Origin, Arrival, and Location of the Pioneers of Pendleton County, West Virginia

Note. Following each surname are given the following particulars:

  • 1. The national origin of the pioneer.

  • 2. His place of residence before coming here.

  • 3. The year of his arrival.

  • 4. The spot where he settled.

  • 5. His occupation if not exclusively a farmer.

A question mark (?) means that the answer given is involved in some doubt. A star (*) after a date means that the date is not necessarily exact, but is believed to be not far out of the way. When the star follows the word indicating the national origin, as "German,*" it means that the person is German by birth. In some instances the foreign form of the name is given in parenthesis. Where there is no mention of origin, prior to residence, or location, it is because we have no definite knowledge on such point or points. The list given below includes several extinct families about whom we have definite information. It does not include those families of Highland whose contact with Pendleton has been slight since the establishment of the line of 1847. Such a date as 1780-90 means that the arrival of a pioneer appears to have been later than 1780, but not later than 1790. Quite possibly a few names appear in the list which properly belong a little to the north of the northern boundary. C. Dist. means Circleville district, but Circleville refers only to Circleville village; and so with other names of districts. A very few names have been omitted from this list because of an entire want of definite knowledge.

Adamson—Irish*—Randolph County—1850—Mouth of Seneca—merchant
Alt- German (Alt)—Grant?—1825? -Smokehole
Anderson — Scotch-Irish — near Woodstock—1825— South Fork bottom, 2 miles above Fort Seybert
Arbaugh -German (Aerbach)—before 1790- C. Dist.
Armentrout—German (Hermantracht) —Grant— 1820?— M. R. Dist. (Brushy Run)
Ayers—English—Maryland -1800*—M. R. Dist. (2 miles east of Brushy Run P. 0.)
Bell—Scotch-Irish—1773 - Blackthorn (patent, 113 acres), later moved to near Crabbottom
Bennett—English—1767— survey, 70 acres, below Clover Lick, North Fork
Bible—German (Beibel) -Rockingham - 1780-90 - Friend's Run
Black—Irish— Ohio—1846*— near Kline— physician
Bland—English— before 1773— west side North Fork Mountain, C. Dist.
Blewitt— English—Maryland—1844 —Franklin—tailor
Blizzard—English— Rockingham?—1771—opposite Fort Seybert
Boggs—Irish* -1816—Mouth of Seneca
Bolton-German—Penn.-1805*—F. Dist. (Trout Run)
Borrer- German (Bohrer) —Grant—1790-95—Mill Run
Bouse—German?— 1810*—west side North Fork, below Circleviile. (Bouce)
Bowers—German (Bauer) — Penn. - 1780* —Polly Simmons place north of Sugar Grove
Brady- Irish—Rockingham?— 1850*—Sweedland Valley
Burgoyne—Irish—Highland ?~ 1800?—M. R. Dist.
Burnett— Scotch-Irish—Penn.— 1759 — Saunders place, head of Blackthorn
Burns— Scotch—1835?—west side North Fork Mountain, C. Dist.
Buzzard—German? (Bossert?)—before 1777—West Dry Run
Calhoun—Scotch-Irish-Penn. -1792* -West Dry Run
Campbell—Scotch—1774—Hickory Level, Seneca valley, 150 acres
Capito—French (Capiteau)—1782—60 acres opposite Franklin
Carr—Gterman (Karr)—1773—North Fork Bottom, above Boggs's mill
Cassell—French—1767—Friend's Run (87 acres, survey)
Champe—French (Champe)—1782?—East of North Fork, U. D. (Camp)
Clifton—English—1767—west side South Branch, near Ruddle, (98 acres)
