, and courteous practitioner."
The pioneer Moomau was one of the three brothers who came from France with the Huguenots who gave up home and country for the sake of their religion.

Morral. Samuel? (Mary Davis)-d. before 1790-ch.-l. John (Sarah Davis)-m. 1785, d. 1795. 2. Samuel (Elizabeth Davis). 3. William (Elizabeth Conrad) m. 1797. 4. Jason (____ Harold) O. 5. James-will drawn 1795.  
    Line of John: l. Hannah (____ Nestrick). 2. Mary-S. -b. 1789. 3. Sarah-S-b. 1791, d. 1860.
    Line of Samuel: 1. Abel (Jane Painter)-O? 2. Lair D. (____ Harper). 3. Samuel-W. 4. John-Tex.
    Line of William: Cain (Sarah Harper) b. 1804, d. 1870* -N-F-ch- K James (Polly A. Bible)- b. - n. M. S. 2. Samuel (Mary F. Mouse)-Barbour. 3. John (Rebecca Dean) b. 1830. 4. Philip (Sarah A. Harper). 5. Susan- d. 6. Amos (Mary Barclay). 7. Rachel (Isaac P. Boggs- b. 1846.
    Br. of John: 1. Samuel C. (Susan C. Raines). 2. Benjamin F. 3. Evan J.-twin to Benjamin F. 4. David A. 5. -. Phoebe J. (James P. Davis). 6. Mary (Joseph A. Huffman). 7. Ida B. (William Bible). 8. Emma-d. 9. John W. (Nancy Lanham, Upshur)-Elkins. 10. Anne (Benjamin W. Cooper, Rph)*
    Br. of Amos: Sarah A. (John Kisamore, Rph)* 2. Jasper (Mollie Hevener, Rph)* 3. Elizabeth (George Hevener, Rph)* 4-5. boys-dy,
    Br. of James: John A. (Rebecca Harman), Amos (Ettie Long), Cain (Maud Arbogast), Phoebe J. (Elijah Vance), Sarah C. (Wesley Vance), Hannah (Josiah Kisamore), Clark (Cora Hartman).
    Line of Jason: Robert, William, Jesse (Mary Davis).
    Unp. 1. Mary A. (John Davis)-d. 1828. 2. John (Catharine Miller) m. 1824.
    The older Morrals left the South Fork early in the last century. William sold to John Evick in 1801. Lair D. was county clerk of Barbour.

Mowrey. George (____ ____)-ch?-1. Henry (Catharine Sheets) m. 1796. 2, George (Elizabeth Puffenbarger) m. 1804-Crummett's Run. 3. Leonard (Susan Knicely) below Oak Flat. 4. Susan b. 1785. 5. Rachel (Anthony N. Mowrey).
    Br. of Leonard: 1. William (Matilda Cassell, Josephine Mitchell?). 2. Anthony (Rachel Mowrey). 3. Jenny (Nathan Day) b. 1805. 4. Kate-d. 5. George-d.
    Ch. of William: 1. Mahala J. 2. Sarah A.-S. 3. Henry -k. 4. John (W.)* 5. David (Malinda Miller)-Ind. 6. Mary E. (Harmon Dean). 7. Marshall (Ind.)*
    Br. of Anthony N.; 1. Barbara b. 1838. 2. Rebecca (Adam Clayton). 3, Leonard (____ Harman, Cynthia Custard) b. 1842. 4. John M. (Md.)*-k. 5. George 6. Abel (Rachel Malcolm)-Rph. 7. Delilah J. (John Graham). 8. Allen-dy.
    (B) John (____ ____)-ch.-John (Nannie Dean) m. 1811.
    (C) David C. (Margaret Shreve)-ch.-Oliver, Samuel J., Dayton, Jesse, Grace E. (dy), Isom, inf. (dy).

