Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Raines ~ Rymer

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Raines. James (Frances Thompson) b. 1776*, d. 1858- ch.-1. George (Susannah Bland)-b. Dec. 20, 1794, d. Nov. 7, 1856, m. 1820-n. Riverton. 2. Reuben (Margaret Malcolm, Rph)-Hdy. William (Abigail Judy) b. 1803-C'ville. 3. Gabriel (Margaret Lawrence)-Tkr. 4. Nancy (James Whitecotton). 5. Elizabeth (____ Malcolm). 6. Barnet (Susannah Tingler) m. 1819.
    Br. of George: 1. Tobias (Elizabeth Harper). 2. Morgan (Phoebe Bennett, Jennie Wilfong Nelson) b. Mar. 5, 1821-Big Run. 3. Eunice (William Leach). 4. Isaac (Mary Harman)-Ill. 5. Elizabeth (Michael H. Hinkle). 6. Mahala (Jacob Flinn). 7. Huldah (Jacob Stagle)-Ill. 8. George (Ill.)* 9. Mary (Peter Wimer). 10. Susan (John Borrer). 11. Sidney (Noah Stagle)-Ill. Sarah (Ill)* 12. Jacob (Ill.)*
    Ch. of Tobias: 1. Mary C. (Isaac Wimer). 2. Sarah (Isaac Hinkle). 3. Susan (Miles Tingler). 4. Martin (____ Hedrick)  k. by tree. 5. Ellice (William Vandeventer). 6. Rachel (James Clayton). 7. Christina (B___ Hedrick) 8. Virginia (John Thompson).
    C. of Martin: Patrick (Ida Hedrick, Laura Lambert), Kenny (Annie Nelson), Jack ( Bland), Edward, Howard, Lottie (Norman Sponaugle), girl: all in Rph.
    Ch. of Morgan: 1. Stewart (Ellen Judy Bennett, Lizzie Nelson, Elizabeth A. Lambert) b. 1847. 2. Huldah (Jacob Nelson). 3. Elizabeth (William Johnson). 4. Amanda A. -dy. 5. Harriet (James B. Dove). 6. James (Annie Eaton, la.)* 7. Watson (Delia Bland). 8-9 boys (dy).
    C. of Stewart: 4 (dy). By 2nd m.-Peachie (W A. Vint), Edward. By 3rd m.-Lillie (Adam Collins, Poca)*, Sylvia, Kenny, Fred, Walter, Kate, Martha, and Marshall (twins).
    C. of Watson: Sarah (Grover Warner), Phoebe J. (Grover Teter), Alice (Beach Lambert), Retta, Reddie, Robert, Frank.
    Br. of Barnet: 1. B. Ami (Amanda Hedrick). 2. Felix -W. 3. Adam (Catharine Turner) -d. 1860* 4. Catharine (John Wimer). 5. Melinda (Reuben Vance).
    Ch. of B. Ami: Miles (Eliza A. Barclay), Martha (George Lough), Joseph F. (Phoebe E. Sites), Frances (Abraham Helmick), Susan C. (Samuel C. Morral), Phoebe J. (William F. Kimble).
    C. of Miles: Carrie (Kenny Hedrick), Ida, Cena, Gertrude (John A. Sites), Pearl (Abraham L. Cunningham, Hazen.
    C. of Joseph F. William G. (Rosa Thompson)-Rph, Martin L. (Hester Biby), Ora G., John G., Ralph, Henry C, Brinton, Curtis, Denver, Zernie (dy), Fannie B. (dy).
    Ch. of Adam: 1. Susan E. (Henry V. Cunningham). 2. John W. (Henrietta Miley)-Tkr. 3. Sarah (dy). 4. Virginia (Evan C. Vance).

Ratliff. William (Malinda Yankee, Rkm)-ch.-1. Solomon (Phoebe Harman) b. 1833, d. 1874. 2. Elizabeth (Jacob Reel, Hdy).* 3. Mary E. (Elijah Whetsell, Rkm).* 4. Susan R. (Noah W. George). 5. Abel R. (Sarah C. Harman) -merchant-Grant. 6. Jacob P. (Minnie Barton, Rkm).* 7-11. Infs. (dy).
    Ch. of Abel R. Mary E. (Jacob Mangold), William V. (Virginia Riggleman), Kenny H. Unp. John (Mary Borrer) m. 1812. 2. Cynthia (John Borrer) m. 1811.

