Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Painter ~ Puffenbarger

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Painter. (A.) John (Sarah ____)-ch?-1. John (Elizabeth Sailor)-m. 1799. 2 others.
    Br. of John jr?-1. John (Barbara ____)-Trout Run. 2. Jane (Abel Morral)-m. 1826.
    (B.) Jacob (Sidney Phares)-m. b. 1822* d. 1895-from Rkm-N-F-ch.-1. Thomas J. (Cora J. Smith)-S.-B. 2. William A. (Cella Judy)-Tkr. 3. Anne (James Hinkle). 4. John (Belle Vance, Rosanna Harper). 5. Eliza-dy. 6. Noah (Catharine Sites)-Seneca. 7. Edward-d. 8. Frank (W)*-la. 9. Isaac (W)-la. 10. James (____ Mallow, Isabel Hedrick).
    Unp. Reese-1801.
    Ch. of Thomas J. Eva K. (dy), Charles O., Jessie W., Walter S., Thomas W., Nellie C.

Payne. Thomas F. (Mary A. Lough)-b. 1810* d. 1880*- ch-1. George W. (Christina Elyard)-Mo. 2. William (W)* 3. James V. (Catharine Elyard)-S-F. 4. Solomon S. (Rannie Blagg, Va.)-0. 5. Louisa F. (John Hiser. 6. Martha J. (William H. Lough). 7. Susan H. (James Skidmore, John Kiser). 8. Mary M.-Fin. 9. America L. Ch. of James V.-Christina, Annie (____ Guthrie), Dora, Mary, Ella, William C.
    (B.) John D. (Rebecca Harper)-of Va.-came before 1860 -N-F.-ch.-Robert (Phoebe Lewis), Susan (Frank Davis), Edna (George B. Harper), Jacob (dy).
    Unp. George (Jane Conrad).

Pennington. Richard (Eleanor ____)-1792-C-D-ch.- 1. Richard (Mary Bennett). 2. Priscilla (Thomas Davis) -m. 1792. 3? Barbara-1798. 4? William (Christina Mace)-m. 1814-b. 1802, d. 1891-C'ville.
    Line of Richard:-1. Samson (Mary Montony)-b. 1802, d. 1891-C'ville. 2. Ellen (Adam Hedrick.) 3. Vinson (Rph).* 4. John (Rph).* 5. Solomon (Rph).* 6. Jesse (Fayette).* 7. married daughters (out).
    Br. of Samson: 1. Solomon (____ Davis, Rkm)-Va. 2. Samson (Emma J. Porter). 3. Almira (Peter Arbogast)- Grant. 4. Mary (Philip Phares). 5. Charity (Nathaniel Sponaugle).
    Ch. of Samson:-Dyer (Rebecca A. Ketterman, Julia Vandeventer, Barbara J. Bennett)-shoemaker-C'ville. 2.
Sarah A. (Sylvanus Vandeventer). 3. Letcher-dy. C. of Dyer:-Lula (George Arbaugh), Ostella (Robert B. Bennett), Ola S. (Ota K. Judy). By 2nd m.-Ora S.
    Unp. Priscilla (Thomas Whitecotton).

Pennybacker. Isaac S. ( )-b. Sep. 6, 1805, d. Jan 12, 1847,-ch.-1. Isaac S. (Susan Funk, Rkm)-Fin. 2. Edmund S. ( Van Pelt, Rkm)-Washington, D. C. Br. of Isaac S.-Annie (Newton Neff, Rkm), Mary L., William (Eve Davis), Preston (Bessie Lambert), Thomas, Kate, Courtney, Minnie.
    Isaac S., Sr. was an attorney and judge, and died while serving as United States senator from Va. Edmund S. was an attorney and editor prior to his removal from Franklin.

