Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families ~ Vance ~ Vint

A complete record of the pioneers of a county should cover these facts : the name of each pioneer, the full maiden name of his wife, the national origin of both man and wife, and the country, state, county, or town that the couple moved from; the full names of their descendants, generation by generation, and the names of the persons they married; dates of birth, marriage and death; facts as to residence, occupation, civil and military services, and other matters of interest.

But where a county has been settled more than a century and a half, where no systematic genealogical records have been kept and preserved, and where no newspaper has existed for more than a small fraction of the time, no such degree of completeness can be reached, even with an unlimited amount of time at the disposal of the local historian. Abbreviations used on page.

Vance. John (____ ____)-d. 1827-ch.-1. Robert (____ ____ ) b. 1780- Morral place. 2. Hiram (Phoebe Skidmore) b. 1796.-Ill., late. 3. Solomon (Rachel Davis)-Ill. 1845.* 4. John-Roaring C. 5. Nancy-S. 6. Mary (Adam Harper).
    Br. of Hiram A.: 1. John A. (Mahala Hedrick). 2. Reuben (Melinda Raines) b. 1823. 3 Wilson (Mary ____)- Ill. 4. Solomon (Mary Mullenax) b. 1825. 5. Levi (Mary J. Bucbbee) Ill. 6. Elias (Dorothy Mitchell)-Ill. 7. Hiram -S. 8. Elijah (Mary J. Harman)-Mo. 9. Elizabeth (Jesse Davis, Jr., Absalom Long). 10. Perry (Jane Way bright)-Ill. n. Nancy (Ill)* b. 1841.
    Ch. of John A.: 1. Reuben (Lucy Barclay, Jane A. Harman Currence). 2. Enos S. (Anne Cooper, Rph-Margaret Raines)-Rph. 3. Jesse M. (Margaret Kisamore)-Tkr. 4. John W. (Phoebe C. Sites)-Rph. 5. Martha E. 6. Phoebe J. (George B. Harper). 7. Elizabeth (Sylvanus Reed). 8. Sarah (George W. Ketterman).
    Ch. of Reuben: Messalina C. (Noah Hartman), Elizabeth (John S. Painter), Elijah (Phoebe J. Morral), Sylvester (Sarah F. Morral), Isaac P. (Ellen Arbogast), Rebecca J. (George B. Burns).
    C. of Elijah: Walter, Zernie, Omer, Ora, Warren, Mamie, Russell, Nola.
    C. of Sylvester: Mason, Arthur, Jason, Effie, Alston, Annie, Dennis, Denver, Clara.
    C. of Isaac P. Ira, Lillian, Isom, Lemuel, Rebecca J., Harley, Clinton, Nathan, Dora, Lora, Clara (dy).
    Ch. of Solomon: Edward H., William P. (Mahala C. Harper, Esther Teter, Rph)*, Levi (Mary S. Hartman, Mary A. Lewis), John A. (Cora Mullenax, Rph), Evan C. (Virginia Raines), Phoebe C. (Andrew J. Smith), Martha (George W. Roy, Rph*), George B. (Polly Long), Martin K. (Eve Sites).
    C. of Levi: Robert (Rosa Davis), Henry C, Wilber (Rph)*, Stella (Edward Nelson, Rph)*, Arnold, Asa, Clarence.
    C. of John A. Cletis, Effie, Maud, Ergel.
    C. of Evan C. Lora (Adam L. Arbogast), Alice (Clay Huffman), Bertha, Mary J. (Sheridan Long), Adam H., Ralph, Vernie, Nannie, John, Texie.
    C. of George B. Alvin, Blanche, Delmar.
    C. of Martin K. Sylvia, Bessie, Charles, Myrtle, Alpha.
    Unp. 1. Isaac (____ ____) b. 1809*-ch.-Barbara (b. 1838), Franklin, Sylvanus, Pleasant, Deniza, David, Jesse, Catharine, Robert. 2. Gideon (____ ____)-b. 1815*-ch. -George) b. 1820, Joseph, John, Robert.