Rexroad. Zachariah (Catharine ____) d. 1799-ch.-1. George (Margaret Hevener) b. 1760,* m. 1791, d. 1852. 2. Zachariah (Catharine Propst) b. 1762, d. 1848. 3. Henry (Catharine E. ____)-D. early. 4. Leonard (Elizabeth Coplinger) m. 1791. 5. John. 6. Mary (John Gragg) m. 1796. 7. Dorothy A. (____ ____). 8. Christian. 9. Barbara (Jacob Peninger) m. 1813.
    Line of George: 1. Peter (Elizabeth Snider, Lucinda Mc-Coy) b. 1799, d. 1862. 2. Henry (Mary A. Kiser) b. 1806, d. 1886. 3. David (Lucinda Wagoner) b. 1818. 4. Joseph (Sarah Kiser)-Hld. 5. William (Polly Hoover, Martha J., Bible Stone, Elizabeth H. Todd) b. 1823-W-T. 6. George W. (Eliza Hoover, Christina Hoover)-Upshur. 7. Eleanor (Jacob Crummett). 8. Abigail (Jacob Mitchell). 9. Agnes (John Gragg). 10. Elizabeth (Solomon Simmons). 11. Mary (Jacob Crummett). 12. Martha (Anthony Switzer) Ill. 13. Magdalena (John Eye) d. 1852.
    Br. of Peter: Hannah (Hld),* Sarah (John Hammer), Abraham (unkn); by 2nd m.-Mimie, Oliver.
   Br. of Henry: 1. Eliza (John Dahmer). 2. Addison (Amelia Waggy). 3. Marshall (Josephine Stone, Grant) - Hid. 4. Mary A. (William Hevener). 5. Amanda (Thomas H. Harrison). 6. Barbara C. (Benjamin Eye). 7. Martha J.-d. 8. Morgan (Leah Simmons)-S-F.
    Br. of David: Louisa, Martha, Mimie (William Dove), Isaphene (Calvin Moyers), Hannah, Hendron (Elizabeth Wilfong), David (Phoebe Summers, Minnie Summers), Harry, Lucy, Mattie.
    Br. of William: Elizabeth H. (George Puffenbarger), Hannah C. (Harrison Pitsenbarger), Mary J. (Joseph Moyers), Valeria (Jacob Mitchell), Emma, John J., Nancy R. (Harry Stone), George H., Jared N., Lula B.
Line of Zachariah: Kate (Jacob Moyers) b. 1787, d. 1873. 2. Jacob (Mary Moyers) b. 1789, d. 1861-B-T. 3. Maria. 4. Samuel (Elizabeth Bible) b. 1794-homestead. 5. Barbara (Henry Eye). 6. George (Elizabeth Eye) b. 1799, d. 1878-n. Brandywine. 7. Solomon (Elizabeth Hammer) b. 1803, d. 1856. 8. Henry b. 1808, d. 1894-S.
    Br. of Jacob: 1. Henry (Susan Moyers, Leah Propst) -B-T, 2. Solomon (Mary A. Rexroad)-S-B. 3. Ami-k. by tree. 4. Emanuel (Mary A. Propst)-S-B. 5. Harmon (Mary Rex road)-S-B. 6. Mary A. (Nathaniel Rexroad). 7. Nariel- drowned. 8. Abel-dy.
    Ch. of Henry: Aaron, Mary J. (William Sinnett).
    Ch. of Solomon: 1. Elizabeth- S. 2. Savannah L. (Dice Simmons). 3. Tillman F. (Sarah C. Simmons)-homestead. 4. Albert H. (Phoebe Hammer)-homestead.
    C. of Tillman F. Arthur H. (dy), Lena M.
    C. of Albert H. Lillie M., 2 boys (dy).
    Ch. of Emanuel: Nariel (Joseph Varner), Mary A. (Solomon Rexroad), Savannah (Robert Lambert), Huldah, Abel, Valeria (d).
    Ch. of Harmon: Jacob (k), Louisa (John Dickenson), Solomon, Mary (George Moyers), Sullivan, Granville (Ritchie)* by 2nd m.-Mattie (Jacob Sinnett), inf. (dy).
    Br. of Samuel: Susan (John Cassell), Jacob, Laban, Seneal (k. by tree, 1860*), Samuel, Catharine (Harmon Rexroad), Melinda (William Propst), Elizabeth (Leonard Mitchell), Mary (Solomon Rexroad), Eve, Indiana, Nathaniel (Mary Rexroad).
