Post Offices of Pendleton County, West Virginia

Offices having a daily mail are marked with a (*)
Money order offices are in bold-faced type.

Box, Union District
Branch, Mill Run District
Brandywine*. Bethel District
Brushy Run*. Mill Run District
Cave, Franklin District
Circleville*, Circleville District
Creek, Mill Run District
Dahmer, Franklin District
Deer Run, Mill Run District
Dry Run, Circleville District
Fort Seybert, Bethel District
Franklin*, Franklin District
Ketterman, Mill Run District
Key*, Union District
Kline, Mill Run District
Macksville*, Union District
Miles, Bethel District
Mitchell, Sugar Grove District
Mouth of Seneca*, Union District
Mullenax, Circleville District
Nome, Circleville District
Oak Flat*, Bethel District
Onega*, Union District
Rexroad, Franklin District
Riverton*, Union District
Ruddle*, Franklin District
Simoda, Union District
South Mill Creek, Mill Run District
Sugar Grove*, Sugar Grove District
Teterton, Union District
Thorn, Sugar Grove District
Tressel, Sugar Grove District
Upper Tract*, Mill Run District
Ziegler, Franklin District

Pendleton County | West Virginia AHGP

Source: History of Pendleton County West Virginia, By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia, Published by the author, 1910.


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