Vandeventer. Jacob (Mary )-b. at sea?-sold George Full place, 1805-lived on Peter Mauzy place, Smith Cr. d. 1815-ch.-1. Isaac (Mary Peterson) m. 1796-n. Smokehole-Ind. 2. Eve (Jacob Conrad) m. 1797. 3?. Peter (Margaret ____ Link)-Conor Run-W. 4? George (Susannah Pennington?) m. 1792. 5. Susannah (William Baker) m. 1806.
Barnabas-father to Jacob?-exempt, 1790.
    Line of Peter: 1. William d. 1847. 2. Adam (Elizabeth Trumbo) m. 1820-W. 3. Henry (Elizabeth Cowger) m. 1821-W. 4. Molly-S-S-F Mtn.
    Line of George: 1. George (Susan Bennett) b. 1790, d. 1864-W. Dry Run. 2?. Elizabeth (Andrew Fleisher) m. 1825. 3. others?
    Br. of George: 1. William: 1 (Phoebe Lambert) b. 1824-homestead. 2. Henry (Rachel Helmick). 3. Isaac-k. 4. Mary A. (Noah Simmons, ____ ____)-Tkr. 5. Rebecca (Richard Pennington, John Glass)-Timber Ridge. 6. Lavina (Mathias Helmick).
    Ch. of William: W. Clark (Sarah E. Lambert) b. 1849 homestead, George W. (Mattie Helmick) - Smith Cr. 3. Lucy A. (Anderson Lambert). 4. Hannah N. (Frank Lambert).
    C. of W. Clark:-Aldine (dy). Green B. (Molly Murphy), Isaac H. (Armeda Lambert), Albert (Alice Pullen, Hid), Cornelia A. (William Lambert), William (Grosie Warner), Annis (Edward Nelson), Hettie (Hilbert Lambert), Wesley (dy), Don. J.
    C. of George W. Lucy (Anderson Lambert), Marvin (Margaret Lambert), Clarence, Ellis, Rebecca, Alonzo, Mattie, Julia, George, Elmer.
    Ch. of Henry: Charles (Rebecca Rexroad), Ephraim (Alice Howdenshelt), Minor (Esther J. Lambert), Sarah J., Elizabeth (Isaac Pennington), Eliza (Minor Mullenax?), James (Lucinda Arbogast), Martha (James Hedrick), 1 more.
    According to one account the following were the children of Jacob, but the list is more probably that of an Adam, Sr. -Adam, William (Mary Coberly), George, Christian, John (Sarah ____)-O., Lewis, Elizabeth (Solomon Phares) b. 1787, Eve (Jacob Conrad).
    Line of William: Emanuel Lambert place-ch.-1. Rebecca- S. 2. Isaac C. (Ind)* 3. Elizabeth (Sylvanus Bouce) -W. 4. Jacob (Eve Nelson). 5. Sidney (William Hinkle) 6. Sarah (Sylvanus Phares). 7. William-S-Rph. 8. Adam C. (Mary E. Hinkle)-b. 1836-C'ville.
    Ch. of Adam C. Ann R. (John Cook, Henry Harper).
    Br. of Jacob: 1. Isaac (Rph)* 2. William P. (Ellen Raines)-Rph. 3. Mary (Robert W. Montony). 4. Martin (Ellen Nelson). 5. Adam (Sarah Carroll, Rebecca J. Kimble). 6. Charles L. (Nancy Mauzy). 7. Elizabeth (Sylvester Raines)-Rph. 8. Sylvanus (Sarah Pennington).
    Unp. Elizabeth (Caleb Hinkle).