    Ch. of Nathaniel: Ami (k.), Henry (Amanda Propst), Seneal (Margaret Propst), Susan (Amos Fultz), Mary (Benjamin Propst), Harrison (Mary Wimer), Javan, Edward (Mattie Moyers).
    Br. of Solomon: 1. Zachariah (Eliza Roberts) -homestead. 2. Jacob-S. 3. George-d. 16. 4. Solomon (Mary Rexroad homestead. 5. Phoebe-S.
    Ch. of Zachariah: Margaret (Harrison Pitsenbarger), Isaac (Elizabeth Harper), Zachariah (Alice Simmons).
    C. of Isaac: Cora (Emory Wees), Effie, Emma, (Frank Harper)-twin to Effie, Carrie (John Judy), Vernie.
    C. of Zachariah: Paul (Carney Hevener), Kate, William (Charleston)*, Ada (d), Charles, Mattie, Mabel, Vernon, Julia, 4 infs. (dy).
    Br. of George. 1. Augustus (Elizabeth Riser), 2. Dennis (Magdalena Snider). 3. Solomon (Magdalena Mallow). 4. William (Frances Turner). 5. George M. (Millie Swadley) homestead. 6. Washington-S. 7. Mahulda (Peter Swadley). 8. Eliza (John Mallow, Adam Martin). 9. Sarah E. (Addison C. Davis). 10. Phoebe M. (Joshua Propst). 11. Lavina (Addison Simmons).
    Ch. of Augustus: Hugh (Christina Snider), Jane (William Hevener), Barbara (Harvey Hoover), Sarah (Eli Joseph), Martha (William Nicholson, Rkm)*.
    Ch. of Dennis: Jacob (Jane? Waggy), George C. (____ Propst, ____ ____, Rkm)*, S (Nancy Plaugher), Godfrey (Mary Waggy), Ruhama, Amanda J. (Martin Hoover), Josephine (____ Snider), Magdalena (____ Snider, same as preceding).
    Ch. of Solomon: Henry (Sarah Newham), Martha (____ Lough), Louisa (David Hively), Mary (Poca.)*, Eliza (Joseph Hedrick).
    Ch. of William: Elizabeth (Rkm), Henry, James, Noah (Rkm), Ashby, Virinda (Rkm), Basha, Lizzie: all in Rkm.
    Ch. of George M. Edward H. (Kate Hively, Lucy Blizzard), Jacob F. (Sarah Puffenbarger), Valentine P. (Mary Trumbo), John F. (Nora Eye)-Hld, George W. (Carrie Propst), Mary J. (William Hoover), Louisa L. (Tillman Hively), Margaret H. (Frank Kiser), Sarah V. (Truman Riser, (Martha M. (Lee Bodkin), Mary A. (Rkm)*.
    (B) George W. (Eliza J. Hoover, Christina Hoover) b. 1821-preacher-Seneca- ch.-Mary E. (Upshur)*, John A. (Martha Phares), Barbara (in Rph), Sarah, Benjamin (in S. V.).
    Ch. of John A. Ambrose, Charles, George W., Benjamin, Minnie, Maud.
    Unp. 1. George (Elizabeth ____). 2. Christiana (Geo. Wimer) m. 1825. 3 Margaret (Jacob Armentrout) m. 1807. 4. Leonard (Barbara Rexroad) m. 1827. 5. Samuel (Susannah Waybright) m 1816. 6. Elizabeth (George Halterman) m. 1820. 7. Frances (Thomas Hoover) m. 1821. 8. George (Barbara ____). 9. Zachariah (____ ____). 10. Conrad (Catharine Harper) b. 1783*.
    Ch. of 1: Conrad (Elizabeth ____) b. 1774. d. 1861- Dry Run. Peter (Lucinda ____) b. 1799, d. 1862.
    Ch. of 9: Barbara. (Andrew Harold, m. 1806), Mary (Michael Propst, m. 1805), Susannah (Daniel Stone, m. 1815), Barbara? (Jacob Peninger, m. 1813).
    Ch. of 8: Susannah (Eglon Cunningham, m. 1827).
    Ch. of 10: Henry, Mahala.
    Zachariah, the pioneer, arrived in the Valley of Virginia in 1762, coming to the South Fork 12 years later. There was a later settlement on the South Branch on fine bottom land still in the family.

