Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Temple ~ Trumbo

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Temple. Harry F. (Elizabeth Dyer)-b. May 19, 1795, d. Feb. 17, 1868-ch.-1. Adaline F. D. (John Smith)-Tenn. 2. Joseph H. (Sarah A. Bruffey, out)-b. 1828- preacher. 3. James M. (Sarah E. Davis, Margaret J. Pope)-b. 1832 -homestead. 4. Susan M. (Allen Dyer).
    Ch. of James M. Charles E. (dy). By 2nd m-Mary L., Harry F. (Virginia Davis), Ora E., Flossie F.
    Harry F. Temple was a native of Orange who taught in Highland and then at Franklin. Besides being a teacher of superior ability, he was a surveyor and of such mechanical aptitude as to make his own surveying instruments. His strong mental qualities caused him to figure prominently in the public life of the county.

Teter. George (____ ____) came from Wurtemburg, Germany, and settled on Dutchman's Creek, near Salisbury, N. C. Owing to Indian troubles he removed to the N. F. soon after 1760. Ch.-1. George (Annie M. Hinkle)-d. before 1790. 2. Paul (Rebecca Hinkle)-d. 1764. 3. Philip (Susannah Hinkle). 4. Barbara (Jacob Hinkle). 5. others?
    Executors to Paul: George Teter, Moses Ellsworth. Appraisers: Justus Hinkle, Robert Minness, Jacob Carr.
    Line of George: 1. Paul. 2. Jacob-Rph. 3. Joseph (Mary ____)-Harrison. 4. Isaac (Mahala Judy). 5. Susannah. 6. Mary. 7. Barbara (Joseph Walker?-m. 1800?). 8. George (Sarah Harper)-b. 1784, d. 1855-Tetersburg, Ind.
    Line of Paul: 1. George (Mary A. Hinkle). 2. Elizabeth (Abraham Kettle, Rph, m. 1794). 3. Philip (Sidney Bland, m. 1826?). 4. Leah (Absalom Day). 5. Isaac (Frances Fisher, m. 1795)-d. 1800. 6. Paul (Amy ____) -d. 1796. 7. Mary. 8. Nathan.
    Line of Philip: 1. Moses (Edith Teter, Elizabeth Hedrick) b. 1774, d. 1857. 2. Joel (Elizabeth Phares) b. Nov. 16, 1778, m. 1800, d. Mar. 30, 1858. 3. Sarah (Jacob Helmick, m. 1794). 4. Elizabeth (Henry Judy, m. 1795). 5. Samuel (Catharine Huffman) d. 1854. 6. Hannah (____ Graham). 7. Jonathan (Elizabeth Huffman, m. 1807)-W. 8. Reuben (____ Sites, Christina Phares, m. 1807)-W. 9. John (W)* 10. Rebecca. 11. Benjamin-W.
    Line of George: 1. Mary (Uriah Shoulders) m. 1790. 2. Philip (____ ____) d. 1816. 3. George (Sarah Harper) m. 1805-Tetersburg, Ind. 4. Christina (Justus Hinkle). 5. others?
    Ch. of Joel: l. Philip (Sidney Bland) b. 1801*. 2. Solomon (Mollie Bland) b. 1802*. 3. Mary (Henry Judy). 4. Johnson (Rachel Bland) b. 1806. 5. Elizabeth. 6. Reuben (Margaret McGlaughlin) b. 1810. 7. Enoch (Mahala Calhoun, Upshur) b. 1812. 8. Isaac (Mahala Judy). 9. Amy (Enoch Bland).
    C. of Philip: Mary E. (Cain Arbogast) b. 1829, Jane (Solomon Nicholas), Isabel (d. 74), Rebecca (Noah Warner), Salem (Agnes Bennett)-W., Noah (Margaret Mullenax), Balaam (Jane Warner), Zane Z. ( Teter)-W., Adam (d)., Minerva, Lucinda.