Varner. Adam (Christina R. ____)-ch?-1. Conrad (Mary A. Eye)-m. 1792-S-F. 2. Jane. 3. George (Elizabeth Eckard) m. 1798. 4. John (Mary ____) d. 1822. 5. Catharine (Michael Harold) m. 1805. 6. Abraham (Elizabeth ____). 7. Jacob.
    Unp. 1. George (Elizabeth Crummett) b. 1799, m. 1821. 2. George b. 1785, d. 1857. 3. Daniel (Delilah Crummett). 4. Solomon (Catharine E. Wilfong) m. 1826. 5. Jacob (Margaret Miller) m. 1817. 6. Regina (Jacob Wilfong) m. 1800.
    Line of 1: Joseph (Sarah C. Glass, Aug.)* b. 1827. 2. Christian (Nellie Simmons)-homestead. 3. Henry (, Elizabeth Moyers)-Hld. 4. Philip (Elizabeth Wilfong)- Brushy Fork. 5. Elizabeth.
    Br. of Joseph: Mary J. (Nariel Rexroad), David (Mollie E. Moyers)-S-B, Martha L. (Samuel Crummett, Hid.)*, Martin J. (in W.), 2 boys (dy).
    Ch. of David: Margaret, Richard, twin girls.
    Br. of Christian: Martin (Mary Eckard), Job (Delilah Simmons), Joel (Mary Foley), Rachel (David Foley, Rkm)*.
    Br. of Philip: William (Kate Bodkin, Hld)*-b. 1847, Rachel (Henry Hoover), Sarah (Israel Hoover)-b. 1850, Elizabeth (Peter Michael, Hld)*, Kate (Peter Michael, the same), Christina (Martin Bodkin, Hld)*, Louisa (Joshua Puffenbarger) , Polly (Valentine Smith), David, Margaret? (Emanuel Smith), Daniel, Jonathan, Philip.

Vint. William (Jane Jordan? d. 1843*) -d. 1821-ch.-1. Elizabeth (John Bodkin) m. 1798. 2. William (Elizabeth Bodkin, Nancy McQuain Sammonds, Pa.) b. 1786, d. 1861. 3. Cynthia (John McQuain). 4. Jane (James Jones, Hld) *. 5. John (Delilah Bodkin). 6. Margaret-b. 1798, d. 1881.
    Line of William: 1. George W. (____ Johns)-Upshur. 2. Angeline (____ ____)-Ill. 3. Joshua (Ardena Sammonds) b. July 17, 1819, d. July 2, 1889-Robert Vint's. 4. Margaret (George Carroll)-Hld. 5. Polly (James Hartman). 6. William H. (Sarah Beveridge, Hld, Susan Bennett)-Timber Benaiah (Lucy Christ, Aug.)* 9. Joshua-twin to Benaiah -(Elizabeth Speck, Pa.)*
    Br. of Joshua: 1. Osborn H.-k. 2. William (Margaret Hiner)-Hld. 3. George M. (Virginia Harper)-Rkm. 4. Robert (Mary A. Hoover, Virginia Leach)-homestead. 5. Amanda J. (James Blagg, Hld)*. 6. Urania (Robert Ralston, Hld)*. 7. Nancy C. (Aug.)*. 8. Elizabeth (Thomas Dalford, Poca., George Kessler, Poca.)*. 11. Martin A, (John Dorr, Ill.)*. 10. Sarah (____ Baker, Aug)*. 11. Mary L. (Kas.)*. 11. Phoebe A. (William Frader). 13. Walter H. (Ida Geiger, Poca.)*. 14. Hunter D. (Sarah Gragg, Hld)-Harman.
    Ch. of Robert: Sarah F., Reuben H. (Phoebe Hartman) - Glady, Ardena S. (Edward Simmons), Emma O. (Sydney Wade, Hld), Noah and Samuel (twins): by 2nd m.-Ethel L., Sarah R.
    Br. of William H. Jesse (Elizabeth Bennett), Mary (John W. Bennett), Nancy, Margaret, Emma, 4 infs. (dy).
    Ch. of Jesse: Isaac (Maud Nelson), Joseph (Vesta Bennett), Andrew (Peachie Raines), Lee, P (Minor Elza), Louisa (Robert Sponaugle).
    Line of John: L William (Elizabeth McQuain)-Hld. 2. Thomas (____ ____)-Ill. 3. Joanna (Bailey Hiner). 4. Jane (Jacob Propst). 5. Margaret (Thomas McQuain). 6. Cynthia (David Johns, Hld)*. 7. Lucinda (Washington John, Hld., William Burns, Hld.)*. 8. John (Susan Michael, Aug., Martha Bishop, Hld.)*. 9. Morgan (Sarah Michael, Aug.)-Kas.
    Unp. Henry-1795.

Pendleton County West Virginia AHGP

Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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