Moyers. Peter (____ ____) d. 1795-ch.-1. Peter-k. by powder explosion 1804. 2. George. 3. Martin (Sarah Hammer) m. 1804, d. 1840-Hld. 4. Philin (Christina Lemon)-m. 1805. 5. Lewis (Mary Rexroad)-b. 1790. 6. Jacob (Kate Rexroad-d. 1850)*
    Line of Martin: Elizabeth (Jotham Prine), Polly (Joseph Lane), Catharine (Jesse P. ) Frances (Salisbury Trumbo), Margaret, Susan, James, Samuel.
    Line of Lewis: 1. Lewis (Julia R. Propst) b. 1829-B-T. 2. Martin (Elizabeth Harper ____)b. 1827-S-B. 3. James (____ Rexroad (____ Ritchie. 4. Peter (Sarah Moyers-b. 1833 -Ritchie. 5. Harmon (Melinda Simmons)-W.-T. 6. Samuel (Mary A. Simmons)-W-T. 7. Sidney (Adam Hammer) -Ritchie. 8. Sarah (Peter Simmons).
    Br. of Lewis: Calvin (Lucinda J. Rexroad), Martha (William Waggy), Lewis, (Margaret Pitsenbarger), James (dy), John (Phoebe Harper), Marshall (Dora Michael), William (Carrie Propst,) Pinkney (k. by lightning), Jennie (Wesley Sinnett), Floyd (Florence Sinnett).
    Ch. of Calvin: Verdie, David L., Nettie E., Roy L., Homer G.
    Ch. of John: Kenny (teacher).
    Ch. of Marshall: Ida, Cora, Phoebe, Sarah, Mattie, James, Edward, Lee, Oscar (boy dy).
    Br. of Martin: Martin-1. Samuel (Ida Moyers). 2. Peter J. (Alice Simmons). 3. Phoebe J. (Jasper Simmons). 4. Marion (Florence Simmons). 5. William L. (Zadie Judy)- Moyers Gap. 7-8 inf. (dy.)
    Br. of Harmon: Valeria J. (b. 1842), Martha, Marshall, Mary E., (b. 1848).
    Br. of Samuel: Addison (b. 1840), Catharine, Sidney, Morgan, Mahala (b. 1850).
    Line of Jacob: 1. Cain (Rebecca Simmons)-b. Nov. 10, 1810. 2. Marian-b. 1812-S. 3. Margaret-dy. 4. Henry (Sarah Eye)-b. Mar. 10, 1816. 5. Millie (Elijah Taylor, Va.)-Pa. 6. Levi (Delilah Smith)-b. 1822, d. 1895. 7. Phoebe-S. 8. Julia A. (George Simmons). 9. Solomon (Elizabeth Simmons). 10. Kate (Samuel Hammer). 11. Harmon (Sarah A. Smith, Annie Harper). 12. Elizabeth (Henry Varner). 13. Washington (Sarah Zickafoose).
    Br. of Cain: Susan (Job Hartman)-b. 1833. 2. Leah (Emanuel Simmons). 3. Peyton. 4. Phoebe A. (John Lambert). 5. Margaret (Harvey Lambert).
    Br. of Henry: 1. George W. (Mary Rexroad) b. 1848. 2. Jacob (Rebecca Harold, Simmons) -Rph. 3. Reuben (Lucy Smith)-Poca. 4. Markwood (Annie Waybright) Hunting Ground. 5. Addison (Addie Zickafoose, Susan Nelson). 6. Charles (Mary Kile)-Rhp. 7. Mary (Calvin Barclay). 8. Ellen (Ephraim Waybright). 9. Zadie (Edward Monness). 10. Regamia (Washington Helmick). 11. Amanda (Aaron Rexroad).
    Br. of Levi: John (Jennie Ruddle), Alberta, Conrad (Sarah Nelson), Charles (Lura Judy), Lucy (James Moyers), Mattie (Samuel Richard), Valeria (Edward Mauzy), Virginia. Br. of Solomon:-James E. (Lucy Moyers)-merchant - Fin. 2. John (Mary Zickafoose). 3. William (Mollie Simmons). 4. Timothy (Phoebe Bible) . 5. Ashby (Sarah Lough Emma Harper). 6. Mary J. (John Wilfong). 7. Sarah-dy.
    Br. of Washington: Mollie (David Varner), Lucy (Charles Sponaugle), Ida (William Jefferson, Shen. Val.).
Children of James E.-Luna (Emory McGlaughlin).
    Unp. 1. Jacob-1774. 2. Charlotte (John Fisher) m. 1810. 3. Jacob, Jr. (Polly Eckard) m. 1827. 4. Mary (George Michael) m. 1827. 5. John (Phoebe Varner) m. 1825.
    The Moyers connection is rather solidly massed along the upper South Branch and the Thorn valleys and includes some very industrious farmers.

Mozer. Job (Barbara Hartman) b. Nov. 9, 1811, d. Aug. 10, 1872-ch.-1. Morgan A.-S. 2. Mahala J. - S. 3. Amos M. (Phoebe J. Hartman) b. Oct. 30, 1831, d. July 3, 1908.
    Br. of Amos M. 1. Enoch G. 2. Rebecca E. (George W. Kessner). 8. Virginia E. (James A. Hevener). 4. Mary A. (George A. Lough).