    Cc. of Noah: James A. (Corinda Jordan, Christina ____, Nettie Lamb), Ina (Jay Lambert), others.
    Cc. of Balaam: 1. Harrison (Emma Harold)-Kas. 2. Patrick (Martha Bland). Bethana (Wm. Cassell)-Kas. 4. Charity (E Newcomb?). 5. Priscilla (Peter Hevener)- Kas. 6. Mollie (Wilson Hinkle)-Kas. 7. Kenny-Kas. 8. Ellen (Jasper Teter)-Kas.
    C. of Solomon: Minerva (b. 1825), Henry (Elizabeth A. Sponaugle), Joel (Catharine Sponaugle)-b. 1829, d. 1910, Perry (Mary C. Strawder), John (Leah Sponaugle). Thomas (dy), Mary A. (Lewis Sponaugle), Leah (George Barclay), Elizabeth J. (dy).
    Cc. of Joel: Martha (dy), Margaret (dy), Jennie (Isaac Teter), Elizabeth (John Warner), Ruth (James Wimer), Savannah (Samuel Smith), Delia (Jonas E. Hodkin).
    C. of Johnson: 1. Naomi (Jacob Dolly) b. 1831. 2. Margaret (____ Harman). 3. Caleb (____ Hoover)-Ill. 4. Sarah (Joshua Harman)-b. 1835. 5. Eunice (Taylor Lambert). 6. Cyrus (____ Harper)-b. 1837. 7. Jane (____ Harman). 8. Mary (William Bland). 9. Annis (Andrew J. Wilson). 10. Isaac (Elizabeth Teter). 11. Adam (Ellen Nelson). 12. Elizabeth (Amby Cunningham). 13. Martha (dy). 14. Louisa (Elijah Bennett). 15. Eve (John Phares) -Okla. 16. Johnson (Barbara J. Raines). 17. Job-Kas.
    C. of Reuben: 1. Jehu (Ruth Lantz) b. 1835-Teterton. 2. Laban (Timnah Harper)-Germany. 3. Ruth (____ Harman)  Md. 4. John (Jane Harman, Tkr)* 5. David K. (Christina Bennett)-Germany. 6. George (Mary Harman Reed's Cr. 7. Rebecca (Benjamin F. Bennett). 8. Virginia (Job Davis). 9. Jacob (Sarah Lantz). 10. Elizabeth (Amos Bennett). 11. Reuben (Mary Harman, Ann Harman)-Tkr.
    Cc. of Jehu: David K. (Alice Harman), Joseph (Louisa Dolly), Floyd (____ Teter), Lee (____ Sites), (Joseph Biby). Zernie.
    Cc. of Laban: Lettie (Ulysses S. Harman), Sarah (Eliakum Waybright).
    Cc. of David K; Elmer G. (Almeda Wimer), Omar L. (Lucy Nelson). Henry C. (Bessie Phares, Bessie Bland), Mary (Albert Thompson), Martha, Texie (John W. Ritchie).
    Cc. of George: (Charles G. (Christina Harper), Oliver H. (Zadie? Hammer), James M. (Zadie Mauzy)-physician, Alice (Solon Lantz, Isaac Roberson), Ida (Joseph Smith).
    C. of Enoch: William (b. 1837), Amos, Amy, Samuel, Jane, Sarah E.
    Br. of George: Eber (Margaret Phares) b. 1806, Elizabeth (Samuel C. Shortle), Eli (Elizabeth Phares. Elizabeth Harman), Sarah (Jacob Phares), George (Ind)*, Jacob (Melvina A. S. Harper), Mary (George N. Phares), Ebal (Ind)* Asa (Ind)*, Mahlon (Ind)*. Nearly all this family settled in Ind.
    Unp. 1. John-1788. 2. Magdalena-1803. 3. Michael d. 1796. 4. Joseph (Mary ____). 5. Barbara (Joseph Walker) m. 1800. 6. James-voter, 1801. 5. Mary (Samuel Rodman) m. 1796. 7. Sarah (Adam Helmick) m. 1805. 8. Christian-exempt 1780. 9. Margaret (Solomon Harper m. 1818. 10. Rebecca-b. 1782*