Phares. 1. Solomon (Elizabeth Vandeventer) b. Jan 27, 1780, d. Nov. 24, 1862. 2. Elizabeth (Joel Teter)-b. 1784, d. 1869. 3. Johnson-O. 4. Elijah (Elizabeth Thompson) m. 1810-Ind. 5. Uriah (Barbara Judy) m. 1816. 6. Ambrose (Kate Wimer, ____ ____). 7. Robert (Susan Wimer) b. 1796. 8. Rebecca (Nathaniel Strother) m. 1819. 9. Isaac (Delilah Hinkle) m. 1820.
    Line of Solomon: Jacob (Sarah ____, Annie McDonald Teter) b. 1812. 2. Washington-k. 3. Adam (Phoebe Harper) b. May 22, 1818, d. Mar. 7, 1907-homestead. 4. Noah (Kate Phares)-Mo. 5. Solomon (Mary A. Bouse) b. 1824. 6. Sylvanus (Sarah Vandeventer). 7. Sidney (Cain Hinkle). 8. Elizabeth (Laban Teter). 9. Selinda (James Mauzy).
    Br. of Adam: Elizabeth (James Mullenax) b. 1842, John (Eve Teter)-Okla., Phoebe J. (Joshua Day), Sarah C. (Clark Bennett), Eli P. (Elizabeth Cook), Mary S. (dy), Sidney E., Adam H. (Rebecca Simmons). Louisa (Leonard Propst), Melissa A. (Isaacs. Strawder,)-Kas., Jacob K. (d.) Ch. of Adam H.-Charles B. (Lucy E. Mullenax).
    Line of Ambrose: 1. Robert B. (Sarah Phares)-b. 1821. 2. Philip (Sarah Lawrence)-b. 1823. 3. Adonijah (____ Wimer, Hid) -la. 4. George W. (____ Teter)-Ind. 5. Selinda (Wesley Hinkle). 6. Susan (Enos Hinkle). 7. Kate (Josiah Lawrence). 8. Elizabeth A. (Philip Sponaugle). 9. Sarah ?-d.
    Br. of Robert B.: 1. Ambrose B. (Susan Phares). 2. Robert (Martha Hinkle). 3. Noah (Mary Judy)-Kas. 4. Solomon (Alice Harper)-Poca. 5. Samuel (Emily Teter) Tex. 6. Susan (Kenny Judy). 7. Jacob-Kas.
    Ch. of Ambrose B.-Tirah M. (Cora Grady), Fletcher, Maud.
    Ch. of Robert: Blanche (Luther Gaines), Bessie (Clay Teter), Curtis (in Va.), Ernest (in O.).
    Ch. of Samuel: William (Bertha Bland), Eve (____ Lambert, Poca.)*
    Br. of Philip: 1. Ambrose-d. 2. Sarah C. (James W. Johnston). 3. Elizabeth M. (Jacob Hinkle)-Ind. 4. Ursula (Adam Bennett). 5. Ruhama D. (Adam H. Judy, George W. Helmick). 6. Annie R. (Noah H. Judy, Rymer Calhoun).
    Line of Robert: 1. George A. (Catharine Bennett). 2. Abigail (Joseph Mullenax). 3. Kate (Noah Phares). 4. Margaret (George Fraley). 5. Philip A. (Elizabeth Judy)- S. V. 6. Jacob (Emily Hinkle)-S. V. 7. Robert (Phoebe J. Waybright)-Neb. 8. Susan (Samuel Woods-S. V.)
    Br. of George A. Abigail (George Simmons Jr). Elizabeth J. (James C. Lambert), Susannah (Ambrose B. Phares), Catharine (William H. Rymer), Patrick H. (Almeda Harper), Benjamin (Eliza Hinkle), Rebecca A. (Michael Mauzy), Martha (dy), Mary (Jacob Harper).
    Ch. of Patrick H.-Roy, May.
    Ch. of Benjamin: Cleta, Martha, Beulah, Margie.
    Line of Isaac:-Miloway (Catharine ____)-b. 1828-W. 2. Cullom. 3. Sarah (Aaron Day). 4. William (Martha A. Mallow)-b. 1839. 5. Sidney (Jacob Painter). 6. Mary (____ Davis). 7. Martha (John Rexroad)-b. 1845.