Coatney—German?—Eastern Virginia— 1835*— Franklin —tanner
Collett—Scotch-Irish—1780*—Buffalo Hills
Conrad (A)—German—1753—South Fork Mountain, southwest of Fort Seybert
Conrad (B)—German—1763—South Branch bottom, 1 1-2 miles below Ruddle
Cook—English*~1790*—near Deer Run postoffice
Cool—German (Kuhl)—1794*—near Franklin
Coplinger—German—1761*—near Byrd's mill
Cowger—Scoteh-Irish ? — Rockingham ? — 1780* —near Fort Seybert
Cox—English— before 1790—below Brushy Run postoffice.
Crigler—German—Madison— 1845*—Franklin—blacksmith
Croushom—German ?—before 1799—Waggy place near Sugar Grove
Crummett—German (Kromet)—1787—Crummett Run
Cunningham—Scotch-Irish—1753 —Walnut bottom, North Fork (615 acres)
Custard—German (Kuster) —Rockingham—1825?* —^ Reed's Creek
Dahmer—German-~1794* —near Kline (H. L, Dahmer)
Davis (A) -1763*—Welch-Augusta-South Fork bottom, 1 mile below Brandywine
Davis (B)—1766*—North Fork, Sugar Tree Bottom (77 acres)
Davis (C) — Welch— Shenandoah — 1835— Franklin — shoemaker
Day (A) -Irish -before 1789—Clay Lick, North Fork valley
Day (B)—Irish—Hampshire—1800*—head of Trout Run
Dean—Scotch-Irish—before 1799 — Dean gap. South Fork Mountain
Dice—German (Deiss)—York county, (Penn.)— 1757—Fort Seybert and Friend's Run
Dickenson—English—Eastern Virginia—1774 — South Fork bottom, below Brandywine (173 acres)
Dolly—German (Dahle)*—before 1799—west side North Fork Mountain (Landes place)
Dove—German (Daub)—1810*—S. G. Dist.
Dunkle—German (Dunkel)—1753—South Fork Mountain, near Fort Seybert
Dyer—Scotch-Irish—Penn.—1747—Fort Seybert
Eberman—German—1761—Canoe Run, North Fork
Eckard—German—before 1780—Stony Run, S. G. Dist.
Emick—German—before 1795—near Dahmer postoffice
Evick—German (Ewig)—before 1756—South Fork?
Eye -German (Auge)-Penn.—1768—Thorn Valley
Fisher—German?— before 1770?—Upper Tract
Friend—Scotch-Irish ?—1769—Friend's Run
Full—German?—South Fork—1771
Fultz—German—1769—South Mill Creek (67 acres)
George—Irish—before 1790—near West Dry Run (Waybright place)
Gilkeson—Scotch-Irish—Augusta—1850'—Fort Seybert
Gragg—Scotch-Irish—1774—north side Seneca (Dolly place)
Graham—Scotch -Irish—before 1792—Reed's Creek
Greenawalt—German (Groenewald)—1779—Greenawald Gap near Kline postoffice
Guthrie--Scotch-Irish-1825*—South Fork Mountain above Oak Flat
Haigler - German—1763~Mi11 Creek (400 acres)
Hammer—German* — 1761 —South Branch Bottom, near Byrd's mill
Harman—German—Loudoun- 1790-1800 ~U. Dist. (Philip
Harold (A)—Danish—Maryland—1790*—East Dry Run
Harold (B)—Danish—1800*—South Fork bottom below Sugar Grove
Harper—German *—1756*—South Branch
Harpole—German ?-1763- Mill Creek
Hartman—German—Lancaster county, Pa. -1795*—Brushy Run (M. R. Dist.)
Hawes—English—1750*—near Fort Seybert
Hedrick—German—Rockingham?—1772*—Homan place below Ruddle
Helmick—English?—before 1788—West Dry Run
Hevener—German (Heffner)—1755*—South Fork above Oak Flat
Hiner—German (Heiner)*—1774—head of Whitethorn
Hinkle—German (Henkel) —North Carolina— 1761 —North Fork bottom above Riverton
Hiser—German (Heiser)—Penn.—1785*—South Fork Mountain, 3 miles northwest of Fort Seybert
Hively—German (Heifel)—Penn.—1800*—South Fork bottom, 2 miles above Brandywine—miller
Holloway—Scotch-Irish—1800?— above Oak Flat, opposite Anderson place
Hopkins—English—Rockingham—1781—Upper Tract

Hoover—German (Hueber) —1763—South Fork above Brandywine
Howell—Welch—before 1793—C. Dist?