Riggleman. Henry (Susan Kessner) b. 1824. d. 1894 - ch.-Mary E. (Arnold Kimble), John (Sarah E. Miller), Isaac (Didana Kessner), Sarah C. (William Riggleman), Samuel G. (Sarah Landes). Rebecca J. (Noah Kessner), Harvey (dy), Hannah D. (dy), Enoch S. (Eliza C. Kessner).
Hiram (Rebecca Landes, Millie Kessner)-cousin to Henry -several children.
    Unp. Jacob (Margaret Champ).
In 1790 "Riggleman's cabin" was a well-known landmark at the head of North Mill Creek.

Roberson. Edward (Margaret Kessner) m. 1799-ch. - John (Nancy Ingmire) b. 1800, d. 1869-Trout Run. 2. Sarah A. (John Warner, Lewis)*-b. 1804, d. 1885. 3. Elizabeth (John Baker)-Fin. 4. Mary (John Keller)-Seneca. 5. Susan (Kisamore Carr)-0. 6. Henry (Sarah Skidmore)- W. Va.
    Br. of John: 1. Elizabeth. 2. Susan. 3. John (Sarah Dahmer, Caroline Siple) b. 1833. 4. Henry (Mahala Hammer) b. 1835. 5. Margaret (John E. Stoffer, Penna.)-W. 6. Mary (James Violet, Hdy)*. 7. Louisa-dy. 8. Phoebe (Isaac Flinn, William Guthrie).
    Ch. of John: 1. Isaac (Alice Teter Lantz)-Reed's Cr. 2. Catharine-dy. By 2nd m.-3. George. 4. Ashford (Eliza Sites)-Rph. 5. William-Rph. Ch. of Henry:-Isaac N., Virginia D., Mack C.
    Unp. 1. William H.-1788. 2. Elizabeth (Peter ____) 1798. 3. Christian ____, 1788.

Ruddle. Cornelius (Hannah Dyer) b. 1780, d. 1876-ch. 1. James D. (Elizabeth Hammer, Jane Payne) b. 1809, d. 1894-n. Ruddle P. O. 2. Reuben (Jessie? Bolden)-Gilmer. 3. Polly (Roger Dyer). 4. Jennie (Jefferson McCoy).
    Br. of James D. 1. William G. (Samantha Hartman). 2. Edmund D. (Dorothy Puffenbarger) b. May 31, 1835, d. Nov. 3, 1894. 3. Isaac C. (Mary Skidmore)-tanner-Fin. 4. Abel M. (Mary C. Dahmer). 5. John M. (Virginia F. Hammer). 6. James H. (Caroline Homan)-Kas. 7. Anderson N.-S. 8. Mary C. (Frank Homan). 9. Henry M. (Mary S. Hedrick). By 2nd m. 10. Charles C. (Mary J. Smith). 11. Harness (Cora Dove)-N.-F. 12. Phoebe (Mathias Conrad). 13. Margaret (Edward Hartman). 14. Frank-k. by gun. 15. Hannah (Charles Simmons).
    Ch. of Isaac C. Harry, Camden, Fillmore, Early (Allie Carter), Mattie, Robert (Nannie Patch).
    Ch. of John M. Mary E. (Barclay Smith), Calvin D., Almeda F. (Almeda Simmons), Lela G., Carrie B., Phoebe C. (Robert Swadley), James F., John P., Aud B., (George E.
    Ch. of Henry C. Lura C. (Don Byrd), Maud D., Clara E., Ona D., Ott F., Otho C. (dy).
    Ch. of Charles B. Arley (dy), Olin, Kenny, Lester, Don, Nellie.
John (Mary ____) of Rkm. had these other children besides Cornelius: 2. Isaac (Deborah Nestrick), William (____ ____), Mary (William Dyer) b. 1776, d. 1861. Isaac and William did not live here. The following son of Isaac was reared by his maternal grandmother on South Fork Mtn.
John M. (Mary E. Eye) b. 1830-upper Trout Run-ch. 1. William P. (Carrie Ruddle). 2. Isaac (Susan Dahmer) sheriff. 3. Sarah-Ia. 4. Alice. 5. Jennie (John Moyers). 6. Emily (Jacob Cowger)-S. V. 7. Maud (Floyd Simmons) -Hdy.
    Ch. of William P. Roma.
    Ch. of Isaac N. Claude, Whitney, Saylor, Reta, Roy, Dick, John, Dottie, boy.
    Br. of William: Carrie (William P. Ruddle).

Rymer. Thomas (Annie Waybright) m. 1810-merchant at C'ville-ch.-1. George (Margaret Harper)-Wm. H. Rymer's. 2 others.
    Br. of George W. Phoebe A. (Solomon Newman, Hld)*, Mary J. (S C. Beveridge. Hld)*, Ellen (Andrew T. Newman, Hld)*, Hannah C. (George W. Hammer), Elizabeth (John A. Calhoun), George (d. 24), William H. (Catharine Phares), Jacob H. (Susan Hinkle).
    Ch. of Jacob H. Matie (William Simmons), Clyde (Sarah Calhoun), Sudie (Charles Bennett). Thomas was the grandson of George, a soldier of the Revolution, b. 1750, d. after 1840.


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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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