    Unp. 1. Robert (Susannah Morris) m. 1795-Leading Cr. 2. John-1781. 3. Sarah (Paul Teter) m. 1826. 4. Christina (Reuben Teter) m. 1807. 5. William (Martha A. Mallow. 6. Margaret (Eber Teter) b. 1813, d. 1889-Ind. 7. Elizabeth (Eli Teter) m. 1834. 8. George N. (Mary Teter) b. 1815, d. 1861-Ind. 9. Robert (____ ____)-  ch. Catharine (Noah Phares)-Miloway.

Pitsenbarger. Abraham (Mary Cowger-m. 1795-ch.- 1. John (Rachel Propst) b. 1797-homestead. 2. Jacob (Catharine Simmons) -b. 1800- Ia. after 1850. 3. Peter. 4. Abraham. 5. William. 6. Elizabeth (Nicholas)* Abraham Sr. and all his family but John and Jacob went to Nicholas.
    Line of John: 1. George W. (Sidney Waggy) b. 1824. 2. John (Elizabeth Propst b. 1828. 3. Elizabeth E.-dy. 4. Abraham. 5. Harrison (Christina Mitchell, Margaret Rexroad) b. 1834-B-T. 6. Sarah.-S. 7. Benjamin (Phoebe J. Propst). 8. Rachel A.-d.
    Br. of George W.-Valeria (William Wimer), John. Harrison (Hannah Rexroad), Sarah (Wesley Wimer), Rachel (Wellington Peck), Benjamin (Mary Dickenson), Sidney (John Shrader).
    Br. of John: Ananias J. (Susan V. Dahmer), Abel H. ( Propst)-O., Josephine (Frank Fultz), James M. (Frances Dove), Rachel (Anderson Propst), Jane, John A. (Mary A. Propst), Clemm A. (Clara Eye), Columbia C. (Philip Rader), Charles W. (Jennie Hevener).
    Br. of Harrison: Elizabeth A., Amanda M. (Lewis Moyers), William P., John W., James H. (Elizabeth J. Propst), Huldah M. (Arthur L. Leach), Peter O., Christina (Isaac Bowers). By 2nd m.-Florence, Albert.
    Br. of Benjamin: Martha F. (George O. Simmons), William M. (Phoebe M. Hoover), John (Margaret McQuain), Louisa (Ambrose Rexroad), Mary A. (Hid)*, James P. (Amanda J. Simmons), Chapman (Emma Holt, (Hid)*,
    Ch. of William M.-James H., Janie F., William O., Benjamin C Vesta, Theodore, Myrtie C.
    Unp. 1. Jacob (Margaret Butcher) m. 1792. 2. Elizabeth (John Moats) m. 1792.
The pioneer Pitsenbarger bought the Nicholas Emick farm.

Pope. Peter (Tabitha? Yoakum)-ch.-l. John (Jemima Randall, b. 1789, d. 1857)-b. June 29, 1791, d. May 24, 1867- homestead. 2. Kate (Jacob Wanstaff).
    Line of John: Amelia-b. 1817, d. 1854. 2. Peter (Margaret Brake) b. 1818-homestead. 3. Jacob R. (Hdy)* b. 1821, d. 1854. 4. John W. (Asenath Randall). 5. Ruth T. (Wesley T. Newham, Rkm) b. 1826. 6. Mary C. (Hdy)* 7. Erasmus A. (Rebecca Bailey, Hdy., Rebecca Cowger, O) -Ia. 8. Henry W. (Ann R. Brake)-part of homestead. 9. Harvey D. (O.)* 10. George L. (Susan Cowger) b. April 30, 1839-n. Ft. S. 11. William A. (Elizabeth Hertzler, O.) -Hdy.
    Br. of Peter: l. Margaret J. (James Temple). 2. Leonard M. (Vesta Trumbo)-merchant-Doe Hill. 3. Martha R. (Rkm)* 4. Emeline (Robert Eye). 5. Jackson L. (Amanda Eye)-homestead.