Mullenax. (A) James (Mary Arbogast, m. 1785, Mary Yeager, m. 1795)-d. 1816-ch.-1. Abraham (____ Kile). By 2nd m.-2. William (Christina Vance, m. 1814-Nancy A. Murphy, m. 1825). 3. Jacob (Hannah Armentrout) m. 1814. 4. George (Elizabeth Lambert) m. 1817.
    Line of Abraham: 1. Conrad (Mary Dove)-W. 2. James (Pamela Murphy) b. 1806, d. 1858. 3. Salathiel (Catharine Grimes, m. 1829, Margaret Mullenax, m. 1881). 4. Abraham (Mary E. Mullenax). 5; Solomon (____ Nelson?)- Lewis? 6. Jacob (Margaret Nelson?) b. 1827?- Lewis? 7. Elizabeth (Eli Calhoun) m. 1834. 8. Margaret (Robert J. Nelson). 9. Mary-d.
    Br. of James: 1. John W. (Mary C. Judy) m. 1852. 2. William (Elizabeth Nelson) m. 1847. 3. Benjamin (Catharine Schrader)-W. 4. James (Susan Nelson, Elizabeth Phares, m. 1854)-Kas. 5. Sarah A. (Jacob Nelson).
    Ch. of John W.; Mary J. (Lemuel J. Bennett), Isaac J. (Rosetta Mullenax), John A., Thomas J. (Virginia Dove), Harness (dy), Martin (Rachel Teter), Virginia (Alonzo J. Gibson, Rph)*, Phoebe E. (Christopher Armentrout), Elizabeth (Eli Lambert, Charles Lantz, Rph)* Edward (Lottie Bible), Alpha (Martin Hartman).
Nearly all the ch. of John W. settled in Rph.
    C. of Isaac J.-Viola, Strickler J. (dy), Ada J. (Walter S. Brown, N. H.), Phoebe A. (dy), Levi (Curtis Fox), Etta, Mattie, John W., Bishop M., Charles E. V., Elva L.
    Br. of Salathiel: 1. Abraham (Mary E. Mullenax)-W. 2. Charity M. (Noah Teter) m. 1855. 3. Catharine (Abra ham Helmick, Tkr)* 4. Isaac (Lucinda Teter, Tkr)* 5. Jacob (Ann R. Simmons Calhoun).
    Line of William: 1. Elizabeth (Abel Long, Rph)*. 2. Ruhama (Nathan Wimer) m. 1844. 3. Joseph (Abigail Phares) b. 1814, m. 1840. 4. Edward (Winifred Calhoun, (Mary Mowrey). 5. William (Sarah Calhoun) m. 1859. 6. Henry (Elizabeth Vance Wimer). 7. Christina (Daniel Waybright) m. 1848. 8. Mary (Solomon Vance) m. 1852. 9. Lucinda (Adam Gun, Hid)*. 10. Abraham-k. by fall at 15*. 11. Susan (Henry Wyant). 12. James (Susan Lawrence Bland). 13. Martha-S.
    Br. of Joseph: Conrad (b. 1842), George A., Sarah C.
    Br. of Edward: Annie C. (Amby Harper), Elizabeth (Jefferson D. Rexroad. Hld)*, Mary J. (Matthew Potter, Hld), William J. (Annie Waybright), James E. (Sarah E. Moyers), Martha D. (Sylvester Nelson), Emma (Norval High), girl (dy). William (Mary Mowrey). By 2nd m.-Claude, John E. (Nora Rexroad)- Manassas, Ernest (Nettie Simmons) - Manassas.
    Ch. of James E.; Maud E., Luther E., Edith E., Lula M., Elizabeth, Arley, Roland, Mabel (dy).
    Line of Jacob: 1. George (Sarah Simmons). 2. John (Rachel Rexroad) m. 1837. 3. Catharine (George Vandeventer) -Va.
    Line of George: 1. James (Phoebe Zickafoose) m. 1842. 2. Mary (Lewis Rexroad, Ritchie)*. 3. Oliver (Christina Chew, Hid). 4. Melinda (Noah Rexroad, Ritchie)*. 5. Martha (Daniel Waybright). 6. Cassandra (James W. Chew, Hid)*. 7. Lucinda (David Kinkead, Hid)*.
    Br. of James: Asbury (dy), George (Susan Colaw), Green B. (Ida Taylor), Osborne (Ritchie Co.)*.
    Br. of Oliver: Clark (Sarah Fitzwater, Hid), Mary (Isaac Waybright).
    (B). Samuel (Charity Colaw)-Jackson's River-ch.- 1. William (Margaret Bird, Hid). 2. Mary E. (Abraham Mullenax). 3. Margaret (Salathiel Mullenax). 4. Mary-d. 5. Samuel (Matilda Wimer)-b. 1816, d. 1879-C. D.
    Br. of Samuel: Mary J. (B. Frank Nelson), Sylvanus W. (Susan M. Fleisher, Hid), Sarah E. (Amos Nelson), Sidney F. (William Nelson), Lucy A. (Philip P. Nelson), Matilda M. (dy), Arbelia (Samuel Nelson), Eliza V. (Isaac Harper); by 2nd m.-Robert (Kate Sponaugle), Pearlie (John A. Lambert, Gilbert Lambert).
    Ch. of Sylvanus W.; Josie E. (Charles Phares), Ottie (dy), Cora B., Frances O., Jessie, Nora B., Beulah, Jenifer.
    Unp. 1 John (Mary Mongold) m. 1800, d. 1815*-ch.- Jane (____ Cartwright), James, Archibald. All went West.

