Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Saunders ~ Swadley

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Saunders. Edward T. (Margaret Eagle, Hld)-b. 1799, d. 1873-ch. 1. John C. (Mary M. Hiner-homestead. 2. Louisa J. (John P. Rymer, Aug.)*. 3. Mary E.
    Ch. of John C. Margaret O., Elizabeth G. (Arthur Hiner), Martha (d).
Edward T. was a bricklayer by trade. He was a constable of Pendleton.
Schmucker. George (Sarah Hahn, b. 1807, d. 1900-b. Feb. 16, 1807. d. Aug. 10, 1886-settled on Mallow's Run, 1841-ch.-1. Henrietta J. (Isaac T. Kile). 2. Mary E. (Stephen H. Thacker). 3. Samuel L.-S. 4. William M. (W. Va.)-merchant, O. 5. Jacob N. (Ky). 6. George M. (O.)* 7. Martha (dy). 8. Hannah R. (John S. Harman).
    Rev. George Schmucker was born near Woodstock, graduated at Gettysburg in 1835, and was licensed to preach the same year. He came to Pendleton as the result of a visit by his father, the Rev. John N. Schmucker. The grandfather John C, came from Hesse Darmstadt in 1785. The family' however, is of Swiss origin. George M. is also a Lutheran' preacher. He graduated at Columbus, O.

Schrader. Jacob (Mary Simmons-Jack Mtn-ch?-1. Henry (Nancy Knapp, Poca.)* 2. Jacob (Phoebe Mowrey) b. 1812. 3. Sarah (John McQuain). 4. Mary (Rkm).* 5. Christian (Sarah Rexroad)-b. 1817. 6. Susan (____ Hoover). 7. Peter (Jane Knapp. Poca.)
    Br. of Jacob: Uriah (Ritchie),* Ami (____ Crummett) homestead, Eliza (____ Gragg), David (Ritchie),* Benjamin.
    Ch. of Ami: John (____ Pitsenbarger), Phoebe J. (Amby Rexroad), Hannah (Prank? Eye), Minnie (Kemp Rexroad).
    Br. of Christian: Catharine (____ Hoover), Solomon (d).
    Br. of Peter: 1. William-d. war. 2. Ezra-k. 3. Mary (Poca)*. 4. Washington-d. 5. Martha-d. 6. Margaret (Dice Lantz). 7. Catharine (Hid)*. 8. Robert (Minnie Simmons)-Buffalo Hills.
    Unp. 1. Henry-1803. 2. Nicholas (Verona ____) 1790. 3. John (Christiana Moats) m. 1812.

Shaver. Paul (____ ____)-d. 177_, ch?-1. Christopher (Mary Wanstaff) m. 1804. 2. Jacob (Mary Tarr) m. 1799. 3. Christian. 4. John (Catharine N. ____) m. 1803. 5. Balsor (Ann C. Mitchell)-b. 1792-Sweedland.
    Line of Balsor: 1. Alexander M. (Sarah ____) b. 1818 -Ind. 2. Isabella-out. 3. John. 4. Simon (Anna B. Simon, Hdy) b. 1825, d. 1880-homestead. 5. Ephraim (S. V.)-Ind. 6. Eliza (____ Imon)-W.
    Br. of Simon: 1. Anna C. (Hdy)* b. 1847. 2. Mary V. (Hdy)*. 3. Michael S. (Rachel Mitchell). 4. Priscilla (Cyrus Mitchell). 5. Sarah S. E. (Andrew J. Nesselrodt). 6. Ephraim B. J. (Rachel Kuykendall)-Va. 7. Martha G. (Charles B. Nesselrodt). 8. John C. (Minnie M. Hartman) homestead. 9. Edmund C. (Ind.)-O. Ch. of Michael S.-Addie J. Simon J., Ettie, Sarah A.
    Unp. 1. Barnabas (Mary ____)-b. 1814. 2. Henry (Elizabeth Cook).

Shaw. John (Elizabeth Bolton) b. 1807. d. 1875-ch-1. John W. (Mary Williams) - Fin - expressman. 2. Frances (William Skiles). 3. Ann (James S. Trumbo). 4. Rebecca (James Skiles) d. 1879.
Ch. of John W.-Otis, Cecil.

Shirk. Henry (Rebecca Vanmeter) b. 1800* - son of Henry, an Irish immigrant-ch. -1. George (Ill.)* b. 1831. 2. Phoebe (Alfred Kimble). 3. Amos (Lucinda Vanmeter), ____ Smokehole b. 1839. 4. Elijah (____ Nelson)-Rph. 5. Joab (Una Harman)-Upshur. 6. Solomon (Mary Full)-Grant. 7. Aaron (Susan Ayers)-Rph. 8. Enos (Ill.)*. 9. Jesse S. 10. William (dy). 11. Lucinda (Adam Kimble). 12. Sarah (John A. Kimble, Isaac Harman). 13 Eliza (Samson Day)-W. Va.
    Ch. of Amos: William W. (Susan J. Champ)-homestead, Sarah E. (John Kimble, Grant)*, Mary (John Self, Grant)*, Martha J., Ida S. (d), Cora A. (d), Helena, George, Rebecca, Osborn.