    Ch. of Jackson L.-Mattie S., Forrest, William M., Elva L., Harry.
    Br. of Henry W.-1. Laura A. (Henry T. Cowger). 2. Melissa J. 3. Margaret A. (Philbert Hoover). 4. Nettie. 5. Ira S. (Nora Cowger). 6. Stella S. 7. Carson W. (Emma Belt, Md.)-Washington, D. C. 8. Fletcher L.-teacher, law graduate.
    Br. of George L.; 1. William F. (Mary Dice)-Rkm. 2. Martha A. (George Christ, Rkm)* 3. Alvin L. (Jane Trumbo). 4. John F. (Carrie Simpson)-Rkm. 5. Sarah M. (William Propst). 6. Jesse D. (Mabel White, out). 7. L. Texie-dy. 8. Mary J. (Aldine Mitchell). 9. Henry C. (Sarah J. Hedrick)-Davis. 10. George E. (Ida Eye.) IL Dora.

Powers. William (Louisa B. Hedrick Harman)-of Rph - n. Macksville-ch.-1. Charles (Rosa Harper)-Hdy. 2. Edward (Blanch Hedrick)-Hdy. 3. Annie (____ Willis, Hdy)* 4-5. Infs. (dy).
George W. (Nancy M. Hedrick) bro. to William-N-F- ch. Delpha.

Priest. James H. (Sarah Bader, Shen., b. 1814, d. 1885) b. Aug. 29, 1809, d. Jan. 21, 1877-ch.-1. Samuel P. (Mary Hinkle)-Fin. 2. Mary M. 3. Rebecca J. (Lewis Karrikoff, Rkm)-Hid. 4. Thomas H. 5. Frances M. (Phoebe C. Harper)-b. 1840, d. 1899. 6. James A. (Mary Dinkle, Rkm). 7. Julia C. 8. Sarah F.
    Ch. of Samuel P.-Sarah (Mason Boggs), Eva (Charles Sites-Kas., Paul R. (Kate Hopkins), Robert, Kate (Roy Campbell).

Propst. John M. (Catharine E. ____)-exempted 1774, d. 1785-ch.-1. Philip-d. 2. Daniel (Sophia Coplinger) d. 1780*-Dickenson Mtn. 3. Leonard (Catharine ____) d. 1822*-n. homestead. 4. Frederick (Barbara ____) d. 1801.-Winfield Propst's. 5. Michael (Mary C. Rexroad)- neighbor to Daniel-d. 1829. 6. Catharine E. (John Miller). 7. Elizabeth (John Cowger) m. 1785. 8. Mary E. (Henry Huffman). 9. Henry (Mary Crummett, Barbara Eye, m. 1797) b. 1779*, d. 1863*, at 94-but these dates are probably of another Henry.
     Family of Daniel: 1. Ann E. (Frederick Keister) m. 1793. 2. Henry (____ Propst). 3. John (____ Coplinger?). 4. Barbara (William Hoover). 5. Eva C. (George Hevener) b. 1782.
     Line of Henry: Henry (Barbara Eye) m. 1797, d. 1820, Daniel (Helena? Propst), William (Lucinda Eye), Solomon, Sarah, Barbara (b. 1803, d. 1890), Polly (Henry Propst), Sophia E. (b. 1810, d. 1890).
     Line of John: Mary (Henry Dickenson), Dorothy (John P. Daggy), Levi, (?) James (Martha Kiser).
    Family of Leonard: 1. Barbara (John Peninger) m. 1787. 2. Leonard (Elizabeth Ward) m. 1797. 3. Christian (Polly McGlaughlin) m. 1797. 4. Christina). 5. George (M___ ____ ) 6. Mary (____ Hevener). 7. Annis (Eli Keister). 8. John (Elizabeth Eye). 9. Sarah (Samuel Pullen) m. 1826.
    Line of George: 1? Mary (William Propst) b. 1785, d. 1859. 2. George (____ ____) b. 1806. 3. Jacob (Matilda____) b. 1808.