Mumbert Jacob (Margaret ) d. 1815-ch.-1. George (Catharine Heffner, m. 1810, Catharine Blizzard) b. 1785, d. 1870-Sweedland. 2. Anna (James Davis) m. 1817. 3. Elizabeth (Jacob Wise?) m. 1819. 4. Mary (Thomas Harrison) m. 1817. 5. John (Mary Hiser) m. 1818. 6. Catharine.
    Br. of George: l. John (Ruth Blizzard). 2. Jacob (Grant)* 3. Aaron d. 4. Joseph (G'brier)* 5. Nathan (Hannah Rosenbarger, Shen). 6. Jesse-k. 7. Margaret. 8. Mary (Mortimer Davis). By 2nd m.-9. William-k. 10. Sarah A. (Grant)*
    Ch. of John: Joseph W. (b. 1836, k). Hannah E. (Washington Kuykendall)-b. 1838. Letitia J., Sarah C. George W. (Martha Mumbert), Jesse P. (Asenath Nesselrodt, Polly May).
    C. of George W.; Benjamin (Va)*, Joseph A., Charles (d) Dewitt (d).
    C. of Jesse P.; Rebecca (Charles Nesselrodt), Rosa, Grover E.
    Ch. of Nathan: Martha (George Mumbert), Rebecca (John Trumbo), Joseph (Sarah A. Free).

Murphy. Walter (____ Poston, Md.)-N-F.-ch.-1. Sarah (Henry George). 2. Pamela (James Mullenax). 3. boy (___ ___).
The son left a child, Isaiah (who was reared by Walter). Isaiah (Elizabeth Strawder, Nancy Lambert) b. May 25. 1815, d. Feb 11, 1902-carpenter and wheelright-C'ville- ch.-By 2nd m.-1. Logan J. 2. Sarad E. (Elias Lambert). 3. Emilias (William C. Lambert, Solomon Hinkle). 4. Eliza J. 5. Warwick N. (Louisa J. Moyers)-Fin. 6. John R. (Martha S. Lambert). 7. Mowney V. James B. Waybright). 8. Isaac J. (Mary E. Lambert)-homestead. 9. Una H.-dy.
    Br. of Warwick N. l. Cain (Susan Hedrick). 2. Mollie (Green B. Vandeventer). 3. Nancy-dy. 4. Isaiah (____ ____). 5. Phoebe A. d. 6. John. 7. Grover.
    Br. of John R. Delia, Bennie (Vadie Mullenax), Laura (Eli A. Lambert), Forsie (James B. Waybright), John (dy), Lettie, Eva, 3 others (dy).
    Br. of Isaac J. Dorothy (Noah S. Hoover), Okey (d), Anne (Hugh H. Lambert), Bertha (Arthur Rexroad), Michael (dy), Veda (Jay Bennett), J. Peyton, Margaret, Isaac E. Forrest, 2 boys (dy).
    Unp. 1. Gabriel-1788. 2. John (Anna? Daggs)-m. 1803. 3. Sarah (Charles Mick) -m. 1821. 4. ____ (Elizabeth J. ____). 5. Anne (William Mullenax) m. 1825. Ch. of 4.-Logan J. (b. 1848). Sarah E., Mary S. Stearns)

Pendleton County West Virginia AHGP

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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