Shreve. John (Eliza Piatt, Loudoun)-ch.-1. Daniel-b. 1795. 2. John P. (Hannah Ayers) m. 1827. 3. William (Rebecca Hedrick) k. 1864*. 4. James-S. 5. Amos (Mary Arbogast?). 6. Jane S. b. 1802. 7. Mary (John? Long) -Milwaukee. 8. Lucinda (Elihu Hedrick). 9. Eliza (Jesse Vanmeter) m. 1825. 10. Nancy (Philip Hedrick) m. 1819. 11. Benjamin W. (Lucinda McUlty)-b. 1822, d. 1906.
    Br. of Daniel: Hiram W. b. 1832-Ill. 2. Samson P. 3. Mary E.-W. Va. 4. Daniel Y. (Mary Kimble)-Smokehole. 5. Phoebe E. 6. Mahala E. 7. Cyrus H. (Emily Holloway) -Md. 8. Theresa. 9. Julia A. (George Eagle). 10. Carolina (George Hill). 11. Lucinda (David Vanmeter). 12. girl.
    Br. of William: Wesley (Mary Harper), Clark, Zachariah, Kenny, Jane, Louisa, Ann J. The family moved to Ind.
    Br. of Amos: 1. Nicodemus (Catharine Huffman). 2. Benjamin (Hannah Ketterman)-Md. 3. Jesse (Eliza Armentrout)- Md. 4. Rebecca. 5. Nancy (John E. Ayres). 6. Edith J. (Adam Hedrick).
    Br. of Benjamin W.: 1. Ann J. (Sam H. Nelson-b. 1846. 2. Matilda C-dy. 3. Mary E.-D. 4. Emily C. (Calvin Kimble). 5. James F. (Samilda Ayers)-Rph. 6. John W. (Hadie J. Kimble)-Brushy Run. 7. Benjamin F., (Sarah Judy). 8. Andrew B. (Joanna Shreve). 9. Noah A.-d.
    Ch. of James E. William H. (Delia Teter), James A. (Delia Vanmeter), Cora (Blaine Teter), Sarah.
    Ch. of John W. William B. (in Nicholas), Alvin, Eva M., Annie (d), John B., Isom H., Ewart C.
    Ch. of Benjamin F. Ira, Clemens, Ettie.
    Ch. of Andrew B. Austin, Emma, Floda, Minnie. Unp. Jacob-1800.
    John, the pioneer, was a nephew of Joseph, who visited the South Branch in 1769, and took up land in Pendleton and Grant, and also Randolph on land warrants. He died west of the Alleghanies. The connection in this county is in the north of Mill Run.