Thacker. Stephen H. (____ ____ , Mary E. Schmucker) b. 1834-ch.-1. Emma S. (Isaac Dahmer). 2. Maud E. (George L. Kiser). 3. George W. (Rebecca Dean)-S. V. 4-5. boys (dy). 6. Robert L. (Georgia Shackleford, Md.). 7. Edna M. (Samuel Mallow).
    Robert L. was graduated in 1898 from the Dental Department of the University of Maryland, winning a gold medal for the highest grades on final examination that had been made in the history of the university. He located at once in Franklin.

Thompson. 1. John (Julia A. Pierce, Va.) b. 1787. 2. William (Annis Hinkle, Va.) b. 1790*. Brothers from Culpeper, 1814*, the first settling east of C'ville, the latter on Timber Ridge.
    Line of John: James (Elizabeth Hinkle), Elizabeth (William Helmick), Joel (Rebecca Thompson), William (Sarah Simmons), Hannah (dy), Phoebe (William Simmons), John (Mahala ). James, Elizabeth, and Joel were born in Virginia, the first (about) 1810*.
    Br. of James: 1. John (Emily Lantz)-Rph. 2. Salem (Elizabeth Johnson)- O. 3. Sarah (Sylvanus Huffman). 4. Perry. 5. Jacob (Mary Wimer). 6. Emory (____ Lambert), Ann (Ambrose Sponaugle), Robert (Grant)*, Charles (Martha Wimer).
    Br. of Joel: Columbus (Catharine Sponaugle)-b. 1843.
    Br. of William: Amos (Alice Clayton), Martin (Sarah Nelson), Adam (Jane Clayton), Miles (Sidney Teter), Isaac (d), Phoebe J. (d), Polly A. (d), Ursula (d). Br. of John:-Talitha, Elizabeth, Jane. One m. James Thompson.
    (B). Amos (Mary Hedrick) b. 1838-ch.-Martha S. (Sylvanus? Wimer), Charles (Rebecca Hedrick), Adam H. (Delia Phares), Cora (Tiberias Wimer), Albert (Mary Teter), Radie (Albert Wimer), Warnie.
    Line of William: John, Churchville (Mary J. Dolly) b. 1824*, William (Hannah Hinkle), Willis (Christiana Dolly), Phoebe, Annis (Job Hartman).
    Br. of Churchville: John W. (Susan Clayton) b. 1850, Martha (Newton Harman), Susannah (Nimrod Dove, William (Martha A. Mallow), Churchville (Rebecca Mallow), Jennie (Eliakum Dove), Catharine, Amby (Delpha Payne).
    Br. of William: John (Jennie Raines), Phoebe J., Annis (William Warner), Ellen (Samson Johnson), James (____ Thompson), Benjamin, Joseph (____ Grady), Abraham, George ( Hedrick) , Delilah.
    Br. of Willis: Elizabeth (Michael Davis), Jane (Benham Nelson), Edward (Rebecca J. Helmick).
    Ch. of Edward: Alba, Ada, Attie, Densie, Okey, Arthur, Mason, Edna, Vesta.
    Unp. Cornelius-1790. 2. Moses (Margaret Service) m. 1798. Elizabeth (Elijah Phares) b. 1780, m. 1810.

Tingler. Michael (Mary Miller) m. 1792-ch?.-1. John (Phoebe Dolly) m. 1817. 2. Michael (Catharine Baker) m. 1818. 3. Susannah (Barnett Raines) m. 1819. 4. Others.
    Unp. 1. John (Mary Hedrick) m. 1809. 2. Elias (Felicia ____)-b. 1811. 3. Enos (Sarah Harper) b. 1815*
    Ch. of Elias: 1. Harvey (b. 1830), Miles (Martha Calhoun, Susan Raines)-b. 1832-Rph. 3. Susan. 4. Rebecca. 5. Zebadiah (____ ____). 6. Hezekiah. 7. Enos. 8. Jacob -Rph. 9. Ruhama-S. 10. Willis (b. 1848). 11. Rebecca J. (____ Kimble).
    C. of Miles: Sarah (Marion A. Harper), Felicia (John Sponaugle): several by 2nd m.
    C. of Zebediah: Miles, Jacob, Kenny, Elizabeth J.
    Ch. of Enos: Mary, Susan, Lucinda, Catharine, Sarah J. The family of Enos went west.

Todd. John (Maria Whitemore, Nancy Crummett)-ch. -1. Addison P. (Mary E. Puffenbarger). 2. John H.-W. Va. 3. Robert N.-S. 4. William (W)-Penna. 5. Elizabeth (William Rexroad). 6. Frank (Belle Brown, Gilmer) - Spencer.
    Br. of Addison P. Mary D., John W. (Rkm)*, Nannie M. (Aug.)*, Effie S. (Arthur Cook), Sarah E. (Peter H. Puffenbarger), Samuel L. (Eve M. Moyers), Gertrude (Robert D. Propst), Louisa, Maud F. (Ira Wilfong).
    Ch. of Samuel L. Elsie.
    Unp. George (Susannah Puffenbarger) m. 1813.

