Roster of Pendleton Home Guards

Muster Roll (April 30, 1865—May 31, 1865) of Captain John Bogers' Company of Pendleton Scouts, called into the Service of West Virginia by Governor Boreman. Place of enrollment Mouth of Seneca. Time of enlistment, one year.

Name Rank Enrollment/Muster
Boggs, John Captain May 1, 1864
Phares, William Lieutenant  
Boggs, Isaac P. 1st Sergeant May 1, 1864
Miller, John 2d Sergeant June 1
Vance, Reuben 1st Corporal June
Helmick, Noah C. 2d Corporal June
Mallow, Abraham B. 3d Corporal May 1
Davis, Jesse Jr. 4th Corporal May
Bible, Jacob Private June 1
Buckbee, James Private May 1
Burns, Kennison Private Dec. 1
Carr, John Private May 1
Champ, Amos Private May, Absent, sick
Champ, Thomas Private May
Clayton, Samuel Private May
Davis, Miles Private May
Davis, Enoch Private May
Davis, Aaron Private May
Davis, Job Private May
Davis, Jethro, Sr Private Sept. 1
Davis, Jethro, Jr. Private May 1
Day, Aaron Private May
Day, Benjamin P. Private May
Dice, Daniel M. Private May
Dolly, Amby H. Private May
Dolly, Isaac I Private June 1
Flinn, John Private July 1
George, James Private May 1, absent, sick
Harman, Cyrus Private Dec 1
Harman, Jacob Private May 1, absent, sick
Harman, Henry Private May 1, absent, sick
Harper, William P. Private May 1, absent, sick
Harper, John A. Private May
Hedrick, Adam Private June1
Huffman, Christian Private May 1, absent, sick
Ketterman, J. G. Private May
Ketterman, William W. Private May
Ketterman, William W. Private May
Kisamore, Adam J. Private May
Kisamore, Jonas Private May
Lough, George Private May
Mallow, Simon H. Private May
Miller, Isaac H. Private May
Mouse, Adam Private June 1, absent, sick
Mullenax, James P. Private May 1
Payne, John D. Private June 1
Phares. Miloway Private May 1
Shirk, George Private May
Teter, David A. Private May
Teter, George Private May 1, absent, sick
Teter, John Private May 1, absent, sick
Vance, John A. Private  
Vance, Solomon Private May 1
Vance, Perry Private May
Waybright, Daniel Private May
Wilfong. H. A. Private June 1

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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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