Simmons. (A) Leonard (Mary A. ____ ____) came before 1768 to S-F-d. 1808-ch.-1. Elizabeth (Balsor Hammer). 2. Henry (Susan ____) b. Oct. 12, 1760, d. Sept. 7, 1825 homestead. 3. Leonard (Catharine ____). 4. William b. 1774, d. 1815. 5. George (Mary Wimer)-b. Jan. 27, 1779-Dry Run.
    Line of Henry: 1. Leonard (Mary Mifford) m. 1805 - W. Va. 2. Jonas - Lewis. 3. Peter (Sarah Moyers) Cave P. O. 4. Henry (Rachel Simmons) b. July 3, 1798, d. Aug. 17, 1868-homestead. 5. William (Margaret ____) b. 1800-Hammer mill. 6. Abraham (Nancy ____)-b. 1815?-Lewis.
    Br. of Henry: l. John (Barbara ____) b. 1818-out? 2. Mary (Balsor Hammer). 3. Melinda (Harmon Moyers). 4. Leah (John Bowers). 5. Elizabeth (John Hammer). 6. Phoebe (Zebulon Johnson). 7. Timothy (Deborah Bible). 8. Emanuel (Eleanor A. Harper). 9. Henry (Mary Mauzy) b. Sept. 9, 1835-homestead. 10. Jeremiah (Valeria Hille).
    Ch. of John: Louisa J. (b. 1839), Sarah A., Daniel, Mary M., Lucinda E.
    Ch. of Timothy: 1. John (____ Jordan)-Friend's Run. 2. Susan (____ Moyers). 3. Minnie (Robert Schrader).
    Ch. of Emanuel: Delia (Taswell Fitzwater)-O., Lucy (George Colaw, Hld)*, Etta (D), Jennie (Creede Fitzwater) -O., Jasper (Almeda Mowrey, Phoebe Moyers), Harvey (Eliza Simmons).
    Ch. of Henry: 1. Charles W. (Annie Walls)-G'brier. 2. Edgar (Ardena Vint). 3. William (Amanda J. Simmons) -Aug. 4. Alice (Peter Moyers). 5. Kenny (Martha Hammer). 6. Harry (Barbara Hammer). 7. Dice  C. (Lucy Rexroad). 8. Arthur. 9. Glenn (Alice Judy). 10. Florence (Maria Moyers). 11. Sarah C. (Floyd Rexroad).
    Ch. of Jeremiah: Zadie ( Hille).
    Line of George: l. Henry E. (____ ____)-b. 1816- Panther Knob. 2. Mary A. 3. Sarah A. 4. Margaret J. (William Nicholas) b. 1826. 5. Catharine (William Rexroad). 6. ____ ____ (Joshua Nicholas).
    Br. of Henry E. Mary C. (Eli Bennett), Sarah A. (dy), Ann R. (Harness Phares), George F. (Abigail Phares) b. 1851, Christina (Jacob Mitchell), boy.
    Ch. of George F. Clay (Effie M. Fox, Hid).-homestead.
    C. of Clay: Luther E., Arley C, Ethel B., Isa, Ralph. (B) John N. (Margaret ____)-exempted 1790-ch?- 1. John (Rebecca ____). 2? George (Eve Cook)-m. 1796, d. 1810 - Wilfong church-tailor. 3. Leonard-Hid? 4. Michael. 5. Mark. 6. others?
    It is not known whether Leonard and John were brothers. Our knowledge of the posterity of the latter is too indefinite to present otherwise than in more or less disconnected groups.
    Line of John: 1. John (Margaret Wimer) b. 1774, d. 1837* 2. others?
    Br. of John. 1. Frederick (Elizabeth Rexroad)-b. 1793, d. 1874-S. H. Bolton's. 2. Benjamin (Rachel Dickenson Propst?). 3. David (Sarah Gragg)-m. 1821. 4. Amanda. 5. Daniel (Elizabeth ____)-b. Oct. 4, 1800, d. Dec. 5. 1881. 6. William. 7. Joseph? 8. Philip (Mary Maurer). 9. Sophia. 10. Eli. 11. Sarah. 12. Rebecca (Cain Moyers) b. 1808, d. 1875. 13. Emanuel. 14. John (Sophia C. ____).
    Ch. of Frederick: 1. Benjamin (Mollie Snider) b. 1818 -Hawes Run. 2. William (Sarah Bodkin). 3. Frederick (Mary A. Hoover). 4. John (Virginia Simmons) -Braxton. 5. Addison (Mary Elyard). 6. David (____ Hoover)-Harman). 7. Daniel (Olive Hoover)-Hamp. 8. Frances (John H. Miller). 9. Matilda (Joel Hoover)-Harman. 10. Sarah (A Thompson)-Harmon. 11. Barbara (Michael Larab). 12. Susan (Philip Eckard). 13. Emanuel-k.
    C. of Benjamin: 1. Sylvester (Martha M. Propst)-homestead. 2. Ruhama S. (Adam Hoover). 3. Elizabeth J.-S. 4. Martha-d.
    Ch. of Sylvester: Granville D., Oliver (dy), Olive, Emma, Polly A., Lona (dy), Bertha M.
    C. of Frederick: William F. (Laura G. Hoover), Susan E. (Charles P. Anderson), Eli C, Henry B., Harvey S. (Carrie Snider), Charles E. (Grace Harold), Robert H. (Jane Harold), James T. (Verdie Simmons), Arthur L., Victor H., Jennie (James Harold), Carrie C, (Isaiah Murphy), Fernando C, 1 other.
    Ch. of Daniel: Mary (b. 1825), Joel, Amos, Elizabeth.
    Ch. of Joseph: Sabina (Eli Wilfong), Mary (Nicholas Wimer), Sarah (Joseph Simmons), Samuel (Sarah Wilfong), Joseph (Frances Wilfong), William (Christina Smith), Eli (Mahala A. Simmons, Kate Simmons) , Jonas ( Hedrick) -Okla.
    C. of Samuel; Elias (Elizabeth Simmons), Hannah (Samuel Puffenbarger), Naomi (Benjamin Mitchell).
    Ch. of Elias: l. Emanuel F. (Hannah Bowers)-S. G. 2. Elijah (Mahulda Wilfong), Ami ( Lough), Joshua (Margaret Lambert), Harrison (d), Eliza C. (Joseph Wilfong), Esther (dy), Mary J.
    Cc. of Emanuel F. Emory F.
    C. of William: Sarah (b. 1844), John, Julia A.
    C. of Joseph; Samuel (Millie Snider), Elizabeth (John A. Snider), Valentine (____ Swadley, Mineral)* Joseph (Mattie Bodkin), Hannah (Martin Gragg), Margaret (George Smith,) Amanda (Laban Harold), Mordecai (Jane Gragg).
    Cc. of Samuel; Calvin (Emma Bowers) Rph. Albert (Frances Hinkle)-Hld., Amanda J. (William Simmons), Eliza (Harry Simmons), Ursula, Olive (Kenny Rexroad), 2 boys (dy).
    C. of Joseph: Lillie (David Wilfong), Lillie, 3 others (d).
    Ccc. of Mordecai: John (Jennie Simmons), Moses, Riley, Carrie, girl (Marshall Hoover), girl.
    Ch. of Philip: David (Leah Crummett), William (Amanda Pitsenbarger, Mary Eckard), Job (Lucinda Eckard), Margaret (Marshall Smith), Jane (Noah Crummett), Amanda (Amos Puffenbarger), Melinda (Isaac Waggy).
    C. of David: Mary J. (Sylvester Simmons), Caroline (Abraham Armstrong, Hld), Hannah (Riley Armstrong), Aaron (Emma Dove), Jemima (Emanuel Mitchell), Noah (Mary Hale, Aug.)*, Susannah (Abraham Puffenbarger, Aug.)*, Harvey (Lucinda Dove), Louisa (Erasmus Simmons), David (Elizabeth Puffenbarger), William F. (Aug.)*, Cora (John Dove), Martha (dy).
    Cc. of Harvey: Guy, Homer M., Lou, Emma, Edmund H., Cora A., Hannah L., Elsie F.
    Cc. of David: Mary E., Otho F.
    Ch. of John: Ephraim (b. 1831), Rachel, John, Catharine, George A.
    Line of George: 1. Jacob R. (Magdalena ____) b. 1779, d. 1861. 2? Leonard (____ ____) m. 1799. 3. Susannah (George Crummett). 4. Elizabeth. 5? Mary M. (John Smith) m. 1794. 6. Margaret.
Br. of Jacob R.; 1. Lavina (Christian Puffenbarger). 2. Susan (Solomon Carr) b. 1835. 3. Polly (Cain Arbogast). 4. Emanuel (Sarah Propst, Leah Moyers)-Smith Cr. 5. John (Polly Simmons)-Rph. 6. James (Catharine Wilfong). 7. Nariel (Hannah Barclay, Poca.)* 8. Ami-Lewis. 9. Lewis (Nellie Simmons)-Hld.
    Ch. of Emanuel: 2 girls (dy); by 2nd m.-Charles E. (P___ ____ Lambert), Price, Rebecca E. (d).
    C. of Charles E. Ezra, Annie R., Lizzie, Frank, Sarah, Arthur W. (dy), Elsie (dy).
    Ch. of James: Alice (Zachariah Rexroad), Oscar (Norfolk)*, Zebulon (Lura N. Hartman), Zora (Va)*, Edward (____ Simmons), Mollie ( Day), Mattie (Lonnie Lambert), Samuel, Charles.
    Unp. 1. Michael (Mary Waggy)-b. 1810. 2. Rachel (Henry Simmons) m. 1788, d. 1869. 3. Joseph (Frances ____) b. 1818. 4. Solomon d. 1831. 5. Solomon (Mary A. ____) b. 1814. 6. Mary (Joseph Davis) m. 1791. 7. George (Margaret Sheets?) m. 1800. 8. Mark (Sarah Smith) m. 1810. 9. George (Elizabeth Jones) m. 1827. 10. Henry (Catharine Snider) m. 1805. 11. Henry (Susannah Baldwin) m. 1821. 12. Joseph (Nancy ____) 1812. 13. ? 14. John (Ann Stone) m. 1812. 15. Andrew (Barbara ____) b. 1811, d. 1875. 16. Rachel (David Gum) m. 1825. 17. David (Elizabeth ____) b. 1816. 18. William (Phoebe ____)-b. 1822. 19. David (Susan ____) b. 1823. 20. Jacob (____ ____)
    Ch. of 1; Mary (John Simmons) b. 1835, George (Mary E. Hartman), Jeremiah (Catharine Helmick)-Poca, Elizabeth (Michael Hoover, Jacob Hoover), Eleanor (Lewis Simmons), Elijah (Eliza Simpson), Addison (Susan Harper, Gum, Hld)*
    C. of George H. Mary E. (William Moyers), Frances (Cantor Lambert), Sebaldis (Delia Lambert), Alice (Floyd Warner), George A. (Mary L. Propst), Luetta (Harry Hedrick), Jenina (Harry Simpson), Savannah (Frank Eye), Claude (Luna Lambert).
    Cc. of Sebaldis: Eva, Price, Millie, Mary, Jesse, Zenie, Early L.
    Cc. of George A. Effie M., Daniel M., Henry H., Mary v., Okey L., Martha A., Mary V.
    Cc. of Claude: Oscar, Edward.
    Ch. of 3: Samuel (b. 1840), Elizabeth, Valentine, Mordecai, Amanda.
    Ch. of 5; Hezekiah (b. 1836), Sidney, Martin, Melinda, Mary, Catharine. Marshall, Susan.
    Ch. of 13: Margaret (b. 1804), Daniel (b. 1816), Mary (b. 1819.)
    Ch. of 20: Daniel (Sarah? Gragg) Joseph (Frances Simmons).
    C. of Daniel: Amos (Hannah Simmons)-d. 1863*, Noah (d), Elizabeth (Elias Simmons), Polly (Solomon Stone), infs. (dy).
    Cc. of Amos: Edward H. (Lavina Bowers), William (____ Hinkle), Samuel (Polly Bowers).
    The Simmons connection is very numerous, is widely dispersed over the county, and does not seem to admit of a complete classification. As in the case of the Propst family, the dates pertaining to the earlier members are troublesome and there is no longer any authoritative court of appeal.