Huffman—German—1784—South Branch (F. Dist?)
Johnson—English—Penn. —1783*—South Fork
Johnston—Scotch-Irish —Highland —before 1850— Franklin
Jordan—Irish—before 1790—Smith Creek
Judy—German (Tschudi)—Grant—1798—Mouth of West Dry Run
Keister—German*—before 1757—Brandywine
Keplinger—German—Rockingham — 1750* —mouth of Deer Run
Kessner—German (Keissner)—1790*—South Mill Creek
Ketterman—German—Grant?- 1796*--below Riverton (Wm. Bland's)
Kile—German (Keil)—1761—above Upper Tract
Kisamore—German (Keismohr)—before 1799—U. Dist.
Kiser—German (Keiser)—Rockingham—1832*—Sugar Grove
Kline—German (Klein)—Hampshire— before 1861 — Kline postoffice—miller
Kuykendall—Dutch—Grant—1858*—Sweedland Valley
Lair—Scotch-Irish—Rockingham -1808- Fort Seybert
Lamb—German—before 1790—S. G. Dist.
Lambert—Scotch-Irish—1788*—West Dry Run
Lantz—German—Highland—1810*— "Gennany"
Lawrence—English?—before 1790?—C. Dist.
Leach—Highland—1825?—^head of Blackthorn
Lough— German (Loch) — 1772 — Deei- Run (George W. Lough's)
Mallow—German—1753—Kline postoffice
Martin—German?—1846—M. R. Dist.
Mauzy—French—Rockingham—1842* —Smith Creek
McAvoy—Irish—1840—Roaring Creek
McClung—Scotch-Irish—Augusta— 1850* Franklin — merchant
McClure—Scotch-Irish —Augusta—1798*—Franklin — tanner
McCoy -Scotch-Irish —Augusta—1795—Franklin— merchant
McQuain—Scotch-Irish—1782*—Blackthorn (Wees place)
Mick—German—before 1820—C. Dist.
Miley—Swiss—Highland—1860*—U. Dist
Miller (A)—Scotch-Irish—Hardy—1800*—Fort Seybert
Miller (B)—German—Penna.—before 1790—Middle Mountain
Miller (C)—German—1767—2 miles below Mouth of Seneca
Minness—German?—before 1783—below Circleville
Mitchell (A)—German (Michler)—before 1790—South Fork Mountain, west of Sugar Grove
Mitchell (B)—Irish?—1796* Sweedland Valley
Moats—German ?—1771 —Blackthorn valley
Montony— French—Loudoun—before 1827—North Fork, Sylvanus Harper place
Moomau—French?*—1820*—Franklin— hatter
Morral — English?— 1765*—South Fork Mountain (Ulrich Conrad place)
Mouse—German (Maus)—1769 — 3 miles below Mouth of Seneca
Mowrey—German (Maurer)—before 1790—South Fork Mountain
Moyers —German (Meyer) —Penn?- 1789 — South Branch (Sumwalt place)
Moser—German—1753—Upper Tract
Mullenax—French (Molyneux)—before 1785—North Fork, above Circleville
Mumbert Maryland—1800*—Sweedland—English ?
Murphy Irish*—1835*—Circleville—wheelwright
Nelson—Scotch*—1771—Sugar Lick, North Fork
Nesselrodt -German (Von Netzelrodt) 1796* — Sweedland Valley (Cyrus Mitchell place)
Nestrick - German (Kneister)—Rockingham—1840* — South Fork Mountain (Samuel Morral place)
Newham— English?—Rockingham—1850*—South Fork, near Fort Seybert
Painter— Gei-man?—Rockingham?—1790*—Franklin
Patton—English ?- Penn. —1747- Fort Seybert
Payne English—East Virginia— 1830*—Buffalo Hills
Peninger—German*—before 1762—below Mouth of Thorn
Pennington- English—before 1795—North Fork
Pennybaker - German—Rockingham—1830*— Franklin—attorney
Peterson—Swede*—before 1758*—South Fork?
Phares—Irish - 1781 -Hedrick's Run
Pickle—German (Bickel)—1765—mouth Brushy Fork
Pitsenbarger—German ( Pitzenbarger) — before 1795 — near Dahmer postofRce, Emick place
Pope—German- (Paup)—1800*—Sweedland Valley (J. L. Pope's)
Powers — English - Randolph — 1862 — North Fork, above Macksville