Trumbo. (A). George (Margaret ____) b. 1750*, d. 1830.-ch.-1. Ephraim (Hanging Rock, O.)*. 2. George (O)*. 3. Abraham (Ill)*. 4. Jacob (W)*. 5. Michael (Rebecca Williams). 6. Andrew (Mary ____, Md.)-b. 1777, d. 1851. 7. Levi (Elizabeth Hinkle) b. 1790, d. 1868. 8. Lavina (George Kessner). 9. Polly (Henry Pringle) m. 1798-W. 10. William (Susan L. Dyer) b. Jan. 5, 1797, d. April 27, 1853.
    George was a large landholder below Ft. S. and was industrious and thrifty. He divided the homestead among the four sons who chose to remain and gave money to the four who chose to go west. Andrew moved to Texas late in life.
    Line of Michael: 1. Thornton (Susan Miller, -, Mo*) b. 1817. 2. Andrew J. (Mary S. Adamson) -Rkm 3. Lydia (Aug.)-Mo. 4. Margaret (Robert Fultz, Shen.)*. 5. others (d).
    Line of Andrew: 1. Salisbury (Frances Moyers) b. 1807 -Tex. 2. Malinda (Hld)*. 3. Polly (James Gilkeson). 4. Susan (Hdy)*. 5. Margaret (William Dyer).
    Line of Levi: Ambrose, Moses, Jesse, Silas, Martha, (Rkm)-b. 1823, Joseph (Eva Hinkle): all went to Clarke Co., Mo.
    Line of William: 1. Samuel (Mary Wanstaff, Rebecca J. Clayton) b. July 1. 1821. 2. Emanuel (Hannah Cowger,, Marion Co. O.)*. 3. Elijah (Sarah J. Barkdale, Grant)-b. 1824. 4. Hezekiah (dy). 5. Anna (Silas R. Gray, Hdy)*. 6. Lavina (Frederick Hiser) b. 1828. 7. Josephine (Daniel Mallow). 8. Caroline (Jacob Hinkle)-O. 9. Ruhama (John Judy). 10. Susannah- S. 11. Mary (George E. Wagoner) b. 1836. 12. George (Emmeline Dillinger, Shen.) b. Mir. 1, 1840-homestead.
    Br. of Samuel: Jacob (d), Catharine (d. 15), Reuben (d. 16), John W. (Rebecca Mumbert), Rebecca (dy), Jefferson (dy), Noah (Martha J. Dove)-Hdy, Jennie (James Skiles): by 2nd m.-William C. (III.)*, George S. (in Rkm), Laberta (William Bean, Shen), Susan L. (Rkm)*, Sarah A. (d. 12).
    Ch. of John W: Noah J., Dewitt J. (D. 22), Floyd W., George C. (Martha J. Smith,) Mary (dy), William H., James E.
    Br. of Elijah: 1. Jacob (Lavina Dasher, Margaret Mathias. Hdy)*. George W. (Ruhama Davis)-Fauquier, Sarah A. (Noah Cowger), Josephine (Frank Wagoner), Mary (Pleasant Rexroad).
    Br. of George: Philip W. (Lydia J. Eye), Benjamin Y. (dy), Mary S. (Dasher May).
John (Esther Davis) son of Jacob brother to George - came 1812 to Jane W. Trumbo's-d. 1818-ch.-1. Malinda (Wayne Taylor)-O. 2. Davis-O. 3. Sarah (Hiram Taylor)- Grant. 4. Hannah (Jacob Stone) b. May 13. 1802. d. April 25, 1895. 5. Jacob (Susan L. Dyer)-b. 1806, d. 1893 -homestead. 6. Elizabeth (Adam Vandeventer)-Ind. 7. Dorothy (____ Roberts)-Mo. 8. Samson-O. 9. Hendron (Eliza Dyer)-Ia.
    Br. of Jacob: 1. John D. (Grant, Madison)-Fauquier. 2. James S. (Virginia Keister, Ann Shaw)-homestead. 3. Morgan G. (Mary C. Byrd)-merchant-Brandywine. 4. Mary S. (John D. Keister). 5. Viola (Leonard M. Pope). 6-7. girls (dy).
    Ch. of James S. Bertha (____ Michael)-Albemarle, Wade H., girl (dy); by 2nd m.-J. Owen, Chloe, Ella S., Frances L., Homer Morgan
    Ch. of Morgan G. Ord B. (d.), Lon D. (merchant), Grover C. (dentist), Cleda, Shirley, Beulah. Turner. Aaron (Susan ____) b. 1820*-ch.- Margaret (b. 1844), Malinda, Charles.
    Unp. Catharine (Jacob Hevener) m. 1818.

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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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