Simpson. Allen (Susannah ____)-ch?-1. John-b. 1784.* 2. William (Nancy Holland Day) b. 1790.* 3. Abel (Mary A. Hartman)-Trout Run b. 1801? d. 1857. 4. Kate ( ). 5. others?
    Br. of William: Emily A. (b. 1833), Andrew J., Solomon F., John L., Robert W., William A.
    Br. of Abel: 1. William b. 1829-W. 2. Amos (Susan Cook, Hannah Hiner). 3. James (Dorothy Good)-Barbour. 4. Miles (Sarah A. Bolton). 5. Michael-k. 6. Susan (William Simmons). 7. Eliza (Elijah Simmons). 8. Elizabeth (Reuben Kessner). 9. Noah.
    Ch. of Amos (by 2nd m.): 1. Joseph L. (Cora D. Keister). 2. Charles E. (Margaret Siple)-Fin. 3. John W.-carpenter- Washington, D. C. 4. James A. (Dora Hoover). 5. Fillmore H., Carrie (John F. Hope), Mollie (Howard W. Simpson), Margaret (Wilbert Lough).
    Ch. of Miles: Howard W. (Mollie Simmons), Floyd (____ Simmons), Harry (____ Simmons), Clyde, Lottie, Daisy, Delia (d), 1 other.

Sinnett. Patrick (Catharine Hevener)-served Conrad 4 years as a redemptioner-ch.-1. Henry (Catharine Fleisher) b. June 4, 1783, d. Sept. 19, 1854. 2. Abel-Ritchie. 3. George (____ Rexroad)-Ritchie. 4. Herman -Ritchie. 5. Elizabeth (____ Drake)-Ritchie, 6. Catharine (Henry Propst). 7. Jacob (Susannah Eye) b. 1815*-n. Dahmer P. 0.
    Br. of Jacob: 1. William (Mary J. Rexroad, Anna E. Mitchell, Eliza Mitchell) b. 1885-homestead. 2. Henry (Mary C. Moyers)-B-T. 3. Amanda C. (William Simmons). 4. Elizabeth (William Eye). 5. Jacob. 6. Julia A. 7. Catharine. 8-9. twins (dy).
    Ch. of William: 1. Henry M. 2. Jacob A. (Martha Rexroad). By 2nd m.-3. Lee (Louise M. Mitchell). 4. Abel (Sarah Simmons)-Hid. 5. Wesley (Jennie Moyers)-Aug. 6. J. Frank (Huldah V. Propst)-Horton. 7. Emanuel d. 23. 8. Amanda C. (John Fultz). 9. Lavina A. 10. Harriet (Harrison Rexroad). 11. Valeria (Jasper Propst).
    C. of Jacob A. Paul W., Charles, Ettie, Henry, 2 others.
    Ch. of Lee: William A., David C, Eliza F.
    Br. of Henry: Catharine (Eli Hoover) b. 1842, Valeria, (George Hammer) , Phoebe J. (Lewis Eye), Naomi (Laban Bowers, Benjamin Bodkin), Josephine (George Eye), Harrison (dy).

Siple. Joel (Mary M. Hiner)-ch.-1. George (Poca)* 2. Caroline (John Roberson). 3. Jane (Robert Wolfenbarger, Poca.)-111. 4. William (Mary Lough)-k. 5. Mary (Joseph Armstrong, Hld)*. 6. John (Ill.)* 7. Abraham (Hld -Albemarle)*. 8. Hannah (Lough Wagoner)-Bridgewater. 9. Josiah H. (Rachel Beaver, Aug.)-B. D. 10. Samuel (Sarah Armstrong, Hid, Sarah Smith)-M. R. D. 11. J. Madison (Poca.)* 12. twin girls (dy).
    Ch. of Josiah H. Charles (Emma Hiser, Rkm), Annie, Augusta V. (Rkm)*, Mary M. (Perry Martin), Minnie, Theodore (twin to Minnie), Maud.
    Ch. of Samuel: Lee (Ill.)*, Maud (Hid)*, William (Ill.)*; by 2nd m.-Mary M. (Charles E. Simpson), Cora (William Wagoner), Preston T., Cosmos (Carrie Wagoner)-Mineral, Lena (Hugh Kimble), John (in U. S. A.), Etta M. (Otho Byrd), Edward L.
    Joel was a grandson of Conrad, who came from Penna. to New Market. He himself settled in Highland in 1834 and on the Andrew Dyer farm in Mill Run in 1862. Corporal John was a guard at San Francisco during the days following the earthquake.
    Unp. George (Mahala ____) b. 1797*-ch.-Conrad (b. 1834), Joseph, George, Ambrose, Christina, Magdalena, Jane
    (B) William (Laura J. Hoover)-S-F-ch.-Delia (Early C. Snider), Phoebe J.