    Br. of George: Rachel (b. 1832), Samuel, Elizabeth, Daniel, George A.
    Br. of Jacob: Caroline (b. 1838), Joseph, Henrietta, Geo. W., Sarah M., Mahulda.
    Family of Frederick: 1. Catharine (James McQuain) m. 1793. 2. Sophia (Nicholas Hevener) m. 1795. 3. Jacob (Rachel Crummett) m. 1792. 4 John (Margaret Naile) m. 1795-W. Va. 5. Henry (Mary Propst, Rkm) m. 1796, d. 1820. 6. Mary (Henry Propst). 7. Christina (George Mitchell) m. 1800. 8. William (Mary Propst) b. 1780* d. 1806-Braxton. 9. George F. (Elizabeth Propst) b. 1782?, d. 1860. 10. Michael (Mary Rexroad) b. 1782, d. 1853. 11. Daniel (Sophia Eye) b. 1785, d. 1850.
    Line of Jacob: 1. Jacob (Esther Wagoner) m. 1820-wid. and family went to Tenn. 2. Reuben (Sidney Hoover) b. 1797, d. 1859. 3. John J. (Elizabeth Propst) b. 1806. 4. Lewis (Christina Bowers) b. 1808, d. 1868. 5. William (Eliza Swadley, Malinda Rexroad) b. Nov. 28, 1811, d. Nov. 28, 1887-captain. 6. Elizabeth (Samuel Hevener). 7. Barbara (Lewis Wagoner) m. 1818). 8. Sarah (George Propst). 9. Mary (Valentine Swadley) b. 1806. 10. Henry (Susannah Propst?) b. 1814, d. 1898-Aug.
    Br. of John J.-Chapman (b. 1831). Laban H. (Magdalena Propst) b. 1833, Reuben H., Philip, Henry D., Valentine P., Robert (Martha Blizzard), Lavina R.
    Ch. of Laban H. Harvey (Alice Simmons), Harriet (Frank Nicholson), Catharine (Floyd Mitchell), Florence (Jacob Mitchell), Philip (Ida Propst).
    Br. of Lewis: 1. Rachel S.-d. of burn at 10* 2. Mahulda (Ia)* 3. Margaret H. (Isaac Hoover) b. 1844. 4. Jacob W. (Polly A. Hoover). 5. Naomi. 6. Hannah S. 7. Anderson. 8. Letcher-left at 14. 9. Sarah A. (W.)*
    Br. of William: Edward H. (Lydia Propst)-b. 1838-Ia. By 2nd m.-Joanna (William Martin), Margaret (Jacob Propst), Sabina (Zachariah Bowers), Polly A., Jacob, 2 infs. (dy).
    Line of George F. l. Leonard. 2. George (Sarah Propst) b. 1800, d. 1861. 3. John (Sarah Stoutermoyer, Aug.) b. 1801. 4. Henry (Susan Propst). 5. Jonas (Susan Propst). 5. William (Sarah Bowers)-b. 1807, k. by log 1860. 7. Jacob (Lizzie McGlaughlin) b. 1814. 8. Elizabeth (Jacob Stoutermoyer, bro. to Sarah)-Aug.* 9. Daniel (Mary Propst) b. 1820, d. 1897.
    Br. of John: Elizabeth (John Pitsenbarger) b. 1832, Julia A. (Lewis Moyers).
    Br. of Henry: Elizabeth (Ang Dever), Joshua (Phoebe Rexroad), Nellie (William Metheny), Amelia (William Eye). Eliza (Jacob Miller)-Rkm, Sarah (Noah Propst), Susan.
    Br. of Jonas: Cena, Naomi, Appalina.
    Br. of William: Jonas.
    Br. of Jacob: Ami (Polly Eye), Laban (Rkm)*, Jonas (Sarah Nelson)-Rkm., Margaret, Angeline (Wesley Cave) -Rkm*, Sarah A. ( Price, Rkm)*.
    Br. of Daniel: Elizabeth J., Hannah, George L. (Sarah Simmons), Leonard S. (Louisa Phares), Conrad, Frank, Edward H. (Dorothy M. Bowers).