Propst—German (Brobst)*—1753—South Fork bottom, two miles above Brandywine
Puffenbarger—German (Pfaffenbarger) —before 1775—South Fork (Mitchell's mill)
Ratliff—English—1810*—Middle Mountain
Rexroad—German (Rixroth)*—1774*—South Fork
Riggleman—German (Riegelman) —before 1790 — head of North Mill Creek
Roberson—English—1798*—Trout Run
Ruddle—German (Rueddel)—Rockingham—1800*—near Fort Seybert
Ruleman—German (Ruhlmann)—1756*—South Fork bottom, 3 miles above Bandywine
Saunders—English—Louisa—1832*—head of Blackthorn (Joseph Gamble place)
Schmucker—German—Shenandoah—1841—Mallow's Run,M. R. Dist
Schrader—German—Highland—before 1850—Thorn valley
Shaver—German (Schafer)—1761—Mallow's Run
Shaw—Irish—1830*—head of Trout Run
Shirk—Irish—1830* -Smokehole
Simmons — German (Sieman) * - 1753— Upper South Fork bottom
Simpson—Scotch-Irish—before 1800—Trout Run
Sinnett—Irish—1782*—South Fork Mountain (Robert Dickenson place)
Sites—German (Seitz)—Grant—1836—Mouth of Seneca
Skidmore—Scotch-Irish—1754—Friend's Run
Skiles—Scotch-Irish—Augusta—1856*—Byrd's mill
Smith (A.)—Scotch-Irish—Penn?—1847—Fort Seybert
Smith (B.)—German (Schmidt) *—before 1800—North Fork Mountain
Smith (C.)—German?—before 1800—upper South Fork
Smith (D.)—English?—New York-1800* - ?
Smith (E.)—Scotch-Irish* -1810*—near Fort Seybert
Snider—German (Schneider)—before 1800 -Mouth of Stony Run
Sponaugle— Carman (Sponaugen) — Loudoun ? — 179 4* — Hunting Ground
Stone—German— (Stein)—before 1768—about five miles above Brandywine
Strawder—German—1793*—Seneca Valley
Stump—(German (Stumpf) —Hardy—1828—Upper Tract
Summerfield—English?—before 1790—North Fork near Judy gap
Swadley—German — 1756* —South Fork bottom (Swadleynlace)
Temple—English—Orange—1820*—Oak Flat P. 0.
Teter—German (Dietrick) — North Carolina —1762* —near Mouth of Seneca
Thacker— Scotch-Irish—Rockingham—1859—Franklin—tanner
Thompson—English—Culpeper—1814*—Timber Ridge
Tingler—German—about 1792*—Brushy Run (North Fork)
Trumbo—French (Trombeau)—Rockingham—1777—2 miles below Fort Seybert
Vance—Scotch-Irish*—1790*—Vance place north of Mouth of Seneca
Vandeventer—Dutch—Grant—before 1790—Smith Creek
Vaneman—German—1766—North Fork
Varner—German—(Werner) —1791 *—Brushy Run
Vint—German ?--Penn.—1791—Blackthorn valley (Robert Vint's place)
Waggy—German—Va.—1796*—South Branch, 8 miles above Franklin
Wagoner— German (Wachner ?) - 1761—^oppositeFort Seybert
Walker—English—1790*—Dry Run
Wanstaff—Ger'xian?—before 1768—Sweedland Valley
Ward—English—1780* -Blackthorn^
Warner—English—1780*—west side'South Branch (F. Dist).
Waybright—English-Highland—1850*—upper North Fork
Wees (A)—Irish?—1795*—Seneca
Wees (B)Dutch—1790*—Mill Creek
Whitecotton - English 1792* near Circleville
Williams -
Wilfong—German (Wildfang) —1766*—Brushy Fork
Wimer—German (Weimert) —1784—East Dry Run
Wise—German (Weiss)—before 1787—North Mill Creek and Brushy Run (M. R. Dist.)
Zickafoose—German (Zwickenfus)—1790*—C. Dist


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Source: History Of Pendleton County West Virginia By Oren F. Morton, Franklin, West Virginia Published By The Author, 1910.


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