Sites. Jacob (Margaret Lough, m. 1792,-Catharine Hinkle) b. 1769, d. 1854-ch.-1. Jacob-Mo. 2. Adam (Edith Teter) b. 1803. 3. John. 4. Barbara. 5. Elizabeth. 6. Margaret-S. 7. Eve (George Dolly)-m. 1825. By 2nd m. -8. Samson (Eve Harper)-b.-homestead. 9. William (Dorothy Edmund)-n. homestead.
    Br. of Adam: 1. Johnson (Ann Adamson) b. 1826. 2. Jacob (Mary Day). 3. Job (Polly A. Harper) b. 1830. 4. Noah (Jane Harper). 5. Adam (____ Simmons). 6. Christina (Joshua Day) b. 1888. 7. Sarah E.
    Ch. of Johnson: 1. Hannah (dy). 2. Mary J. (George Harper). 3. Margaret (George W. Eagle). 4. Jacob (Nora Harper)-Martinsburg. 5. William (Baltimore).* 6. Joseph (Rose Largent), Phil'a. 7. John M. (Estella F. Kile) Martinsburg. 8. James (Susan E. Judy)-U. T.
    C. of James: Nida L., Johnson, Joseph, Mabel, Ella, Bertha, Mildred.
    Ch. of Jacob: 2 dau.-W. Va.
    Ch. of Job: Perry (Mary S. Mallow), John A. (Gertrude Raines), Isaiah (Sarah J. Mallow), Christina (Jacob Lewis), Kate (Noah Painter), Elizabeth (Lorenzo Hinkle), 2 girls (dy).
    Ch. of Noah: John W. (____ Harper), Adam H. (Frances Hedrick), Simeon (Margaret Miley), William ( Huffman).
    Ch. of Adam: 2 dau.-out.
    Br. of Samson: Elizabeth (George Shirk), Jacob W. (dy), Elias C. (Mary Kisamore), John W. (Ellen Hedrick), Phoebe C. (Joseph Raines), Mary S. (George Thompson), Virginia (dy), Hannah C. (dy), Elisha H. ( Robinson)-Rph, Anna A. (Joseph M. Harper), Delia (Stewart Bland), Jenetta (Johnson Dolly).
    Bro. to Jacob, the pioneer: 1. Abraham (Hannah Lough) m. 1802. 2. Daniel (Susannah Miller) m. 1824.
Aaron (Elizabeth Hedrick)-n. U. T.-son of John of Grant County.
    Unp. 1. Gerhard-1795.* 2. R (Charles Hedrick) m. 1795.* 3. Mary A. (Adam Greeenawalt)-m. 1829.

Skiles. Michael (Mary E. McCoy)-b. 1828, k. 1862-carpenter- from Augusta.-ch.-1. Rebecca J. (Ill.)* 2. William (Frances V. Shaw)-S-F Mtn. 3. James M. (Rebecca Shaw)-Sweedland.
    Ch. of James M. Byron, Carl.

Skidmore. (A). John (Magdalena Hinkle) d. 1809-ch. -1. James (Rachel Nestrick). 2. Hannah (Charles Rogers) m. 1796-W. Va. 3. John (Hannah ____) m. 1791. 4. Levi (Nancy ____). 5. Elijah (Eleanor Westfall) b. Jan. 9, 1775, d. Aug. 21, 1815-N-F. 6. Andrew (Elizabeth Stonestreet) N-F. 7. Susannah (Nicholas Harper). 8. Phoebe (Alexander Taylor) m. 1791. 9. Nancy (John G. Dahmer) d. 1857. 10. Rachel-S. 11. Mary (____ Samuels). 12. Isaac (Mary Benson)-drowned-homestead. 13. Edith - W. Va.
    Line of James:-1. Samuel. 2. Jesse (Elizabeth Leach) Onego. 3. Mary E. (John Bible). 4. Phoebe (John? Haigler). 5. Sarah (____ Hiner).
    Line of Elijah. 1. Mary (Henry Smith) -b. 1795*, d. 1881 2. Hannah (Elisha Stonestreet)-Ill. 3. Ellen (Christina Smith).
    Line of Andrew: Margaret (George W. Bland) b. 1818. 2. dau. (George Bennett). 3. Martha (Reuben W. Harper). 4. Julia A. (Joseph Adamson)-b. 1833. (B). Joseph (Elizabeth ____)-d. 1810-ch.-1. James (Mollie Lough)-homestead. 2. Catharine (Philip Fisher). 3. Samuel (Elizabeth ____) Ky., 1821. 4. Joseph. 5. Barbara. 6. Sarah (Peter Hyer) m. 1825.
    Line of James: 1. Joseph (Emiranda Butt) b. Nov. 22, 1812, Mo. 1840*. 2. James (Catharine Halterman) b. 18 14, d. 1870. 3. Elizabeth (Ill.)-Mo. 1840*. 4. Rebecca (Gabriel Skidmore)-Mo. 1840*. 5. Adam (dy).
    Br. of James: 1. Mary M. (Isaac C. Ruddel) b. 1841. 2. Joseph C. (Barbara E. Beveridge, Hld.)-saddler-Fin. 3. Rebecca J. (John McClure). 4. Eliza A. (Andrew Dyer, James Evick).
    Ch. of Joseph C.; Mary C. (Martin K. Boggs), John B. (Maud Boggs), Rebecca M., James W.
    C. of John B. Leo, Lester, Richard.
    Unp. 1. Elijah 1758. 2. Joseph (Ann ____) d. 1779. 3. James (Sarah ____) 1774. 4. Conrad-1788. 5. Elizabeth (David Hull) m. 1798. 6. Eve (Robert Chenoweth) m. 1811. 7. Richard (Eliza Lewis) m. 1819. 8. Amelia (Henry Halterman) m. 1812. 9. Sarah (Henry Robinson) m. 1810. 10. Elijah (Eleanor Westfall) m. 1793. 11. Samuel (____ ____) d. 1802. 12. Nancy (David Summerfield). 13. (____ ____).
    Ch. of 2: Samuel, Joseph (b. 1770*), Thomas (Eleanor ____) b. 1772.
    Ch. of 11: Marcellus A. (b. 1839*), Calvin A., Ann R., Francis A.
    Ch. of 13: John (b. Aug. 27, 1795). Richard (b, 1797), Christian (b. 1809).
    John and Joseph (A) and (B) were brothers. Those marked "unp." were evidently related, but the points of connection have been lost sight of. It would appear that there were several pioneer brothers. The original settlement was around Ruddle, then known as Skidmore's Mill Run. The family was prominent and influential in the pioneer days.