    Line of Daniel: 1. William (Christina Waggy) b. 1817 -Dahmer P. O. 2. Elias (Sarah Eye)-Ia., 1870* 3. Daniel (Lavina Swadley) b. 1825. 4. Frances (Daniel C. Stone). 5. Barbara d. 6. Melinda (Mark Swadley). 7. Polly (John Kiser). 8. Sarah (George Propst). 9. Elizabeth (John Propst). 10. Alice (Jonn Waggy).
    Br. of William: Lewis (Henrietta Propst) b. 1839 - homestead, Harrison (dy), Rolandes (Martha Eckard), William W. (Catharine Simmons), John W. (Susan Mitchell), Phoebe J. (Benjamin Pitsenbarger), Malinda (d), Frances (Frank Eye), Martha J. (Solomon Simmons).
    Ch. of Lewis. Clara M. (Samuel Mitchell), Joseph H. (Barbara Sponaugle), Malinda F. (Ephraim A. Wimer), Lewis M. (Mary Simmons), John T. (Amelia Propst)-Hld, Lavina L. (John Propst), Jacob A. (Magdalena Propst), William B. (Emma J. Wimer), Hendron (Frances Propst), Cleveland (Rebecca Hedrick), Albert T.
    Ch. of William: Pleasant (Kate McQuain), Harrison (Attie E. Newcomb), Robert (Hid)-Poca, Charles, Mary A. (John Pitsenbarger), Sylvester.
    Br. of Michael: 1. Adam (Hld)-W. 2. Michael (Hld) -W. 3. Henry (Mary Propst). 4. William-b. 1807, d. 1860. 5. Allie (Daniel Propst). 6. Barbara (Joshua Bodkin). 7. Frances (Eli Hoover). 8. Leah (Peter Mithcell). 9. Annie (Adam Hoover)-Ia.
    Br. of Henry: Henry (Dorothy Hively), Sarah, Daniel (Allie Propst), Sophia, Barbara, George (Phoebe Bowers), Solomon (b. 1829, d. 1860), William (Lucinda Eye), Mary (Henry Propst).
    Ch. of Henry: Mary M. (Lewis H. Propst), Susannah (Michael Bowers), Hannah M. (Seneal Rexroad), 2 infs. (dy).
    Ch. of Daniel: Henry N. (Rachel Dickenson), Mary, Delilah (John Eye), Michael S., Daniel F. (Barbara M. Hoover) -shoemaker, Frances, Sophia (Cain Blizzard), Helena, Barbara.
    Br. of George: Lucy A., Henry H. ( ), David D., Sarah.
    Br. of Adam: Levi (Kate Eckard), Jacob (Jane Vint) Aug., Appaline (George Propst), Barbara (John Eye), Mary (Daniel Propst)-b. 1827.
    Ch. of Levi: Jacob (____ Varner), Henry H. (____ Schmucker), William A.-k., Mary, F., Sarah E., Elizabeth, Eunice, (Washington Bodkin).
    Family of Michael: John M. (E___ ____ ), Catharine (Sebastian? Rader), Elizabeth (____ Wood), Barbara (John Miller) m. 1787.
    Line of John M: Susannah (Henry Propst) b. 1814, d. 1898, Elizabeth.
    Family of Henry: 1. David (Magdalena Wagoner) b. 1782, d. 1861-Robert Eye's. 2. Samuel (Aug.)* 3. Jackson. 4. Joseph (Hld)* b. 1792, d. 1872. 5. Elizabeth. By 2nd m.-6. Jonas-unkn. 7. Jacob (Kate E. Hively)-homestead. 8. John (Elizabeth Hoover) b. 1803, d. 1876. 9. George (Sarah Propst, Sarah Hoover). 10. Barbara. 11. Mary. 12. Elizabeth.
    Line of David: Mary (Henry Propst) b. 1801, d. 1876. 2. Sophia C. 3. Esther (Abraham Lough) b. 1815, d. 1898.