Smith. The remark made of the Millers will apply equally well to the Smiths. They are not exceptionally common at the present time; but in the early days were quite numerous, appearing to represent several distinct group families settled in all parts of the county. At this late day the tangle of names does not seem capable of being reduced to order.
    (A) John (____ ____)-Ft. S., 1747-ch?-1. Johannes ( ). 2. Peter (Mary ____). 3. others?
    Line of Johannes: 1. John (Margaret Pool)-d. 1807 - N-F Mtn. 2. others?
    Br. of John: l. Henry (Mary Skidmore) b. 1789, d. 1888-below M. S. 2. John (Christina Dolly) m. 1804-d. at New Orleans. 3. Christian (Ellen M. Skidmore, Susan ____)-Tkr. 4. Jacob (Elizabeth Davis)-Grant. 5. Susan (Andrew Dolly). 6. Elizabeth (William Cunningham). 7. Isaac? (Mary Harper). 8. Hendron? (Lydia Bonnifield, ____Swisher, Grant)*. 9. Calvin? (Lydia Rinehart, Grant)* 10. Mary? (George Harman). 11. Elizabeth? (George Harman, same).
    Br. of Henry: 1. Aaron W. (Ill.)* 2. Samson (Susan Carr, Grant)*. 3. Hannah (Daniel Black) b. 1827. 4. Ellen M. (____ Wood).
    Br. of Christian:-Martha E. (Grant) * b. 1836. 2. others?
    (B) William (Phoebe Fisher) of Ireland m. 1811-n. Ft. S.-ch.-1. Laban (Polly E. Lough) b. 1819, d. 1861. 2. William (Caroline Johnson, Tenn., Adaline Temple)-Ia. 3. Sophia (Adam Wagoner). 4. Elizabeth (W)* 5. John (Caroline Dyer)-O. 6. Jared M. (Elizabeth Bible)-b. 1816*. 7. Zebulon (Malinda Dice) b. 1827*-O. 8. Phoebe J. (George Bible).
    Br. of Laban: 1. Pendleton (Mahala Parsons)-Cal. 2. Mary (Job Parsons). 3-9. Infs. (dy).
    Br. of Jared M.; Hannah S. (George W. Smith), Phoebe J. (d. 23).
    (C) John (Mary S. Simmons) m. 1794, d. 1838?-S-F, above Crummett's Run-ch.-1. Jacob (Barbara Gragg) b. 1798. 2. Christian (Susan Crummett) b. 1808-Hid. 3. Henry (Elizabeth Bowers)-Hid. 4. Daniel (Mollie Bowers). 5. Joseph (Polly Simmons)-Hld. 6. Peter (Barbara Jordan)-homestead. 7. John (Jane Jordan). 8. Sarah (James Armstrong, out) *.
    Br. of Jacob: Jacob (k), Jonathan (in Hid), David, Mary A., Henry (in Hild).
    Br. of Daniel: Delilah (Levi Moyers), Mary A. (b. 1831), William F. (Phoebe Lough) b. 1834, Peter H. (Elizabeth Nelson), Sarah A. (Harman Moyers), Daniel C. (Lavina Haigler), Christina (Charles Bowers), John A. (dy).
    Ch. of William F. John C. (Ida Bennett), Christina L. (Eugene Keister).
    Ch. of Peter H: 1. Palsor C. (Caddie Bowers)-Rkm. 2. William J. (Elizabeth Bible). 3. John K. (dy). 4. Mary J. (Charles Ruddle). 5. Florence (Jacob F. Hinkle). 6. Joseph H. (Ida Teter)-Rph. 7. Jared B. (Ida Waggy).
    (D) Nathan (Mahulda Smith) b. 1821*-S. G. D.-ch. -1. George W. (Hannah S. Smith)-Reed's Cr. 2. Christina C. (William B. Hedrick) b. 1847. 3. Ambrose (Mollie Bland). 4. Sarah A. (Samuel Siple). 5. William-W. 6. Edward-d. 7. Isaac (Minnie Landes). 8. John-unkn. 9. Josiah (Grace Mauzy). 10. Lucy (James Hedrick).
    Ch. of George W. William B. (Minnie Ruddle), Jared M. (Emma Keister), Stella E. (Josephus Simmons), Cora (Thomas J. Painter).
    Ch. of Ambrose: Charles (Sarah Grady), Samuel (Ada Hedrick), William, John, (Lena Edward Mauzy), Fred, Margie, Grover, Virginia, Susan.
    Ch. of Isaac: 3 minors.
    Ch. of Josiah: Minnie, James, Sarah, Foster, Michael, Bessie, 1 other.
    Unp. 1. Andrew d. 1762-executor, Henry Peninger. 2. Abraham-S-B-1774, will, 1791. 3. Frederick (Catharine Simmons) m. 1791. 4. Abigail (Adam Conrad) m. 1803. 5. James (Margaret Evick)-1790. 6. William (Nancy ____, b. 1774, d. 1860). 7. William (Priscilla Wilson) m. 1798. 8. Robert (Mary Davis) m. 1825. 9. Elizabeth (Daniel Callahan) m. 1799. 10. Isaac (Catharine Hoover) m. 1809. 11. Abraham (Mary Steel) m. 1799. 12. John (Mary Roby) m. 1793. 13. Jacob (Catharine Thorn) m. 1803. 14. Martha (Abraham Wees). 15. Jonas (Margaret McCabe) m. 1818. 16. William (____ ____) ch. Hannah (John Lough) m. 1805. 17. Catharine (Henry Gragg) m. 1820. 18. Loveless (Elizabeth Tarr) m. 1810. 19. Henry (Christina ____)-ch? Susannah (Nicholas Emick, m. 1795). 20. James (Isabella McQuain) m. 1811. 21. Caleb (Mary Miller) m. 1795-U. T. 22. Sarah (Mark Simmons) m. 1804. 23. Charles of Md. 24. Michael (Sarah Smith) m. 1810. 25. John G. (Susannah ____). 26. Adam (Mary ____) b. 1805*-ch.-Susannah (b. 1830), Daniel, Cynthia, George W.

Snider. John (Catharine Pickle)-d. 1798-ch.-l. Susan -Rkm. 2. George (Magdalena Wilfong) m. 1799- homestead. 3. Joseph S. 4. Henry-b. 1776, d. 1856-S. 5. Frederick (Mary Simmons?-W. early. 6. Christian (Rachel Harold) b. 1784, d. 1863. 7. John (____ Simmons).
    Line of George: 1. Henry (Susan ____). 2. Noah (Elizabeth Mowrey?)-Lewis. 8. Samuel (Polly Eckard)-Hld. 4. George (Mary Gragg). 5. Sophia (Jacob Teaford, Aug. ) * m. 1820.
    Br. of Henry: Samuel (Susan Rader), Martin (Rkm),* Leah (William Hoover).
    Br. of George: Naomi (Valentine Eckard) b. 1839, William A. (Hld),* Benjamin (Mary Helmick, Rph), Christina (H. Rexroad), Daniel (Caroline Lee?), Magdalena (Frank Puffenbarger).
    Line of Christian: Molly (Benjamin Simmons), Nelly (Emanuel Simmons), Elizabeth (Fry Puffenbarger), Susannah (Daniel Puffenbarger), Catharine, Hannah (dy), Maria (Jacob Waggy), John A. (Louisa Simmons, Malinda Simmons, Elizabeth Simmons)-homestead, Eliza (Washington Mitchell), Millie (Samuel Simmons).
    Br. of John A.; 1. William (Hld)*. 2. James D. (Hld)*: by 2nd m.-3. Marshall (Alice Puffenbarger). 4. Solomon H. (Hld)- Neb. 5. Sidney-Neb. 6. Hendron-d. 18. 7. Mary C. (Aug)*. 8. John F. (Eve L. Mitchell, Aug.-Mary C. Stoutermoyer, Aug.)*. 9. Ami A.-d. 18. By 3rd m.- Harry-teacher.
    Unp. 1. Abraham-1795. 2. Abraham (Susannah Hevener) m. 1827. 3. Elizabeth (George Eye) m. 1803. 4. Jacob (Catharine Hoover) m. 1805, d. 1833. 5. Frederick d. 1797. 6. Henry d. 1796. 7. Adam (Mary ____). 8. John (Eliza ____). 9. Catharine (Henry Simmons) m. 1805.
    Ch. of 7:-Amos (Catharine ____) b. 1821, d. 1879.
    Ch. of 8: Daniel (Lucinda ____) b. 1792, d. 1873.

Sponaugle. Balsor (____ ____)-ch.-1. Jacob (Elizabeth Arbogast) b. 1798-C. D. 2. John (Barbara Wimer) -S. B. 3. William (Maria Waybright)-W. early. 4. Susan- S. 5. Polly (Isaac Bennett).
Peter, a single brother, came with Balsor.
    Line of Jacob: 1. William (Minerva Fleisher) b. 1820, d. 1895*-Doddridge, late. 2. Jacob (Roxanna Ketterman). 3. George (Ursula Thompson) b. 1824. 4. Jesse (Abigail Strawder)- Doddridge. 5. Lewis (Mary A. Teter). 6. Catharine (Joel Teter). 7. Mary (Jacob Wimer). 8. Elizabeth (Henry Teter). 9. Hannah (Hezekiah Tingler) b. 1838. 10. Sarah (Zebulon Tingler).
    Br. of William: 1. George W. (Elizabeth S. Judy) b. 1844-Smith Cr. 2. Kate (Columbus Thompson). 3. Mattie (John Louck, Rph.)*. 4. Lucy (James C. Teter)-Tkr. 5. Martha (Doddridge)*. 6. William (Lucy Lamb, Mary Dinkle, Rkm)-Doddridge. 7. John (Belle? Cunningham)-Tkr. 8. Adam (Rebecca Ketterman, Sarah Nelson) C. D. 9. Haman (Lottie White, Rph)*. 10. Perry (Rebecca Kile)-Rph. 11. Levi (____ Pennington).
    Ch. of George W.; Serilda C. (Robert E. Mullenax), Carrie E. (James W. Hartman), Minerva (John C. Hartman), William O. (Emma Warner), Green J. (Frances E. Bland), Mary P. (Herman Evick), Martha L. (Solomon Warner), Savannah E. (Whitney D. Simmons). George A.
    Br. of Lewis: 1. Solomon (Sarah Elsey)-Rph. 2. Wilson. 3. Norman (Denie Bennett)- Hunting Ground. 4. Celia (Ashby Warner). 5. Susan (Martin Raines). 6. Alice (Joel Teter)-Rph. 7. Claddie (Rph).
    Br. of Jacob: Ashby (Catharine Mullenax), Gilbert (Anne Mallow), Flora, Letcher, Harmon H. (Etta B. Warner), Perry (d).
    Line of John: 1. Nathaniel (Charity Pennington) b. 1826 -F. D. 2. Philip (Elizabeth A. Phares)-Poca. 3. Amos (Mary Pitsenbarger, Mary Chew) b. 1838-S. B. 4. Nicholas. S. William. 6. Margaret (William Bowers). 7. Sarah (Cornelius Whitecotton). 8. Polly (John Lamb). 9. Catharine (Andrew Wimer, Hld.).
    Br. of Nathaniel: 1. Nathaniel -Hld. 2. John-Hld. 3. Charles (Lucy Moyers)-Durbin. 4. Jacob-Clover Hill. 5. Barbara. 6. Mary. 7. Selinda. 8. Valeria. 9. Rebecca (Howard Propst).
    Br. of Philip: 1. Philip P. (Laura V. Ketterman)-C. D. 2. Ambrose (Dianna Thompson)-U. D. 3. Sylvanus. 4. Sarah (B. Franklin Nelson). 5. Margaret (Penn.)*. 6. Phoebe (____ Lamb)-W. 7. Amanda. 8. Elizabeth (Amos Whitecotton). 9. Annie (Penn.). 10. Selinda (Charles Bland).
    Ch. of Philip P.; 1. Clyde (Mary E. Bland)-merchant- C'ville. 2. Clara E. (Arthur D. Calhoun). 3. Robert. 4. Bessie (Tilden McDonald). 5. Mary (Byron Biby). 6. Don. 7. Brooks. 8. Earl. 9-11. Infs. (dy).
    Ch. of Ambrose: 4 minors.
    Br. of Amos: Philip (Susan Harper), William P. (Mary Propst), Joshua (Sarah Whitecotton), Amos (Pearlina J. Bowers), Sarah (Frank Halterman), Susan, Barbara (George Whitecotton), Rachel E.
    The sons of Amos are in Highland.