    Line of John: 1. Noah (Susannah Bright) b. 1835- homestead. 2. William L. (Sarah Eye). 3. Valentine-k. 4. Abel-k. 5. Sarah-d. 6. Samson-d. 7. Helena-dy. 8. Martin (Melinda Whistleman Joseph)-0. 9. Morgan (Amanda Hoover). 10. John A. 11-12. girls-dy.
    Br. of William L.; Isaac (Octavia Bowers), Perry (dy), Amanda (dy).
    Ch. of Isaac: Jasper, 3 infs. (dy).
    Unp. 1. George Peter (____ ____) d. 1792. 2. Daniel (Mary Streve) m. 1799. 3. John (Mary Hevener) m. 1803. 4. Sarah (George Keister). 5. Randall b. 1815. 6. Justus (Elizabeth ____) b. 1804. 7. Levi (Catharine ____) b. 1808. 8. Gabriel (____ ____). 9. Daniel (Ann E. Hawes) m. 1804, d. 1846. 10. George (Appaline Eye) m. 1792. 11. Henry (Nancy McQuain) m. 1792. 12. Jacob M. (Mary Rexroad?) b. 1782, d. 1861. 13. John (Mary Hevener). 14. Barbara (Jacob Conrad) m. 1808. 15. Barbara (Jacob Miller) m. 1820. 16. James (R ).
    Ch. of 1: Eve (Jacob Bushong), others.
    Ch. of 2: Elizabeth (John Propst, Jr.) b. 1809, d. 1860.
    Ch. of 16: Reuben (Sidney ____) b. 1798, d. 1859.
    Ch. of Gabriel: George (Sarah ____) b. 1808.
    The pioneer Propst willed 100 acres to his son Henry and 20 pounds ($66.67) to each of his three daughters. His son Philip was the first person to be buried in the yard of the oldest church in Pendleton. The inventory of the property of Frederick, who died in 1801, amounted to $2,321.80. The sons mostly remained around the original homestead, the locality being known as "Propstburg". The dispersion of the family has been chiefly southward and westward, the connection being especially numerous between the upper courses of the South Branch and South Fork. The family furnished more soldiers to the Confederate army than any other in the county. Jacob and his son John J. were noted powder-makers in their day, and the product was considered of superior quality. The remains of one of the old mills is on the farm of Laban H. Propst. The Propst connection seem to fall within the lineage of John Michael, but some of the earlier dates do not appear harmonious. It may be that not all his sons are enumerated in his will, or that members of another and kindred family have mingled with the local stock.

Puffenbarger. George (Elizabeth ____) d. 1822-ch. 1. Peter (Sarah Pickle) b. 1776, d. 1850. 2. Esther (Daniel Rexroad). 3. George (____ Rexroad). 4. Christian (Mary Mitchell). 5. Elizabeth (George Mowrey) m. 1804. 6. John (Sarah ____). 7. Susannah (George Todd)-m. 1813. 8. Henry (Mary E. Hiser) b. 1791, d. 1858. 9. Sarah? (____ Wagoner) b. 1784, d. 1869.
    Line of Peter: 1. Henry (Frances Stone, Mary M. Eckard). 2. Joshua (____ Martin) Aug. 3. Adam-Hld. 4. Fry (Sarah E. ____) b. 1823. 5. Daniel (Susannah Snider). 6. Charlotte (____ Gragg, Hid)* 7. Elizabeth-S. 8. Christian (Louisa ____)-Lewis. 9. Sarah (Jonathan Smith) b. 1829. 10. Benjamin (Mary A. Hoover, Barbara Huffman) b. 1836.
    Br. of Henry: 1. Noah (Ann Dove). 2. Elizabeth (Hld)* 3. Harriet (Mordecai Simmons). 4. Amanda (Ambrose Lough)-Aug. 5. Amelia (John Graham). 6. others.
    Ch. of Noah: Margaret (Martin Smith), Mary (d), Riley, girl (____ Snider), Amy (Early Wilfong), William (dy), Ada.
    Br. of Fry: 1. Amos (Amanda Simmons) b. 1847. 2. Valeria S. (Noah Simmons). 3. Benjamin F. (Mary M. Snider). 4. Peter P. (Ruhama Crummett). 5. James (Eliza Hartman)-Rkm. 6. Pleasant. 7. Abraham (Susannah Simmons)-Bath. 8. Caroline (John Wilfong). 9. Mary J. (William Wilfong). 10. Catharine (Martin Simmons).
    Ch. of Benjamin F.; William H. (Mattie Mitchell), Pearlie, Melvin, Sylvester, (d), James C. (d), Nettie E. (d), Eliza J. (d), Laura (Luther Sibert), Rebecca L. (David Simmons), Tillman (Donna Mitchell).
    Ch. of Amos: Mattie, Sarah (Frank Rexroad), Emma, Etta, Peter H. (Sarah Todd), William, James (Christina Simmons).
    Ch. of Peter P.-Elizabeth J., Elva, Estelle, Alice, Granville, Jane (d).
    Br. of Benjamin: John F. (Annie Moats), George, boy (dy), Elizabeth (Wesley Puffenbarger), Louisa (Josephine Smith), Etta (d).
    Ch. of John F.-Mary M., Susan, Lydia P., Annie C, John F., James R., Albert H.
    Br. of Daniel: Daniel (Valeria Hoover), Washington (Phoebe J. Snider), Maria (Josiah Moats).
    Ch. of Daniel: Sarah (Wesley Simmons), John, Lavina, Nora, Lon.
    Ch. of Washington:-Lula, Ella.
    Line of Henry: Mary (b. 1818), Zebedee, George J., William (b. 1831), Jacob, Eliza, Sarah, Cain.
    Unp. 1. Henry (Frances ____) b. 1822*. 2. Dorothy (Edward D. Ruddle). 3. Eunice (David Hively). 4. Philip (Barbara A. ____) b. Feb. 9, 1811, d. Oct. 28, 1885. 5. James (Elizabeth ____) b. 1819. 6. Margaret. 7. Sarah (____ Wagoner) b. 1784, d. 1869.
    Ch. of 2: Samuel (Elizabeth Hoover, Hld)*, Joshua (Louisa Varner)-Lewis, Sarah (d), Mary (Jonathan Varner)-Tkr, William (Frances Simmons) b. 1847, Mallow Run, Solomon (Polly A. Smith).
    Ch. of William: 1. Mary E. (Clinton Leach, Mass.) 2. Stephen H. (Elizabeth Crummett)-Lutheran preacher, Va. 3. William J. (Daisy Puffenbarger).
    C. of Solomon: George, Henry, Estella, others.
    Ch of 4:-Sidney P. (b. 1845), George P.
    Ch. of 5: Mary M. (b. 1844), Martha J., Sarah L., Mary C.
    (B). Samuel (Susan Stone) b. 1820*. -ch. - 1. Elijah (Amanda Bowers) b. 1842. 2. Mary E. (Addison P. Todd). 3. Martha A. (Henry Hoover). 4. Elizabeth (Lewis Waggy). b. 1848. 5. Nellie (Benjamin Bodkin)-Rph. 6. Eliza (Taylor Bodkin)-Rkm. 7. John (Timnah Kiser)-B-T. 8. Thomas J. (Sarah F. Wilfong). 9. Hannah (John A. Snider). 10. Sarah (Daniel Eye). 11. George (Lizzie Rexroad, Emma Stone).
    Ch. of Elijah: John (Delia Propst), Jacob S. (Lou Mitchell), Mary (Rkm)*, Margaret, Harry, Susan, Jane (d, Cora (William Eye).
    Ch. of Thomas J.-Pearlie E., Cleda, Eliza, Ruth, Shirley, Margie, Gertrude, Mary, Caddie (dy), Arthur (dy).
    Ch. of George: James D. (____ ____), William O., Mattie (P Smith), Susan, Minnie, Effie, Frank, Jasper.

Pendleton County West Virginia AHGP

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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