Stone. Henry (Susannah ____ Zorn), d. 1810-ch.-1. Peter (Mary A. Waggy) m. 1810. 2. Christian (Mary Smith) m. 1792, d. 1822.
    Line of Christian: 1. Jacob (Hannah Trurabo) b. 1805, d. 1886. 2. Daniel C. (Hannah Dickenson, Sarah Propst) b, 1812, d. 1875. 3. Mary. 4. Catharine (Jacob Hevener). 5. Sarah (John Swadley).
    Br. of Jacob: Hendron H. (S), Elizabeth (S), Louisa (Daniel Kiser).
    Br. of Daniel C. Mary A. (David Snider), Josephine (George M. Rexroad), 4 infs. (dy). By 2nd m.-John M. (Emma C. Moyers), Elizabeth (John Obaugh), Sarah (Robert Hiner).
    Ch. of John M. Henry A. (Nancy R. Rexroad), John B., Mary E., Florence (dy).
    Line of Peter: 1. Ann (John Simmons). 2. Daniel (Susan Rexroad) b. 1790, d. 1860. 3. others?
    Br. of Daniel: 1. Solomon (Eleanor Janes, Hld*) m. 1818. 2. Daniel (Martha J. Bible), 3. George W. (dy). 4. Lucinda (John Simmons). 5. Polly (Solomon Simmons). 6. Malinda (Levi Simmons). 7. Susan (Samuel Puffenbarger). 8. Matilda (John Casey)-W. 9. Elizabeth (John Simmons)-W. 10. Nellie (James Stunkard).
    Ch. of Daniel: Sarah (Daniel Rexroad), James (unkn).
    Unp. 1. Eve (George Moats)-m. 1792. 2. Sebastian (Catharine ____)-1789. 3. Catharine (Frederick Eye) m. 1801. 4. Robert 1800. 5. Moses (Elizabeth Syron) m. 1820. 6. Henry (Mary Wilfong) m. 1820.
    With the exception of Daniel, Jr., the Stones left the county some time ago.

Strawder. Unp. 1. Jacob - 1793. 2. Christopher-on Seneca, 1797. 3. John-1800. 4. Nathan (Rebecca ____) -ch.-Isaac b. 1825, d. 1869. Mary b. 1837, d. 1877.

Stump. Flem (Joanna Southerly, Hdy) b. 1827, d. 1861* -from Hdy, 1858-ch.-Michael C. (Julia A. Swadley), Sarah C. (Abraham Shirk, Hdy)*, Annie (Anderson Simmons), Cynthia (Elijah Shirk, Hdy)*.
    Ch. of Michael C. Una J., Texie A., Alice R., Emma, Warnie, Nellie, 4 infs. (dy).
    Unp. 1. Leonard-1799. 2. Sarah (Joel Dahmer) b. 1811-dau, of Jesse.

Summerfield. Joseph (Winnie Nelson) d. 1833-had lost right hand by gunshot wound-ch.-Thomas (Martha Gragg, Annie Raines) m. 1800-Rph. 2. Elizabeth (____ White). 3. Sarah (Joseph Roy). 4. Mary (Adam Snider). 5. Margaret (Abraham Wolford). 6. Jesse.
    Br. of Thomas: Joseph (Julia Wimer, Rph, Elizabeth Fansler, Rph)-b. 1823-n. Onego-ch.-Harriet (dy), Rebecca (Daniel Nelson), Christina (Barbour)*, Emily (dy), Beauregard (dy), John (d), Jacob (Sidney Conrad).

Swadley. Mark (____ ____) d. 1774-ch.-1. Henry (____ ____)-m. 1775. 2. Nicholas (Elizabeth ____)-W. 3. Benjamin. 4. others?
    Family of Henry: 1. George (Barbara Peninger, Propst, m. 1817)-b. Aug. 7, 1776, m. 1799. 2. Catharine (Jacob Hevener)-b. 1778. 3. Anna M. 4. Henry (Mary Benson) b. Oct. 1781, 10, d. 1845. 5. Maria-b. 1783. 6. Peltiah. One daughter married Gillespie-went W.
    Line of George: 1. Susannah (James Keister) b. Feb. 2, 1801. 2. Valentine (Mary Propst) b. Mar. 14, 1804. 3. Amelia (Abraham Kile) b. 1806. 4. Elizabeth (Robert Dickenson) b. 1808. 5. Hannah (Adam Bible)-Tex. 6. William (Margaret Pence, Rkm)- Hid. 7. Henry (____ Rodecap)-Tenn.
    Br. of Valentine: 1. Jacob (Barbara Harold) b. 1829. 2. Hannah N. (Benjamin Mitchell) b. 1831. 3. Eliza J. 4. Sarah E. (Mordecai Dove). 5. Amelia (George M. Rexroad). 6. George. 7. Valentine (Margaret Hoover) b. 1846.
    Ch. of Valentine: Harry F., Eliza J. (Pendleton Bowers), Clara N., Mary A. (William H. Eye), William C. (Lucinda Rexroad), Terry L. (Eve Hahn), Edwin V., Isaac E.
    Line of Henry: 1. Sarah (Jacob Eye) b. 1801* 2. John (Sarah Stone, Mary Bolton, Susannah Hevener) b. Jan 9, 1803. 3. Naomi (____ Hevener) b. 1806. 4. Hettie (____ Riggleman) b. 1810. 5. Eliza (William Propst). 6. Jacob (Susan Fox, Hid)*. 7. Nicholas (Poca.)* 8. Peter (Mahala Rexroad)-Grant. 9. Marx (Melinda Propst)-homestead. 10. Mary (Poca)* 11. Lavina (Daniel Propst). 12-13. Infs. (dy).
    Br. of John (by 2nd m.): Jemima, M.-b. 1839. By 3rd. m.-Henry W.-k., Jacob N. (____ ____), Mary J.
    Family of Nicholas: 1 Mary (b. 1783, d. 1858. 2. others?
    The original homestead is still in the family.

Pendleton County West Virginia AHGP

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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